Low-income residents to receive free ...

Low-income residents to receive free Christmas trees

There are 251 comments on the North County Times story from Nov 23, 2006, titled Low-income residents to receive free Christmas trees. In it, North County Times reports that:

Dozens of the city's low-income families will have Christmas trees this year even though they cannot afford them, thanks to a deal the city made with a commercial Christmas tree grower.

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Spring Valley, CA

#208 Nov 20, 2012
gotome wrote:
<quoted text>
i want a taxpayer to buy me a rolls royce!
R u serious?? I myself am not on welfare, however I wish u would try living off it and see how u like. Im sure they get real far with 500 bucks a month. This is a huge social issue that affects us all, especially the children, or wait let u tell it those kids don't count. U my friend should not throw stones in a glass house. The economy is pretty gloomy and I am sure u could lose everything over night. U should really count ur blessings and be thankful for what u do have instead of worrying about other people who barely have anything. Im sure in ur eyes t is their fault because they r lazy, stupid or just simply lack ambition to go further in life. What u fail to realize is that most people are what we call the working poor. They r people who bust their ass in a thankless job until they grow old. This is the fault of the system, not of themselves. Ur tax dollars will go into the pockets of the politicians if they don't go for social programs. If people would wake up and stop judging others maybe they could see the big picture and what is really important. Gather facts, talk to people, do ur research, hear their stories b4 u place judgement, because one day u will be judged upon!!! That is the problem with this society. Im not saying we could save the world, but we can make a difference once we understand the problem and stop being a part of it.

“I beleave in reason not god”

Since: Jun 11

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#209 Nov 26, 2012
An Upset Mother wrote:
You know what, you need to take into account that there are some people that are not working due to medical problems not just because they don't want to.
I am a low income mom. I am still trying to find a way to get a tree for my 3 kids.
Stop thinking about yourself and all the money you have because some of us are not so lucky. This is the season of giving NOT receiving.
that easy to say went your the one who recieveing

“I beleave in reason not god”

Since: Jun 11

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#210 Nov 26, 2012
here is a thought how about replaceing welfare and unemployment with a Negative income tax where u file very every quarter with the irs and get a check like a tax refund that is indexed to the mimium wage and maybe get a credit for every employment appillation you fill out. job training coruse you eroll in.

Santa Ana, CA

#211 Nov 30, 2012
You know I have never received any free assistance. We have always made everything work out for our 3 kids buy this year we don't have money for a tree for gifts for the kids. My kids are amazing because they understand that this year is going to be different. But all we wanted was a Christmas tree for the kids. Make them still feel like we are celebrating the holidays. I think its amazing that they are doing this.
Mrs W

San Leandro, CA

#212 Dec 1, 2012
Some people on here have this all wrong it's ok to ask for help that's like asking for help at a store you ask so they can bring you something. My mother always said "A. CLOSED MOUTH DON'T GET FEED" just because someone ask for help don't mean they are degrading their selves it's simply because they can't do it their selves. That's how some people get their blessings bu helping others I am a married women with 4 kids my eldest is 14 an is disabled I pay for all of his equipment that he has only because my son haven't proved that he would not benefit form it. But it's ok because he gets what he needs anyways but some things that I can't afford ever gets paid for ONLY because I ASKED FOR HELP. Yes some times I really don't have food to cook for my family and we both work but making sure that things don't get cut off is also a big issue it's a fight out here for all of us if I have already helped my neighbor out buying him an his son a tree he also works but he is also about to loose his house no he can't buy any gifts for his son but having a tree with lights that I bought for them helpes their situation a little. I am a strong believer in OUR LORD an he tells you to do unto others as you would want them to do to you so if you would not want anyone to help you than that's expected of you.
God bless you alland for those that do need help I prey that you get all you really need and that all of you have a blessed holiday.

Since: Mar 12

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#213 Dec 1, 2012
Rich people make their money by swindling the middle class and poor to get them to by their shit made in china/korea. It's not like they are smarter or anything, just more greedy and devious. It takes balls and a criminal mind to make a product for 50 cents and charge $29.99 for it.

Remember when potato chips use to be a full bag, then it went to 1/2 full of more money, now it's 1/4 full and still cost more.

Goshen, IN

#214 Dec 2, 2012
WOW!! too much hate...i understand that everyone needs help sometimes...so those of you being so loose with your comments...you should hope you dont deal with people like yourselves when you end up needing it! With that said, if you are soooo poor and cant feed your kids maybe you should cancel your internet???that should give you some extra for milk and bread!!
MIss Lewis710

Sacramento, CA

#215 Dec 3, 2012
GOod morning I am not a single mother i am married with two children and I am 23 years old. I have pretty much developed the skills I need to survive as well as teaching my kids to do the same yes you have to work for what you want ,But at the end of the day were all low income to the woman whom claim they work so hard and have to pay taxes well you aint working hard enough because you are just as low class and immature grow the f up your not unlimited black card spendindg .your living check by check God dont like ugly and ill except anything coming my way I work and still receive aid,wic and whatever the hell else is offered if you have a problem kiss my ass I mean dont get it wrong people dont need the help wont go and ask for it you women are powerless because your not rich in spirit none of the things youve inherited on earth will make you rich in heaven My god is an awsome GOD I believe in him and me so ladies screww all these so called indepent crap its hard you can claim you dont need help but we all know your not a celebrity or anyone important no one knows your name so stop it unless you have unlimited money and you dont look at a price tag your car is the most expensive or your house is payed off KISS MY ASS you a nobody middle class next to low income next to NOt one of the richest people in the world stop it LADIES WE ARE THE FUTURE AND BULLSHIT ASS PEOPLE who wanna kill your joy yes you need to work for what you want it takes time dedication and faith in the MOST HIGH CHRIST !!!!!!!!!!so screw taxpayers on they high horse when you fall itll be sad for you because you define yourself by idolizing the dollar and the man .Hardships are a part of life so except it and you can hang your head as high as you want These programs are designed for us and people have a problem with it let them THey are clearly not powerful enough to live what we live thats why they cant walk a day in are shoes fuck a silver spoon Im the type to pray and go get what I just prayed for ....CHURch pathetic no one can still my pride SO ABOUT THE FREE TREES LADIES WHERE THEY AT????
MIss Lewis710

Sacramento, CA

#216 Dec 3, 2012
freethinker1957 wrote:
<quoted text>that
that easy to say went your the one who recieveing

Pomona, CA

#217 Dec 3, 2012
I just wanted to let "Steve" know that I think his offer to buy a tree for "an upset mother" was so kind and generous it brought a tear to my eye. Thank you Steve....I wish I were in a position do this too. At least is so nice to know there are people like you out there.
2 a single mom shut up

South San Francisco, CA

#218 Dec 6, 2012
You know I am a single mother is well raising three loving children that recycle bottles and donate clothes and feed the homeless on thanksgiving. mind you im a full time student work full time and i get assistance And I don't D*** what you think who does that makes their children struggle your bitter bitch your not a person that deserves my time you are rude angry plus it seems that someone hurt you a long time ago maybe kids father or maybe yourself for have your point of view we don't know the situation but get over yourself climb out your ass and shut up however I feel bad for the kids How can you teach a children about the Christmas spirit when you have no spirit you don't value Christmas it's about..... Nevermind your brain is to small to comprehend and it will only fall on dumb deaths possibly uneducated ears to put everybody else down because you're miserable with whatever endeavors your involved in. FYI I'm not looking for no hand out nor a free tree just felt the need to stick up for those whom are being verbally abused by some Internet bully that's exactly what you are and I can most definitely guaranteed five out of five your kids are probably going to be bullies too then eventually graduating to the state of gangbanger congratulations hope You proud of yourself like the other person said you don't know The other person circumstances for example I just spent over $3000 moving into my four-bedroom home last month to provide my children with the necessities that they deserve to be productive citizens Furthermore I know what it's like to work two jobs and I know what its like for the kids they're not happy they don't have a mother you have five kids that someone else is taking care of get your facts straight I'm on my fourth year psych and I reserve the privilege to talk about your parents or lack thereof Merry Christmas
Maria ramirez

United States

#219 Dec 11, 2012
Ineed tree and prezens for mi childrin. inned food and cloths to. i need car and house. ineed furniturre and money. pleese give to me and i get fromm you. i pick up today and thurday only. mi boyfrend pick up friday and saterday only. gracias
sweet tooth

United States

#220 Dec 12, 2012
Maria ramirez wrote:
Ineed tree and prezens for mi childrin. inned food and cloths to. i need car and house. ineed furniturre and money. pleese give to me and i get fromm you. i pick up today and thurday only. mi boyfrend pick up friday and saterday only. gracias

Huntley, IL

#222 Nov 25, 2013
I am a single mother of 4 kids. I understand what a lot of u are saying and I too will not be having a Christmas tree since all me kids are little I can hardly work and pay bills plus babysitter u may say where's the father in some cases but better to live a healthy life than a life with abuse yea this will be my 5 Christmas without a tree yet alone no gifts but maybe one but we will survive

Lititz, PA

#223 Nov 29, 2013
Im a dad with kids and have a wonderful wife we both made a lot of mistakes in our life and we both are trying to correct our mistakes we made in life and are but due to our mistake its hard getting real good jobs I paint for a living and she work a restaurant I got layoff due to weather and I wont be back to work till march its hard due to holiday season money real tight Although I made choices and mistakes my kids didn't and deserve a good chirstmas.
Peace and love

Mcconnelsville, OH

#224 Dec 2, 2013
You need to go back to church and ask God forgiveness for being so judgmental and putting these women down just because they are asking for a christmas tree for their children. Shame on you ladie.
Single Mom wrote:
More nonsense! What a load of cr*p! How dare you tell these single mothers that the government owes them! What kind of "victim mentality" horsesh*t are you trying to feed them? They don't need cradle to grave care and handouts from the government, they need educations to better themselves! WHY would you give them this "capitalist society" BS when that's the very thing that gives them opportunity? And how can you say they need taking care of because they can't do it themselves? They are not babies! These should be intelligent, strong, independent women, not whiny "gimmee" girls who think their only happiness is tied to being taken care of and getting handouts and begging! If your employer treats you badly, change jobs, get better training, march, protest, file a lawsuit, anything but don't act like a "victim". Do SOMETHING, anything, but don't lose your self respect or pride! Hold your head up and not your hand out! Don't live on your knees! You are not a weak, pathetic, mindless, helpless victim unless you choose to be. Start a organization of other single moms to encourage each other. And stop blaming others for being successful at what they achieved! KUDOS to them! If they are smart and hard working, well, good for them. BUT they don't OWE you! They pay their taxes and owe their families not yours! They didn't make your children, you did. They did not make mine and only I take care of them by working TWO jobs! We don't BEG from anyone!
To pay for this years Christmas costs we will make cookies and sell them and lemonade at our garage sales and clean neighbors yards and babysit the neighbors kids. NO freebees! We also do volunteering and caring for others!
ANYONE that can think and move can come up with ways to better themselves! The world is better off if people THINK and WORK and get CREATIVE instead of whine and claim that are helpless! You are NOT! And their children are better off if they learn about how important love, peace, caring and helping others is instead of thinking their happiness depends on getting "things" from the store especially as handouts! STOP this victim mentality and start making your life better! The world is full of success stories of people who turned their life around and made their life better by being creative. These women on this site need to hear that! They are not stupid or helpless. They can do anything they want to if they try and believe in themselves! I believe in my self and I believe in them! DO IT!!!

New York, NY

#226 Dec 5, 2013
um... low income single moms with kids who want a free tree?? Well, birth control is FREE too. I don't have kids because I can't afford them. duh.

Since: Mar 12

Location hidden

#227 Dec 5, 2013
Anyone can afford to have at least one kid. One is not expensive at all, stop making excuses. Until you've had at least one, you don't know jack about anything.

South Gate, CA

#228 Dec 6, 2013
Wow some of your comment are really harsh im goin tru a hard time my husband burly started working for tmobile and i was working for honda but due to a back injury i stopped and right jow i dont even have money for gifts and for some of u to come and judge people who are goin tru hard times its really upsettin because all we want is to give our children a good holiday if u dont wanna help the needy then just dont comment or even look at this sites.....

United States

#229 Dec 11, 2013
there are a lot of positive and negative things on here. well all i can say is my parents never could afford a tree ether. for a long time i used to want one as a child but couldn't have one. I understood we had no money. we had to pay for our electricity bill, our payments for the house, the heating, the garbage ect. to this day I am 20 and have never had a Christmas tree. my parents never took help from anything, even on our birthdays they only would say happy birthday and that they loved us. no presents were needed no party. I understand some parents want to make there kids happy, but they can't and we don't all know what we go threw. sometimes its just best we sit back and observe everything. only because its coming out of your tax you are getting upset. well i'm sure tax's are spend on useless things. If they want to make a good dead we should just let them. I think its nice and thoughtful we shouldn't be selfish and yes you work hard for your money, believe me I do to i need to help out my parents. since now i am older its my responsibility to repay them back for everything the have done. Being selfish wont get you anywhere, If we give all the time and have a good heart about it good things will come to us.

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