Deputies Accused Of Harassment, Misco...

Deputies Accused Of Harassment, Misconduct

There are 164 comments on the NBC San Diego story from Sep 5, 2008, titled Deputies Accused Of Harassment, Misconduct. In it, NBC San Diego reports that:

An attorney released photos she says show misconduct by officers on duty at an East County bar.

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Los Angeles, CA

#24 Mar 18, 2009
The SDSO and the DA's office screwed you good Ramona. A case that started with felonies two, gets settled for, no probation, no fines, and he had to plea guilty, to disturbing the peace. Well I believe the Deputies that nite are guilty of more then that. They f,,,, thieves, they got paid to play at Molly's, they got paid to John Gotti protection of the employees, and Management there. Women's tops did come up and tits did come out. The cp.l deputy did turn red. He did not file a report, he did not notify ABC Your sheriff's and DA are so guilty of crimes against our society it is sickning. They threaten and intimidate witness's. They harass the general public and abuse every aspect of our society. Yesterday alone a local CHP officer said we cleaned up our mess its time the Sheriff;s do there's. Well Mr CHP you also took oath protect and serve, you know these illegal acts are happening and you know it is your job to arrest these men and women that violate there oath to we the people. Everytime you close your eyes and don't report it to your seniors, you violate our trust and your oath.
No Time No Fine No probation but had to plead guilty what the hell is that. Do you no anyone in the history of CA that isn't maxed out with a fine? These judges max out everybody on fines and that is illegal, The Judge in this case should go to jail along with the DA rep on this. They no that the deputies should have been charged in this. How sick is this. In the report it talks about, the entire incident was filmed. The DA never called for the film the sheriff's said they didn't even want to see it. If the DA and the sheriff's truly cared about the truth and what happened why did they never ask to see the tapes. That in its self is absolutely absurd. How can they try someone when they never fully looked at evidence instead tried to hide it. They did not want this tape seen. Thats a cover up, things on this tape could have proved innocence or guilt and they didn't care. They just wanted there conviction rating. The truth what is that in a court of law. I challenge the CHP and the FBI and that Judge to reexamine this case and the evidence and hold these abusive men accountable. give Ramona the truth

United States

#25 Mar 28, 2009
Ramona on several fronts is under attack. Thru history Ramona has survive disaster after disaster. From all the turkeys dying off, in
the old days to flood, and fires. What's facing Ramona today, is going to be harder to bounce back from, that the lose of our freedoms,
our rights, our Constitution, our civil liberties. Ramona is under attack from within our own system, that was designed to protect us.
With the ending of the Baker incident, in a court of law we lost. The District attorney never should have let that case ever near a court
room, originally charged with Felonies, for resisting arrest, and the taken of a Deputies weapon. It ended abruptly, when the judge ordered
the case resolved. Mr. Baker plead guilty to Disturbing the peace, no probation , no fines.
When the judge ordered the DA and the Public plead system out of his court room, we as a community lost. Now the Sheriff's will never tell
us, WHY. Why the Deputies lived in that bar for a year and a half 2 plus hours at a time.Why women ended up in handcuffs bent over pool tables,by Deputies on duty, Will never know the answer to I get away with murder because of these deputies, from beautiful local ladies, on tape of illegal arrest. Will never know why a member of our community will never be safe asking a Deputy to explain his or her questionable actions without fear of being beaten up by the and charged with
felonies,( as if we live in Mideveil times) They will never have to answer, how Mr Baker got so beat up for asking why are you here, why do you live in this bar, why is there no other place in Ramona that needs your assistance, why he was put in isolation for six days,( Im sure it was for the cuts and bruises to heal, that were all over Mr Bakers body)? They will never have to answer to witness intimidation, and harassment, they will never have to answer why people in Ramona
are scared of the people who are suppose to be out of sight out of mind unless needed. They will never have to answer why people just walking thru parking lots end up missing there teeth, ending up listed as John Doe in area hospital. They will never have to answer to the John Gotti protection of a local bar were protecting there friends who
work there is more important than the safety of the people. Why they covered up a strong arm robbery, to protect this place, We will never
know why people are being pulled over at an alarming rate for no legal reason at all, why our Deputies play the vendetta game and attack
innocent people because they don't like a family member of there's, we will never know why, why they lie the way they do and hold Ramona hostage.

United States

#26 Mar 28, 2009
Somewhere along the way the words PROTECT and SERVE, changed to abuse and harass. Although there was several court orders concerning these questions our Sheriff's dept. refused court orders to turn over papers in this case. Still to this day after going on our TV sets and telling us that they are conducted an IA investigation into the conduct of these abusive people six plus months later they still feel they owe Ramona nothing. They feel they don't have to tell us about all there illegal and abusive activities. We are just dumb hicks. We don't deserve answers from the people who's very job is to answer to us. All the players involved in all this garbage. Are still here. Somewhere along the way you would think that the system would have asked an outside independent agency like the CHP or the FBI to look
into all the allegations of abuse of power under the color of authority, false arrests of our community members, threatening of our witnesses, constant over zealous harassment,physical beatings. Unethical treatment of people. Ramona we are loosing the very freedoms we fought for. We are loosing our rights under the Constitution of America and State of CA. When witnesses are scared to testify for fear of any and all the
mentioned above, we have a problem. Some how the Sheriff's dept. has left all these men and women attached to Ramona. None have been removed, none held accountable and none have been charged. Ramona if you do not scream and scream fast for action, nothing will change. We will continue to loose our freedoms, we will live in fear, we will
continue to be abused and lied to. We will just loose. I call on each and every member of this community to ask for these questions to be answered. To hold these people accountable, to make your voices heard enough is enough. I call on you to stand up and say this is not going to happen in this town anymore. I call on you to ask for the removal of these thugs from our society and restore respect and dignity back to the Sheriff's uniform, for there badges are tarnished. I call on you to get more involved in the affairs of the community. I call on you to fight for your rights and freedoms. I call on you to hold yourself accountable to our community. Most of all I call on you to help Ramona start winning again.

Chatsworth, CA

#28 May 19, 2009
in Ramona are out of control. They create more problems then they fix. it is up to the people of Ramona to stand up to these abusive people and hold them accountable. The garbage has to stop. Until Ramona holds them accountable the garbage will continue. Lies beatings there druggie girlfriends and so on. The sitting in uniform like a dog in heat at area bars and stores needs to stop. Ramona has to remove the brass from that station and Sgt or two and at least four Deputies maybe five. If you look up gang injuctions they fit it to a T. They are a rat pack of thugs for the most part. following a politian and a thin BLUE LINE

Vidor, TX

#29 Jun 2, 2009
now ten months have gone by, and still no answer to any questions. Again why did these abusive men live in that bar? why did, they beat up the only person in this town with the balls to ask them what they are doing? why don't you have the balls to be honest with Ramona? Why are these men not in jail for civil rights violations. Why is it that a small town Sheriff in Alabama can hold his Deputies accountable and here in SD, you can't? Why is there so much corruption within our ranks, starting at the top? Why must you lie to SD and the courts on most of your BS allegations? Why is it that the only time you hold yourselves accountable is when hookers say he asked me for sex? From someone who watches you guys why is it that Poway and Ramoma deputies are so far out of line verses the rest of the county?
Folks all these lies and cover ups happen at the top. we have speciel elections coming up, you might want to finally pay attention to whats really happening here and remember to vote out the man the Sheriff tried to appoint to replace him. It is time for a sheriff that will not lie to you, as he kisses his troops asses, and allows your rights to be tossed out the window. This is America
To you folks with mexican blood in you, Here is your chance to stop the BS garbage stops they do on you to.
They owe us answers and they owed them to us almost a year now. Picket that station in protest, were your black beanies and carry your signs. Let them know that we changed the White House and we are going to change them
Hopefully we will get this bar closed some day to, and hopefully we will know the answer to I get away with murder because of these cops as seen and hard on video of beating. YOUTUBE newsnowsandiego

San Diego, CA

#30 Jun 2, 2009

Betty looked pretty low today; now this from you. Did you two break up or something?
Catfish Hunter


#31 Jun 3, 2009
I love her.
Sheriff, your the MAN.
JC, were you the sheriff from Village People.

Poway, CA

#32 Jun 4, 2009
tic toc tic toc still know answer

Poway, CA

#33 Jun 5, 2009
Something that will never happen from the Sheriff's. Justice, integrity, tact, discipline,

Northridge, CA

#34 Jun 9, 2009
Two Deputies from Ramona should be charged and arrested for civil rights violations for there part in all this. Sheriff Kolender should also be charged and tried for allowing , and covering this up on his watch. Polices corruption is out of control in SD County


#35 Jun 9, 2009
Denise wrote:
Betty looked pretty low today; now this from you. Did you two break up or something?
leave him alone. Let him smoke his weed in peace sister.

Delaware, OH

#36 Jun 11, 2009
A readiness conference has been rescheduled to June 22 for Thomas Sadler, a SHERIFF'S DEPUTY DETECTIVE. Accused of SEXUALLY ASSAULTING a prostitute while on duty in Mission Valley. Trails is set for june 29. Dept 31, San Diego County Courthouse. In other words down town. Now how many times has it been said that the only time the Sheriff's police the Sheriff's is when a hooker says he touched me. But yet the Ramona Sheriff's beat the hell out of people several, and they do nothing. Guess you have to be a HOOKER for the SHERIFF'S to do something

Valley Falls, NY

#37 Jun 11, 2009
another day another no answer from the sheriff's

Valley Falls, NY

#38 Jun 11, 2009
Someday they will close this bar

Riverside, CA

#39 Oct 15, 2009
Plead the fifth Bill Gore your cowardly sheriff. Vote lies and abuse out.

Chula Vista, CA

#40 Nov 9, 2009
Thank you for the little bit of information that you gave, concerning Sheriff Bill Gore. I like probably many had no idea who the Sheriff of San Diego County really is. I looked him up. I do now know that I need to be careful on this up coming election. I had no idea, that he was that man. I will take some real time to look at the other options.
james c

United States

#41 Nov 21, 2009
if you want the truth on the sheriff ask jc playford, then if you want the truth about playford, ask anyone in ramona, then you decide
James C

Belle Vernon, PA

#42 Dec 9, 2009
Nothing but a bar owner or out of control deputy. Bill Gore needs to explain to the people the death of that innocent women and baby murdered under his command. When a person, paid to be honest on your payroll pleads the fifth to the US Senate when you paid him for the truth means he is a thief. He stole your money. Bill Gore is a thief, and no matter how his thug cronieys try to spin it he is a theif. He is also your Sheriff. It is your vote remove the plague
1200 man

Cypress, CA

#43 Dec 28, 2009
hours spent partying in a bar. Paid for by you. Still no honest answer.

Lomita, CA

#44 Dec 30, 2009
Here we go again. This time a 16 year old, 125lb kid, beat to a pulp by our protection force, the San Diego Sheriff's Deputy. Witness's describe the horror as a Deputy punches this kid in the face. The young mans face was scraped up, eyes blackened, lips busted open, rasberry's on his forehead and neck, and nothing but attitude out of the local thugs called DEPUTY. Never ending story, under Bill I plead the fifth Gores Command ( vote him out ). These thugs have got to be stopped

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