Hydro Infra Technologies (“HIT”) claims in its “Confidential Investors Memorandum” that it has created a technology that will “virtually eliminate pollutant emissions generated by coal & oil fired power stations.” HIT claims to have related patents but provides no evidence to support that claim. As another unsubstantiated claim, HIT mentions in passing that “the technology can be used to extract water from air,” presumably to miraculously produce clean water literally from thin air.
HIT produced an internet brochure called “Verification Test Report” that relies on “scientific” information cut and pasted from Wikipedia and other websites. The brochure displays no scientific scholarship, other than showing illustrations and some “data” to “verify” their outlandish claims. HIT even quotes Lars Månsson and Olof Sten, the people who appear to have rented HIT emissions measurement devices for the “test”, as having issued a joint comment that states:“According to our professional experience, we have never seen results like this before.” In a normal lab report, that kind of language usually is to identify data as being skewed or suspect. Instead, HIT misrepresents that statement as an enthusiastic endorsement, although neither they, nor any third party expert evaluated HIT’s “device”, methodology, or results.
Who is the mysterious scientist responsible for HIT’s unsubstantiated claims?
That person is supposedly “Sven Erik”, who claims to have been a “leading engineer at Volvo for 20 years.” Unfortunately, Sven Erik does not seem to exist as a scientist, engineer, or in any other professional capacity on Google or other search engines.
As HIT is not a scientific endeavor, why does it exist?
From their website and internet posts, HIT seems to be a scheme to misinform, mislead, and aggressively induce naïve, uneducated, ecology “investors” into giving their savings to an internet investment scam. Consider the information provided on HIT’s website:
“Shares in HIT are available. We especially welcome green investors (big & small) and have set a very low entry level to allow smaller green investors to participate.” But, what company are these people sending their money to?
“Hydro Infra Technologies STC AB is currently registered in Sweden. HIT acquired a company with a different registered name and filed a company name change. Before the end of 2013 HIT will move its domiciled corporate registration to Switzerland to become a Swiss Trust Company.”
First, HIT bought a bankrupt or defunct Swedish company and changed its name, rather than spend the small amount required to create a new company that does not potentially have bad debts, outstanding litigation, or other liabilities. Acquiring a defunct “shell company” and changing its name is common in penny-stock frauds whose perpetrators are primarily concerned with avoiding legal responsibilities and hiding their identities.
However, it is considerate of HIT to inform its investors that the money they are paying for “Class B” non-voting shares in a Swedish company will end up in the Swiss bank account of an unidentified “Swiss Trust Company”. This announcement presumably notifies its investors that they are ratifying the decision to send their money to the Swiss bank account of another company by the end of the year.
“HIT will be incorporated and domiciled as a Swiss Trust Company in Switzerland. HIT will be a public company, already pre-approved to be listed on the German stock exchange in Frankfurt. An initial 10 million shares in HIT will be issued to private investors. The shares will be allocated in blocks until all 10 million shares are sold.”
Where do all HIT’s bizarre non-scientific and non-business claims originate?
The person who appears to be responsible for HIT goes by the name “Daniel Behr” and is variously described as “HIT Media & Press Desk”,“Head of Shareholder Support”, expert in “Reincarnation”, expert in “Working with Angels”, and “Poet for Space Aliens”(see YouTube).