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VO Corporate

Las Vegas, NV

#63 Feb 15, 2011
Victory Outreach Int'l is structured after the Catholic church. The Pope is the head of the church and the priests are the Pastors. You have all the in between as well. Cardinal's are the regional pastors, and so on. The funds are allowcated to the vatican as they are to Victory Outreach Corporate. I question the legality of the corporate domination over the so called independent Victory Outreach churches. Is it lawful for a non profit corporation to obligate the auxiliary churches churches to pay to them a tithe (or a franchise fee)? Is it lawful for the same corporate office to demand that the auxiliary churches pay set amounts toward the world conference and rehab conference. This list goes on. Note that each Victory Outreach church is independent of the corporate office. Most churches are incorporated by its pastor as a non profit corporation. Lets move on. I will use the example of the youth convention. At one point it cost $85 to attend this convention.I last heard it is now $100. When I last attended there were 3000 youth in attendance.lets note that some pastors and staff are free. lets say that 200 people are guests and not paying attendees. That is a gross profit of $270,000. That is more than 1/2 a million dollars. Lets remember that during the year Victory Outreach holds "mighty men", womenn conference, youth convention, and several other annual events in which thousands attend. At these events an offering is taken at every event and every service. After paying for the various expenses in relation to these events - what is done with the "Profits"? Remember, this is a non profit corporation! At youth convention Victory Outreach has Gang Gear night. That is when every one is motivated and encouraged to wear Victory Outreach youth apparel. This apparel can only be purchase at a Victory Outreach church or at the convention. Lets say only 1000 youth buy a basic Gang t shirt. The shirt cost $12 dollars then. Just on t shirts alone the non profit corporation made $12,000. The cost to produce a designed t shits it between $1 and $2.50 depending on the t shirt quality. The designing and silk screening of the t shirts are done in house. Victory Outreach has an urban training center for youth to go and "learn" of God. The church does not pay for this. The student/youth must pay his own way of $3,000 -$6,000 - depending on the time of commitment. Where are all these funds allocated. Millions of dollars are poured into the Victory Outreach Corporate office. The corporation owns a jet. Last but not least. The united we can scam. This program collects $1. a day from its members. Other members commit to $500 -$1000 per year. You become a more prestigious member the more you donate to this program. This money is collected by "ALL" the individual churches and subsequently sent to the corporate office. NONE of this money is allocated to the churches that collect it. If only 500 people gave $1 dollar a day for a year, the corporate office would gain $180,000 per year. Note that that is if 500 people gave $1 dollar a day. There are over 500 churches and many people give more than a dollar toward the $500 -$1,000 per year. Every church has between 50 - and - 1500 people x 500. What is this organization? Is it of Christ? Is it the church of the new testament? The CEO is an extremely wealthy man. A wealthy man off of a NON PROFIT CORPORATION. The members of his churches are middle and lower class persons who converted from drug addition, prostitution, abusive relationships, prison, gangs and other socially un healthy life styles. They are preyed upon for their finances. They are told that the more they give (shows their thankfulness / greatfulness to the ministry and God). They are told if they dont give above and beyond - they have no faith and God will not bless them until they learn to give sacrificially. I must conclude, I am running out of room. I live with a pastor from victory Outreach, I have been behind the scenes...
shina spokane-wa

United States

#64 Mar 9, 2011
I bind you satan in the name of Jesus Christ we should all be striving for the same waiting on our heavenly father as a body to encourage and lift one another what is wrong with your negative comments? WE ARE THE CHURCH!!!!Shame on all you who talk about leaders you talk about GOD! You should take responsibility for not wanting to give to the Kingdom noone forces anyone to do anything to do anything we have a free will use it by starting to pray for your fellow brothers and sisters that God has appointed and annointed.... GOD BLESS Victory Outreach
Glory to GOD!
VO Corporate

Las Vegas, NV

#65 Mar 10, 2011
Please calm down and rewrite your statement so we can analyze my statement using the bible. please point out to me any thing that i stated - that - is un true or not biblical. Thank you mam, I look forward to chatting with you. I ask that we keep it Christian. Don't call me names because i have not called you any names. Self control is a fruit of the spirit as is gentleness and kindness.
VO Corporate

Las Vegas, NV

#66 Mar 10, 2011
Doctrine is the most essential component. what is a christian with out doctrine. doctrine is your fundamental core values. doctrine is what you believe and hold dear to your heart concerning Christ. your doctrine defines who you are as a Christian. is Christ God? Is the Holy Spirit God? Was mary a virgin. are you saved by works or faith alone? did Jesus rise from the dead? is there such a thing as evolution? That is doctrine my friend. without doctrine we are lost. the bible is the doctrine of the Christian. Without doctrine there is nothing to discuss.
alicia Idaho

Portland, OR

#68 Mar 28, 2011
my brother was in v.o, we were happy becouse it meant that he would not go to jail.. well, let me tell you i think that he would have been better off in jail!! my brother is gay and the pastor knew this, so he always made sure that my brother knew he was going to burn in hell!!the pastor would work him all day without no food, just water, becouse he was a sinner!! he made my brother kiss his hand and ask him for forgivness, becouse only through him can he be saved!! made him fast,stay in his room and pray for hours,he was not allowed to talk with the other men there becouse he might have sexuel thoughts!well, that paster is not god, and who is he to judge my brother only god can judge him, and the pastor is not god!!!! They mentely abused my brother, took little money he had, SO YES THEY ARE A CULT!!!They think they are god..
John Hayworth

Manchester, UK

#69 Apr 6, 2011
I have observed VO for a number of years now since they first set up here in UK. I am struck by the spiritual immaturity of the members. They are not being taught sound Biblical exegesis.
Seems that they have swapped drug & Alcohol dependency for Group Dependency.
Take away the meetings from the members and will they be able to stand?
I have observed them pray in public, even speaking in tongues with no interpretation, which we are instructed not to do. I am appauled by their eagerness to join in with Ecumenism and Word of Faith/Prosperity preachers.
I also notice how they preach themselves so much, in fact they seem to believe that VO is the answer to everyone's problems!
Don't teach people to come to you, tell them not to come to you but to Christ--for HE is the way!

Passaic, NJ

#70 May 5, 2011
Manuel Martinez

Las Vegas, NV

#71 May 5, 2011

Santa Rosa, CA

#72 May 7, 2011
VO is a pyramid scheme dressed in religious robes...

Seymour, CT

#73 May 11, 2011
Lynn wrote:
The only reason there is nobody on here defending Victory Outreach is because they are not allowed to read anything that is not on the approved reading list. LOL!!! Talk about control!!!
Wow you are so right, you are actually forbidden to look at these sites. SMH.
David Leggs

Kampala, Uganda

#75 May 20, 2011
Pastor TomAllan Musoloza wrote:
It is just very nice to learn of what God is doing over there. I have written to open a ministerial relation with you and invite in Uganda for ministry.I look forward to hearing from you
God bless you
Pastor Tom Allan
Good to hear from you ALLAN,i and the entire team are very privileged to have such a positive comment from you when actually majority are just criticizing us, since you told us that you are from Kampala-Uganda, i am wondering whether you have ever been to the US or not. post your response on my private email:

Davis, CA

#76 May 27, 2011
Steve wrote:
You can't seriously be talking about the same ministry, Victory Outreach. Which goes and does what not many other ministries will do. they accept anyone in their men's and Women's homes who isnt dependent on Dr. appts. and legal conditions. I was in the Home for 17 mos. and believe me when I say it was the only door that was opened for me. I previously knew nothing about the Ministry, but I was in a desperate place, and did not want to stay at the Seattle downtown Salvation Army or Goodwill, so when a person approached me early in the evening onPacific Highway South and after i asked them if they could spare some change, they handed me a flyer and said "Jesus loves you and its your time!" and at that point I cant explain the cleanliness that I felt and I hadnt showered for days and was deep off into the dirt! So i asked them "If Jesus loves me so much, maybe He can give me a place to stay and some food to eat." They then gave me the # to the V/O Men's home where I reluctantly went, but ended up staying there 17 mos. and learned about who Jesus really is. Was every person that i met straight up, no, in fact there was alot of people taking advantage of the oppertunity that was "freely" given to them. Do i think certain people could and should behave and act differenly, even some Pastors my answer is "Yes," but they have Im sure been made aware of their weaknesses and know themselves they need to improve in that particular area, whether it be money management,abuse of authority, or lust of many kinds. The bottom line is that it worked for me and my now wife, and for many, many others that like myself needed a calming senseable voice in the midst of Lifes most vicious storms. The ones who voice a negative afflicing opinion, were hurt, and could not see any reason for it, or the part that they played in it, and have chosen to ignore any of the good that came from being apart of God's healing process,in which He sometimes uses a specialized tool, called Victory Outreach International. Am i completly together, No, but I learned that God is not finished with me, and that He never will give up on me, therefore I will never give up on Him. He was there when I needed someone to be there the most, and He used Victory Outreach to nurture me.
Good for you Steve hang in there, I am curious to know where Pacific Highway South in las vegas is located we have never seen it or been on it.

United States

#77 Jun 21, 2011
I know I am late with this comment since the last post was a year ago, but Honest Victory Outreach is a ministry that ignores the pain of people. My pastor was sexually immoral to the point of breaking into the apartment of a young lady of the church and attempted to rape her. And VO did nothing to punish him, good thing the law was more reliable than these so called people of God. Sonny and Julie Arguinzoni are full of greed and have no heart and ignored all our messages to them regarding this issue. HORRIBLE MINISTRY and I was a member there for 12 years. So I know what im talking about. I had a position in that ministry and rubbed elbows with the founders and elders. I came to find out the hard way that this ministry is n ot Godly oriented.
Joe Diamond McD

Seattle, WA

#78 Jun 21, 2011
I know what burnt coffee smells like and do not care how long you have been a preacher or minister in VO....., I have traveled the world and some and serve my country (recon sniper/spec ops ) I do not need go on about me cause I know what M.O Of you all and blind talking...., we are suppose to be "One" accord not many accords like the rest of the USA (the world )......Victory outreach is along the list like the LDS and more...... chow my friends ..., stay thirsty!
timmy arguinzoni

United States

#79 Jul 1, 2011
i have to confirm this orginazation. operates as a cult there is no sound teaching no foundational doctrine.they rip off and fleece these poor sheep they also beat them verbally. they manipulate them that they must give every-time they gather.they even give an amount to give. talk to almost any victory outreach church member and most are not very bright.most are not educated in spiritual matters as well as educational matters. and thats the type they are going after. they know if they can manipulate their minds they have their pocket book.they do not teach the word of god because they do no know the word of god. they yell out spiritual sayings but have no power because the word of god and power of god is not in their lives.sonny jr is 43 and looks 63 he is out of shape and as joyce meyer says where the mind goes the body follows. the pastors look like gang members and their wives look like football players fat and obese. their cholo mentality is inbred upon them it only takes one look and you will see .pastors teach these people the word of god you will be held accountable for every soul thats comes for salvation yet you turn around and ask for their money. you are brood of vipers manipulaters, kanivers,self deceived. pastor augie barajas shame on you you been here in this country of 40 years and you still cant speak english correctly. step up rise up and lead with intelligence not ignorance and most of all love the sheep with-out squuezing them out of their money

Avondale, AZ

#80 Jul 14, 2011
test wrote:

United States

#81 Sep 5, 2011
ya is sum haters who have no lifes/ get a life before ya get slapped wit the holy ghost!

United States

#82 Sep 5, 2011
wow, this is pathetic, gossip will destruct you. Do something useful with your lifes instead of tlkin mess about a church you dont know about. Freakin judgemental ediots
VO Church

Henderson, NV

#83 Sep 5, 2011
ya is sum haters who have no lifes/ get a life before ya get slapped wit the holy ghost!
wow, this is pathetic, gossip will destruct you. Do something useful with your lifes instead of tlkin mess about a church you dont know about. Freakin judgemental ediots

Really guys? Is this the words of godly men who serve Christ? oes the Holy Ghost really slap people. I doubt it. That wouldnt be one of the fruit of the spirit; kind-ness, gentle-ness, patient. Victory Outreach is a seeker friendly church, they believe in loosing salvation, and they support the cult station of tbn. They also believe that god still speaks through them. That is ashamed; the Bible is gods word to us and the final authority. I do know about that church; I was deeply involved in the mother church under sonny jr. and at east Las Vegas victory outreach -- for several years. I saw the in's and the out's. I saw everything that went on. I personally used to clean sonny's office, and have been on the church payroll. This ministry shouldn't even use the term "church". It is an establishment or a business. Many non profit laws are violated but are not discovered by the IRS because the IRS does not prob into church business. In conclusion; check every single thing VO teaches you - with scripture. If it is not in the bible - it is false teaching. Good day! Manuel Martinez

Tunasan, Philippines

#84 Sep 24, 2011
huggie boy wrote:
gee i cant believe but now i nelieve i was just on line watching the uwim convention and these gordas have to be the fattest women i ever seen gathered in one event these women are humongus from the worship leaders to all the fat women in the audience gee i dont like to be mean but these carnitas are too fat and i dont want to say this but its the truth they are very ugly too you could see its evident these monstras just love too eat gorda gorda gordas i bet they eat alot of tacos and burritos i dont mind a little weight but these hippos are humongus
If you are a Christian, and your calling other Christians Fat? and Christians are supposed to follow Christ? Would Jesus say, Wow that person is so Fat....Just plain hypocrites and disgusting people....Not Christian-Like...Praise God that He looks at the heart, and man looks at the outside

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