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Shawnell From Hawaii

Santa Clarita, CA

#1 Apr 30, 2009
I personally thank GOD for Victory Outreach, It's Wonderful Founders, Elders, and many Pastors,Pastor's Wives, Home Directors & Their Families! I was a wife so desperate to see GOD move in my husband's life. My Pastor recommended him to Victory Outreach. After much prayer he entered a men's home! I accompanied him since he was sent quite a distance from our homeland. The results have been nothing less than miraculous! I personally got to meet several of the Elders & their families, & worked closely with the Corporate office regarding the Recovery Homes in the region! They are all very much CHRISTIANS! They hold high standards, and are people of no-compromise! I am appalled at the negative comments being spoken on behalf of this Ministry!There may have been some negative experiences with individuals, but I can honestly say that it IS NOT the Founders, Elders, Steering Commitee, Or It's Corporate Office,Pastors, etc., that should be held responsible! They deal with people with major issues, and yes, some have problems beyond the home, but I refuse to stand by while this Ministry is Dragged through the mudd, and It's reputation tainted by a few people! My husband & I have gone back to our Church, but am still very much tied in with Victory Outreach! Today, my husband & I are both Ordained Pastors! Let me be so bold as to remind you that THE WORD OF GOD clearly says in both
1st Chronicles 16:21-22 & Psalm 105:14-15 "HE (GOD) suffered no man to do them wrong: yea, HE reproved kings for their sakes; Saying, Touch not MINE Anointed, and do MY Prophets no harm."
All you are coming up against The Anointed Of GOD! Beware! You are falling into the Hands Of THE ALMIGHTY and that is a very, very sad place to be! By coming up against this Ministry you are allowing yourselves to fall under curses!As for gods girl, I can honestly tell you that right now leaders are praying that GOD would help you! IT IS NOT YOUR DUTY TO BAD MOUTH THIS MINISTRY! SHAME ON YOU! I rebuke that deceptive,foul spirit within you that is trying to bring havoc, division, dissension, and strife against Victory Outreach! The LORD JESUS Rebuke you! I speak THE WORD OF GOD over this situation right now! "No weapon that is formed against thee (Victory Outreach International) shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgement thou shalt condemn. This IS the heritage of the servants of The LORD, and their Righteousness IS of ME Saith THE LORD." Isaish 54: 17. VICTORY OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL IS NOT A CULT; DOES NOT TWIST THE WORD OF GOD IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM; and REGARDLESS OF the opinions of a few blinded fools, THEY Are Anointed & Appointed by GOD Himself to help the unloveable, unwanted, the outcasts, the addicts, gang members, the battered, shattered, broken, and abused! They DO NOT Twist THE WORD OF GOD for Monetary Gain! GOD Himself has blessed them in order that they are able to bless so many others around the world! If what you are all saying has validity,then, don't hide behind a false name, but bring it in the open!As GOD IS NOT A GOD that deals in secret but in fact exposes openly! All deeds done in darkness will be revealed in THE LIGHT!You will be exposed IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME! As for the individual that claims VO didn't want an individual to have money. Many times, because of the backgrounds that alot of their clients come out of, to have money in their hands can cause them to return to drug use and in many cases in our nation, as well as in the world, individuals like these have died due to overdoses! VO is responsible for every individual placed in their care and they will not let that individual settle for less that GOD'S Best for their lives, as well as that of their families! So All Who Are Reading the Negative Inputs of others; remember there is 2 sides to every story, and coin!My prayers will continue to cover Victory Outreach International!
This is from a woman/Pastor Who Knows THE REAL VICTORY OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL!
Pastor TomAllan Musoloza

Kampala, Uganda

#2 May 18, 2009
It is just very nice to learn of what God is doing over there. I have written to open a ministerial relation with you and invite in Uganda for ministry.I look forward to hearing from you
God bless you
Pastor Tom Allan

Ben Lomond, CA

#3 Aug 19, 2009

United States

#4 Oct 12, 2009
I agree there are two sides to each story and you don't know everyone in VO. Its unfortunate all your reply did was prove this person right. You should use more wisdom when you reply to people. Oh and God is no respecter of persons.........who are you to decide on who is God's Anointed? No one is perfect...not one!
Cosmo Baldazo

Antioch, CA

#5 Oct 28, 2009
I,Cosmo Baldazo,confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh and I also confess that Jesus is the Son of God. I made this confession so that people will know that I am a brother of Christ as well as part of The Body and am a part of the Spirit of Truth and not the spirit of error. 1 John 4:1-6 &13-15. Before I speak I wanted to quote the scripture of 1 John 3:16 which states, "hereby perceive we the love of God, because He laid down His life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren." I would just like to say that no matter on who's behalf we want to speak, we need to do it with kindness and patience. We cannot lead someone to the Truth if we are not speaking in love. When we speak trying to get our point across and do it in ways that generate or incite anger, it is coming from the spirit of error. When walking in Truth, you will do so in love. We are permitted and told by God's Living Word to try the spirits to see whether or not they are of God. Too many times we follow the ways of man, and what we are told church is supposed to be and not the ways that Jesus taught the church was to be. The church is the Body of Christ and He should be the center.... not those in leadership. We should be defenders of Christ and the Truth and should always do so in love. 1 John 2:6, He that saith he abideth in Him ought himself also to walk, even as He walked.
Your brother in Christ,
sad face

United States

#6 Nov 19, 2009
this argument has been used to validate some of the worst things done to humanity and thats in the name of God!. I am a Christian and am so sad to hear story after story of the hell victory puts people through with their manipulative ways and brainwashing sessions. I have recently had a close girlfriend commit suicide, because her father (a pastor of victory back east) didn't allow her to live out her personal relationship with God so he told her, she lost Gods covering over her life due to her disobedience. God has called us to one thing and one thing alone to run this race with Him. Not with someone else her father is a man and he will die one day....and where dose that leave her and her sisters and mother cover less?????? God dose not work that way He will never set you up to fail.
some one pray for wisdom

Rotterdam, Netherlands

#7 Dec 22, 2009
my english is not so good i hope youll understand. Thirst thanks for the warning even when it is't the true. I understand some critical statements and i recognise it also. Otherwise i know that those issues you can see those even in other churces. I think we are follow god and his word is true. We listen to his voice and his thoughts for our life. We just can do everything we can with our heart. And we fail; again and again and we need his love and forgiviness. Just we are human being. And not perfect. just listen and try to understand, learn and try again with love and His helping hand and the Holy Spirit can help us to do it right. blessings
Jay Jay- Germany


#8 Dec 26, 2009
As a person, from personal experience being caught in the web of unrighteousness I had hit rock bottom with no one to turn to. Little did I know that jesus was that rock at the bottom. Jesus revealed himself to me when no one else was around. I gave my life to Jesus and was lead to a church named Victory Outreach. I wanted so much more of the Lord in my life I volunteered to join a mens home in the city of La Puente CA, there is where I was discipled, mentored, respected, and grew closer to Jesus Christ. this was in 2004 and I still remain in a personal relationship with Christ. Victory Outreach has a unique calling, many cant comprehend to it, but those fellow bretheren are truly doing there work for Jesus Christ.

Los Angeles, CA

#9 Jan 9, 2010
let me say first of all. ive spent 9 years w/ victory outreach and learned and was exposed to all the tatics and gimmicks this orginazation (cult) does to raise money. first of all let me say it is so sad how these people fleece the flock of god. thru always asking the people to give on every gathering and to always give. thats not biblical. the bible say in 1 cor 16. 1-4 on the first day of the week for the saints to collect the offering. these people do it all the time they meet. they also fleece the people of god by charging them for every event the attend. and to top it off they will take up another offering at the event. then there fearless leader soony sr. becomes the haggle and intimadate the people and say they need to raise finances. the guy obviously hasnt learned . that where god guides he provides. yet the poor sheep are mostly uneducated in the word of god or doctrine. and dont know who to believe.theseso called leaders do not teach the people the full council of god. they are beautiful sheep who have become a prey to these wolves in sheep clothing. there services are 60 minutes of praise and annoucements and 30 minutes of topical messages. they do not go thru the bible but just jump around. and it is so obvious the pastors do not study thier word they sound so uneducated like they have never left their background. its is so so sad what has happened th this church bt these people fleecing their flock.. i will pray for the sheep
orlando ortiz

Los Angeles, CA

#10 Jan 9, 2010
wow this is so true this cult has had so many of their staff fall by the way side thru going back to gangs and drugs even the so called pastors i have always felt this church victory outreach does not teach the bible they just yell and ramble off how they feel. thes people are ripping of the state of california they put all their homeboys who are in the mens home on g.r. and the church keeps the money i was in the home i know they work the guys like dogs. it is unfortunate the have no biblical structure they have a zeal but no knowledge theres a pastor from eagle rock who looks like he just crossed the border and he cant even be understood he should have his church in tijuana where he can be understood. this organazation is a joke please attend to see for yourself
jimmy _smokey maravilla

Los Angeles, CA

#11 Jan 10, 2010
thid is so acurate. about viictory outreach. i attended this church for 5 years and was mesmerized how these people deceive and rip these people off financially the primary thing you will notice this church do not feed the people the bible. because i believe these guys do no know the word of god.on every meeting bthey are begging for money they make it sound like god is poor. yes they do tax the people for every event. they recently had a event for the cheif thief sonny sr and they taxed the people $170 to attend in san diego. and this was on a monday and they fed them the most economical food (chicken) yes these people are in this church but they still look and sound like they are still in their neighborhood and still look like gangs members and im just talking about their pastors. this mob is all about begging gods people for money and the sad thing these people are not even aware of it . 95 percent do not know their bible there and 98 percent of their pastor dont know the from the neighborhood maravilla. but i did not stay uneducated. these pastors intent is to keep these people uneducated in the things of god. they have a guy name timmy argunzoni who they call a pastor but this guy is not even ordained or a license minister. these people are a joke . but please dont just believe the words i say. i challenge you go to any victory outreach anty one and you will see for yourself. my prayer is that we pray for these people the congregation. that they may see the true god who wants his people to know him. phillipians 3:10 and not be taken captive and be deceived to these church schemes.

United States

#13 Jan 31, 2010
So what church do u attend my fellow brother in Christ???
orlando ortiz wrote:
wow this is so true this cult has had so many of their staff fall by the way side thru going back to gangs and drugs even the so called pastors i have always felt this church victory outreach does not teach the bible they just yell and ramble off how they feel. thes people are ripping of the state of california they put all their homeboys who are in the mens home on g.r. and the church keeps the money i was in the home i know they work the guys like dogs. it is unfortunate the have no biblical structure they have a zeal but no knowledge theres a pastor from eagle rock who looks like he just crossed the border and he cant even be understood he should have his church in tijuana where he can be understood. this organazation is a joke please attend to see for yourself
felipe candelas

Anaheim, CA

#14 Feb 11, 2010
this so call ministry is a joke first i truly believe they do not know the word of god or teach the word of god they don dont give sermons but they give sermonettes they give a diferent sermonette every time they meet they tip toe thru the bible with no sound biblical doctrine teaching these people fllece the flock with no sympathy they beg and i mean beg to give you your money they do tax you and charge for everything and the biggest kniver is their fat leader sonny sr argunzoni

Chicago, IL

#15 Feb 13, 2010
Dear: Reader,
I pray for everyone reading this, that they would take heed to what i am about to say. I was a member of vo for 8 years, and I left because of the control and abuse. I do not hold any bitter feelings towards them, and have learned to forgive them. I pray that if your part of vo, that you would leave now before you waste many years there. I would also encourage everyone to do research on spiritual abusive churches, and see the signs. I was one of the main leaders there at vo and I saw many things that were biblical. I would clean my pastors wife house, I was asked to give her massages, do grocery shopping for her, the list goes on. I gave all my money to the church.( I dont regret that because I gave it to god, not to vo) There is so much I can say, however the main reason why I am writting this is because I dont want people to end up like me. I am at a new church now, the church of god, and I needed alot of healing. I was taken advantage of and I dont want that to happen to anyone else. I pray to god if there is anyone reading this, that god would speak to your heart and that you would escape the bondage of a controlling ministry. God called us to a life of freedom and at victory outreach it is impossible to have that life. He who the son sets free, is free indeed! God bless you.
blessed now

Visalia, CA

#16 Feb 18, 2010
alot o0f this true i was v.o for 13 yrs got verey close to pastor sonny and the sad thing is it dont come from him or his family the minastie has grown to the point where a lot of the pastor are doing what they want if u are a true beliver dont judge them pray for them

Union City, CA

#17 Feb 22, 2010
Ive jusT left a major VO church,San Jose in fact, and I agree with them being muniplitive. Look if your in VO right now then good, you are fine where your at, I don't blaim u if you'd rather stay. For me, the leaders are not worth dealing with for they only care for themselves and THIER deciples. I was left in the dust for 5 straight years, even being on music with a major figure did not help. They play favoritism and choose who they want to build.

Gary, IN

#18 Mar 1, 2010
I was part of Victory Outreach Church and I am sad to say that I left. I will pray that God will change certain things that continue to go on there. I want to say to anyone reading my comment, that if your at a Victory Outreach Church and you feel something is not right there, then leave. Don't waste years there thinking that something is wrong with you. Listen to that inner voice inside of you, because that is the holy spirit trying to tell you something. If you attend a Victory outreach church and you are dying spiritually, or if your burned out with ministry task, then ask yourself this question. Does a tree have to strain to bare fruit? The answer is no! If you find yourself straining, or struggling in ministry, ask yourself has God still given me the grace to continue? Sometimes where doing things that God has no longer given us grace to do. If your part of Victory Outreach and you neglect your family, this is not of God. How do you expect to win your love ones over to the lord, if they only see you caught up into ministry. I am speaking like this because I was part of Victory Outreach for 8 years.
I now go to a different church and I am so content. I serve God with joy, and I am no longer burnt out, or dying spiritually. I realized that Jesus died on the cross for us to have a relationship with him, not religious rules.
Lewis M

San Francisco, CA

#19 Mar 24, 2010
The Senior "pastor" of VO san diego believes the 'booty-clap' is an appropriate form of worship.

Pleasanton, CA

#20 Mar 25, 2010
The only reason there is nobody on here defending Victory Outreach is because they are not allowed to read anything that is not on the approved reading list. LOL!!! Talk about control!!!
chuy from la puente

Woodland Hills, CA

#21 Apr 2, 2010
i cant beleive it all these comments are right on target about this church this church turns the people into legalist and has them spiritually brainwashed into the v.o. mentality which is to be part you must give your money at every church or event gathering its 20 minute sermon which they beg and try to convince you to give your money and if you dont have any turn around and ask the person next to you to lend you money to give they will even give you an amount to give im an x gang member from bassett but even i have changed inside and on the outside i truly have been transformed by the grace of god these people starting with the pastor still look like gang members yes there in church but thier conversation hasnt changed its the same homeboy walk and talk but im in church these pastors have not feed the sheep they beat the sheep there is no love there the pastor sonny jr is probably one of the worst pastors ive heard you could see he does not know his word or even studies his word his favorite quote is your the head and not the tail wow sonny go back to school also get on a diet because you are fat and get a new hair piece do be fooled people know you wear a toupae get it together and help these people to see our gog is a god of grace not a god of bondage

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