I was there about 3 stores down from the shooting at a burger joint. My friend (13), her God sister Erica (30), and Erica's daughter (4), and me self (13), were all siting down eating and we see 3 security guards go sprinting to the bar that it happend at. We thought it was fight or someone got knifed because we didn't hear a gun shot, we now know why because it was in a building. A coo car comes out of the parking garage super fast and the search helicopter comes flying. We hear tons and tons of sirens and then see abunch of cops coming in. Then we see a huge crowd of people running to the parking garage. Next a lady in a yellow shirt running was like "Someone has a gun and is killing people!" we didn't know it was in the bar we thought it was just on the streets, so me and my friends all start booking it to our car, lucky for us, on the 8th floor level of the garage! We ran threw tons of people and I'm surprised we didn't loose each other. Bless all the family's that were affected in this shooting.