10 years after it became law, Fayette...

10 years after it became law, Fayette County's smoking ban is gaining acceptance

There are 5 comments on the Lexington Herald-Leader story from Apr 26, 2014, titled 10 years after it became law, Fayette County's smoking ban is gaining acceptance. In it, Lexington Herald-Leader reports that:

This is the first in an occasional series about the changing smoking culture in Kentucky.

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#1 Apr 26, 2014
Non smoking or smoking prohibited is the new norm. Only a few losers keep on trying to smoke and with any luck the smoking will kill them sooner rather than later.

Winnipeg, Canada

#2 Apr 27, 2014
bud_schmones wrote:
Non smoking or smoking prohibited is the new norm. Only a few losers keep on trying to smoke and with any luck the smoking will kill them sooner rather than later.
That invitaion to our cave is revoked. We don't need no fresh air breathers round here ya hear?
Smoke house

United States

#3 Jul 12, 2014
Well some places it's still legal or they pay off the right people. My wife and I use to go to "Platinum Plus" on the weekend but when we got home and took our clothes off,man,,,you could smell the smoke in them. We're not smokers that's why we no longer go in that establishment. We just call a non smoking call girl to come over to our house for the night and wow the money we have saved because everybody's got their hands stuck out wanting a tip like we owed them something. That Champaign room plus a bottle plus the girl plus their gratuities at 15% to 25% and then that's not enough their that big bald gay wants a tip and everybody down the line. It's like pay me or tip me to get out of this room,pay the skinny tall Mexican to bring my bottle that I payed 10 times the amount for, pay to get out the door, pay a guy posted out in the parking lot plus you smell like you visited satin when you get home sorry I got off the subject here but that' place don't go buy the laws and should be shut down in my opinion,before she or some drunk burns it down to the ground with all those pretty young girls on dope does. Just stop by and stay for an hour if you want get lung cance..!!! So Come on in,the air isn't fine.

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#5 Aug 21, 2014
I had this tab open from I don't know how long ago. I'm closing these tabs out, so I can shut this browser down. I'm gonna post this in 2 parts. The first about the article and general premise.

First of all this article was, maybe not absolute garbage (like some), but it was pretty lame. And it was clearly biased in the direction of antismoking. And some of the statements... I'm not gonna go into all that right now though.

I (still) can't believe some bans include stripclubs. Including bars is bad enough. Hell, even HAVING A BAN AT ALL is bad enough (unless it's something reasonable, such as (the state of) Alabama, and also Kentucky for that mater).

I don't wanna say I've never herd of it. I have. I've even "been to" some. I put that in quotes, because I didn't actually go in or anything. Not a chance in hell!!! When I saw the no-smoking sing at the entrance, I turned around and walked in the other direction, got into my vehicle and left! Went somewhere else. Anywhere except that place!

The same with a bar that doesn't. No offense, but count me out! I'm not mad, but I'm outy. I won't usually complain about it. Not unless someone asks "Where you going?" I'll nicely but firmly tell them why. Of course it's usually posted at the entrance, so I never even make it inside!

I realize that it's not they're fault, however it is not my fault either! And I am not gonna go to a "fun place" that's not fun. That's a no-brainer. If we were talking about somewhere I was going for a "purpose" that would be one thing. But if it's supposed to be fun, and it's not, then screw it! You know. I mean that's a no-brainer, isn't it???

And then you also have, just the principal of it. Just the fact that somewhere has those kinds of rules (indifferent of what the reason is), makes it not fun. And if it's not fun, why would anybody go? I feel sorry for the people who own those places. They happened to have the misfortune of a law like that being passed where they are. I pitty them, but what can I say? I've got to look out for myself, as cold as that sounds. That's just how it is sometimes. So no, if they have that (for any reason), I'm gone!

Although let me point out right quick, that some certain places being no-smoking, or at least having sections where it's not, is a good thing. Don't get me wrong. However, in general, I do not believe that it is prudent to do that, unless not many others in that area are (I'll explain the reasons why that is, if anyone is interested).

The one thing I have a problem with, however, is the government telling people they must. Telling the owner of the place that they can't allow it, is the main thing in this case.

And another thing, I also try my best, not to spend any revenue in any place that has those. That includes cities like Athens, GA, states like North Carolina, etc (I have lists of jurisdictions which have smoking bans.) If I'm going that way, I will drive strait through that jurisdiction, unless I MUST stop somewhere. I mean if I'm low on gas, I'll stop in somewhere, but I try my best not to. If I can make it to the next town / county / whatever, I will do so, just as a mater of principal. Always have (at least since the mid 00s, when I started learning about that).

Instead, how about if they require signage telling people if it is allowed or not:


(If that is not 100% perfect, goto that thread and explain specifically what is imperfect about it, please).

Anyway, I'll be making another post in a second. I wanted to split them up, both for length-restrictions and because I'm gonna address something completely separate (although very relevant too the topic) in my next post.

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#6 Aug 21, 2014
@Smoke house - Believe it or not, I actually agree with alot of what you say!

As for the call girls thing, I'm no expert, but I have been studying that, and A BUNCH of stuff like that, lately. In short, I'm trying to like help people "get laid". Like you know, that dude from Santa Barbra, CA, that went on that rampage and stuff. I'm trying to help people like that. I know how that sounds, but yeah, that's what I'm doing. I'll go into it more if anyone asks or brings it up. But my point was, I've been researching stuff like that lately.

Anyway, that was a good idea, about that!

And I think that me and you are like "opposites". You want one who doesn't smoke, I want one that does.

What I want to know is, ok, first of all, let me be clear that I don't goto them kind of places very often. Not really anyway. I just kind of happen to land at one, every now and then.

Ok, at least 3 times this year, when I've been to those places, and btw, these were all different places, in fact ALL IN DIFFERENT STATES, for that mater (well 2 were in the same state, actually, but anyway...)

And let me also be clear that none of these were in jurisdictions that had any smoking bans (If it had, I wouldn't have been their in the first place!!! Reefer too my earlier post about that...)

And for the record, I'm really not that big of a fan of flouting bans. I mean not really... I'll elaborate if asked...

Ok, so, I was at a stripclub (again, this has happened multiple times), and for some reason unknown to me, although their were both some who did and didn't smoke, it was always the ones who DON'T, who are first to approach me.

Why is that? Why wasn't it the ones who DO smoke, approaching me, instead? Am I putting out the wrong vibe, or something? Of course I don't know what kind of vibe that would be either way, really.

When it happens I'm usually like "maybe, we'll see, later...", while I try to get one who I see smoking. I sometimes even make the first move, which is something I absolutely don't like doing, in ANY case (although I guess in that situation it's cool, because it's not "for real", you know... I'll elaborate on any of this if anyone brings it up...)

I've also found that if they witness me smoking, that helps, when it's a "regular person" (not a stripper). I don't really smoke that much, but yeah if they see me doing it, their more likely too do it near me, if they do it. But with strippers even that don't help.

Well, she (the stripper) will do it near me if she does it, Of course if she doesn't do it, I wouldn't want her to do it just for me, because it's not good for you (her).

What I want is one who DOES smoke, because I find it extremely attractive. Many (if not most) of them do, however, it seams like EVERY TIME, I always get one who doesn't.

And most of the time, she pretty much won't leaf me alone! Just hounding me left and right to do a tabledance. I don't want to be rude. One time I decided I'd go ahead and do just one from her. Hey, it's only 10 bucks and then she'll FO and I can find someone else. But then she was like, "Let's do another one!!!" I'm like... I think I said I had too like go or something. Actually I think what I said was that I was out of $ ROFLMMFAO!!! That got rid of her in a hartbeat!!!

Anyway, does anyone know why that is? Why it has lately, almost always been ones who DON'T smoke, who approach me? Does anyone know?

Oh and for the record, I also wear pheromone cologne everywhere I go (including a stripclub), btw. Could that affect it?

I'm just trying to figure out why it is. It would be like you (and anyone who doesn't like it), always getting the ones who DO. And I'm just trying to figure out why it happens so I can change whatever I'm causing it.

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