Can't Get Copy of our Church's By-Law...
KL Burrus

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#22 Feb 17, 2010
member wrote:
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yeah it doesnt seem right to me, but he said since he is now the pastor, he control everything. If anyone by pass him, they would pay a price or worst getting kick out of the church. i've been Christian all my life and never once did i ever hear such thing coming from pastor, whom salary is being pay by the church members. To have such power over his members and yet doesn't walk the talk according to the bible.
It really depends on what the by-laws say which apparently nobody can get a hold of. Some by-laws allow the pastor to appoint and disappoint all officers. Depending on the pastor and the people serving that can be good or bad
pastor that known better

Greenville, NC

#23 Apr 15, 2010
all you should go and pray and get save

Sacramento, CA

#24 Apr 22, 2010
X Baptist 2 wrote:
<quoted text>Don't tell me....The Pastor is of the .....Baptist denomination right?
yes, he is from southern baptist

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#25 Apr 23, 2010
pastor that known better wrote:
all you should go and pray and get save
How arrogant of you. your a pastor and your telling people stuff like that? your screen name is rather self righteous too dont you think? i am a pastor myself and would never post to people in that fashion. the greatest your neighbor as thyself.

To All:

I cant believe after reading this thread that I affiliate myself with an SBC church. It is for this very reason that I have almost reached the conclusion that denominations are of the enemy. Christ said plainly to let there be no divisions. Paul dealt with the same problem in the early church in 1 Cor 1:1 and addressed it again in the book of Romans. All the denominations do is divide the Body of Christ into sects that have pulled away from the others due to personal preferences. If we were to unite , the church would be unstoppable. Even the ACLU wouldn't be able to stop us. We cant agree to disagree on our preferences which in the end dont matter anyway. If it doesnt have to do with the basic black and white fundamentals of the faith then we shouldn't make a big deal about it. Constitutions??? Who cares as long as people are being reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Is your constitution going to save you or the lost? NO! Is your constitution going to make you change your mind about what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you through scripture as truth? Think about it for a minute Baptists! Pull together and unite under the true Head of the Church. Quit moaning and groaning over petty little things that doesnt matter. Join together!!!! Dont split or divide! We know better. God's Word tells us that!
member 2

United States

#26 Jul 28, 2010
We are having a problem with our trustees trying to run our pastor. We need to contact someone outside of the church who can inforce the by laws. Who do we need to contact who has that authority?

Houston, TX

#27 Dec 14, 2010
I am a member of a small baptist church in Houston, Texas whose pastor has 50+ years tenure. There is NO ONE that knows whether or not we have existing bylaws or a charter. We've heard that under the leadership of the deceased previous pastor that there were bylaws. We belonged to an association but the present pastor canceled our affiliation years ago. As he is now 90 yrs of age, we want to have procedures in place to know how to proceed in the event the situation arises where we need to choose a new pastor. Should we be able to find these records on file with either the city or the state government?
Concern citzen

United States

#28 Apr 5, 2011
Please I have read your concern, and I am facing the same thing in my church.. I need to find out where I can get a copy of the by laws of my church. And I am like you also do not want to name the church in this post. But I will say that it is a Baptist church!!!!! Please tell me if you can where I may atain a copy of these by laws... Thanks B. You may contact me @ [email protected]
concerned citizen

Weaver, AL

#29 Jul 9, 2011
I'm another one that this problem pledges. This pastor was asked to preach and he has changed the name of our church.
concerned citizen

Weaver, AL

#30 Jul 13, 2011
Tax exempt status comes for the tax office.

United States

#31 Jul 19, 2011
Technically, you ALL do, if you possess a Bible. The only reason to use something else, written by men, yet NOT inspired of God, is if the "church's by-laws" are in conflct with God's word. NOT a good thing.
NotSure wrote:
Am I wrong about this? Shouldn't every church member be able to see their own church's by-laws at any time? Isn't there some type of law about this and it having to be filed somewhere? Or does anyone care anymore?

Winder, GA

#32 Sep 9, 2011
If you are a member of a church and it has by laws you should be able to get a copy by asking for them. If you don't get a copy then ask why. If you still don't get a copy then run OE stand and fight because the Pastor is a dictator and he is running the church. if you want to see how a Pastor should conduct himself then read Ist Peter Chapter 5 verses 2 & 3. You will not find in these two verses where a Pastor is to be a dictator quite the contrary, he is to be an example. IF YOUR PASTOR DOES NOT FIT THESE TWO BIBLE VERSES THEN STAND AND FIGHT TO TAKE YOUR CHURCH BACK BECAUSE THE PASTOR IS NOT A MAN OF GOD.(note) I have been there

Merrillville, IN

#33 Oct 27, 2011
I wonder what God thinks about all of this confusion. Who made all these little god?
No wonder young people are leaving churches pastored by false preachers.

Merrillville, IN

#34 Oct 28, 2011
Did Jesus have by-laws?
Luke Wilson

Fort Myers, FL

#35 Dec 6, 2011
Does the Southern Baptist Convention prescribe to a set of bylaws adopted in the beginning of its formation, and is that available? Or is each Southern Baptist Church supposed to come up with their own bylaws and run their church as they see fit? I'm on a newly formed bylaws committee and there is no set of bylaws at this church which is well over 100 years old because the files were lost in a hurricane in recent years. Any information or ideas would be most helpful and greatly appreciated. God bless you!

Luke Wilson
[email protected]

Richmond, CA

#36 Feb 11, 2012
X Baptist 2 wrote:
<quoted text>Don't tell me....The Pastor is of the .....Baptist denomination right?
Yes and no one selected him as a pastor to begin with. I know that most churches would take long time to select their pastor , through interview and very getting. To know the person well enough to chose to be their pastor . Being pastor is not a career but a truth calling from God

Vilonia, AR

#37 Mar 3, 2012
I realize this thread is old but we're having the same problems. I'm about to go crazy because the pastor is outright refusing to let ANYONE (except his best friend/Head trustee) see the by-laws, saying they are outdated and need to be fixed. He's wrong in thinking he can change these without the church vote. The church is a family, not a dictatorship.

To the people saying "did Jesus have by-laws" and other similar things:

Each church has by-laws so that someone (such as a pastor, deacons, trustees) cannot make decisions alone that affect the entire church. If they want to change something, fine, but it needs to go to vote before the entire church. The by-laws state how the votes, etc. are to be handled. That's why they're important.
Bro Samuel

Charlotte, MI

#38 Dec 21, 2012
King James Bible if you're English speaking and reading.

Man can produce nothing better than God's words. It is God's words via the Holy Ghost. It is the Holy Ghost as such. Make no mistake. Blaspheme it and there is no forgiveness. Don't let ignorance rule. If you do not know; let it go at that. Pray and ask God for wisdom. Do you qualify? See here:

Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believed not: the works that I do in my Father's name, they bear witness of me. 26 But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. 27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: 28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. 29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand. 30 I and my Father are one.
John 10:25-30 (KJV)

Mesa, AZ

#39 Feb 22, 2014
I have a 501c3, had it since 2000. Got divorced in 2010 and my x took my bylaws and articles of incorporation, how do I get a copy of it? I can't remember who did the paper work for us back then. Was this filed somewhere where I could get a copy? I am wanting to open a non profit org. And want to have all my documents ready if I need them. Thanks

United States

#40 Feb 22, 2014
NotSure wrote:
Am I wrong about this? Shouldn't every church member be able to see their own church's by-laws at any time? Isn't there some type of law about this and it having to be filed somewhere? Or does anyone care anymore?
You don't tell us what state you live in. If you are in Tennessee where I live, I would tell you to contact the Tennessee Secretary of State's office.

I believe every state has some office similar to that.- kind of like a "county clerk's office", but for the entire state.

And here's the thing you need to see in your situation: Whatever bylaws are on file at that state office, those are the legally binding bylaws. Don't let them snooker you on this. If you get a copy from the state, and then the church tells you: "Oh no, we amended that", if those amendment(s) to the bylaws were never filed with the state then those amendments are null and void. They cannot just "change" bylaws any time they feel like it

Based on what you have already said, that is the course of action I recommend to you.

Also, if you find they are blatantly disregarding and violating their own bylaws, there is a course of action for that. Where I live, I would fill out a "Complaint Against a Non-Profit" form with the Tennessee Secretary of State. You'll have to ask what the procedure is wherever you live at.

Surprise, AZ

#41 Apr 2, 2014
Are church bylaws required by law in the state of Arizona? And if yes, is there a way to obtain them? The pastore from the church were I am a member said that the church doesnt have bylaws.

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