Why do Southern Baptists dislike Cath...

Newburg, MD

#41 Jul 18, 2011
fedupwiththemess wrote:
<quoted text>catholic is not in the bible...therefore it should NOT be on the bible. No such thing as a catholic bible. Its just The Bibible.
Actually, the word "Bible" is not in the Bible.
Raised Catholic

Newtown Square, PA

#42 Jul 30, 2011
Rick wrote:
Southern Baptists do not "dislike" Catholics. That is a ridiculous statement to make. Southern Baptists disagree with certain doctrinal beliefs that Catholics hold but that does not mean we "dislike" them.
You need to be more careful with your accusations.
My family and my wife's family are both Catholic. My sister in law had a beef with our pastor and pulled her 4 children out of the church school. She has friends who belong to a local Baptist church and school, so she sent her kids there. Now, several years later, when one of my nephews was in 6th grade, he was listening to a conversation we all were having in the kitchen before dinner and he asked me "Aren't we supposed to hate Catholics?"

I did a "say what?" to him. I asked him "who told you this?"

He said it was the teachers at his school!

I used to work in sales, and on another occasion, during my sales pitch, I received a totally unsolicited question from my customer "Are you saved?" I thought to myself 'here we go now,' and rolled my eyes. This man was from another Baptist church about 25 miles away and basically told me that if I wasn't a member of the Baptist church, I wasn't going to heaven! Arrogance to the nth degree!

I find it so hypocritical that other Christian denomination bash Catholics and the Catholic Church, when it states plainly in the Bible: Judge not, that you not be judged. Matthew 7:1
Raised Catholic

Newtown Square, PA

#43 Jul 30, 2011
fedupwiththemess wrote:
<quoted text>catholic is not in the bible...therefore it should NOT be on the bible. No such thing as a catholic bible. Its just The Bibible.
You must be an uneducated hillbilly. The word "catholic" is Latin for "universal." That means the Catholic Church is the Universal Church and was only given this label AFTER the Protestant Reformation. Prior to that, it was just the Church of Rome, where its base was located. If the Vatican was located in Athens, then it would be the Church of Athens, or the Athenian Catholic Church.

Oh, and your ignorance about Catholics worshiping saints is horrible...have you ever asked a relative or friend to pray for you in a time of need or sickness? That's all that we do. The last line in the Hail Mary is "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death."

Now, as for "worshiping" Mary, Jesus was a Jew who followed the 10 Commandments, one of which is "Honor your father and mother."

Mary is the mother of Jesus, and therefore God.
We are part of Christ.
Therefore, we should honor Mary as our heavenly Mother.
Raised Catholic

Newtown Square, PA

#44 Jul 30, 2011
Ancient wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually, the word "Bible" is not in the Bible.
The word Bible is derived from Greek "biblia," meaning "books," just as "catholic" is Latin for "universal."

You have to look at the context and WHEN most of the books of the Bible were written, where they were written, and who they were written for. Greeks, the first Gentiles included in Christianity.

Since: Sep 11

Canton, GA

#45 Sep 12, 2011
by the Way, Raised Catholic.... I have a small quibble with your origin of the first use of the word "Catholic". it dates a LOT earlier than post-Protestant Revolt.(Reformation comes from within. leaving the Church is not a reform, it's a revolt.)

We first see it used in WRITING as early as St. Ignatius of Antioch in around 155, when quoting the final words of St. Polycarp, who as a child sat at the feet of the John the Apostle!:D

Dahlonega, GA

#46 Nov 7, 2011
Church history does show that protestants, then baptists or ana-baptists were severely persecuted by the Catholic Church.
I am a Southern Baptist pastor and believe what the Bible says concerning salvation or "becoming Christian". "If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe(trust) in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved(reconciled to God).
The whole reason for the Protestant movement begun in earnest by Martin Luther Oct.31st 1517, was to bring purity and integrity back to the Catholic Church. His desire was not to leave the church but to reform it. He wanted the Church to forsake the authority of man and return to the authority of the Word because man, as Pope and priests , had turned their offices to pursuing their own glory and enrichment through the selling of salvation(called indulgences )to fill the papal coffers.
Anyway, in his search of the Scriptures to compare the practices of the church of his day to the church Jesus established, he found a key phrase that changed his life and freed him from the oppression of salvation of works(being good for God to gain His favor). Romans 1:17- "the righteous shall live by faith." Then we do good works out of a love of God and a love for people. Thus the point of James.
If we read the book of Romans and of Hebrews, we find that the need for a priest(a go-between for us and God) is no longer needed because Jesus' sacrifice on the cross was sufficient for all salvation. Through Him, we who are Christians have direct access to God the Father through Christ the Son.
Also in the area of the Eucharist, Jesus need not give His physical body and blood again and again as a sacrifice. Because His death on the cross was sufficient and complete.
The Bible, is the only authority for faith and practice of any Christian and NT Church as God spoke through the prophets, the NT writers and the Apostles of the early church and the Canon closed at their physical death.(There is so much more to this truth that I do not have room in this forum to address it adequately.)
Anyhow, The definition of a Christian is a person who has recognized and confessed their sinfulness before a Holy God, repented(turned away from) of their sin asking the forgiveness of God by acknowledging, trusting and claiming Jesus Christs' atonement(payment) and taking our place on the cross for the punishment of our sins. Then professing Him as the Lord (boss) of their lives from that point on in obeying the Word of God.
See Romans 3:23,5:8,6:23 and 10:9 and 10.
Now matter where you worship. If they faithfully teach the truth of Scripture and love Jesus with all they have, you are a Christian!
What Baptists object to concerning Roman Catholicism is that it traditionally has made the joining the church and the sacraments the conduits of grace which lead to salvation. Whereas the Grace of God accessed through faith in the sufficiency of Christ for forgiveness of sin is the only way to God and salvation. It is about relationship with Jesus Christ not a religion.
By the way, I love my Catholic in-laws!
In His Love
James Sullivan

Atlanta, GA

#47 Nov 12, 2011
The question is questionable. Who says they hate one another. They may disagree on point of theology, but are area of agreement.

For examples, Roman Catholics and Baptist agree that we worship One God in Trinity of Persons ... that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God ... that Jesus died on the cross to make satisfaction for sin. What they would disagree on is the method of baptism, Justification, Assurance, purgatory and and the place of the Pope.

With that said, they can stand together for decency in public life, against the murder of innocent children (abortion)and against 'gay marriage'.
Sarah from sa

San Antonio, TX

#48 Mar 5, 2012
fedupwiththemess wrote:
They dislike the lies and man made up bible that the catholics use.
Man made up the bible that the Catholics use? In what way? We have pretty much the same bible as Protestants. The difference is that we have a few books that we didn't take out of the canon that Protestants did. The bible is divinely inspiredq by God. On what basis do you think that one bible is better than another? If you are misinformed and you are talking about the "handbook" that we use in Mass, that is a guide to what daily mass will be. It is like a church bulletin in other churches.

What lies are you referring to?

Palestine, TX

#49 Aug 27, 2012
Christ founded the Catholic Church. Who founded the Baptist faith? Some dude...certainly not Christ himself. Oh yeah, Baptists say they are founded on the Bible...the same Bible made official by the Catholic Church a few centuries after Christ died. The Church came BEFORE the Bible. It's hilarious to watch Baptists spin their heresy sometimes.

Varna, Bulgaria

#50 Sep 1, 2012
Kindoalkun wrote:
Christ founded the Catholic Church. Who founded the Baptist faith? Some dude...certainly not Christ himself. Oh yeah, Baptists say they are founded on the Bible...the same Bible made official by the Catholic Church a few centuries after Christ died. The Church came BEFORE the Bible. It's hilarious to watch Baptists spin their heresy sometimes.
O'k'. You are maybe right. It does not matter. I think that they and not only they have strange rules. I was one time to hear it.
Their pastor has said that the nature of people is evil. And it is according to well known facts from Bible not the truth. The nature of God is good and we were created by God on His pattern, it means that our nature should be good too. Every human being has this part of God called good- seed of Kingdom of Heaven in every of us, because we were created by God on His pattern just and just like Our Lord Jesus has said this seed of good ( Kingdom of heaven )is small, but if it is properly cared, it grows to a big tree. There are many factors, which kill this seed in people ( first of all satan, secondly bad breeding by parents, bad environment,weak character, addictions and naturally some people choose evil, because they like it but majority of these guys, who are the worst criminals had mental problems or another factors- bad breeding ).
And naturally that Holy Mother of God Maria was very important person in Christianity- the holiest among all holly, She was His first teacher and first Apostel and she was with Apostel after crucyfynng of Jesus in those hardest days ) and She was by Him till the end. She has said to God yes and without Her, it wouldn't be Christianity.
It does not matter. the most important is another fact. There are good baptists ( just like Ron Paul ), who has these moral values, just like people should have and is good man. And it was very bad man- baptist Bush.
And there are good Catholics just like Mother Teresia, John Paul the II and bad Catholics like Hitler.
It gets about developing of these seeds of good, who are in us. There are many good people in another religions Islam like for instance these Shias and in another religions and even these people, who don't believe in God there are sometimes better than so called Christians. Why? Because seeds of good are in every human being. Naturally that Jesus Christ \, who is God the same show this right and proper way to come to God, but howm many Christians appreciate it?

Colorado Springs, CO

#51 Sep 5, 2012
Raised Catholic wrote:
<quoted text>
You must be an uneducated hillbilly...
Oh, and your ignorance about Catholics worshiping saints is horrible...
The last line in the Hail Mary is "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death."
Now, as for …."Honor your father and mother."
To be "Raised Catholic" is a conundrum at best
For his targets must suffer his jests
He belittles and sneers,
speaks of God ‘tween beers
One wonders if he’s passing the test

Love one another, I thought was the motto
For those of one heart who think twice
But the Catholic inside
won’t let Raised this abide
He’d rather smother his brother than be nice

Tis better to shout and use words before actions
And Claim honor for parents – that’s quaint
Better to show what’s inside
With kindness …not snide
The test shows this Catholic’s no saint
Gary In Denver

Aurora, CO

#52 Oct 10, 2012
Boy - you sure are correct my dear! In Colorado we call them Hypocristians due to their hipocritical ways. It's so comment while driving to be cut off by a speeding christian with a fish icon on the back of their car. Read a little about Ted Haggerty and you'll get the picture.
Bro Samuel

Charlotte, MI

#54 Dec 21, 2012
Since the Catholic church inception in the fourth century, they have murdered millions of Christians. The Inquisition is still in the minds of Christians. Also statements of many popes still lingerer:

"All sects of heretics are condemned and various punishments are appointed for them and their accomplices." --Pope Alexander IV,

"Statutes that impede the execution of the duties which appertain to the office of Inquisitors are null and void." --Pope Urban IV,

"They who bury persons knowing them to be excommunicated, or their receivers, defenders, or favourers, shall not be absolved unless they dig up the corpse; and the place shall be deprived of the usual immunities of sepulture." --Pope Alexander IV,

Catholics try to turn Jesus into a piece of bread in the Eucharist and drink an 18% alcoholic claiming that is Jesus actual blood. They claim a drunken sodomite priest can forgive sin (a priest told me that).

The Catholics have the hexagram everywhere and on their robes also with STUR; the name of their god. Look around: hexagram = 666. S=60 T=400 U=6 & R=200........ again 666.

Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them
Acts 7:43 (KJV) star of god Remphan is Hexagram or star of Lucifer.

Burlington, NJ

#55 Jan 16, 2013
The Catholic Church is headquartered in Rome and Northern peoples dislike Latins (Italians/Spanish). For instance, in Italy, thousands of boys used to be castrated so they could sing in choirs. Although the Pope condemned this practise, it went on. This sort of behavior is repugnant to the Anglo Saxon. However, an organization does need a CEO to maintain order.

Burlington, NJ

#56 Jan 16, 2013
Because when Italians immigratd to Louisiana they murdered a police chief then tampered with the jury to get the culprits off. The Americans, however, wouldn't stand for it, stormed the prison and lynched the murderers. To this day, they consider themselves "persecuted" and malign Southerners.
Disciple of Jesus

Charlotte, MI

#57 Jan 16, 2013
The RCC were invented in the 4th century. You can read the NT and find where the Apostle John labeled Antichrist as having come from the early Baptist church.(The first Christians were called Baptist).

You can trace that bunch to Egypt and on to Rome where King Constantine organized the Catholics in ~313AD.

They were rejected by the NT churches. They started calling anyone that didn't believe as they heretics and killing them. They created the Inquisition and killed millions of Christians (Martyr's Mirror and Foxes Book of Martyr's plus the Trail of Blood are good books on this)

Catholics have never been Christian for one day. However, it is our sincere desire to see the Catholics come to Jesus' saving grace. I have seen a number of Catholics become saved.

We only hate their murderous ways and their false religion sending folks down the wrong path. Their claim that a priest can forgive sin is false. Read REV 17 and you'll see who they really are. The Bible has them labeled quite well.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the Inquisition was the implementation of murder against Christians. Murder is not Christian and they are still doing it today. Still; the Baptist stance is that Catholics would come to know jesus as their Lord and Savious
Humble Catholic

Asheville, NC

#58 Jan 22, 2013
The above post has it so wrong. I used to be baptist, so I totally understand your bad teachings against the Catholic Church.
We do not worship idols, Mary etc as they teach in your church.
We are encourage to love all other religions.
Our priests have more years of education than Dr's. They don't go to school for a couple of weeks and call themselves a "pastor".
They don't preach whatever comes to their mind (hate) for the day. There is a schedule of sermons that runs over a few years, and no matter where in the world you go, you will get the exact same sermon as all other Catholic Churches.
Our church doesn't behave as though at a carnival. When Mass is on, we are all praying.....oh and to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You see, we ARE Christians. We were the first. The prostest(ant) in you didn't like the rules so you split off. Then you split again and again and again. Now you have thousands of denominations and argue much with each other. But there is only ONE Catholic Church. The true Catholic Church that doesn't bend it's rules to the changing of times.
Get over yourselves and do some reading about truth before you post wrongly.
Disciple of Jesus

Charlotte, MI

#59 Jan 25, 2013
In Catholicism, you see the Hexagram (666) Star of Lucifer everywhere.

The Inquisition is from murder of Christians and whoever. The Iron Maiden and devices of murder and torture is from sick perverted minds without Christ Jesus.

The sodomite priest are absolutely everywhere. They are coached on how to take advantage of women and children.

The selling of orphans for sex slaves and medical experiments is well documented.

My people Israel = descendants of Jacob. My people would mean that are Torah believing and worship God under the Menorah...... So; how did Ashkenazi Zionist Satanist Star of Lucifer merit the badge? The Zionist flag has the Hexagram and a blue strip at top and a blue strip at bottom. Top is the Euphrates River and Bottom is the Nile and they claim all the land between.

Why would God favor the Zionist Luciferterian bunch over the Torah Judaism bunch? Can you explain why? I would be interested to hear.
From a former preist and historical documents;

The Eucharist is a Satanic ritual. Priest can not forgive sin. Over 40 yrs of study for me.
Disciple of Jesus

Charlotte, MI

#60 Jan 25, 2013
40+ yrs for me. The Eucharist is a Satanic Ritual. The priest can not forgive sin. Catholic inception in 318AD and they were rejected by the NT churches in listed in the Bible.

The perverted mind created the Inquisition and torture chambers and devices that only a child of Lucifer could invent.

What's right about the murders from the Inquisition?

The Hexagram they display on everything is the Star of Lucifer.... The Papacy is Antichrist; read REV 17.
catholic turned baptist

Las Piñas City, Philippines

#61 Jan 27, 2013
my father is a catholic and my mom is a baptist. i was born and raised by two very different beliefs and i think the choice is with us. when i was a baby i was baptized as a catholic. my mother, being a submissive wife permitted this and allowed me to be raised as a catholic. as a child i wondered why they would touch and kiss the so called saints in their altars. which if i could remember correctly in the ten commandments which said thou shall nat have other gods besides me. doesnt touching kissing amd praying on the statue on the altar idolatry? which was also written in the bible.. then they would have these saints for the students. saints for the sick. and saints for the whatever they think could be a added to their books of prayer. then there goes the rosary. where even the nuns would sleep to it. its a repetition, and i dont believe they still understamd what they say anymore. cause they already memorized it. its in their heads. not even in their hearts, i specially noted that being done by the nuns when i studied in a catholic all girls school. i do not hate what i came from... being a catholic. but i believe that i found Christ being a baptist.

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