I want to convert to Islam to Sikhism
Azad Southall

Norwich, UK

#263 Jan 12, 2010
Arabs even worse. In palestine they marrying 10 year old brides fact. i can show u all proof. A phd british man reported on it. And in somalia they stitch up the girls private parts to guarantee virginity throughout adolesence. 7 stitches for 7 heavens. This is brutality of sharia law. there was a programme bout it on channel 4 few years ago if u dont believe me.

Norwich, UK

#264 Jan 12, 2010
Gurps, I dont have to be in your harim for me 2 suck u off darling. I can do it anytime babe. I hear sikh mans have big diks, i allways wanted to try a curry.
Gurpz southall

Norwich, UK

#265 Jan 12, 2010
You'll get spunk over your face bich Arab girl. Wear your Hijaab aswell, i got a hijaab fetish. I'll put it in your hijaab aswell.

Norwich, UK

#266 Jan 12, 2010
Aite then deal. I'll wear a leapord pattern one.

Norwich, UK

#267 Jan 12, 2010
Can you 2 get a room.
This is a serious discussion.
True Learner

Toronto, Canada

#268 Jan 12, 2010
ARAB GIRL wrote:
Aite then deal. I'll wear a leapord pattern one.
That is just too funny...I had to suppress my laughter at work! That picture in my mind just kept me giggling. Thanks for making a boring day passable.

Abbotsford, Canada

#269 Jan 24, 2010
to you who is so bitter, may i say to you, may you spend eternity in Heaven.I wish hell on no one.
Jesus paid the price once and for all for your sins and has guaranteed us paradise just by believing on the shed blood of Jesus,God in the flesh. God does not only love you but HE is LOVE.
no religion(I dislike that word) no faith can offer you this free gift other than simply trusting the one and only GOD>
Hope to see you in heaven
henna wrote:
U stupid gal, u realli havn't got a clu bt religion. Bloody pshycho. u shud be so ashamed of wat ur sayin. Da onli fing i can say is rot in hell bitch.

Croydon, UK

#270 Mar 8, 2010
Dear All, i can understand the dilemma Yasmin is going through. I think most muslims are in denial when they hear stuff like this, as its written that any critisism of koran/prophet calls 4 death. But- really, media/internet has allowed the koran/hadiths 2b put under the microscope, & u know, its pretty horriffic stuff! Sikhism, however does not call for the death of the unbelievers, etc, rather says all humans R created equal, & the only difference is that one has 2 realise the OneGod (of all) within us. This is a slow process, which alows the building of a personal relationship with your God in your very being, ultimately to connect with Him, and the whole of creation, as Sikh texts are Pure spiritual advancement food (not rules & regulations). SIkhism also says that as one is on a spiritual path from any religion, this is possible-however, the problem is other faiths declare their supremacy over other humans, which is totally non-spiritual. Yasmin, to be formally baptised in2 the Sikh faith means total commitment & immersion in2 a soul-centred lifestyle, but the main thing is to practice getting there. Plus- there are deep meaningful reasons why sikhs keep hair (sign of saints/prophets + a meditative tool), etc... Hope you make the right decision for the betterment of your soul & humanity. As Guru Nanak says- Better then Truth is Truthful Living.


#271 Mar 8, 2010
a sikh wrote this bull crap out u can obviously tell why would a muslim leave gold 4 shit

Croydon, UK

#272 Mar 8, 2010
ru calling islam gold?
... haha, every1 knows wot its about ...
The koran, Hadiths, and the internet are the muslims nightmare, bacause the thing u revere the most is ur worst enemy.. we can all see now wot its all about... And buddy, it dont look so good..
... If u really wanna debate this issue ... theres plenty of sources that can shut you up...

How can any1 respect a cult that calls for non-believers 2b killed? Qur'an:8:39 "Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah." OH YEAH- VERY SPITUAL...

ALL NON-MUSLIMS, watch this video if u wanna know y its ok 4a muslim 2 bullshit 2 save islam, & how they R encouraged 2 kill non-muslims...
http://video.google.com/videoplay... #
Akash Sidhu

Loma Linda, CA

#273 Mar 14, 2010
Munir Munshey wrote:
The founder of the sikh religion died in 1538, and in 1838, their greatest king, Ranjit Singh died, a span of just three hundred years. Since then, Sikhism has been declining. In 1848 British annexed Punjab. Sikhs used to govern Punjab, the frontior province and even parts of Afghanistan. Now Punjab stands divided. 60% of it is with Pakistan. The rest 40% is further divided into three provinces, only one of which is the home of the sikhs.
Most of the sikhs live in India, just 25 million of them. Sikh community is the only one that failed to register any growth in India in the last decade, as per the census of 2001.
Either Sikhs are not producing enough babies, or many of them are converting to other religions. Either way, it seems to be an endangered religion.
That means somebody has to live forever for the religion to live,, In which grade are you?

Croydon, UK

#274 Mar 14, 2010
Akash Sidhu wrote:
<quoted text>
That means somebody has to live forever for the religion to live,, In which grade are you?
I dont get your point Akash?

Kazan, Russia

#275 Mar 18, 2010
Yasmin, if sikhs think there is no life after death it is not correct religion.
you said about hadiths. do not respect them very much, there are lot of fake hadiths, i think, if hadith is not like what said in quran, do not believe it.

Kazan, Russia

#276 Mar 18, 2010
#272 "..2b killed ..", do show also cite of neighbour ayats where allah says: you can only kill how much they killed you, not more. and also you say "killed" but in ayat you shown it is said "opposition ends".
1 meter chawa

Bridgend, UK

#277 Mar 18, 2010
eh kusa marawri di yasmeen ni hegi she a perchod sikhra trying to give his cult some importance that somone is converting to his cult. pure phudi yorr da!

Croydon, UK

#278 Mar 18, 2010
@Dinar -
Sikhism surely believes in lifeAfterDeath, but unlike the islamic heaven (which is full of sexSlaves -ONLY 4 men), Sikh heaven is given according 2 ur morals, humanity, behaviour, personal relationship to God, & recitation of Gods name. In the highest ultimate heaven there is only Truth & bliss (no need 4 earthly sexy pleasures as described in koran/hadiths/sunna).

Also, u say "kill till opposition ends"- yeah right; This opposition is complete subjugation till a global islamic KHALIFAH is done? This is pure evil.
--Qur'an:9:5 "Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war."
-- Qur'an:9:29 "Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission."
--Qur'an:8:39 "So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world)."
There are MANY of these spiritual verses!!(nice).

You muslims are allowed to practice "bullshitting for islam" called al-TAQQUIA. This was first coined when mohamed sanctioned the assassination of the opponents 2 his career:

The Prophet said, "Who is ready to kill Ka'b ibn Ashraf?". Muhammad bin Maslama replied, "Do you like me to kill him?" The Prophet replied in the affirmative. Muhammad bin Maslama said, "Then allow me to say what I like". The Prophet replied, "I do".(Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol.4, p. 168). The apostle said, "All that is incumbent upon you is that you should try". He answered, "O apostle of God, we shall have to tell lies". He answered "Say what you like, for you are free in the matter".(Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasulullah, p.367).

So, you see, its hard 2 believe when ANY muslim says anything..
.. time you saw the light ... and leave now ...

Kazan, Russia

#279 Mar 19, 2010
no, i said wrongly it is neighbour ayat, it is in 2nd sura:
2:190 : " And kill/fight in God's way/sake those who kill/fight you , and do not transgress/violate , that God does not love/like the transgressors/violators ."
then in 2:191:
"And fight/kill them, where/when you defeated/caught up with them , and bring/drive them out from where/when they brought/drove you out, and the treason/misguidance (is) stronger (worse than) the fighting/killing, and do not fight/kill them at the Mosque the Forbidden/Sacred , until they fight/kill you in it, so if they fought/killed you, so fight/kill them, like that is the disbelievers' reward/reimbursement ."

London, UK

#280 Mar 19, 2010
@ Dinar -
- by the Arabic scholars very admission, Arabic is a hugely 'mistranslatable' language...
.. this is the problem faced by westerners when 'suger-coated' versions of the verses are given... However- there are MANY ex-mualims, who have been scholars of Arabic, & have laid open ANY controversies in translation & sentence contruction...
BUT- i have noticed u didnt reply to my observation that Muslims are permtted to lie for Religion, save family, save self ... This is contrary to ALL OTHER real religions that say "God is TRUTH" (Sikhs say "Sat Naam", this is wht thousands were martyred, rather than say yes 2 islam).
You can give me any trnslation of your 'holy' book, but you know....
.. the west is waking up...
There are ALL translations of the koran...
.. we can read the HADITHS...
... we have seen the SURAs ...
And buddy, the dont point to anything good for humanity ...
(i can give you hundreds of ayats, hadiths, sunna.. but, u will not be able 2 defend them all...
Since 9/11 there have been 15014 islamic terrorost attacks in the world ... That is a shocking number!! Now u tell me- religion of peace?

Highland Park, NJ

#281 Mar 19, 2010
Islam is not peaceful religion at all-
recently they beheaded asikh boy who refused to convert to islam in pakistan-
muslims are not a good peolpe

London, UK

#282 Mar 19, 2010
@sdakvo -
this is true.. it says in the koran that a muslim MUST either try to convince/convert someone to islam, pay the heavy tax (JIZYA) for non-muslims (as it says in the koran "and feel themselves subdued"), or die ... If people say the taliban are not representative of real muslims, thats wrong. Taliban are doing EXACTLY as mohammed did 1500 years ago!!!

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