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rajputs R slaves

Alliston, Canada

#44 Nov 10, 2008
Rajputana wrote:
You fool only 3-4 rajput clans gave their daughters to the mughals as opposed to 39 Jat-Punjabi clans, that goes for all you punjabi cu*ts including khatris, bahmans whatever...trus me we resepct your gurus...but honestly you're all chamaars who are not a single iota of your gurus.
These were the same people who had converted to Sikhism later on, Akbar-Darbari-Aurugnzebi Jats have been around since the time of Nanak hahahaha go read some history you assinine fool!
Regarding 'Sikhs':
1) Ranjit Singh's SIKH grand-father, Gajpat Singh, was a mughal dog who was granted the estate of 'Jind' by the mughals.
2) The SIKH sardar of Patiala, Ala Singh, was in the service of Rohilla afghans as well as Abdali and was allowed titleship to Patiala.
3) SIKH sardar jassa singh ahluwalia of Kapurthala's great grand father, Genda Singh, was a servant in the Mughal army lol and was awarded his estate....
LOL. Maharaja Ranjit Singhs father died as a marty against the invasion of the afghans-history of sikhs. As regards to his father, i found it offensive when you said that, so I looked up the history, it said that he was fighting the mughals in various battles, they surronder to the misls and that is how he got control of land

As to your 3-4 rajputs, that is a lie. WE WANT QUOTES QUOTES QUOTES QUOTES. You are rajput, no1 trusts.

No sikhs ever bowed to afghans, in matter of fact the british qazi, sufi saints wrote extensively on the fact that the sikhs never ONCE gave in or became slaves


You need to give up your rajput caste, join truth man, it is 2008 no 1 cares what caste u are maybe in india...not here in the westtt

Wolverhampton, UK

#45 Nov 10, 2008
to rajputs are slaves,

in india in the rich states no1 cares about the caste no more either, it only exists in the poor villages were the uneducated poor live. god help the poor

Alliston, Canada

#46 Nov 10, 2008
rajput wrote:
to rajputs are slaves,
in india in the rich states no1 cares about the caste no more either, it only exists in the poor villages were the uneducated poor live. god help the poor
Thank you for the information. I did not know that. But yes God help the poor.
Rana Yugeshwar Singh

Toronto, Canada

#47 Nov 13, 2008
to the foolish people who think rajput valor exists only in the royal families and that rajput valor is to be examined according to the actions of some few families... you are foolish, ignorant and stupid.
In punjab, rajputs held vast estates and there are many examples of this. Rajput valor is sung of in punjab as well; dhulla bhatti, jaimal fatta. My clan of rajputs are punjabi rajputs and we have held and still hold great power in punjab, and always have, even when the sikhs ruled punjab. Even wehn the sikhs took over punjab from the numerous small rajput chiefs, our family relatives still took control of the sikh jagirdar's land and house, even though the sikhs were in power. Just because some families chose to sell their honor, it does not mean, the soldiers of their clans were pussies, they wernt, they were soldiers, and even dashmesh pita accepts this and thus gives the give go to banda singh bahadur and lectures him on how strong rajputs are and are supposed to be and tells him to be a true rajput and avenge the poor.
rajput valor is sung of because rajput people as a whole were soldiers in war. their kings are invididuals who gave them a bad name like many of the sikh leaders do to the sikhs. However, nowadays sikhs aint shit, rajputs aint shit, eveyrones differnet, no one cares anymore. but as far as rajputs go, and jatts go and sikhs go, look up ghorewaha rajputs in history and u will not find anything cowardice.
Nadir jatt

Islamabad, Pakistan

#48 Dec 17, 2008
rajputs hindu saly de nu gal karny da aqal nahi
mard singh

Birmingham, UK

#49 Dec 17, 2008
Nadir jatt wrote:
rajputs hindu saly de nu gal karny da aqal nahi
If you an inbred why try to prove otherwise?
Rana Sangram

Noida, India

#50 Dec 26, 2008
Khshem Singh of Mewar
1168 A.D.- 1172 A.D.
"MewarÂ…a wave of iron in the path of Delhi," eulogises Chund Bardai in Prithivirajraso, as Khshem Singh joins forces together with Prithiviraj Chouhan. Their common enemy is Muhammad Ghuri who is soundly defeated by the united Rajput forces in the First Battle of Tar'ain near Delhi. But in the Second Battle of Tar'ain, the "heroes of Delhi and Chittor are asleep on the banks of the Caggar in the wave of steel."
Jetra Singh
1213 A.D.- 1253 A.D. Delhi of the Chouhans is captured: devastation, plunder and massacre commences. The Turki Sultans of Delhi attempt to subjugate the other Rajput states. Mewar - under Jetra Singh, Tej Singh and Samar Singh - continues to thwart the aggression of the Delhi Sultans.
Till 1303, when Allaudin Khilji lays siege to the mighty fortress of Chittor. Legend has it that he covets Rani Padmini. In the face of utmost adversity, Rattan Singh is unwilling to surrender Chittor or Padmini. There is only one way out for the besieged but courageous Mewaris : the women, led by Rani Padmini, immolate themselves in a huge funeral pyre to find 'security from dishonour in the devouring element'; and the men march through the gates of Chittor for the final assault on the Sultan's army. Chittor is plundered and ravaged by Allaudin Khilji but the honour, pride and chivalry of the Guhilot Kings of Mewar remains unsullied...
Some of the family members were smuggled out of beseized chittorgarh and sent to the safety of the Aravalli Hills .
Tej Singh
1261 A.D.- 1267 A.D.
Samar Singh
1273 A.D.- 1302 A.D.
Rana Sangram

Noida, India

#51 Dec 26, 2008
Rana Hamir Singh
1326 A.D.- 1364 A.D. Rana Ajay Singh of Shishoda nominates his more meritorious nephew Hamir as his heir (destined to redeem the glory of Mewar)in preference to his son Sajjan Singh , who in turn shifts to Sattara(Chatrapati Shivaji's ancestor ) Tod pg.216. Earlier Bappa Rawal also nominates his worthier younger son as heir in preference to less worthy elder son who in turn moves to Gujrat to start the line of Asil Gehlotes(Tod Pg. 197).
In 1326, Hamir Singh regains Chittor and becomes the first ruler of Mewar to use the honorific 'Rana'. A period of relative peace and prosperity begins.
Rana Hamir Singh becomes a bridge to the past, adhering to the principles of trusteeship laid down by Bappa Rawal and restoring the glory of Vedic traditions.
The Guhilots of Mewar adopt the clan name of Sisodia. Rana Hamir Singh emerges as the 'sole Hindu prince of power now left in India : all the ancient dynasties being crushed.'
Rana Kumbha
1433 A.D.- 1468 A.D.
Rana Kumbha provides a burst of creative energy and military might which makes Chittor the centre of medieval India. As a builder of forts, he is unparalleled; as a patron and promoter of the arts, he is a trend-setter; and as a military leader, he is supreme.
Rana Kumbha, hailed as one of the greatest military generals of the Sisodia Rajputs, is a ruler of varied talents. A man as intensely committed to literature and music as to the rigors of warfare.
Rana Kumbha reigns for over 30 years, from 1433 to 1468, and consolidates Mewar's independence as a Hindu kingdom. Like his illustrious predecessors, Rana Kumbha is a defender of Mewar's territories, not ready to accept the sway of the Delhi Sultans over Gujarat, Malwa and parts of Rajasthan.
Mewar is invaded several times and successfully defended by Rana Kumbha. In 1437, Sultan Mahmud, King of Malwa, is taken prisoner after a pitched battle and Rana Kumbha demonstrates his magnanimity as a victor. Mahmud is treated as a guest and then released without demands for ransom. The hallmark of Mewari conduct in victory is established once again.
Rana Kumbha is a relentless builder: constructing no less than 32 of the 84 fortresses in Mewar. The monumental fort Kumbhalgarh, named after the Rana himself, is a majestic fort-city with 36 km-long stone walls encircling the hill. But it is in Chittor that Rana Kumbha's most impressive construction is seen: Vijay Sthambh built by Rana Khumba is the so called Victory Tower . The Jain Community built the Keerti Sthambh as a Tower of Prestige, as during Khumba's reign the Jain community also flourished due to peace and protection of the Rana.
Rana Kumbha's vast literary output - dramas in Sanskrit, books on varied subjects like genealogy, grammar, music compositions - underscore his multifaceted talents.
His erudition, his commitment to artistic excellence and his military might make Rana Kumbha one of the greatest personalities, not just of Mewar and Rajasthan, but of medieval India.
Rana Sangram

Noida, India

#52 Dec 26, 2008
Rana Sanga
1509 A.D.- 1527 A.D.
The mantle of Rana Kumbha's greatness passes onto Maharana Sangram Singh, known to history as simply Rana Sanga.
With the collapse of power in Delhi, Rana Sanga emerges as the most powerful Hindu King in North India with a direct or indirect sway over the whole of Rajputana. His battles against the Lodhis and the Muslim rulers of Gujarat and Malwa are legendary. He unites the Rajput states and puts up a strong unified defence against Babur's armies. It is a valiant struggle to protect the integrity of Hindu states. The Rana loses the battle but not the principle of independence.
Like the illustrious Kshatriya Kings of ancient Bharat-varsha, the Ranas exemplify the finest Hindu values and traditions in war and in peace: Honour and chivalry; selflessness and respect for humanity.
The pinnacle of prosperity, the heights of valour.
Under the Mighty Sanga, Mewar reaches its apex of prosperity and is controlling, directly and indirectly, a large part of Rajputana.
Rana Sanga is the finest example of the Kshatriya King as the Protector, the Suryavanshi King whose focus is on consolidating and developing his state.
Though the power of Delhi is on the decline, Rana Sanga faces repeated invasions from the Muslim rulers of Delhi, Gujarat and Malwa. His powerful army is engaged in battle over eighteen times with Muslim forces and the Rana himself is battle-scarred : having lost an arm and eye, been crippled in one leg and suffered innumerable wounds. But his power and spirit is indomitable.
In 1519 after Sultan Mahmud of Mandu is defeated and taken prisoner, Rana Sanga displays the same chivalry and generosity which Rana Kumbha had demonstrated towards a defeated enemy. Mahmud is treated like a guest and his kingdom restored by the Rana who could have easily annexed it.
He takes upon himself to unite the Rajput states into a confederacy. In the Battle of Khanua in 1527, Rana Sanga's armies gain an initial advantage against Babur's forces. But the tides turn against the valiant Rajputs and Rana Sanga is himself wounded on the battlefield. Babur's victory is his stepping stone to founding the Mughal Empire in India and in Rana Sanga's defeat the hopes of a Hindu revival are ruined.
Rana Sanga's loyalty to the Rajput code of chivalry and generosity is legendary. He is regarded as the last Hindu emperor of medieval India who could stand up for the principle of independence and 'rashtra' against the march of the Mughals.
Rana Sangram

Noida, India

#53 Dec 26, 2008
Rana Ratan Singh
1527 A.D.- 1531 A.D. Chittor, the most famous symbol of Rajput resistance, is targetted by Muslim invaders. Dogged by the vengeful Sultan of Gujarat, the descendants of the mighty Sanga find themselves besieged in 1535.

Rana Pratap Singh
1572 A.D.- 1597 A.D.
Undaunted heroism, inflexible fortitude, pride, honour and perseverance: Rana Pratap exemplifies the noble values and traditions of the Suryavanshi Kings.

When he succeeds as the Rana, the state of Mewar is virtually without a capital, without resources, but it still is a tiny pool of resistance in the vast ocean of the Mughal Empire. Mewar is encircled by Akbar's allies: Marwar, Amber, Bikaner, Bundi acknowledge Mughal supremacy. Only Rana Pratap remains steadfast to his legendary vows that he would never offer obeisance to Delhi as long as it remained under foreign yolk nor even be summoned to Delhi.

The glory of Rana Pratap is inspiration for all times.

Though Chittor is sacked and plundered by Akbar's forces, the spirit of Sisodia Rajputs is unbroken. It is Rana Pratap who still refuses to acknowledge Akbar as the Mughal emperor and vows never to appear in his court in Delhi.

The Maharana's patriotism is his offence. And he suffers valiantly for upholding the righteous principle of sovereignty and independence. The Battle of Haldighati is fought for this principle.
It is on June 18, 1576, that Rana Pratap's forces are pitted against the combined armies of Akbar and the Rajput states who had allied with the Mughals. The Rana's exemplary courage, astride his white stallion - Chetak - is legendary ; the patriotic zeal of his generals like Hakim Khan Sur is awe-inspiring ; and though Rana Pratap retreats into the hills, he leaves the Mughal armies trapped in total disarray. No retreat has ever been more glorious, and for the Mughals, no victory was ever more like defeat.

Rana Pratap shatters the myth of the invincibility of the Mughal Army, and forces Akbar to stop interfering in Mewar's affairs. After years of warfare and innumerable personal hardships, Rana Pratap is able to regain the hereditary territories of Mewar. Proving once again that the Kshatriya code of chivalry is to defend not conquer, to protect not capture territories.

Rana Pratap's obstinate defence of freedom became, and has remained, an inspiration not only for Mewar and Udaipur, but for the whole of India.

Far beyond the confines of Mewar, he is known forever as 'The Light and Life of the Hindu community.'
Bards and historians have found many similarities in the lives of Rana Pratap and Ram, his Suryavanshi ancestor in Ayodhya. Both are men of exemplary courage, upholding their word of honour, living through years of exile and hardship and yet remaining committed to the ideals of Kshatriya kingship.
Rana Sangram

Noida, India

#54 Dec 26, 2008
Gyani kadi Dullah Bhatti da na sunya e ?

Coburg, Australia

#55 Dec 27, 2008
Rajputana wrote:
1) Gobind Rai's clan was 'Sodhi'- Sodhi is a khatri tribe which, along with their cousins 'Sood' has its origins amongst the 'Sodha' Rajputs of Amarkot (Rajasthan)...lol arse!
2) Some Rajput kings may have fought against the Guru but most did not deceive a Guru unlike the 'great' Jaats of Majha punjab whose praises your people sing everyday at the gurdwara during ardaas...lol because they needed a woman to fight in their stead...lol bravo!
3) Rajputs actually protected many Sikh Gurus including 8th guru at Delhi when he came to meet mughal emperor, and who approached the hindu rajputs for help? The Sikhs... and the Rajputs did what? They kept the Guru under their protection at Bangla Sahib, one Raja Ram Singh's haveli.
4) The British out and out thrashed the Dal Khalsa of Ranjit Singh, even though the latter had better and more cannons, men and horses. Bulk of the British army fighting against the Dal Khalsa was consisted of Rajputs =)
Novice Jaats shall lose eventually.
Maharaja Ranjeet Singh's kingdom perished because of the Dogra kings who sided with britishers and also after the death of Maharaja...sikh kingdom became very weak...!!!

but this is also true that Rajput helped Guru Gobind Singh ji in his mission at various stages...it was because they were Guru's Devotees...!
arjun rana

Ujjain, India

#56 Dec 29, 2008
Sher Singh wrote:
Proove that only 3-4 Rajputs did this? Could I have some quotes or links please? Where these Jatts Sikh? Because Jatts are also muslim. I cant proove anything about the Jatts, as I am not Jatt, and only associate with Sikhs, no caste.
sun be harami ke pille ,,, rajput saale gandu apni chacha ,, aur mausiyon ki ladkiyon se hi shadi karte rahr ,,, hijde guru govind singh ki ek baat nahin suni tune '' sava lakrh se ek ladaun tan govind singh naam daraon''
this is ajay singh sinsinwar ,,, a bharatpurs native ,,,
Raj Katoch

New Delhi, India

#57 Jan 2, 2009
mard singh wrote:
Ratput what ever you say, one thing you must accept is that Ratput did sell their women for kingdoms, and lived on immoral earnings. IN OTHER WORDS THEY WERE PIMPS.
Let me answer this Jaat.

Jaats were servants of Rajputs. Before zamindari pratha started, jaats were also giving taxes to rajput kings. Since, they were more cruel they were asked by english to collect taxes. See the last scene of movie Lagaan where king was told that now you will not collect. Jaats say why they are strong. Because, jaats have Rajput seed. Moreover Jaats use to work in fields, so hardwork make any one stronger. Rajputs use to enjoy lives. When Rajputs and Muslims married each other, in those days, Islam was not known to everybody. It was not known to even muslims then. Like today, majority of muslims do not know what Islam is?

Delhi, India

#58 Feb 16, 2009
I dont think that rajputs are inferior than sikhs or sikhs are inferior than rajputs.
It seems that all of you have good knowledge of history then listen
Whenever humanity was in danger god's sent warriors saved it.
It've proves that in ancient times when religion was under danger vashishth performed a yagya,then from that yagya's agni young warriors born rajputs are one of them.history is evidence that rajputs did it and under their rule people were prospering.but its also a truth that every royal family had to undergo bad times. now a days might be its right that not many rajputs are prosperous than sikhs . so their living standard may make you to laugh at them.as i said many royal families have to go through bad times.its mentioned in ancient astrologers books but its also said in that books that in future when there wil be rule of muslims and religion will be under danger then to save humanity rajputs will again fight and rise to sacrificing morals like it was in ancient times.
Till then I've strong belief that the royal blood in rajputs veins will keep lowing to save BHARAT

Delhi, India

#59 Feb 16, 2009
Dont bark and listen u r a human this doesnt suit you
now namaste
theres not even a case i saw or heard that in rajput community someone married his or her cousin.if u know such a case then its not rajputana culture it might be personally taken actions.
dont blame rajputs & sorry for that i can tell u at least 10 such cases racently happened in sikh community.
Wahe guru ji da khlsa , waheguru ji di fateh.
Jai mata di

Delhi, India

#60 Feb 16, 2009
Nadir jatt wrote:
rajputs hindu saly de nu gal karny da aqal nahi
wahe guru ji da khalsa waheguru ji di fateh
Jai mata di
lagta hai mere kisi rajput bhai ne aapka dil dukhaya hai. uski taraf se mai aapse maafi mangta hoon. lekin aap itna bhi naraaz mat hoiye ki waheguru ji ki shikshaon ko hi nazarandaaz kar do.


Delhi, India

#61 Feb 16, 2009
yeh ek rajpuput ki khsiyat hai ki woh har lihaaz se insaan hoga naa ki gaaliya dega.


Delhi, India

#62 Feb 16, 2009
yeh ek rajpuput ki khasiyat hai ki woh har lihaaz se insaan hoga naa ki baat baat par gaaliya dega.

Rana Sangram Singh

Noida, India

#63 Feb 24, 2009
Sher Singh wrote:
Afghans and Mughals attacked and tried to destroy the Sikhs, but the Sikhs fought back. Your Rajput ancestors gave thier sisters & mothers to the mughals, who f*cked them over and over to produce rats. There is a big difference you dumb prostitute. How does it feel to have mughal blood in you?
"Rajput Bhim Chand and the perceived threat of the Guru...he conspired with the Moghul armies to put down the power of Guru Gobind Singh. They however faced defeat several times at the hands of the comparatively small Sikh Army" (Yeah - rajputs beat the Sikhs on thier own)
In the Dasam Granththe Guru talks about how he ripped the p*ssy Rajputs apart.
"In 1749, Ala Singh defeated and repulsed Farid Khan, a Rajput chieftain, who had sought the help of the imperial governor of Sirhind" (again, Rajputs contacting thier pimps the moghals for help against the Singhs)
You struggle to defeat the Sikhs on your own, you need the d*cks of the Mughals and the British on your side. The Marathas were brave hindu warriors, who fought AGAINST oppresion. But you didnt, you decided to join what you couldnt defeat.
Dhan Dhan twadi Rajput lan kali maa Krishna di phan...idol worship cow di fudi maar...muslim rajput ik he jaaat!!!
To Sher Chamaar, when u write "Singhs" please remember, we, The RAJPUTS rae born with title of Singh and you sikhs just lay claim to it, Remember, Guru Gobind Singh ji was Gobind Rai earlier, So we are the Singhs not you low caste converts.

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