An interpretation of Jizya & Jihad by...

An interpretation of Jizya & Jihad by a renowned Islamic scholar

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Brampton, Canada

#1 Dec 7, 2012
Imam Rabbani Shaykh Ahmad al-Faruqi al-Sirhindi (1564–1624) was an Indian Islamic scholar from Punjab, a Hanafi jurist, and a prominent member of the Naqshbandi Sufi order. He is described as Mujaddid Alf Thani, meaning the "reviver of the second millennium", for his work in rejuvenating Islam and opposing the heterodoxies prevalent in the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar. He is said to have had considerable and longlasting influence in India and to have given "to Indian Islam the rigid and conservative stamp it bears today."

I have heard many muslims claiming that Jizya is a tax for non-muslims to show their support for the Islamic state they live in. And in return they benefit because the the Islamic state provides protection for them.

I have also heard muslims claim that Jihad is inner or outter struggle and is the duty of every muslim to iniate it so they're able practise religion in the face of oppression and persecution. And NOT to spread Islam by the sword.

Lets see what renowned Islamic scholar Al-Sirhindi has to say about this:

"The object of levying Jezya [Capitation tax on non-muslims] on them is to humilate and insult the Kafirs, and Jehad [religious war] against them and hostility towards them are neccessities of the Mohammedan faith"

Why do muslims (some) find it neccessary to humiliate, show hostility towards, and wage war against non-muslims?

Brampton, Canada

#2 Dec 7, 2012
How does this effect SIkhs? This effects Sikhs because Sirhindi played a hand (to an arguable extent) in the martydom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. During Jahangirs reign, Sirhindi was a prominent Islamic revivalist, while he was trying to revive islam through a fundamental view, Guru Arjan was successfully propogating the Sikh faith which resulted in many Muslim and Hindu conversions; thus, Sirhindi viewed Guru Arjan Dev Ji as a rival and threat to his own movement. Paushaura Singh comments that,

"It is not quite clear how instrumental Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi may have in Guru Arjan's execution; but the less one credits him with direct involvement, the more one is left regarding him as formulating theologically the direction in which his society and Mughal officials were moving fast anyway."

Brampton, Canada

#3 Dec 7, 2012
Here's what Shaikh Sirhindi wrote about Guru Arjan Dev Ji in a letter after the martyrdome of the Guru:

"Before this Kafir [Guru Arjan] was killed, I had seen in a dream that the Emperor of the day [Jahangir] had destroyed the crown of the head of the shirk or infedility. It is true that this infidel [Guru Arjan] was the chief of the infidels and a leader of the Kafirs"

It is clear from this writing that the Shaikh wss threatened by Guru JI as he even refers to Guru Ji as cheif and a leader. India would have been a completely different country had the harmounious empire of Akbar not been destroyed by the Naqshbandi Sufi order. This order is greatly responsible for bringing in the strict, intolerant Islam practised by the Mughal Emperors that reigned after Akbar. Obviously, the Sikhs suffered greatly because of this intolerance.
Robert Singh

Everett, WA

#4 Dec 7, 2012
If history has taught us anything about Islam, it is that its a strong,rigid and uncompromising creed where "no quarter" is given to its opponents that is the kafirs.This is both Islam's strength and its weakness.Since Muslims believe that Koran is God's word, therefore it cannot be changed or adapted to meet the needs of the modern world.This creates a dilemma for Islamic thinkers as to how to coexist in a modern pluralistic society.The other sad aspect of this religion is that "apostasy" is punishable by death which also prevents very little opposition to the power of the mullahs or Uleama.
Robert Singh

Everett, WA

#5 Dec 7, 2012
The last sentence should read " The other sad aspect of this religion is that "apostasy" is punishable by death which therefore creates very little opposition to the power of the mullahs or uleama". Because Mullahs can always issue a "fatwa" against you for heresy etc.

Ajmer, India

#6 Dec 7, 2012
In Afghanistan they dont even allow last rites of Sikhs and Hindus even today .

The population of Sikhs has dwindeled from 80,000 to 1000 due to extreme persecution they face in a Islamic sharia ruled state.

Once Muslims become majority they impose Sharia then non muslim vanish from their society.


#7 Dec 7, 2012
to harinder- u r right hindus sikhs r not allowed to perform even last rights.once muslims become majo..they impose sharia non muslims vanaish from society. if u r so much for sharia. why u r sitting in dehli, go ,live in afghanistan.
Narendra Modi


#8 Dec 7, 2012
We need to cleans hind of mohammadens

Narendra Modi for prim minister i say
Robert Singh

Everett, WA

#9 Dec 8, 2012
Narendra Modi wrote:
We need to cleans hind of mohammadens
Narendra Modi for prim minister i say
Modern Societies will not tolerate cleansing or genocides,that being said, just like USA, it is very important that all the citizens of India function and operate under the same judicial laws. Indians should stop pandering to Islam by giving Muslims special marriage and inheritance laws which undermine the status of the Muslim women.
The reformation of Islam will take place, if and only if, Muslim women demand equality in marriage,education,property and work and throw away the shackles of Islamic servitude which has held them back for centuries. Yes, the apologists for Islam, no doubt would argue that other religions have also had barbaric practices such as female infanticide, honor killings and sati. However, they miss the point, in that, these practices are no longer tolerated and are regarded as illegal and criminal and the perpetrators, if caught, are punished in all civil societies.
F ateh

Toronto, Canada

#10 Dec 8, 2012
It would be interesting to get a Muslim opinion on lmam Sirhindis comments regarding jizya and jihad.

Mumbai, India

#11 Dec 12, 2012
F ateh wrote:
It would be interesting to get a Muslim opinion on lmam Sirhindis comments regarding jizya and jihad.
no muslim will come farward to give opnions.bec they only write only nonsense,write dirty thing about ladies. they can not argu based on reasons.
treatment to kafirs,as well jiza, a part of islam , is shame for humanity.

Brampton, Canada

#12 Dec 13, 2012
Mumbai, India

Then it is confirmed that no muslim is able explain this in any other terms. So it is true that Kafirs are and always will be considered second class citizen where ever Sharia Law prevailes.

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