BBC Panorama exposes Sikh pimp lady

BBC Panorama exposes Sikh pimp lady

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#1 Jan 22, 2013
did u watch it last night? how sikh girls are tricked into prostitution by fellow sikh?

Paignton, UK

#2 Jan 22, 2013
yes it was heart breaking seeing those europeans, indians etc sleeping out in the cold...

We should be grateful for what we have, others dont have that choice and comfort we have

Mesquite, NV

#3 Jan 22, 2013
Sikh men are disgusting. They are a burden on human society as a hole. Needs to be eradicated. Sikh rats are not even worth breathing air.


#4 Feb 2, 2013
the so called 'sikh pimp' isnt actually sikh. She is a pakistani woman based in ilford who poses an indian sikh to recruit sikh girls


#6 Feb 2, 2013
Roger wrote:
Sikh men are disgusting. They are a burden on human society as a hole. Needs to be eradicated. Sikh rats are not even worth breathing air.
Thank You for telling the truth, Others should also come forward. Sikh trolls from UK and Mumbai are giving false info.


#7 Feb 2, 2013
Lol are Sikhs trying to blame some more of their probs on pakis? Ur girls don't get with Sikhs standard. Y? Cuz which girls get with a guy hu has longer hair than them? Sikhs don't even trim there pubes. Dats jus naaaaaasty!
Too cool Muslim

Cardiff, UK

#9 Feb 11, 2013
panchode sadda wrote:
Now BBC can be that stupid who puts so much effort in making Indian Ethnic Documentaries.Bhenchode Sikh Sadda alway slies , just like their Panchode Guru Gobind plus the other nine were liars.
That's why Guru Gobind Singh Ji kicked Arangzeb and Moghuls arses to stop the Islamic burden on the world
Pugjit whaur


#11 Feb 12, 2013
panchode sadda
Sydney, Australia
For you bhabichod brahmin

Hindu Prostitution, Pimping and Holy Devdasi Temple Prostitution.

Hindu priests, the holy men of Hinduism require sex slaves for their ummm... needs. These upper caste Hindus known as brahmins happen to be the architects of caste system in India. As well as its upkeepers in this age. Instead of having sex with their wives, these 'holy men' rear penniless low caste Hindu women into 'holy prostitution' or the process of making them 'Devdasis'. The devdasis are owned by their brahmin priests and traded among them like cattle. They have no rights as wives or even as sexual partners. If they get pregnant, the child is never accepted by the brahmin father. They are never given any choice to leave the despicable occupation. Rather, they are reared as sex slaves of the Hindu religious class.

If Hindu "holy men" are capable of such barbarian abominations, what can you say about ordinary Hindus? An interesting point is that high caste Hindus such as these pimp-priests never touch or eat in the vessel of low caste "inferior" Hindus. Yet they have no issues in having sex with them!

What can non-Hindus expect if this is the status of Hindu girls in hinduism?

Baadi caste woman prepares for flesh trade

Baadi girls prep up for being picked

Child born into Devdasi

Dancing Devdasis

Deuki Nepalese temple prostitutes

Hindu prostitutes of a Mumbai brothel

More Trans-sexual Hijras


Nepali girl forced into Devdasi temple prostitution

The consequence of avoiding prostitution

Trans-sexual Hijras of India
Pugjit whaur


#12 Feb 12, 2013
Devdasi system in which desparate low caste Hindu girls are allocated to Brahmins and High caste Hindus for sexual pleasure is still very much effective in India. This is nothing but a practice of a sick tradition. This is sheer prejudice, racism and discrmination. Another major defect in your society is the Caste System which is the most inhumane form of Human Right violation.
Pugjit whaur


#13 Feb 12, 2013
Hindu Scriptures Encourage Incest And Adultery:


Samba's mischief and that of the women combine here in one neat episode: he misbehaves with them. Thus the destruction of the race of the Yadus (Yadavas) is blamed on Krsna's wives, on Krsna's son, and on the rage of Krsna himself:

"One day Narada came to Dvaraka to see Krsna. All the Yadu boys received him with respect, but Samba, proud of his young beauty and deluded by the fated, inevitable force of the curse, disregarded Narada. To teach Samba a lesson, Narada told Krsna that all of Krsna's sixteen thousand wives were in love with Samba. Samba (Krsna's son) was summoned, and the women, whose minds were blurred by wine, showed unmistakable signs of passion when Samba appeared. Furious, Krsna cursed them to be carried off by barbarians after his death, and he cursed Samba to be afflicted with leprosy. Therefore the women were carried away under the very eyes of Arjuna. Later, Samba remembered what had happened before, and as he was impelled by inevitable fate, he enraged the sage Durvasas and prompted the curse that destroyed his whole family." -- Samba Purana 3:6-55; Bhavisya Purana 1:72-73.

From Lord Indra to Lord Siva to Lord Rama to Lord Krsna, the characters & their families are utterly dysfunctional and sexually perverted.
2Paghs Is Back Abu

Nottingham, UK

#16 Feb 17, 2013

Sydney, Australia

Abe brahmin harami agaya salla congressy indra gandhi di lund choos kay. Teri maan di bund wich ek 10" da habshi ta tera bapa apni lund ta hath parha.
Phuddy yanda brahmin kutta bhabichod. ISI khalistan da chod.
Pugjit whaur

Woodford Green, UK

#17 Feb 17, 2013
Haha 20 room house that's pathetic they were in their villages mud huts

Stafford, UK

#18 Feb 22, 2013
Ur clearly have no understanding of ur.own religion e out n say that
Pugjit whaur

London, UK

#19 Feb 22, 2013
Disgusting dikhs

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