why punjabi people and sikhs are so r...

Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

#623 Aug 23, 2011
all of indias top sportsmen are from punjab and haryana. Indias top boxers/wrestlers/kabbadi players are punjabis/haryanvis.
My friend your muzammil ibrahim from kashmir was a big flop in bollywood. Bollywood is dominated by Punjabis. Haryanvi athletes like sanjit kumar vijender singh etc. can compete with any bollywood hero. India is ruled by punjabis and haryanvis.

Brampton, Canada

#624 Aug 23, 2011
i know sikhs can be racist (im a sikh) but u just gotta show them that their no better than u. BTW, sikhs in Canada are some of the nicest people in the world
Telly Savalas


#625 Aug 23, 2011
It's your heart that counts, not your skin because it will wrinkle with age as soon as your 21

Virginia Beach, VA

#627 Aug 31, 2011
You can't judge a whole race based on those people ! I'm a punjabi sikh and I love everyone. How would it look if I judged all hindus from 1984 and said they were all bad?! That would be unfair because there are really nice hindus out there! No my gurus did not teach any sikh to be racist. Its against religion to be racist. We are taught to love and respect and everyone regardless of their race. Your comment does not make any sense and btw your being ignorant because all religions teach good morals!

Virginia Beach, VA

#628 Aug 31, 2011
Kashmiri-Menace wrote:
Yeah I doubt that Sikhs are all that racist. Especially considering that more than half of the Indian Punjabi Population is Dark (Like the cricketer Harbhajan Singh)- So even if a light skinned Punjabi like Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Pancholi, or even more a-typical like Jimmy Shergill was racist to a South Indian I would be surprised considering seeing dark people in Punjab is the Norm.
I could understand some Kashmiris or Himachalis (Who are generally light skinned people ranging from olive to white) could be racist but not Punjabi's. Besides Paki Punjabi's are more racist from what I have seen (Then again they are lighter)
Majority of the population of punjabis are light skinned! You don't know what your talking about.

Queens Village, NY

#629 Aug 31, 2011
this is so retarded! the topic itself is a racist statement you guys are stupid.

Mumbai, India

#630 Sep 6, 2011
cos most punjabis are utter fools.they are good at ass f..k and making crops.all ar craps exept few.

Bridgwater, UK

#631 Sep 6, 2011
thats cuz many punjabi sikh's are taught from a young age to hate others,,
its a fact their parents pass on to them lie and stories of how hindu's etc hurt them.

Delhi, India

#632 Sep 6, 2011
Javed what do you preach to your children ?
How do you explain to your children
who is a

Abbotsford, Canada

#633 Sep 6, 2011
i do agree some indians tend to be very racist , but not all , im an indian & i have no problem with anyone religion or skin color (:
Arjun walia

Indore, India

#634 Sep 12, 2011
Its because people also make dere fun. . . . . '
Tarinderjit Singh Sidhu

Mumbai, India

#635 Sep 13, 2011
HiƮiii rascals how dare are u saying stupid to Sikhs we Sikhs feel proud of being sikh and our gurus without caring of thier lives give away their lives to protect Hindus , and u are saying us stupids , I think that stupid ar u people who don't know even to rspct other
Azad Kashmir


#636 Sep 16, 2011
What is meaning of milf and buckake? Is it some mitaya sweet?

London, UK

#638 Sep 16, 2011
trooperpunk22 wrote:
punjabis and sikhs are sons of wh*res, they're dumb, and they're fat. they're oppressive and agressive, we'll never forget the invasion of our good and honest people by the crooked guru gobind and his fagg*t army.
Unlike you we don't live on wealfare, handouts from outher people. We work hard and provide for our families, unlike hindus (who butcher and murder and steal) or like muslims who are the scum of the earth

Buffalo, NY

#639 Sep 21, 2011
hey pu*k listin to this if u r hindu our sikh soilder sacrified their lives to protect u and if u are muslim we help u prosper when maharaja ranjit singh ruled. i want to see in person and i swear to god u won't make it out alive bi**h a** motherf****r just talk about wht u know ightyyyy, i m guessing u r just mad because u can't be one of us i know u hate us because your mom is wh**e and she slept with lots of sikhis. f**k u and if u r of one dad u will reply asap.
Pak Jatt

Croydon, UK

#640 Sep 22, 2011
These mullahs and pandits are ones responsible for dividing brother from brother and family from family in my beloved Punjab. When i see Sikhs i feel attached to them like they are family.

Maharajah Ranjeet Singh was a true Jatt and not a religious bigot he put under the foot those that opposed him and hugged those that supported him regardless of creed. He was a great man and we are proud of him.

Toronto, Canada

#641 Sep 27, 2011
I think Punjabis especially Sikhs are too proud and arrogant since they are always bragging about their greatness. Not all but some. They think like they are the superior human beings in every aspect and all the others are weak and inferior. I think this egoistic attitude is the reason behind the racism.
sikh paper

Singapore, Singapore

#642 Sep 29, 2011
I can't help but agree that some sikh are so racist. Once they see a person whose skin color is different from them, they can be so difficult and they give you this condescending tone with their body language giving you signals that they are more superior than you. They definitely need some self reflection on how they are behaving cause they are not reflecting their race proudly.


#643 Oct 3, 2011
sikhism is a false religion


#644 Oct 7, 2011
aussie punjabi wrote:
I have what everyone has said about Punjabi people and I think just about all of u have no idea about these people , I married a Punjabi bloke he is the sweetest person ever his whole family love me. By the way I am an Aussie and I do go to the temple and I love it. These people are amazing and they accept me for who I am. It's not about skin colour or if you were virgin or not its about your respect for them an there family. I have done everything cooked Punjabi food , I war a Punjabi wedding suit and chura . I lernt words in Punjabi its the best life you could ask for . If your unhappy with these type of people just leave them alone they don't ask for you to change so do ask them to change , love them or leave them.
Babe....they respect you cause you is WHITE!!!!
Thats how racist they are!
PS...Most of them are probably hoping in vain that you'll sleep with them!
What your asking non punjabis to do....is what WE want them to do!....GET IT?
Oh & Punjabs do ask people to change cause my Gujarati husband gets the most amount of abuse from punjabs and my husband is 6ft2" tall and usually gets mistaken for Italian, but as soon as Punjabs find out he's a Gujju it's like he's spat in thier "bibbis" face or something, & these same scummy people think they can "pull" me? My Gujju man is perfection compared to some of these hairy troll like men who actually have the audacity to think they are attractive, thinking I would want a drunk uneducated racist as them! PLEASE!!!!!!!

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