Sikh Girls lusting for Gujarati Boys

Maybole, UK

#66 May 28, 2008
kalpesh patel england wrote:
why r sikhs short and fat and grumpy and have no time to eat in their business i am hindu 6 ft and i see sikhs dat r midgets in my bitch of a life sikhs r so bloody good they r not in hinduism they can be in sikhism i wnt mind dat .lol
hindus have garba where we all see sexy girls sikh girls r like poodles and have dog tongues and dnt eat any good food. plus sikhs eat dogfood 4 lunch n dineer they r shit heads i like gorai dat killed sikhs in india because sikhs r assholes .
sikhs shouldnt be allowed justice, they should be bullied for their small heights and stupid turbans. i am a hindu i love muslims if they kill all sikhs too.please hindus and sikhs rob and dnt let a sikh talk too much and do ur best and wake up in the morininjg the next day and sex ur wifes cuz sikhs r annoying b beteer then a sikh
Another paki?


#67 May 29, 2008
excuse me mr Intellectual Warrior but if you knew your stuff you would know that Ghandi was one of the greatest people in the world! yes he was a lawyer, and yes he did use his education to free a country in a peacefully, but do you not agree that that is better than taking another persons life, as for having nazi tendencies he sacrafised having a united india inorder to create peace he was even killed because people thought that he was too peaceful, moreover to say that he was powermad truely shows you know nothing about him he refused to take the position as head of state, he dedicated most of his life to freeing india.To fight mindlessly is one thing but to use your brain and stand against many using the power of words is another and a great skill.
Asif Khan

Swadlincote, UK

#68 May 29, 2008
harminder wrote:
A GOOD AND TRUE SIKH WILL NOT CARE WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE ...BECAUSE he knows that life is temporal, and this body will have to be left behind one day.
a good sikh is always happy with what he has.
he eats less, sleeps less and prays 22 hrs a day.
a true sikh will ,literally,glow , radiate light, whether he / she is 4 ft 8 or 6 ft 8.
Most sikhs I seen radiate tutti

Toronto, Canada

#72 May 29, 2008
Naveen wrote:
If any pakis trying to upset sikhs by using hindu names, it's waste of your time. Rather u can fight directly with muslim names:-) Good luck :-)
Yer religion is made up and yer gurus were on drugs having wild sex orgies with other "Sikh" men (notice the Sikh woman qualify as men). Is that direct for U ?!

Toronto, Canada

#74 May 29, 2008
Naveen wrote:
Islam is made up of child molesters and gays. All other religions believe in love and humanity :-)
I doubt that most religions are full of hate against others of different religions, races and creeds. Yer just saying other religions believe in "love and humanity" so U can appease everyone else except Muslims. Deep down U hate every other religion like all these Christians, Hindus, Sikhs etc. It's a matter of time when U all turn on one another and by the rate of this worlds ever growing paranoia it'll be vary soon (actually it's happening yet not reported by the media). So please stop lying to yourself and please open Ur may come in handy some day!

Toronto, Canada

#75 Jun 17, 2008
y do u people keep fightin? Both gujarati nd punjabis r INDIAN PEOPLE. we r all indian people. no wonder british took over india. they made hindus nd muslims fight just like how u guys r fightin over guju nd punj.

Toronto, Canada

#76 Jun 17, 2008
both bhagat singh nd mahatma gandhi got us freedom. both gujus nd punjs r great.
Human Being

Scarborough, UK

#78 Jun 18, 2008
Stupid topic.

Is this what "Sai Baba" teaches the Gurjarati's???

sunny ahuja

New Delhi, India

#79 Jun 19, 2008
well i being a hindu and a true delhihite wud say that sikh boys are much better than the short ,black and mostly uneducated gujrati boys(m sorry if i hurt anyone's feelings).because atleast all the sikh boyz whom i have met in my life were really tall dark and handsome wid a very nice and soft spoken language besides they are really carefree and can make even the toughest times feel light and they are rich tooo!!!!!
on the other hand the only gujrati boys i know are really true hyppocrites and can stab in their friends back for money any time .
so if i were a girl , iwud have definitely preffered a sikh boy!!

Noida, India

#81 Jun 25, 2008
dat will set dese oaki m0r0ns in LINE :D

Southsea, UK

#82 Jul 3, 2008
dirty kutti sikh haraamzadi i hope operation blue star comes again and a gujji man rapes u slu* dnt u dare cuss pakis u will never get khalistan u r too weak hairy
kiran da best wrote:
me as a sikh kuri will go out with a sikh gezzer
theres only a few sikh gurls which will not date sikh boys cuz the gurls are either.....
1) blind
2) they dont know any sikh guys 2 go out with
4) they aint true sikhs
5) they dirty and retarded
us preety sikh gurls will give ourselves to the sikh boys only
dirty biatch whats ur problem with pakis hairy big nosed s**t, remember operation blue star i hope it happens again and u get raped by a gujji guy slu t also khalistan u will never get u r too weak
while ugly sikh gals can go for the pakis, gurjatis. as the pakis think they with a preety gal when its just a dirty slag.
ps. im saving myself for a sikh boy cuz they all fit and hot and know how to treat the gurls the right way like princess.:)

Edmonton, Canada

#83 Jul 8, 2008
we're indians living in india, not gujaratis living in gujarat or punjabis living in punjab.
you guys are proabably misunderstanding something in the sikh/guju topic, i never seen any hatered between us two, my family hang out with sikh family. and my friends are all hindus and sikh, we are tight. also, i dont think your parents or the elders look mch upon the history and gointo conflict. they know its better to look at it now and have togetherness + unity/peace. so, i dont actually think there is any hatered or someshit like that. Most likely, a retard started some shit like this against gujus,hindus, and sikhs. I always have seen peace between sikhs and gujaratis, and always want it be like that, so basically we're together, we're indians.

Edmonton, Canada

#84 Jul 8, 2008
1 person doesn't reflect the whole group. 1 guju can be a retard while the 95.99% of the other gujaratis believe in peace in India. Sikhs + Gujus and India.
mard singh

Kirkcaldy, UK

#85 Jul 8, 2008
Superior Aryan wrote:
<quoted text>
YET it was the gujjus who kicked the british out. had it not been for us you lot would be LICKING BRITISH LUND. HAHAHAHA BOW DOWN TO US SUPERIOR GUJJUS YOU RAAND
You are a clown
Read the history of Indian Independence, you will find out who played what part in the movement.
According to Maulana Abdul Azad , in his book , FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT , 87% of all those who were hanged were Punjabi Sikhs, and then there were Punjabi Hindus -eg LALA LAJPAT RAI, MADHAN LAL DHINGRA, AND SUKHDEV- who also gave their lives for the cause. If you are referring to Gandhi and Patel they were both typical reactionary bastards.
Whose contribution is over estimated.

Bridgend, UK

#86 Jul 8, 2008
bubb wrote:
dirty kutti sikh haraamzadi i hope operation blue star comes again and a gujji man rapes u slu* dnt u dare cuss pakis u will never get khalistan u r too weak hairy <quoted text>
What's your problem? Don't you know how to talk to people? You shouldn't disrespect anyone like that, especially a woman.

And as for "Operation Bluestar", don't get your hopes up, as it is unlikely to happen again. It will be God's will whther we get Khalistan or not, but I am happy with God's decision, no matter what it is.

Learn some discipline - you need it
Asif Khan

Gillingham, UK

#87 Jul 8, 2008
Gujjies smell like sikhs, both gujjy and sikh girls like Musalman cos we are the most faithful, bravest and smartest ask Karina Kapoor who is dating Saif.

mard singh

Kirkcaldy, UK

#88 Jul 8, 2008
bubb wrote:
dirty kutti sikh haraamzadi i hope operation blue star comes again and a gujji man rapes u slu* dnt u dare cuss pakis u will never get khalistan u r too weak hairy <quoted text>
Signs of a frustrated inbred dick head.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#89 Jul 8, 2008
Asifs problem is that hes a muslim who got a broom stick shoved up his rear end by his neighbourly mullah!

Bridgend, UK

#90 Jul 8, 2008
Asif Khan wrote:
Gujjies smell like sikhs, both gujjy and sikh girls like Musalman cos we are the most faithful, bravest and smartest ask Karina Kapoor who is dating Saif.
Ha! You think YOU ARE FAITHFUL??????


Bridgend, UK

#91 Jul 8, 2008
Roseo and Mard Singh, I agree with you both totally

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