Gurkha Pathan Rajput Jat : Who is the...

Gurkha Pathan Rajput Jat : Who is the hardest?

Created by Harry Potter on Jun 22, 2010

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They are all Rajputs


Reservoir, Australia

#1031 Sep 17, 2012
Minhas Raja wrote:
<quoted text> i m agree with you GOD is only one. who Serf aak hai only one God.
Yes thanx

Raag Raamkalee on Ang 885

raamakalee mehalaa 5 ||
koee bolai raam raam koee khudhaae ||
koee saevai guseeaa koee alaahi ||1||
kaaran karan kareem ||
kirapaa dhhaar reheem ||1|| rehaao ||
koee naavai theerathh koee haj jaae ||
koee karai poojaa koee sir nivaae ||2||
koee parrai baedh koee kathaeb ||
koee oudtai neel koee supaedh ||3||
koee kehai thurak koee kehai hi(n)dhoo ||
koee baashhai bhisath koee suragi(n)dhoo ||4||
kahu naanak jin hukam pashhaathaa ||
prabh saahib kaa thin bhaedh jaathaa ||5||9||


Some call Him,'Raam, Raam', and some call Him,'Khudaa-i'.
Some serve Him as 'Gusain', others as 'Allaah'.||1||
He is the Cause of causes, the Generous Lord.
He showers His Grace and Mercy upon us.||1||Pause||
Some bathe at sacred shrines of pilgrimage, and some make the pilgrimage to Mecca.|
Some perform devotional worship services, and some bow their heads in prayer.||2||
Some read the Vedas, and some the Koran.
Some wear blue robes, and some wear white.||3||
Some call themselves Muslim, and some call themselves Hindu.
Some yearn for paradise, and others long for heaven.||4||
Says Nanak, one who realizes the Hukam of God's Will,
knows the secrets of his Lord and Master.||5||9||
Samir Das

Suri, India

#1032 Sep 18, 2012
Dear Jatt Singh.U really rock.U make me rockThank u.keep it up & all the best.I like u man.

London, UK

#1033 Sep 18, 2012
Gurkha fight for British rule in India
Sikhs fight for British rule in India
Pathans fIgnt against occupancy

Reservoir, Australia

#1034 Sep 18, 2012
Adam wrote:
Gurkha fight for British rule in India
Sikhs fight for British rule in India
Pathans fIgnt against occupancy
Wow looks like u've stopped writing abusive things, u really have been taken in by Allah,.....

London, UK

#1035 Sep 18, 2012
Pussi dikhs

Reservoir, Australia

#1036 Sep 18, 2012
Adam wrote:
Pussi dikhs
Uhhhhhhh right so u still want to move away from Allah, my bad oops

London, UK

#1037 Sep 19, 2012
Y dnt u address the issues I bring up instead of critising me

Reservoir, Australia

#1039 Sep 20, 2012
Adam wrote:
Y dnt u address the issues I bring up instead of critising me
U don't even bring up issues? Or to word it, REAL issues??

And also in case u haven't noticed, half the things i right u only like answer like the first bit
coz u know I'm right, like,in the ADAM IS BACK forum u don't say anything, all u do is insult Sikhi,

And if u think the TRUTH im saying to u is critisim, then I find nothing wrong there
vikram gurung

Lumbini, Nepal

#1040 Oct 8, 2012
enigma i am amazed on your knowledge ... before dravya shah the kings of gorkha were used to be ghale gurungs and not magars . after 5-6 kings of shah dynasty only then there was prithvi narayan shah who unified not only other thakuri governed areas but also his own blood governed area of lamjung (adjacent to gorkha ) his saying will tell you what was in his mind .. he told that time that nepal is not his owned area but its garden of 4 caste and 36 warna i.e all nepalis in it . His army was consisting of mainly magars, gurungs, thakuris and chetri . Now the main element in word gorkha is prithvi narayan shah himself first and only after that other 4 caste n tribe people . He fought the wars himself commanding his first gorkha army . now can you answer who is real gorkha ??? its almost all society of nepal who all fought in his army for uniting this whole country . we share equal pride and equal respect for our history and our country .. let other invade our country first then you watch it out who you find real gorkha. we are all concluding in this dont try divide us .
vikram gurung

Lumbini, Nepal

#1041 Oct 8, 2012
adam ... pathans are themselves the occupants who are never known where they actually belonged to .. before maharaja jay pal shahi there was no pathan i think . they r all invaders and occupants so it doesnt mean anything that they fought against britishers .britishers if they were failed on marathas then long ago whole india would have been the hindu rastra by marathas and in this topic marathas are also there in for martial race who changed the reality of muslim rule in india .

Mumbai, India

#1042 Oct 22, 2012
first battalion of British army was of 750 Pathans named as Frontier. All these people, rajputs, pathans, gurkhas, sikhs, jats, and marathas are best fighters. They are skilled in their own areas like Gurkhas in mountains, pathans in hard lying areas, rajputs for their jazba, and sikhs for their solidarity and also jats. All these people have same ethinicity. They just got converted to rajputs, jats, sikhs, pathans 2000 years back when Brahmins started their rule during Chanakya regime. Brahmins created manusmriti. The first invader of Indian plateau were the Brahmins. They came from Caucasia. The only native people to India are dravidians plus black people who are known as SC/STs in current time. If you want more information, pls join bharat mukti morcha. Stop hatred. Hatred is created by few handful people to divide us.

Mumbai, India

#1043 Oct 22, 2012
You people saw the movie Troy, 300, spartans. etc etc. You think that those wars were the most deadly wars..but no...the most deadly war was fought between 300 mahars plus 200 pathans against 30,000 peshwas near Pune. for more info, pls google search "koregaon bhima war" and try to read the article read by Dr. Ambedkar. Our all DNA is more or less the same, the only DNA differs is of the Brahmin people, because they are alien to India.

Mumbai, India

#1044 Oct 22, 2012
when mughals came, they tried to stop the discrimination between upper castes and lower castes. Jats were the first people to get recruited in their army. If mughals were against any religion, they wud have finished the sikh community during that time only, because Sikh philosophy started 800-850 years back when first muslim ruler came to India. Even mughals were not muslim earlier. They were chinese-mongols, later on they converted to islam. Sikh's foundation was done by a muslim saint with partnership of two other saints.

Again, i want to say, that Religion is a belief, it is not a caste. anyone can follow any religion, but we cannot change our ethinicity. We all are of one ethinicity. Just we have different beliefs.

United States

#1045 Oct 24, 2012
abe tum log apas me hi ldte rho yahi hota aya he aur rhega hindu apas me lade he aur mullo ne faeda uthaya he so bnd kro apas me ladna
Saroj Tamang

Thane, India

#1046 Oct 27, 2012
Couch soldiers discussing bravery. What a world has it become?
vikram gurung

Lumbini, Nepal

#1047 Oct 30, 2012
satyashodak nam khubsoorat hai par tumhe ye kisne kaha ke brahmins are alliens it was class called brahmin shaytriya baishya shudra are not the caste but later it become caste but not class .people who were educated and enlightened were brahmins and in vaidik times there were no chut achut later it developed and which proved to be curse for hindus and who told you that ethnicity of aryans and turks are the same ? for knowing the facts i dont need to visit your site because i know what it is by my own learning . when did mughals tried to stop caste discrimination ? i think you are pure mulla not hindu . because only muslims can think brahmins to get rid of because after that it will be easier for you to convert hindus to islam . aap ne sayd nehru ki atma katha padh lihai jismain hinduo ko caucacian batay gaye hai .have you ever found any trace of hindus anywhere in the world except india ?secondly you want to say that 500 anti marathas are greater then 30000 marathas?? are chatrapati shivaji ki tales padhlo bakwas karne se pehle kitne the unke sath or kaise puri bharat ko maratho ne kabje main liya kya tumne nahi padhe ? it was only when hindus were divided muslims could win otherwise no way man . or dusra hinduone kabhi savage tarike nahi apnaye ladai main muslims ke khilaf or musalmano ke tarike hi savage the . kitne incidents tumhe chahiye number bolo i will tell you .hinduo ne ladai ke bad kitne masjiden tabah ki kya batla sakte ho? aap ke pathano ki puri paltan se ek gorkha company ne kaise lada kya aap ko mallom hai ? or first to go in british army were bengalis not pathans . tumhare keh dene se koi ek ethnicity nahi ho jate mughals were turks not chinese mangols .after defeat of maharaja jay pal shahi in kabul hindus and budhist were killed or fled and in place of them the truks settled there its the fact pathano ke height chere dekho or tum bhi aine main dekho . yes panjabi muslims are converts i accept .tum aise baat kar rahe ho jaise dna testing ke tum koi ustad ho . aaj tak koi nahi kah saka ke brahmins ke dna alag hai wo tumne kah di . bishwamitra was born to shatriya and he became brahmin also balmiki was born to shudra he became brahmin do you know these facts ? some time why dont you come out of your wel and see there is actual world above the wel .
vikram gurung

Lumbini, Nepal

#1048 Oct 30, 2012
saroj bhai ma couch soldier haina ma aile pani serving soldier hu . i am major in army in today's date .
hindu hindu hindu

Mumbai, India

#1049 Oct 31, 2012
barring these stupid pathans every one of above is brave.and muslim rajput r the biggest cowrd that one can imagine.i order them not to call themselves rajput.rajput r only those who r following the rel vedic religion sanatan dharm.and only they have right to call themselves rajput.these coward convert call themselves brave?thats a joke.entire world know that arab invader fucked all of them to get them converted.they have invader blood in them so they r product of rape.dont these guys feel shame calling themselves the hardest people.u muslim rajput r cowardest.these camel piss drinker claim to be rajput.
vikram gurung

Lumbini, Nepal

#1050 Nov 1, 2012
tempe when nepal was not even there the mithila rajya was there . whom u r saying the migrants . infact u tamang sheraps are the migrants from northern part of himalayas .u say gorkhas are gurung magar rai limbu but the man who intriduced first gorkha army was sisodiya rajput king prithvi narayan shah himself . there is large history of lichabi rajputs, gopal vansi along with kirats in nepal . i dont know which caste u belong to but before commenting u must first study . magars are hindus and of mangol origin , rai and limbu has their own practice which is near to hindu faith . gurungs are budhist . which gorkha u know more ? yes ansari is muslim completely not biharis . history of mithila and awadh is more more ancient then your tribes and also the country of nepal . in terai east is of mithila and in west its awadh before nepal was created . learn first. we r not going to accept you fools theory . to the south of himalays its aryan area not mangol from ancient times . yes kirats were there i accept but not others . sherpas they arrived from tibet not even more then 100 years back time . mind u

Delhi, India

#1051 Nov 1, 2012
None.The hardest r Brahmins who created all others,from time immemoria .First they created the Ksatrya who could patrize them.After the advent of buddhism they lost prominence till the rule of Harshvardhan,when they created the Rajputs.During this time all hi&gh & low castes who served brahmin with their tan,man & dhan.Among these cates were gujjars,jats,ahirs,hoons,nisha ds,bhils etc.Isliye ahir,jat,gujar,rahput sab ek thaili ke chatte-batte hain.Inme sabse pahle Iran va Caspian sagar se Ahir aye,Phir Georgia se gujar aye & akhir mein Jat aye.Aj ki tarikh mein Jat sabse hard hai kyonki usne pakistani Punjab se lekar Haryana tak saB ki naak mein dam kiya hua hai aur koi kuch kar nahi pata.

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