Im sikh i want to cuy my hair??

Im sikh i want to cuy my hair??

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Since: Jun 11

Guildford, UK

#1 Jun 18, 2011
My parents think i believe in god and sikhism ( mostly my dad and grandma) very deeply so they take me temple every once a week. My dad and grandma made me keep long hair since young age but the thing is i dont like it at all. It bleeds at the front when i tie it and they dont understand the pain or the feeling. My dad has short hair so why cant i have it? I've started losing my religion but i dont want to make my dad angry or sad. Its difficult for both my mum and me as she doesnt like combing it as its hard for her. Im not 18 yet and ive got quite a few years to get to that age yet so i cant cut it! They just dont understand what should i do?

Since: Jun 11

Guildford, UK

#2 Jun 18, 2011
I eat meat by the way.
saira khan


#3 Jun 18, 2011
hi i love sikh guys

especially when like my sikh boyfriend comes out of the shower with his long locks all wet

*ughfffff bites lower lip*
so sexy and a turn on for us girls ;) hehehe

i love stroking my hand through his long locks when making love :P

its upto you darling

Since: Jun 11

Basingstoke, UK

#4 Jun 18, 2011
Its not up to me im scared that if i cut it my dad and grandma wont be happy then. They just dont understand ( the pain , the difficulty )!:(

Hangzhou, China

#5 Jun 19, 2011
hi little buddy,

I have 2 stories about friends of mine who had a similar situation like you and the end result, is that hey both cut their hairs. one of them is my childhood friend the other is a friend from college.

okay heres the one about childhood friend.
this guy i know is actually mixed, his dads sikh [and still is keeping all 5Ks but sons are not], im not sure what the mother is but i know shes non-desi. anyways there are 2 sons. the older one never kept long hair, but the younger one did up until high school. I think it was due to the fact that his mother thought it was very strange to keep such long hairs, and also maybe he got made fun of at school. Lately I am hearing this happens a lot in the news. I remember when I was in middle school, there was only 1 sikh boy in my class, but no one ever made fun of him, plus he was a big guy so people respected him and all his friends were big tall football and basket ball players, so it seems like he had nothing to worry about. I do remember some of the white students would stare when he would have to take off his pag for gym class, and then re-tie it again after class, but that was it, only staring. I hope you dont get any problems from other people at school or anything like that, if you do, you must defend yourself bro. so anyways, back to the story about those 2 brothers, after quite some years passed, i went to visit them once and i was surprised to see that the younger brother finally cut off his hair, and didnt wear pag anymore. I asked him hey what happened bro? and he just said, it was too much to deal with, and plus his mom didnt want him to wear it, and also i think some kids might have been making fun of him at school. so he totally stopped wearing all 5Ks and just kept a short haircut, and trimmed beard style, it was a new and very clean look, especially because he got the style done with the straight razor.

okay, here is the other story and this is the one about college friend.
okay this guy was amrtitdhari sikh since youth i guess, so he kept all the 5Ks his whole life, and first time i met him was when he was keeping 5Ks at that time too. then one day in class, he walks in [but i totally didnt recognize him and thought he must be a new student because of the new look but he sat in the same seat, so i was wondering who could it be] he also had a very cool haircut, beard trimmed and styled well into a thin line, and looked totally transformed, also a lot of people were staring, especially some girls. It was kind of shocking because it was like meeting a stranger, but then he said ''its still me bro, I just couldn't deal with it any longer'' and when I asked about how his family reacted to it, he said "well, its my decision and eventually they will have to get used to it." So he also totally stopped wearing pag and keeping 5Ks too.

If that is too much of a huge transformation for you then maybe you can try something else. Im not sure what style this is, but I have seen this a lot and it might seem funny a bit, so here goes. There is one other style but it seems to be between true amritdhari sikh and the mona sardar style. I have seen several guys who keep a pag but it is a very different style of pag, it looks almost like a kind of topi and when I asked one of them how they made it, basically he said that he wrapped his pag like normal, but later used starch [the spray kind when ironing clothes] and he applied so much starch to it that it became stiff like a topi and so now he just puts the pag topi on and off in 1 second, like a real topi, it was really cool and genius i thought, what a creative mind some people have. plus his beard is trimmed and syled. i dont know how his family reacted though, i never asked but he kept this style for years. i guess he is still keeping 5Ks in his own way.

I hope this helps bro, and I think in the end, it is you who must make final decision not the family. if you want something, you should do it.
take care bro.

Since: Jun 11

Crowthorne, UK

#6 Jun 23, 2011
Thanks mate you seem like the only one that understands what i want. As i say i dont really care about the 5ks now because i hardly believe in sikhism now. :(
Satwinder Singh

Nairobi, Kenya

#7 Jun 23, 2011
you are in a wrong forum looking for help brother. Go to
mard singh

Sheerness, UK

#8 Jun 23, 2011
Arsenal123 wrote:
Thanks mate you seem like the only one that understands what i want. As i say i dont really care about the 5ks now because i hardly believe in sikhism now.:(
The way you have written this post, it seams some how that you are not born in this country and you may not be a Sikh in the first place. I am sorry but ....

Since: Jun 11

Sandhurst, UK

#9 Jun 24, 2011
Well as i say i have lost my religion so yes i am not sikh anymore but i still have long hair :@ Ive changed this year big time ive became much more moodier its because my head kills. You lot wont understand the pain.
Kiran Deep

Delhi, India

#10 Sep 1, 2012
I want to cut my hair, but I don't have the courage to ask this from my mother. I am not 18 yet. She thinks I truly believe in God, and so does my father. To be true, I believe in God, I believe in Sikhism and I love Sikhism. It's just that I don't want to keep my hair any long. I mean they are too hard to handle. I talked about this to my elder brother, he said that he asked the same to my mom, but she refused. It is just dis gusting, I mean I can't even keep different hairstyles, because all hairstyles don't suit such long hair. I want to talk to my mother about this, but I just don't have the courage to do this. Tell me what to do?
Jija of Bahgwananteswar

Delhi, India

#11 Sep 1, 2012
Ask your brother to take to saloon and get your hair cut!
It is very simple and u can cut at home also.
There r many saloons in ?Delhi and many good ones r owned by Muslims . Habib is good one or one of his that is Habib's pupil!

Just tell ur parents that many of ur Friends who may well be sikhs have cut hair and that you want to participate in Beauty contest ... i am sure ur parents will give approval too. Tell them about Neha dhupia and many starlets of Sikh origin ....If they can see movies of Gita Bali or neha dhupia then why they oppose ur cutting hair .....Be brave and cut ur hair .
ram jaane

Rotherham, UK

#12 Sep 9, 2012
i will pray at the mandir 4 u
Jija of Bhagwan Anteswar

New Delhi, India

#13 Sep 9, 2012
@ram jaane do pray at YONI Temple ......
Kiran Deep

New Delhi, India

#14 Sep 25, 2012
I will try this. Hope this works!


#15 Sep 25, 2012
Arsenal123 wrote:
I eat meat by the way.
just get someone to stick a blob of chewing gum in it! This has to be cut out :)
Pak Jatt Soorma

Carrum Downs, Australia

#18 Sep 25, 2012
12-21-2012 LIFE IS CHANGE wrote:
<quoted text>I don't know if you are a fake person acting as a Sikh girl, but I'm gonna give you the benefit of doubt. If you are the fake person from New Delhi who keeps hating on Sikhs, then you are lame for acting like one.

Anyways, I feel saddened by your comment, but I just have to accept that Sikhs like you want to be Westernized or Hinduized physically. If you care about different hairstyles so much and are lazy to take care of your hair, then just tell your parents that you are never going to be a baptized Sikh, so there is no point in you keeping your hair. Also mention that a lot of Sikhs are cutting their hair and letting the Hindus infiltrate Sikhism to the point that Bollywood has shown Sikhs as being Hindus and get away with it.

The 1st Guru predicted that Sikhs will forget about their teachings and be left only in name. When the world gets to its worst, then the Sikhs will return back to the Khalsa and the religion will increase. You can leave Sikhism if you want. I have faith in my Gurus and I am not worried about you cutting your hair.

You can do what my uncle did. Cut your hair, show people who know your parents your new hairstyle, and escape to another place for a week. Hahaha. The people will tell your parents and they will be upset, but after a week, they will accept it and move on with their lives.
do u keep kesh ?
use your brain people

Los Altos, CA

#20 Sep 25, 2012
Pak Jatt Soorma wrote:
<quoted text>
do u keep kesh ?
what do u think? I can tell from his comment dat he keeps kesh.

Reservoir, Australia

#22 Sep 26, 2012
use your brain people wrote:
<quoted text>
what do u think? I can tell from his comment dat he keeps kesh.
LOLLOLLOLOOLOLOLOLOL that's actually SOOOOOOO funny that I know it's not but its sooo funny!!
Omgg I'm dying........yeh anyways it's kinda obvious Nazir.......

Reservoir, Australia

#23 Sep 26, 2012
Pak Jatt Soorma wrote:
<quoted text>
do u keep kesh ?
Lol yeh he does
Kiran Deep

New Delhi, India

#24 Sep 26, 2012
I am not a fake person. And this is not a fake story. If you were a girl, then you would understand how it feels when others tell you that you have split ends. I already said that I love Sikhism. It's just that I don't want to keep my hair any long. It is not necessary to keep hair, if you don't wish to. The feeling to keep hair should be by your heart, if you don't have that feeling then don't keep your hair. And I don't want to keep my hair by heart, so there is no point to keep it. I do what I feel, because god is everywhere, he knows what I want.(Nirankar, Akaal, Alakh Niranjan) He already knows that I don't want to keep my hair, I am presenting this feeling to keep hair to whom? My father? My mother? Or the world? If God knows me, then why should I give a damn about the world?

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