'SIKH' heorines:- Sikhs and HINDI Fil...

Ludhiana, India

#93 Aug 23, 2011
Guest wrote:
@To all sikh boys
You r the ones who can take sikh ethnicty forward!U all mus cut hair as Sikh girls r not trustworthy ....
The Sikh leadership is bogus .....Praksh singh Badal is a crook who promotes ally Navjot singh sidhu who has pub;licly cut his son's hair!
Navjot singh sidhu is killer and this fact is known to all yet Akalis and BJP support this killer ...sikhs must shun this killer
As the subject is
1.Just name one sikh Herione or Miss India(There had been atleast six Miss Indias ) who married keshdhari sikh or even sikh
Sikhn parents have lost control on their sikh girls and sikh parents only put pressure Sikh boys and harss them ....while they mneekly approve their sikh daughters of nonsikh grooms ......
Sikh boys must cut hair if they want it and demand respntation in SGPC elections too......
and always remeber that while sikh girls get first prefernce in choosing sikh Grooms or nonsikh grooms
So why should sikh boys be ever Second hand grooms for sikh girls
Just get hair cut ..when u can have symbolic Kangh so, have symbolic hair too....
Ensure defeat of Praksh ?singh badal and killer Navjot singh 'sidhu ...
sikhs will survive if if sikhs boys keep SINGH as their name .....Even now sikh girls do not use KAUR in their name
sikh boys wake up and kick out the corrupt sikh leadership and cut hair ..
sikh boys u r beacion of new gerneration and u have the onus of taking sikhi to new era......
Hats off to you........
Boys r are already projected as joke by hindu society...
and r under preasure from family.....
besines media projects sikh sikh girls as cheapsters to satisfy the fetish lust of hindu audience........
these hindus have special lust for sikh girls and getting one is thier wildest fantasy.........

Ludhiana, India

#94 Aug 23, 2011
Now a days there is a new trnd where these rss agents show sikh girls marrid in a hindu famiy........
and make sikh girls do seezy roles in movies....

they crown sikh girls miss india because by doing this they give bad role models to our society and and make them more inclined to fashion so that they can run thier cometics and suit shops ........

Ludhiana, India

#95 Aug 23, 2011
my appeal to nri brothers is that please show some retaliation because even in punjab nobody gives a dammn when we speak but everybody looks up to you..

Ludhiana, India

#96 Aug 24, 2011
mahi and prabhleen sandhu are now hindu keeps......

They s.ck hindu producers and fcuk bihari vinay pathak and saurabh shukla....

They both have coverted so now goand tell your sister to do the same.......

they have cunningly used them being sardarni.........

they have joined another shudhikaran group pioneered by bohra bros

tee jay sidhu is one of the preacher now...

Delhi, India

#97 Sep 9, 2011
all the anti-sikh comments posted here are by the impostors(dirty muslims). the worst thing to happen in this world was the birth of islam and that's what muslims have been doing everywhere ever since. these bastards can never be friends to any religion, they are a threat to the whole mankind.

Ludhiana, India

#98 Sep 23, 2011
sikhni are sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy

Saint Kilda, Australia

#99 Nov 19, 2011
Get over it, its only hair. Instead more Important is that Sikhs Are hanging on to the caste system..
harpreet singh

Mumbai, India

#100 Feb 8, 2012
very nice yaar i appreciate d thing u wanna reccomend .u have been unliked by so many people just not bcoz of ur saying bt because of d culture dey have accepted and they have forgotten d values given by our greatgreat gurus the hairs for which so many sikhs have given their lives now at the present time those hair are in the dirty water which iz put on by the sikhs who are shaving their beards and hair and the girls who are going to thebeuty parlours at last i wud like to please be in ur religion dont get out of it bcoz "the lion who is said 2 be as d king of d forest is not bcoz dey named but bcoz of his activities his fear anger power and sikh is tooooo d lion in the world of people so be in & try to be in your religion thanks very much"


#101 Mar 6, 2012
Bipasha Basu wrote:
The portrayal of Sikhs and Sikh girls is so bad.......... See the examples:-
1) Mandira Bedi was Amritdhari Sikh or Singhni, when she performed in SHANTI, but now she has cutting.
2) Preity Zinta was an Amritdhari girl in Sangharash, but she has straight hair and 'made up' eyebrows.
3) All Amritdhari girls shown on screen have straight or step cutting, and pencil thin eyebrows?
Is this not a disrespect to Sikhism?
firstly wht dey have told u is totally wrng.mandira bedi was never never an amritdhari.preity zinta is a rajput.and as u know der are 5 k's 1 f dem is hair.and a person till he does not have dis 5 k's he is not a sikh and according sikh rehat maryada if he cuts his hair or anything against the rehat maryada of sikhism he is not a sikh it is clearly stated, and according to me mandira bedi doesnt not evn put the suffix kaur and she is an amritdhari sikh?????????
and of u still hav anymore question i will answer them without any hesitation :-) and for kind information i am a sikh living in bahrain(middle east) for abt 7 yrs i am reading guru granth sahib and other holy books or scriptures.muslim shave public hair for hygiene not sikh
khoji sikh

Dallas, TX

#102 Aug 26, 2012
25 words in sikhism nehkaam sewa beadbi nahi karni lakh khusian patshahiyan je satguru nadar kare sabhe thok prapte je awe ik hath asisan karam hankaar nahi karna samjho
khoji sikh

Dallas, TX

#103 Dec 6, 2012
two 25 words haraph in sikhism
eh jag bharam bhulainda virla bujhe koi-- mun vas ave nanka je pooran kirpa hoi-- 69 chen noo six nine-- mood situation angle dekhan-- samjho----------aaisa kam mule na kiche jit ant pachhotaiye-- vakhat vichare so banda hoi --normal-- janjaal haume moh bharam bhey bhaar dukh sukh -- hosh --josh--samjho .
khoji sikh --xyz

Dallas, TX

#104 Jan 11, 2013
two boats in hair --this is regarding on 3 page sikh said there is guil i want to tell that donot feel guil because in punjabi sabhda apna vaadha ghaata rang birange bhugtoge vaadha tan rasleen ho gaye ghaata tan eh ki hai te oh ki hai cheekaan paniyan shuru kar ditiyan ----------gurbani-- har simrat teri jaye balayen --juani --suke hare kiye khin nanak --varjish----------all in one --sare beant ikko vich --.99%percent only
khoji sikh -- xyz

Dallas, TX

#105 Feb 14, 2013
this is regarding my previous paragraph on page4 i want to make it more clear i have cousin who did phd in punjabi there are many in pnjb english just like again proper reason pnjb kaaran pakka te kacha pakka nahi kptkpn due to lack of space dtlos translating from pnjb to engh or engh to pnjb is like that so please do adjustment and balancing -- and when i said that it is upto ag-- it is related with two sikh itihasik sakhis of sixth guru -- there is diffence between two reasons --main or major and in between major and minor -- all in one sbiv its capacity is double 1.98%percent bosbk -- these kinds of things suits to half sikhs and half other people only ---- everything eqally -- but sometimes not always exceptions are there -- rebuild --gurbani -- jo jo karam kiyo laalach kar teh teh aap bandhaiyo-- rebuild -- gyani siyana andhkaar pragte chanaan --- hnk
khoji sikh--xyz

Dallas, TX

#106 Mar 11, 2013
this is for prgrph of dec 2012 of two 25 wrds hrph I did it for purpose of telling about sikhism in two forms together but I missed 4 words in the beginning which now adding ) ( pura te adhura nahi banaan vaste) --two boats in hair --rebuild .

Pathankot, India

#107 Mar 12, 2013
traditional sikh family -->wutt ...nisha singh....loll ur name sayz it al loll

shatt app uh bammni
khoji sikh --xyz

Minneapolis, MN

#109 Apr 20, 2013
since some months some sikhs have been asking same all that in 52 hukamname in nanded of tenth guru one is --har karaj de aarambh ton pehlan ardaas karni hai --is there any ardaas which is suitable for all occasions --17 words or haraph --including everything but sometimes not always exceptions rebuild koi vighan na paye nehkaam sewa single or double-- one can do in punjabi meaning must be same and not different.
khoji sikh --xyz

Saint Paul, MN

#110 Apr 24, 2013
two boats in hair--some want outer luxuries go for haircuts and some want inner luxuries go for hair---ds --and those kinds of things etc -----gurbani --apne kant pyari sa sohagan nanak sa sabhrai--mun kyon bairaag kare satguru mera puura -----dtlos.
khoji sikh--xyz

Minneapolis, MN

#111 May 11, 2013
sikh--receptionist in the office of sikhism 25 words haraph--(kaho nanak jin thaakur payea sabh kich tis ke greh meh aeya jaaka mit saajan samia tis jan ko kaisi kamia nehkaam seva beant samjho)--two boats in hair--ptkpn--it means pakka te kacha pakka nahi--translating from pjb to egl and egl to pjb is very--much like that so please do adjustment and balancing--also along with this one needs five more things to make it full--now it is only 26%percent --that i will surely try to tell as soon as possible--freedom--dtlos--rebu ild.
khoji sikh--xyz

Saint Paul, MN

#112 May 25, 2013
this is for prgh of feb 14 andk prgt chnan--wrote for purpose of telling about sikhism --in that kind of form--but missed few words and alphabets--which now trying to add (puura te adhuura nahi banaan vaste)--rebuild--two boats in hair--rebuild--four things-- first-- beant bhullan baksho muaf karo--beant garbaran--rebuild--(15.5 or 16)(500)(250000)--rebuild----- gurbani--nanak auguun jete tete gali janjeer je guun hon tan katiye se bhaii se veer--rebuild--second--wrote total in between 25 and 35 paragraphs aggroxil here and hc sosbag and two more places in sikh forum want and try sbk to tell about them all but because of practical beant--rebuild--third--when saw websites like sikh youth confused lot parents to all that--started doing something which--gurbani--upaayei kaho nanak ab ot har gaj jiyon hoi sahai--ninth guru--do ask about its itihasik sakhi--rebuild--fourth--gurban i--birthi kade na hovai jan ki ardaas nanak jor govind kaa puuran guntaas--rebuild--dtlos--it must not happen single or double if sometimes not always I wrote something incomplete adhuura than making it complete puura at proper time is my duty--rebuild--substitute again substitute-- rebuild
khoji sikh --xyz

Dallas, TX

#113 Jun 14, 2013
two boats in hair--some sikhs since some time have been asking what one gets writing those things --not outer but inner smooth life kiven bitaao jisvich koi vighan na hoi te hona te nahi chahida by chance kadi kadi sada nahi je koi vighan hoi tan usda kptkpn pata chal jaye (lod need anusaar na vadh na ghat )(darmiani ghat te darmiani vadh 4 vareh jan 8 vareh layee hazaaran vareh baad)

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