Kick Muslims out of UK

Kick Muslims out of UK

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BNP sikh

Leatherhead, UK

#1 Jul 20, 2009
A centuries old civilisation which has influenced the whole world with its advanced culture is being demolished by treachery from within. It is time that racial aliens were sent back to their homelands and a great nation allowed to revitalise itself, but that will not happen until the present government of Great Britain is removed from power and replaced by a government that actually represents the White people of Britain.

According to the [1] London Daily Telegraph: “White and ethnic minority communities are becoming increasingly separated by growing levels of population movement and immigration… More white families are moving from London to the regions, while many immigrants arrive in the capital from overseas, the think-tank Migrationwatch says. The change in 10 years has been ‘extraordinarily rapid’, with 606,000 more people moving out of London than arrived from elsewhere in the country. In the same period, a net 726,000 immigrants arrived in the capital from overseas.”

The [2] Telegraph goes on “Other regions, notably the South West, South East and East Midlands are having to expand rapidly to deal with the white outflow from London, putting strain on their housing, transport, education and health systems. Of the migration from London, almost 300,000 people moved to the South West between 1993 and 2003 and 181,000 went to the east of England… Migrationwatch says the changes, even for a city as diverse and as vibrant as London, are unprecedented’. It says: ‘Migration within the UK is mainly from areas of high ethnic minority population to those with predominantly white populations. The effect is a rapid increase in the ethnic minority composition of some boroughs, resulting from an outflow of the white population and an inflow of African and Asian international migrants.”

Here in America, we have known this phenomenon for years. It’s called “White Flight.”

The [3] Telegraph article notes “This is accentuated by demographic factors such as the age distribution and fertility rates of some ethnic minority groups. Overall, the result is that the white population of the UK and the ethnic minority are becoming increasingly separated. The think-tank says the trend has serious implications for social cohesion’, a worry expressed by an independent report into the disturbances in Oldham, Burnley and Bradford in 2001.”

The “disturbances&#8 221; euphemistically noted in the article were riots by the unruly Third World rabble.

In view of the draconian and tyrannical manner in which the British government usually reacts to any threat to their policy of enforced diversity and multiculturalism whether the people want it or not, the U. K. will probably institute some kind of Soviet-style internal passport system and begin using armed force to compel Whites to remain in their increasingly dangerous and squalid neighborhoods, surrounded by violent blacks and Asians.

The U.K. is not like the U.S.A. We still have wide open spaces over here, and the wealthy liberals and retiring Baby Boomers can always create more gated communities, Boomertowns and ever more distant suburbs to which they can flee for safety. The price of real estate betrays the fact that White neighborhoods, especially in the suburbs go for a premium while black-infested real estate sometimes cannot even be given away.(Many White property owners in Detroit simply abandoned their properties which became too dangerous to visit.) Wealthy Whites in America enjoy a discreetly all-White environment in their suburbs, free of muggers, crack addicts and swarthy teenagers looking for trouble.

Britain however is a relatively small island, with barely enough room for its White population. They don’t have the luxury of vast open areas; they just keep trying to jam more and more sardines into the tin can, with the most recent being brown and rotten ones.
Mister Nameless

San Jose, CA

#3 Jul 30, 2009
Should Muslims get kicked out of UK? From watching "Ever Again" and "The Third Jihad" and reading about what Muslims are doing to non-Muslims in UK, the UK government and the non-Muslims in UK should have the right to live in peace and the only way to do that is by kicking out the bad Muslims, which is really hard to do. Their religion is bad and it even says that it is against their religion to befriend non-Muslims and it is their right to hurt non-Muslims. I'm too lazy to go get sources, but trust me people. Just like people believe Muslims should get kicked out of India, why not UK, USA, Canada, and other nations where Muslims live as minorities. It is not like Muslim majority nations treat non-Muslims fairly. So why should non-Muslims treat Muslims fairly? If you are knowledgeable, know what is going on in the world, and logical, then you would agree with me. Take care my non-Muslim brothers and sisters and I hope my Muslim brothers and sisters come to realize the evil truth about Islam and leave it.

Gurgaon, India

#4 Jul 31, 2009
The truth is muslims alone cant be forced out.

If ever anything happen in future it will be against all immigrants. So sikhs and hindus will be in same boat.

Do punjabis discriminate with migrants from UP and Bihar or Bengal. The answer is all are same.

In similar terms all immigrants have same fate in host countries.

Bangalore, India

#5 Jul 31, 2009
Why should Britisher have to put upto with any asian .
If they dont want us amongst them ;
Then descency demansd that we come home or find some othr place we call home.
jattjattjattmohy al

Dorchester, UK

#6 Aug 25, 2009
I think muslims need to be put in their place.... they have more rights than hindus and sikhs. They have special holidays we dont take the day off on diwali or any of our Guru Ji's Birthdays. They convert hindus and sikh women.. and they act like they own UK. BAN HALAL MEAT

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#7 Aug 25, 2009
I heard that they want to bring sharia law to England. If these British were proud of their nation, and their people, they wouldn't allow such crap to prosper there.

Bangalore, India

#8 Aug 25, 2009
That is called "FAITH" in Allaha
Proud Infidfel

Slough, UK

#9 Aug 25, 2009
Tiger wrote:
I heard that they want to bring sharia law to England. If these British were proud of their nation, and their people, they wouldn't allow such crap to prosper there.
tiger, sharia law is already here and being used to resolve civil matters.

Surrey, Canada

#10 Aug 25, 2009
sharia law is actually in place in uk?
give us more details.

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#11 Aug 25, 2009
First they take over civil matters and then criminal matters. English are blind or what?

Shenzhen, China

#12 Aug 26, 2009
The story goes like this -

Your guru swear that he will throw all muslims out of india & they will keep long hair until all the muslims gone but your guru gobind failed.
Proud Infidel


#13 Aug 26, 2009
87tuti wrote:
sharia law is actually in place in uk?
give us more details.

i think canada is next

London, UK

#14 Aug 26, 2009
jattjattjattmohyal wrote:
I think muslims need to be put in their place.... they have more rights than hindus and sikhs. They have special holidays we dont take the day off on diwali or any of our Guru Ji's Birthdays. They convert hindus and sikh women.. and they act like they own UK. BAN HALAL MEAT
hahaha never gonna happen to your just gona have to live with it mate

as for special holidays we dont get time off we take annaul leave we only get xmas like the rest of the country

Watford, UK

#15 Sep 6, 2009
Get the muslims out. We can get them out very easily. Not all of them. Just the ones who have come here recently who are very strang dressed in black from head to toe. Get rid of these new ones. They are really disgusting. They are completely black outside inside and mentally and don't speak English. Some of the muslims are ok but there are too many. I have never seen anything so extremely against everything that we are and it's getting worse. They speak against everything we are about. All the colour is being lost to this blackness. Get them out and save the children from growing up with this. We only have one or two children because we appreciate this world. They think it's because we are weak!
Get them out. Whatever is necessary.You have to fight for what you believe in and doing it mentally is not always going to be enough. The people don't get the message to leave. This life is free. Take what you want and do what you have to do to keep it. If you don't you are going to die. Why don't you wake up to the truth. All the proper people are being wiped out and there will be only foreigners here. They are starting to get inside people's minds. The fantastic people are disappearing because they can't stand it. British people need to take their rights back. Country people to start shooting foxes again. Don't be too sterile. Run the country how you want and forget what the EU thinks. We are supposed to resist this urge to the will of the people wins and people are supposed to respect if they are not wanted . People are idiots. You don't care about reality that you will be wiped out by these people within 5 years. It's gets worse and worse and will never stop. Start looking after your own people and don't look at anyone else. Take over leases in high streets. Use your money to buy freeholds. Stop letting people buy your country out and never sell out. This country is rubbish now.

Skelmersdale, UK

#16 Sep 29, 2009
I am a White British person myself. I'm not a racist or anything like that, but I do agree that the UK is definitely over crowded and can really no longer support its own people with the influx of immigrants that are coming to live here.

Most immigrants I know are honest good people who just want to live their lives in peace. Both Muslim and non Muslim alike.

I would like to answer what some of you have said such as.

Most questions which as actually said by Tiger.

The answer is simple. The British government are down right cowards and too afraid of being called racist. While the British Government is controlled by the laws of the EU and while the British Government has a group that is afraid of the consequences this Country will never sort out its immigration problem.

If Britain was to gain back some of its own independence without the EU breathing down its back then yes most problems could be fixed. But while Britain is under EU control it will always be treated like a door mat.

It has to be said that many British Citizens (not just white but all) are getting fed up with the immigration problem. If nothing does get sorted out there will be a revolt/uprising/civil war, whatever you wish to call it. Might not be now but I can see this happening in the future.

Plymouth, WI

#17 Sep 29, 2009
Harinder wrote:
Why should Britisher have to put upto with any asian .
If they dont want us amongst them ;
Then descency demansd that we come home or find some othr place we call home.
no , it's our people our country our land your a guest.mexicans that are not legal who come over and give birth their kid becomes a citizen that's b.s any women can pop a baby out any where world does that make them a real citizen of that country yes by law no by blood and culture most american citizen's from mexico would not call them self an american... total insult. since our gov, have recently busted three muslim groups some are supposedly were u.s citizen's with bomb making stuff , so america doesn't know witch muslims to trust so, we won't trust any of them. little bit of history for you , during WW2 german americans gather every week to denounce the nazi gov. because they love america and they were feeling the pressure so, the germans did not want to look like a bunch of america hater's and all japanese in america were gather up and sent to a camp in wyoming because of their suicide for glory mentality. Look up gen. Pershing he was a true american general and this is the reason it took so long for muslims to grow any balls , Pershing and his men would execute muslims by dunking their clips(bullets)into pigs blood to guarantee they ride to Hell.

Plymouth, WI

#18 Sep 29, 2009
Learn to spell stupid indie!

Plymouth, WI

#19 Sep 29, 2009
God bless America and her brother U.K
anyone from europe that hate's the u.s doesn't know what they are saying, what they meant to say is that they hate our ball less gov. that kowtow's to the weak. Obama is the essence of weak , to apologize to world for arrogants , that gave me an inside look on how my gov. operates because most americans don't deal with foreign people. Hospitality thats what you'll experience unless your muslim, hindu is kewl though.I just hope in the future that we oust the government official's that betray the american and british people. How do you help others if you can't help your self.

Plymouth, WI

#20 Sep 29, 2009

Plymouth, WI

#21 Sep 29, 2009
I hope that muslims will mess with CHINA some more coz' china will not mess around with the killing of muslims.

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