80% sikhs have cut hair says outlook ...


#47 Mar 6, 2012
Langley, Canada

Excellent - Keshera spelt kechhera
Keep it up good info for the non sikhs.

Mumbai, India

#48 Apr 22, 2012
I m sikh boy with turbun and beard ...
i got affair with 3 hinfu girls and u don't think girls don't like turban boy this s all due to silver media but n realty its not true .


#49 Apr 23, 2012
A sikh who cuts his hair is no longer a Sikh.

end of.

Surrey, Canada

#50 Jun 1, 2012
Mona Sikh wrote:
It may sound fake to you, but its a pretty valid analysis. People with turbans in the next generation will realize that keeping hair is not necessary. I live in a largely populated brown area and kids might keep their hair until their mid-teens. But after that, they eventually get tired of keeping their hair, so they cut it. Now, I'm not going to use percentages or numbers, cause you don't seem to understand math. Very very few people keep their hair and everyone respects that. What's wrong is people like you who think you're pure by keeping your hair and think you're impressing God. That's makes me laugh- he doesn't care about these small things. There are so many religions out there. Does that mean they 're all wrong for cutting their hair? No matter what religion you're from, I'm pretty sure Gods going to judge you from a human being standpoint. He won't care if your Sikh, Muslim, Hindu or any other religion. He'll judge you on the fact that you did good for the world, rather than trying to impress him. The reason I have my hair cut, is because it's hygienic (easy to wash and take care of) and I agree, it does look nice. Having a turban on also affects your social and employment life. Luckily, over here in BC, there are a lot of Sikhs(most with cut hair), who will allow someone with a turban to work for them. But when it comes to working for large corporations or even small businesses, they won't even take your resume. A lot, and I mean A LOT of Amrit Dharis secretly drink, lie and eat meat. I'm against drinking and lying, but eating meat is good. The majority of the women pierce their ears and do their eyebrows, and also cut their hair but put on a ramaal (cover). And for the Meat part- didn't I say balance? The liver problem only happens to the people who are on a strictly meat diet. People who are severely sick have to give up their vegetarian diet and start eating meat. I know people personally who had to do this as well. You think humans are something special, so we don't need to eat meat? We are animals too, if you think about it. Read about the evolution of humans, educate yourself a bit.. Cavemens ate meat. We just call ourselves human to differentiate ourselves and act more superior. Until we don't have a breakthrough in technology which provides us the Nutrients of meat, there's no reason to quit eating it.
How can you say that no other religion believes you can't cut your hair?
Have you read troughs all the holy books?
I have a friend who is a gora Sikh and he has been doing research on many different religions, he said it himself that it is even written in the bible not to cut your hair because it is a shameful sin. If you see any picture of Jesus, you can see yourself that he kept his kes, he wasn't clean shaved, he had a beard. Me friend use to be Christian but he realized that no one truly follows the bible cause everyone in christianity cut there hair. So just last week he converted to sikhi and he is going to soon take Amrit cause he relized it's the true culture.
It was not just Jesus but many messenger of god who have never cut their hair

Cleveland, OH

#51 Jun 19, 2012
Sikhism, like almost all religions of the world, is changing. It HAS to change because the whole world is changing. Keeping unshorn hair is simply not practical in these times (especially in foreign countries) as it was during the time of our gurus. I agree that cutting hair is often a sign of straying from Sikhism, but the point is that these days many devoted sikhs cut their hair. Not cutting hair in Sikhism is certainly commendable but cutting hair isn't exactly considered the ultimate sin in Sikhism nowadays. I feel as though our religion is becoming corrupt with all the ignorants in power trying to be gurus. The rules of our religion are simple and I know that not cutting your hair may have once been considered a hugely sinful but the point is if you can't change it work around it, so stop yelling at people for cutting their hair and begin to teach others about the large hearts that sikhs supposedly have. Stop nagging and do seva, the 2nd most important commandment of our entire religion! How to keep your hair is a personal preference. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh.
Chandigarh Wala

Ludhiana, India

#52 Jun 28, 2012
Vineet Singh wrote:
What so ever has been written by the Guest mentioned above is a bull shit & he is a ass hole.....who is he to comment on the Tenth guru....Our Ninth guru who was the Father of 10 Guru saved Kashmiri Pandit's who were Hindu....Now these pandit have got wings....your lords whom you worship have done what rather than just roaming around Girls and kepping as a keep with them just for physical satisfaction & all the silly things....they use to use & through women...Our first Guru taught the way to respect the Women....All things you are just writing over here....you do not have guts to come face to face....in case you ever meet with the Real Sikh....you are going to have a Hard time Silly....This is the difference between you & a Sikh....we do not hide our identification as a Guest, we overcome with our Name as a Vineet Singh.
Hinduism was wrongism,is wrongism and will remain wrongism, that is why there arose the need of sikhism. Sikhism is rightism and will remain rightism. As far as cutting of hairs is concerned we should not worry about this.Everything would be right again and only Hindus will repent for the folly they are committing like Kashmiri pundits who are suffering today because they have forgotten the sacrifice made by Guru Teg Bahadur ji for them.There was time when Hindus used to keep hairs and beard and wore turbans also but today the are 100% humiliated by Mughals.Even they have cut off their small choti spared by Mughals.
Chandigarh Wala

Ludhiana, India

#53 Jun 28, 2012
No religion (Hindu, Muslim, or Christianity) has allowed cutting of hairs or shaving beards. All this was brainchild of bad people but know being considered fashion.

Mississauga, Canada

#56 Aug 4, 2012
Okay,let me say something...not everyone with cut hair is a bad person,infact there are nearly any that are, and not everyone with uncut hair is good.
Suppose there's a. Guy with uncut hair and he does bad things everyday,steals,murders and what not,and now imagine that someone with cut hair prays everyday,goes to the temple,does sava...do you think god would like the one with uncut hair just because he didn't cut his hair? No

Rotherham, UK

#57 Aug 4, 2012
A real sikh will rather die than cut his or her hair. We need to move away from these librels who say "well i do everything else in sikhi". THEN WHY CUT YOUR HAIR!!! u forgot the sacrifices made by the gurus??????????
Why they are still alive


#58 Aug 4, 2012
kaurprincesss wrote:
A real sikh will rather die than cut his or her hair. We need to move away from these librels who say "well i do everything else in sikhi". THEN WHY CUT YOUR HAIR!!! u forgot the sacrifices made by the gurus??????????
So any sikh can do anything and still claim himself or herself to be a Sikh. Thats a very convenient way of belief by Guru Gobind Singh.
Jija of Bahgwananteswar

New Delhi, India

#59 Aug 4, 2012
So here too Hindu Haryana ka chokra comes !Matherchod is offering his daughters sisters to all Lunds in Sydney!Sale how much u want to earn !OK Guys specially living sydney get fast to Haryan ka chokra house in sydney and do great Chudai to his Daughters and sisters!
Chodo Chodo chod Chodo chodo Haryan ka Chokra ki betion ko chodo!
Gyanendra Pandey


#60 Aug 4, 2012
Why they are still alive wrote:
<quoted text>
So any sikh can do anything and still claim himself or herself to be a Sikh. Thats a very convenient way of belief by Guru Gobind Singh.
Yes i see, some sikh get quite upset when they cannot answer a genuine question.

Rotherham, UK

#62 Oct 17, 2012
i can help
Angry Sikh

Charnwood, Australia

#64 Nov 1, 2012
What is wrong with you people?

I am a Sikh 18 years old and I also have a turban. I think it is absolutely RIDCULOUS to claim that one is not a sikh just cause they cut their hair or eat meat. If thats true.. then i'M SORRY but there truly is NO true sikh. Why? because EVERY sikh breaks the rules. I am ashamed of our people since we are a religion full of hypocrites and people who try to be superior to one another.

Sikhism is one of the most beautiful religions in the world with all of its core principals and values. We don't try to convert anyone, we promote love and peace, defending ourselves, EQUALITY, FOLLOWING YOUR OWN FREE WILL BUT STILL BE ONE WITH GOD !

I am soon going to cut my hair and would like to tell all of you "True Sikhs" to SHUT YOUR MOUTHS! I will soon cut my hair but still be one with god spiritually. I will live through all values of sikhism EXCEPT the hair part. Will I go to hell? Nah. God will always love me as long as I am a GOOD human being.


It is absolutely DISGUSTING how you people portray our religion. do yourselves a favour and get your heads out of your asses from believing in everything your elders told you about religion. Follow your own principles but at the same time be one with god and be a GOOD HUMAN BEING.

Work hard, treat everyone equal, take care of your body (physically and mentally), etc.

i will leave you with the following quote before I dismiss:

A true sikh is not measured by his hair. A true sikh is measured by being a true HUMAN BEING.
Dilpreet Singh

Gaithersburg, MD

#67 Jul 15, 2013
Delhi wala wrote:
IF you ask youth of sikh "if they want to keep hair?" only 2% will say Yes.
Sikh keeping hair for sake of their Parents only.
You are absolutely right buddy. I cut my hairs 6 years back and that was one of the best decision I have ever made of my own for myself.
Dilpreet Singh

Gaithersburg, MD

#68 Jul 15, 2013
jeevan wrote:
A sikh who cuts his hair is no longer a Sikh.
end of.
Sikhism comes from inside. Hairs, turban are only outside perspective. There should be only two things Amritdhari or Clean shaven.

Central District, Hong Kong

#69 Jul 18, 2013
Almost all the sikhs who grow hair are dishonest regular drnkers abuser keeping hair will not keep u clean in heart

Guru gobind was wrong
yubraj brrmakhastriya

Fairport, NY

#70 Aug 11, 2013
harpreet singh wrote:
wkwf dear bro,let me tell u one thing whatever u so called liberated peoples do but the real sikh will never cut hairs even if he has to die n may i be the last sikh on planet i promise u sikhi will be with my unshorn hairs. sorry to keep ur thread incomplete.
IF they feel uncomfortable with the turban.
they should just show up unique long hair like American crazy Horse.
yubraj kshetri

Fairport, NY

#71 Aug 11, 2013
good looking singh wrote:
Typical neo-hindu atempt to try and undermine the sikh psyhce. Hindus for long time have had an inferiority complex to sikhs due to there success economically in Indian society and the fact that many hindu girls run off with sikh men. In uk many gujurati and sindhi and hindu pu|njabi girls are going with sikh men. Why is this? Mainly because Hindus are scrawny weak people who cannot defend themselves or there families when a muslim shows his face. They know sikhs are the only true warrior race within india and so are attracted. Sikhs are far more masculine than the effeminate hindu who shaves his face to appear more effeminate.
Most likely Guest and his other aliases here is one of
1) RAW. Indian Govt false flag operation to undermine sikhs

2) A hindu with a tiny d1ck whos sister has run of with a singh.
3) A hindu jealous of sikh success and with a chip on his shoulder. Jealous of the strentgh of the sikh community and fearful of a united sikh people. hence he tries to undermine the psyche of the sikh. Remember who saved your hindu daughters when the arabs used to carry them off.
4) It is a muslim with ulterior motives, engaging in the islamic black magic art of taqqiya.
Whoever you are, its not the fault of sikhs that your women are running off. Perhaps you should try lasting more than 5 seconds in bed and your wife would not have to visit sikh men.
you must be joking.
sikhs were just farmers and chammar before sikism.
they are the trators.
they speed up the muslim invasion in india.
yubraj kshetri

Fairport, NY

#72 Aug 11, 2013
gursikh wrote:
<quoted text>
why are all the people giving fake data.through what kind of survey you got the" 95%" data.You want to cut your hair,eat meat,have objections against guru granth sahib ji and then also call yourselves a sikh.u can cut your hair to impress girls but in your older age u will regret it when you would wish to impress the gurus.see u can call urselves a sikh but none of us neither the country believes.its the same way like a mentally retarded person calling himselves what he is not.the world laughs at the back of those persons who call themselves sikh after cutting their hair.and i dont have to do any kind of research on guru granth sahib ji.i believe in it completely.i dont want to fight with you but if possible come back to sikhi not for us but for you.
i have seen i concert in punjab in youtube.
99 percent of people were without turbans.

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