80% sikhs have cut hair says outlook ...

80% sikhs have cut hair says outlook magazine and SGPC presidentS

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harpreet singh

Bhusawal, India

#2 Jan 30, 2011
wkwf dear bro,let me tell u one thing whatever u so called liberated peoples do but the real sikh will never cut hairs even if he has to die n may i be the last sikh on planet i promise u sikhi will be with my unshorn hairs. sorry to keep ur thread incomplete.
harpreet singh

Bhusawal, India

#4 Jan 30, 2011
omar abullas wife is payal nath n she is not a sikh but a hindu n navjot singh sidhu is just an criketer n a confued commentetor n not an religious person to be known or to be followed
harpreet singh

Bhusawal, India

#5 Jan 30, 2011
from day one sikhs r facing threat to life n sikhi reward for sikh head were given still could not eleminat sikhs


#6 Jan 30, 2011
why quarrel.
Those who want to keep let them keep
Those who dont want to keep let them not keep it.
Sikhism is a religion which has free will in it.
Do what pleases u boys and girls.
Delhi wala

New Delhi, India

#7 Feb 11, 2011
harinder is Right
Delhi wala

New Delhi, India

#8 Feb 13, 2011
IF you ask youth of sikh "if they want to keep hair?" only 2% will say Yes.

Sikh keeping hair for sake of their Parents only.

Leatherhead, UK

#9 Feb 16, 2011
Delhi wala wrote:
IF you ask youth of sikh "if they want to keep hair?" only 2% will say Yes.
Sikh keeping hair for sake of their Parents only.
not all sikhs want to be like lord krishna
Delhi Wala

New Delhi, India

#10 Feb 17, 2011
Dikhawa chhado ...dil ton sikh bano
Asi sirf KEs te dari lokan nu dikhan waste rakhde ha...

Amrit chaakna jaroori nahi smajhde
Delhi Wala

New Delhi, India

#11 Mar 8, 2011
Elders are worried bcoz they think now Sikhi will be over if our children or grandchildren cut their hairs
Vineet Singh

Bhawan, India

#13 Apr 22, 2011
What so ever has been written by the Guest mentioned above is a bull shit & he is a ass hole.....who is he to comment on the Tenth guru....Our Ninth guru who was the Father of 10 Guru saved Kashmiri Pandit's who were Hindu....Now these pandit have got wings....your lords whom you worship have done what rather than just roaming around Girls and kepping as a keep with them just for physical satisfaction & all the silly things....they use to use & through women...Our first Guru taught the way to respect the Women....All things you are just writing over here....you do not have guts to come face to face....in case you ever meet with the Real Sikh....you are going to have a Hard time Silly....This is the difference between you & a Sikh....we do not hide our identification as a Guest, we overcome with our Name as a Vineet Singh.

Bangalore, India

#15 Apr 24, 2011
Well what Guest wrote may not be true to a great extent.
Yes guruji said that rehat maryada is important. But tell me is the rehat maryada followed in true manner.
I also don't understand the concept of "Thatha & fixor" it almost costs Sikhs 2 hrs a day on an average. Now isn't it tampering with the natural form.
The Urban sikhs follow it who pretend to be "true sikh" wearing thatha fixor & then going to pub shub , killing female child , killing for dowry, mad behind cars , money & sex . "is this what is preached in Sikhism"
I am a kesadhari sikh but sometimes fail to understand the double standards & Hypocrisy of Sikhs.

Nagpur, India

#16 Apr 24, 2011
Guest wrote:
sikhs must legalise hair cut .......only this way sikh ethnicitycan be saved...guru will not save sikhi as he could no save his sons!With out disgracing sikh guru soecially tenth guru it is in sikh kaum's favour to legalise hair cut ..or breed arun lal or omar abdullahs(By the way Omar Abdullah CM of J&K has sikh wife offcourse converted to islam .....the choice is yours.....the storyt of sikhs with hair is complete and gloruis sikh story of hair cut is on the anvil.....
as tenth guru said He was no God and he was no god......it is question of sikhethnicity .......which is more than religuis question!Now sikhr a distinct entirty whether unshorn hair or not ...
Dear guest I feel that legalizing haircut will completely eradicate the kaum , Turban is a must which separates us from others tell me if the Hindu & Islam Religion would have been so perfect then what was the need to send Mahtama buddha, Kabir , Guru nanak till guru gobind singhji by Akal Purakh on this Earth. There were certainly some shortcomings (or rather many) in the way of following religions. We have been blessed by a priceless gift in the name of Guru Granth Sahibji. To preserve it I think we still need Turban at least, in this mordern Kalyug to keep it's teaching alive.
You see because in India there is an over dominance of Hinduism and other babas, living gurus. Take e.g. of Punjab ppl who got their hair cut got swayed away by their teachings and hence became followers of Deras & Arya Samaj. If we keep turban it prompts us & reminds us again & again of our duties towards Gurudwaras & Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji and once when we are able to grasp the deep meaning of pearls of Gurbani we automatically get answer and this is a fact. Only thing is that we need a reform like the "Singh Sabha movement" or so because of the dirtiness which has been inculcated in today's society because of globalisation & selfish world not necessarily pushing for chopping of hairs.

Since: Mar 10

Mumbai, India

#17 May 5, 2011
"Guest" makes a good point. i am totally in favor of keeping kesh n propagating Sikhism , but lets for a minute consider the number of Sikh girls marrying non-sikh men , i had been to a Sikhi meet recently the girls are more inclined towards clean shaved mens but admitted to marrying a sikh men solely because of family pressure and a safe future in terms of money and family benefits. This girl can be your sister, friend or any one in the family its just that they cant share their feelings openly n risk being considered as n atheist . On be asked the reason for their preference for clean shaved mens they added that the looks where more appealing and charming, there was more interaction with men from other religion (its not every where that the sikhs are in majority), Un-attractive sikh boys, some of them considered & admitted to them being a down right turn-offs ,the traditional mentality of non-dating amongst sikh families( it is a common phenomena in Indian families so i spoke against this point and defended being a sikh) leading to non-possibility of a long term relationship .The prospect of sikh boys/men isnt exactly bright,besides facing the delima of experiencing the feeling of being un-wanted & non-appealing by sikh girls ,what makes the situation worse is that if the girls of their own race dont look forward 2wrds being with them then non-sikh girls are out of the question!! Where sikh girls have the liberty to trim,wax or pluck eyebrows guys have it worse then them being considered as the Flag bearers of their religion( why are girls considered any less important and given the freedom to do things that sikh boys are not allowed , 4get allowed they are considered to be committing a sin even the thought of cutting hair flashes through their mind) commenting on the problems related with maintaing hair, Gurvinder Singh added " Problems are realted to day-to-day life and doing simple things like hitting the gym. Tying the beard is practically useless, n without a tied beard i look pathetic , i cannot indulge in any physical activities like sports(swimming,running,footba ll,etc.besides the beard the judaa has 2 be maintained while indulging in any of the above, a slight tackle in football,making a dive in the water, all risk the undoing of the juda as well " another sikh shared his feeling about feeling miserable to have not dated a single girl despite the optimism "I am 21years old now, it might be silly thing but lets get a bit real here before being a sikh, a boy is a boy & a girl's a girl first.Then a sikh, having an interest in the opposite sex is just natural n the feeling of being un-wanted does not boosts some ones confidence and not leading a normal life or doing something normal as running to catch a train or a bus for college/work life can be quit taxing. All this just so that u dont end up at work/college looking miserable then u already are, another one Maninder Tollani added" u look at a grown up sikh boy's life and then at just another normal guys life he has the liberty to do things on a short notice act fast n quick without having to spend time their looks, i will back it up by a fact 60-80% sikh men tie their hair.. none of them can claim to get-up.. wear a t-shirt n b on their way to doing things.. Gym,tutions and any other day-to-day activity.. a sikh men can simply not afford such liberty.. i am not saying that i am lazy but i can not give up on life like this"there were more experiences shared at the summit but i cant share all of them (due to the limited characters).. the point that i am trying to bring to light here is that, keeping hair should not be mandatory but a choice and something as holy as a persons religion should be followed with complete faith,liberty and dignity and not by force or Bandish(restriction) we say sikhism is the most librated religion, lets make efforts towards making one and be Proud about being a SIKH.
Gurvinder Bakshi.
sikh clowns

Lincoln, UK

#19 May 12, 2011
not very gud sikhs if they cutting their hair will guru nanak send them to hell if he finds out hahaha
good looking singh


#20 May 12, 2011
Typical neo-hindu atempt to try and undermine the sikh psyhce. Hindus for long time have had an inferiority complex to sikhs due to there success economically in Indian society and the fact that many hindu girls run off with sikh men. In uk many gujurati and sindhi and hindu pu|njabi girls are going with sikh men. Why is this? Mainly because Hindus are scrawny weak people who cannot defend themselves or there families when a muslim shows his face. They know sikhs are the only true warrior race within india and so are attracted. Sikhs are far more masculine than the effeminate hindu who shaves his face to appear more effeminate.

Most likely Guest and his other aliases here is one of
1) RAW. Indian Govt false flag operation to undermine sikhs
2) A hindu with a tiny d1ck whos sister has run of with a singh.
3) A hindu jealous of sikh success and with a chip on his shoulder. Jealous of the strentgh of the sikh community and fearful of a united sikh people. hence he tries to undermine the psyche of the sikh. Remember who saved your hindu daughters when the arabs used to carry them off.
4) It is a muslim with ulterior motives, engaging in the islamic black magic art of taqqiya.

Whoever you are, its not the fault of sikhs that your women are running off. Perhaps you should try lasting more than 5 seconds in bed and your wife would not have to visit sikh men.


#21 Nov 29, 2011
Yeah but..I'm Sikh an I cut my hair?just because there's those full on sikhs out there doesn't mean there aren't those ones who cut there hair. To be honest; I don't think anything bad happens if you cut your hair so why does everyone take it so seriously?an yes; a nice clean shaven sikh lad is much nicer that a full on indian with a grown beard-.-
mard singh

Milton Keynes, UK

#22 Nov 29, 2011
Stop trying to justify hair cuts for Sikhs. The fact is that the Sikhs should not cut their hair. Looks does not come into it.

United States

#23 Jan 27, 2012
If a sikh cuts his hair,he should be thrown out if the sikh community.he has no right to call himself a sikh.sikh community should only include only pure sikhs even if its size decreases.the others will realise their mistake after being thrown out of the community with no religion left to call their own.

United States

#24 Jan 27, 2012
i am born in sikh family and i thank god that i am born as a sikh.one should feel proud of his religion.the highest sikh authority should start a movement so as to encourage sikh boys and girls to keep their hair uncut.they should be taught about the gurbani and i am sure they will understand the great gift of sikhi which they have.
sikh boy

United States

#25 Jan 27, 2012
@delhi wale.where have u made this survey??if you dont know anything who the hell are you to make this "2%" data.i am a sikh boy and i want to keep hair.all my sikh friend are proud of being a sikh.so stop feeding sikh children the thought of cutting their hair.noone is getting affected by your worthless comments.

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