questions about shinto

questions about shinto

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Huntsville, AL

#1 Jan 10, 2007
if someone could please answer these i would greatly appreciate it!
1. What was your faith before shintoism?(if any)
2.Is there a leader that you must follow, like Jesus,Muhammad or God?
3.Is there a time that you have to pray?
4.What is the core belief of Shintoism?
5.How does shintoism help you or guide you in your personal life?
6.How has shinotism affected your life may it be possitive or negative?
7.What makes you truely believe?
8.In Shintoism are there any behaviours that are frowned apon or not permitted?
9.How hard or easy is it to practise Shintoism in modern day society?
10.What is your favourite practise or part of Shintoism?
11. How do you learn about the religion, or are guided into "the right way" of following the religion to clearly understand it, or follow it?
12. What Kami do you believe in?
13. How is your relgion percieved by others?(such as discrimination)
14. How did you become interested in Shintoism?
Haruki Shimizu

Ashland, NE

#2 May 18, 2007
1.Christian(was raised), Wiccan, and Pagan.
2.No there's not. Though in old time people had to worship the Emperor as though he was a descendant of the Gods.
3.No there isn't a time where one has to pray. It my be at any time.
4.At the core of Shinto are beliefs in the mysterious creating and harmonizing power (musubi) of kami and in the truthful way (makoto) of kami. The nature of kami cannot be fully explained in words, because kami transcends the cognitive faculty of man.(more here:
5.It help me to dedicate myself in the things I do with Honor and respect for myself and others.
6.It has help me to realize what I am capable of doing.
7.When the Goddess Amaterasu appears to
8.Not really. But you are not aloud to go to the Shrine if you are sick, have an opened wound, or anything like this,for at this time one is consider inpure. For more go here:
9. Really easy, unlike other Old religion there is no sacrifices to worry about so it doesn't have to change.
10.There honor and the cleanse of it.
11.As I said the Goddess came to me, but I heard about it before reading about different religions.
12.All, everything has a Kami, me, you, your computer, the chair your, on, the rock out side, your dog or cat....etc.
13.Not many people know I'm follow Shinto but those who do are okay with it.
14.I went to school with a friend aor about 2 1/2 years that was 1/4 Japanese that follows Shinto. I was talking to him about it. That's when I became interested.

United States

#3 Aug 9, 2008
if someone could please answer these i would greatly appreciate it!
1. Christianity
2.Jesus,and God?
3.No I pray when I want to pray
4.Everything has a celestial spirit and should be respected
5.It helps me find purpose in this complex existence as a human
6.positively,I was rebotn, I believe in God and the kami
7.The day when Amaterasu saved my tortured soul
8.Desecrating shrines, hypocritically talking about faiths you don't understand.
10.What is your favourite practise or part of Shintoism?
11. How do you learn about the religion, or are guided into "the right way" of following the religion to clearly understand it, or follow it?
12. All the kami, Christ included.
13. They think because your Shintoist you can't celebrate Christmas
14. I read about it and studied the beauties of its simplicity and spirituality.

Edmond, OK

#4 Apr 18, 2011
What are the Shinto beliefs upon gay marriage? My girlfriend and I want to get married in a traditional Shinto wedding. Is that bad or a disgrace in some way? I know gay marriage in Japan will be reconized if we marry in Canada

Calgary, Canada

#5 Oct 24, 2012

Athens, GA

#6 Nov 8, 2012
I would be happy to answer your questions!
1. My faith before was Christianity. I was raised as a Christian.
2. There is no one supreme god that you must worship, as Shinto is a polytheistic religion (meaning it has more than one god/goddess). However, Amaterasu-O-No-Mikoto is an important goddess, and as Ms. Shimizu mentioned, in older times, the Emperor of Japan was worshiped, as he was seen to be a direct descendant of the gods.
3. There is no specific time you must pray. You can visit a shrine at any time.
4. The Shinto practice revolves around countless kami (gods). Followers of Shinto worship and make offerings to these divine spirits at shrines or at their homes. The kami are associated with things such as stones, trees, etc.
5. My practicing of Shinto encourages me to get through life with a positive attitude and outlook.
6. I feel that my conversion to Shintoism has made me a happier person all together. I wake up satisfied with my decision everyday.
7. It is hard to describe the relationship between priests and followers of Shinto and the kami. When I pray, I feel as though I have connected with the Divine and the country of Japan itself. As long as the sun or the moon are above my head, I feel that the kami are watching over us.
8. Again, like Ms. Shimizu said, it is forbidden to enter a shrine sick or wounded. Also, as like in many religions, it is frowned upon to underestimate the divine power of the gods.
9. I think it is easy to practice Shinto in modern days. Yet, at the same time, it is difficult for me, as I live in America and it is hard to find shrines dedicated solely to the Shinto practice.
10. I enjoy praying and the cleansing ritual.
11. I originally was taught about it in school, yet I had heard snippets here and there about it before that time. We barely lingered on the subject at school, and it was poorly taught. Afterwards, I looked farther into it and became attached to the practices.
12. Everything is a kami, to those who practice Shinto! Therefor, I believe in all the kami, because they literally are all around us as I type!
13. A lot of times, I have to explain what the religion is. My friends accept my believes, but most of my family disagree, for the exception of my mother and step-father. Other than that, most people are generally supportive!
14. Teachings at school. Later on, I delved deeper into the practices and simply fell in love with Shintoism. I will never regret the choice I made.

I hope this helps you understand a bit better!

Harrisburg, PA

#7 Feb 7, 2016
AFTER the ceremony Hari Kuyo on Feb.8th-what do the monks do with the tofu that is imbedded with the all the needles?- are the needles melted down,buried ?-

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