Who Is Allah?

There are 20 comments on the Aug 24, 2007, The Brussels Journal story titled Who Is Allah?. In it, The Brussels Journal reports that:

“Allah is a very beautiful word for God. Shouldn't we all say that from now on we will name God Allah? [...] What does God care what we call him?”

From the desk of Soeren Kern on Fri, 2007-08-24 11:56 Europeans love to mock the salience of religion in American society. via The Brussels Journal

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Alex WM

London, UK

#197959 Dec 29, 2013
bmz wrote:
<quoted text>
Stop your nonsense, Rabbee! Laughter is the best medicine but your comment " YH is Male VH is Feminine, all Singular Male Singular Female Plural." made me spray out my tea.
I think G-D is going to send you a 2nd hand reconditioned Jeezuz.
Reminds me of the argument for "YOGA"......made of.."YOni" (fem) and "linGA" (masc)!!!!
The man is lying through his teeth.

Since: Nov 13

Denver, CO

#197960 Dec 29, 2013
bmz wrote:
<quoted text>
No. There is no such verse in Qur'aan about Muhammad being light.
No man existed before Adam, not even Jesus. That somebody existed as Light or a Word before Adam, is silly, idiotic and absurd.
rabbee: oh you! are sooo full of pig dung. Noach was here in day one, long before Adam arrived at the evening dawn of day four to five. we are here at this end, of day six again. with Noach in day one, just over a thousand years from today. with the whole world making all, the same mistakes not true to G-D as before.

and you all want to keep making all the same mistakes continuously not true to G-D, rather than not making any mistakes being true to G-D here in The Story from G-D. because you worship men and angels as g-ds, rather than G-D. the name of G-D'S Son is Adam. and the name of TheHisSon of G-D is THEIR Baby Boy adam. it tells you this, right in the beginning of scripture in TheTorah. don't let your worldly given names for Adam, interfere with this.

Since: Nov 13

Denver, CO

#197961 Dec 29, 2013
MUQ wrote:
<quoted text>
Paul's letters were the FIRST of all NT materials, so if we find any thing in Gospels that "somehow" matches with the arguments of Paul, it means that they got it from Paul and not vice versa.
This is what I was trying to convey.... the language is confusing, like some one trying to explain Trinity in "logical" way!!
rabbee: Paool, never wrote, any new testament. it was named a new testament well well after the fact. initially it, was called "The Way". the term new testament, is an alteration. if you take a closer look at it, there is nothing new in there. it is nothing more than, the rehashing of the same old stuff from The G-D of TheTorah.

and don't be silly, everything from G-D. is considered as absurd according to normal possibilities as the world of talking critters falsely sees.

Since: Nov 13

Denver, CO

#197962 Dec 29, 2013
bmz wrote:
<quoted text>
I can say that even without knowing a word of Latin and Greek. As a language of a people, it is ok. I am only saying that the scripture should not have been written in it as it is poor and unfit for the Scripture.
You wrote: "I can create new words any minute I want."
Thank you for saying that. That is exactly what the men, who penned the gospels and letters of the New Testament and founded Christianity, DID every time.
They came up with absurd words such as incarnation, hypo-static union and other absurd words, which had no place in the Hebrew Scriptures.
Frankly speaking, I crack up every time someone talks about Jesus being the Alpha and the Omega. Those are just the first and last alphabets of Greek.
In Hebrew Scriptures, God referred to himself as "the First and the Last". This is where the Greek translators, being zero in understanding Hebrew, did not know what it really meant.
So, they took it to mean the first and the last alphabet of Hebrew.
Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and Tav is the last.
So, going by that, your Jesus was "the Alef and the Tav". See how hilarious does it sound!
In reality, "The first and the last" means "forever". It is silly and idiotic to say that Jesus was A and Zee.
"I am the first and I am the last" simply means, "I am forever" and that was declared by God.
If Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, then he is not many alphabets in between and that means he is not many other things. lol!
Read, study and learn!
rabbee: so what! the quran, should not of been written in arabic either. because it is, not the language muhammed spoke.

hypocrite! there were about 5 possible languages at that time, that Yeshooah and The Deciples could have spoke at that time. non-existent arabic could not of been one of them. hello! the romans being there, says latin could be one of them. eevreet, could be one of them. greek, could be one of them. aramaeech, could of been one of them. egyptian of that time, could have been one of them. even the impossibility of assyrian, could have been one of them.

Since: Nov 13

Denver, CO

#197963 Dec 29, 2013
bmz wrote:
<quoted text>
Stop your nonsense, Rabbee! Laughter is the best medicine but your comment " YH is Male VH is Feminine, all Singular Male Singular Female Plural." made me spray out my tea.
I think G-D is going to send you a 2nd hand reconditioned Jeezuz.
rabbee: well you don't worship G-D, why should you talking critters care? you do not even know what YHVH means. and yet you pretend to be an expert. what i wrote, can be seen in The-Written Torah Scroll. nothing you say, can be seen in it. just remember, there will come a day. when all the other reigndear, used to laugh and call Him names.
Nina Q

Thessaloníki, Greece

#197964 Dec 29, 2013
Frijoles wrote:
<quoted text>
The idea of savior is very different in Judaism vs Christianity. Saviorism (i.e. deliverance) comes from God, and not from another person. Hence no original sin theology. The word Messiah is from moshiach (annoited), not from yeshua (savior). In other words, the moshiach (messiah) is not a savior. That is a Christian idea. In most of the literature, the moshiach comes as result of messianic events, not as an instigator, hence the moshiach is not a savior.
Frijoles , I was reading the link you gave then I strayed away I believe I didnt reply before ? I think. anyway interesting things you give things I ll have to read again and compare in order to start underestanding. Thank you

Since: Apr 11

Location hidden

#197965 Dec 29, 2013
bmz wrote:
<quoted text>
There is NO trinity in your Bible. Trinity was a fraud, introduced by pagan Romans and Greeks, who had infested the Church.
You are the guys, who ignore Jesus' teachings and follow the Satanic teachings taught by Satan's minions, who founded the Church, Shamma.
Good night from my side.
You think that way because are a pagan moon god worshiper!
In Old Testament times, Nabonidus (555-539 BC), the last king of Babylon, built Tayma, Arabia as a center of Moon-god worship. Segall stated, "South Arabia's stellar religion has always been dominated by the Moon-god in various variations." Many scholars have also noticed that the Moon-god's name "Sin" is a part of such Arabic words as "Sinai," the "wilderness of Sin," etc. When the popularity of the Moon-god waned elsewhere, the Arabs remained true to their conviction that the Moon-god was the greatest of all gods. While they worshipped 360 gods at the Kabah in Mecca, the Moon-god was the chief deity. Mecca was in fact built as a shrine for the Moon-god.

Since: Nov 13

Denver, CO

#197966 Dec 29, 2013
Nina Q wrote:
<quoted text>
I dont mean to taunt anyone just getting sarcastic sometimes preferrable to getting angry .
so rabbee, that "alleged to beJesus " to come who is he really in your opinion ? Does he have a name? who is he?
what do you mean "alleged to be Jesuss"? was there ever a Jesus in the first place? or not? are you talking about a second coming or the coming that hasnt happened yet?
isnt it amazing really awsome that God was such a democrat that even made humans so free as to be able to think think and never agree on the essence of God?
sometimes I marvel at the inconceivable freedom he endowed human kind with. So much so as to have them ridicule god in any way they like.
rabbee: i know quite well what you are doing, and why you are doing it. your not doing it, for the same reason they are. i can see you are doing this for G-D, and not for yourself like the others. you have not intention, of humiliating anyone. that is called, humility to G-D. you have a true form of sarcasm, rare for anyone on this planet.

G-D already told this world Who THEIR Son Yeshooah is, the very first Person mentioned in TheTorah. THEY call Him Adam, regardless of what other reigndear names the world give to Him. the only Person in TheTorah, always arrived by virgin birth. everybody thinks they know what happened after Their death. without even consulting, what it says in TheTorah about Adam.

so They Adam are TheSon of G-D as described, regardless of whether you call them jesus or not. we are not here in any different story, it's is the same one again from G-D. and i only say alleged because Their name from G-D, is not actually jesus.

if you discount that name jesus, the overlay in scripture exactly matches that of Adam. so HaMosheeach is both adam and his mate. according to THE OUR HOO VHEE IMAGE And LIKENESS of G-D.

so your on the right track, even if you don't have the right name for Yeshooah Adam. the name jesus, only adds to the confusion of The-Story of Adam. but no matter what you call Them, They are TheSon of G-D.

as they don't even consider TheWoman as a Most Important Part of G-D. which leads to lack of respect, abuse and humiliation, of women on earth. which would be just as bad, if it was the other way around. which would all be abusing and disrespecting, THE OUR IMAGE of G-D.

and no, The Return of Adam has already happened as adam and whoever his appointed mate is. or even the ingathering of Yesrael, could not be now happening. They are physically here, somewhere in the world today. and They will be put in charge of this world for the last day of G-D. just like it says in TheTorah, no matter how impossible or absurd this sounds to this whole world disrespecting G-D. because TheG-D, of Only TheTorah does not lie. This specific story, about THEIR Son from G-D does not change. the things that can be changed, is this worlds attitude against G-D in The-Story.

yes G-D is Awesome! but the reason of giving mental free will. makes it easier to see, who really loves HIM. it is not what you say about your love, when your lover is around. but it is what you say about your lover, when you think they are not around that determines if it is a true love. men who bad mouth their wife's at work or elsewhere, have no true love for their wife. and have no respect, for THE OUR IMAGE of G-D. just as muslims, have no respect for THE OUR IMAGE of G-D, by the way they abuse, humiliate and treat their alleged wives. so yes free mental will makes sense, by the way we speak or not speak about G-D. which reveals whether we have any love for G-D or not.

just keep loving G-D Nina, as you have been. everything is alright with you. and i have never complimented anyone, on these message threads as much as you. and i respect you, for your love of G-D. these clowns on this message board, have no idea how appreciative G-D is for you. if they were wise, they would pay more attention to you. but i do not think, they are that wise.
Nina Q

Thessaloníki, Greece

#197967 Dec 29, 2013
MUQ wrote:
<quoted text>
Have you read the post in whose answer I replied....have you seen any of their post calling me names?
Why do you not protest to the other side?
We can have civlized discussions, without demonizing each other.
We might understand or not understand each other, but we should avoid speaking harshly and in gutter language.
Look at the posts of people who do not agree with Islam or teachings of Quran, what type of belligerent language and tone they use.
We do not accept what St. Paul wrote, but do we speak bad word about him? We criticise him on his logic, reasoning and teaching and the source from where he got this info.
All these are relevant topics and one has right to discuss them.
If you have any thing against Quran or teachings of our prophet, you should present them in a civlized manner.
That is proper way for any discussion to go thru, not in the way these people want to conduct it.
Now coming to the subject, Son of God, Holy Spirit and sin....all these words were used by Jews for centuries before jesus.
It was St. Paul who gave these words "special meaning" and used them in a sense which was never used by jews.
Since St. Paul's letters were the earliest of all NT material, so the other gospel writers (most of whom were influenced by Paul) used them in that strange sense.
In OT we hear the words like Son of God, begotten Son of God, Holy Spirit etc, but no Jew interprets it in the sense in which Christians understand it.
So it is the problem with Christians' interpretation of these words and not in these words themselves.
Son of God and Begotten Son of God should be interpreted in allegorical sense and not in literal sense, Holy Ghost is no one but an angel of God.
Every thing will fit in place , once you get your basics right.
really there's no need for name calling it's bad and it's weak especially when it's in place of an argument.

I appreciate your understanding of christian things , MUQ, however , let me ask you to be less assertive since it's.. you know .. christian things. To claim to know a ..say philosophy better than the followers of that particular philosophy is kind of offensive to begin with.

and I ve said before it's really funny to reject all what christianity is about it's beliefs and everything about it and yet you're not even a christian . you are something else. and you have incorporated in your belief the "hero"" of another religion only you dont like him as he is but the way you wanna make him

a tailor made Jesus in other words.

sometimes I feel sorry for Jesus really . Then I remember that he doesnt need my pity. yet I do feel sorry for him he's being dragged and ripped off and squeezed and stretched any way anyone likes. any one .. not Christ-ian

poor Jesus...
Nina Q

Thessaloníki, Greece

#197968 Dec 29, 2013
bmz wrote:
<quoted text>
You can't play with me, Nina,
There is nothing intriguing in that question.
Of course, the chicken came first. If you had read Genesis, you would not have asked me that question.
"20 Then God said,“Let the waters teem with swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth in the open expanse of the heavens.” "
God did not say, "Let the waters teem with swarms of eggs, and let eggs fly above the earth in the open expanse of the heavens."
why did you leave the hot part of my post out? because it s easier for you to address the chicken/egg question than honestly address my points. That's why.

Since: Nov 13

Denver, CO

#197969 Dec 29, 2013
Nina Q wrote:
<quoted text>
I know one thing; that I know nothing . Which gives me the freedom and moral obligation to keep on searching.
what's thank you in your mother tongue?
Todah! Nina, and what you know is knowing more than most, pretending to know they know everything. for what they pretend know, is less than nothing. i shall accept, you courage, your honesty, your faith, your heart, your sarcasm, your enthusiasm, your kindness, far greater than all the pretend to be experts in the world. the truth in faith of G-D, is kinder to G-D. than all the unkind monsters, untrue to G-D. Shalomech VTodah! Nina.
Nina Q

Thessaloníki, Greece

#197970 Dec 29, 2013
bmz wrote:
<quoted text>
Thomas Jefferson did that and that is exactly what we do. We throw and discard the parts, which we consider forgeries and accept only the truth, which is not much anyway.
I will give you an example, a fact, which neither you nor any Christian can deny!
The story of the adulteress in John 8, is a forgery, which was added later. It was neither present in the original nor in the copies of the copies of the ancient manuscripts.
Please refer to the following footnote, not from Muhammad but from your BibleGateWay.
John 8 Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE)
"John 8:11 Some ancient authorities insert 7.53—8.11 either at the end of this gospel or after Luke 21.38, with variations of text. Others omit it altogether.
7.53–8.11 This passage, though absent from some of the most ancient manuscripts, is regarded as inspired and canonical by the church. The style suggests that it is not by St. John, and that it belongs to the Synoptic tradition."
So, you can easily throw the story out!
I told you it's the most spiritual of all.
It is one thing to have christians argue about their own books and include or omit parts and quite another to be a muslim and read a christian book and read only what you want to understand.

so.. what else about the essence of Jesus can you give as an example that was or was not omitted/added?

do you read Jesus saying

"before Abraham was I AM" ?

any footnote about later addition of it?

none whatsoever! But muslims wont see it wont read it. Muslims know better. Because so!

he he ..look luck at the end of time party !
Nina Q

Thessaloníki, Greece

#197971 Dec 29, 2013
bmz wrote:
<quoted text>
Never read Revelation again. That book is damn insulting to Jesus. It shows Jesus as a man full of vengeance, anger and wrath on his alleged next visit. It does not show him as a man full of love.
anger and wrath was Mohamed's trademark you KUFFIR!!
Nina Q

Thessaloníki, Greece

#197972 Dec 29, 2013
bmz wrote:
<quoted text>
Before Abraham was born, I am what?
That is an incomplete sentence.
It is obvious that Jesus could not even finish the sentence and had to run and hide because the people took stones to throw at him.
You guys talk about grammar but here grammar is totally ignored!
Jesus never said, "Before Abraham was born, I was the I am" or "Before Abraham was born, I was the I am that I am." Now, apply some grammar here, please.
before Abraham was , I AM !
that's exactly what he said. it makes perfect sense.

No worries you'll all the time on your hands to figure it out with Jesus at the end of time. jesus will be there to break it down to you. dont know about Mohamed.
Nina Q

Thessaloníki, Greece

#197973 Dec 29, 2013
Alex WM wrote:
<quoted text>
You have every right to believe that a Jewish man who came only for the Jews is your G-d.
But that man did not believe in such a thing.
I come from a Christian background.
only for the jews? that's some low blow for the jews and quite an insult indeed . if this is so then Jesus was quite a failure dont you think ?

well some failure he is for 2000 years and everybody's still talking about him . The "cant help it"
Nina Q

Thessaloníki, Greece

#197974 Dec 29, 2013
Alex WM wrote:
<quoted text>
Dear Nina, there is no need to look into Greek.
The matter is very simple.
Do Jews believe that G-d is made of three...or that there are more G-d's than one in any shape or form.
Jesus was a Jew who allegedly came only for them.
Why complicate their lives by gate crashing a Jewish party.
Jesus did not even invite a single Gentile to his "water to wine party"! By the way...this story is a later insertion.
allegedly ? a post ago you said he came for the Jews only .
Jesus was a guest at the party he had no right to invite anyone.
Nina Q

Thessaloníki, Greece

#197975 Dec 29, 2013
Alex WM wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank you Nina. May God bless and guide all of us to be good people who respect our fellow humans.
When I see some nasty comments I react as well but that is a human weakness.
Please forgive any uncalled for outbursts!
no problem

New Baltimore, MI

#197976 Dec 29, 2013
Why do I have to come here to find you?
Expose This

Nottingham, MD

#197977 Dec 29, 2013
allah is a pedo,

Reason being; Allah was created by Mohammed. Mohammed had everything in the Koran benefit him directly. Allah was just a front for mohammed to make laws, kill those he didn't like, and Dominate everyone he could, not to forget he fucked children.

TLDR: Allah was created by Mo-pedo, to benefit only Mo-pedo.

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#197978 Dec 29, 2013
bmz wrote:
<quoted text>
History has always been written by the powerful and the victors who vanquished others. The writers of the Church wrote most of the history of Jews for the Church.
Apparently you already know who wrote the Islamic history. Then why do you believe all that crap about Muhammad?
bmz wrote:
<quoted text>I really don't know why Christian posters, excluding dear HughBe, ARE sooooo dumb?
Stop being a hypocrite... This unified god is against your belief and Quran. Once in your life be a man and face his theology.

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