Shadow Mist with Red Eyes - How do I ...

Shadow Mist with Red Eyes - How do I stop it from following me?

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Mona Mayfair

London, UK

#1 Dec 4, 2010
I have felt the presence of and seen a Shadow mist like being with glowing red eyes. It has followed me around for about 10 years now. I had been on anti-depressants for about 8 years but I am fully off them again now and the presence is getting stronger again. Which makes me think that it could be part of my depression, but other people around me have seen it as well. My partner saw and fought the being in a dream and described it to me (at that time I had not told him about the shadow watcher - as I call it), so I then told him about it. He told me that he and I had been trying to fly away from our bodies to travel astrally and the shadow being was trying to hold me down and stop me from flying away, but he shook it off. Also two of my friends have tried to do a banishing spell, the result of which was a charcoal disc exploded in front of my friends face (narrowly avoiding hurting her, but it scared us) and my other friend saw a shadow flee the house. I normally feel it watching me when I am most vunerable, for example when I am alone in the shower. Also this morning at my friends house a glass was thrown across the kitchen from the draining board to the middle of the kitchen. This was witnessed by my partner and friend. There have been other incidences were objects have moved or broken in suspicious circumstances. I often feel very tired whenever I have felt the presence, as if it is draining me of energy. Any ideas are welcome for trying to rid myself of this. Many Thanks.

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Since: Apr 07


#2 Dec 4, 2010
The best advice I can give, via a friend who has battled with a similar entity/energy since the time she was young, is to not feed it in any way. While you may want to do things to lift the enery around yourself and your home (saging, etc.) that banishing this specifically only attracts it.
It's like telling a little kid, see that chocolate cake over there? Don't eat the chocolate cake. And of course, now all the child can think about is to eat the chocolate cake. The mind, and, I beleive, magical energy and actions work the same, they don't deal in negatives, just images. And imagery and thought-forms are powerful mechanisms in magic. Like attracts like and so dwelling on something, even though you want it to go away, feeds it.
My friend has worked hard to be happy and create a life for herself that she is happy in ~ with the help of therapy and rituals that focused on herself and her own psyche. Her entity has not 'left', but it has significantly little to no power over her and it not 'attached' to her any longer.
Your friends want to help, the best they can do is to share in making joyfulness in your life, keep the drama to a low level, and be supportive of your endeavors to develop and grow yourself.
Mona Mayfair


#3 Dec 5, 2010
Thanks for the advice. That does make sense. I have always been very sensitive and negative emotions do tend to overwhelm me, hence the depression. I have also been told by other mediums, psychics and witches that I have a lot of psychic energy but that I am not very good at protecting or shielding myself, so tend to be used as a channel for things. I have tried surrounding myself in a protective bubble of energy, but this does not seem to discourage my shadow watcher, although it does seem to stop other things from happening. Do you think this is something that my own psyche has created? That has actually been one of my theories for this thing as well - that it is maybe an externalization of my repressed negative emotions.

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#4 Dec 8, 2010
I honestly don't know, and people very concerned for you could have convinced themselves that they saw the same thing you did.

Either way, the important thing is to focus on making a good and stable life for yourself and work on your emotions and any tangible issues like conflicts or bad things that happened in your life. Confront those and maybe the shadow monster goes away...

Good luck.

Cincinnati, OH

#5 Mar 23, 2013
i have seen something like this when i was a little boy i woke up and saw a smoky mist with glowing read eyes come in through my door and look at me i just curled up in a ball inside my pillow case and for a while after i woke up in weird places such as under my bed and in my closet i haven't seen it in 15 years since i was 6 and when i was about 15 my cousin stayed with me and while i was sleeping he told me that he was being hit by something and never saw it but recently i started having weird sensation such as seeing things out of the corner of my eyes and feeling something touching me at night and loud noises waking me like something hitting the wall behind me and actually feeling it.
Fred the Plummer

Napa, CA

#6 Mar 24, 2013
This is because the last god has run off and there is nobody in charge and the old gods are speaking slowly, sleepily in tongues to forgotten ears and dont want to show themselves or see the question anymore and then nobody makes any damn sense all days and we all pray and carp to nothingness that doesnt hear but does respond in kind and sends gifts that we cant know how to use and that can hurt you but that is the way the truth and the fright. WATCH THE BIRDS, HEAR THE WINDS, SMELL THE EARTH, SENSE THE RIPPLE< HEAR IT ALL SIGH..this is CADENCE.

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#8 Jun 28, 2013
I've read this post about 5 times just kind of lulling over the details and I have wonder if maybe what your dealing with isn't just the embody.ent of your energy. Some of the details don't seem to point to a engimatic energy. With the bit about it watching you while your vulnerable, the fact that it makes itself known to others just as readily as yourself, the fact that banishing it did not work is the biggest thing I see.

Don't think that I'm being crazy here but if you'll put a pile of sea salt in a wooden bowl under your bed, you can see if I'm right. if the salt blackens you can pretty well bank on a demon. The darkness of the salt can indicate how concerned you should be. If its a dark yellowish color you got your self a young low powered demon, if it turns solid black, you got a general, I hope I'm wrong, but the fact that your shadow has a tendency for showmanship and scare tactics its just trying to feed off your energies to gain some strength.

If in the unfortunate event in right, look up the sigil of Micheal, or if you prefer a deity you could go with Aries, the God of War does not abide demonic presence. If you decide to use the Arch-angel you'll have to look into the sigil, the summoning, and how to ask for his help. Lets face it, if you have a demon, you have a small scale spiritual war on your hands, who better to call upon the angel who wages war in the name of righteousness. However if you prefer the ultimate Devine soilder I advise Aries. He maybe know as the God of war but he is a fierce protector of innocents.

this is just a thought, I hope your issue is solved because Demons aren't fun. The information listed above is from Experience, my wife is a really sensitive empath and didn't know it, that made her a bright light to not just 1 but 2 demons. If I hadn't been a member of a coven at the time I wouldn't have known anything to do about it. Our high priestess came to our home and showed us how the sigils can place marks of protection on our home, it wasn't exactly a peaceful event carving the sigils into the doors and windows. Eventually they were pushed out but even with 10 really great witches it was crazy. I had three busted lamps and about 15 busted pictures.

so for once I want nothing more then to be wrong and look like a fool.

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