Interesting article, interesting development.

She is the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim (ex-deputy prime minister). They persecution her father, now they hate her as much. She didn't go far enough to support religious freedom, because she was careful enough to clarify in this article (in Malay language) that "regretfully someone tried to twist her word to make it sound like she would make it easier for muslims to apostate".(although she did invoke 2.256 earlier)

("Saya kesal kerana ada percubaan memutarbelitkan kenyataan saya seolah-olah saya meremehkan soal aqidah atau mudah menerima orang Islam yang memilih untuk murtad.")


Imagine what would happen if she called for freedom for Malays to convert to other religions?

And that is a country that muslims from miserable countries in middle-east proudly regard as a "model" muslim country to show the world?(eventhough the "wellness" of the country is largely because of non-muslim contributions)