omens of dead animals
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Canning Vale, Australia

#106 Aug 11, 2013
My dad and I live alone in a house. Other than his and mine, 5 other rooms, including bathrooms and laundries, and 2 living rooms, are hardly used and empty. A wombat or some sort of rodent decided to die on the roof of my closet, and stank up my clothes. I was annoyed at first, but I was able to move my clothes to another room, and when I shut the door, the smell goes away completely. I'm probably reading too much into this but what is the significance of an animal dying in the walls of my room? I've lived in this room for the last 7 years, and this happens 2 months before I move away permanently across the world. Just thought it was curious, given other recent happenings in my life.
James Leibrecht

Tulsa, OK

#107 Feb 15, 2014
I had a some what similar question: I had a friend call on my birthday and asked me to come get her dog from under the deck, found the dog dead and frozen ! Is there any meaning to this?
Tree Pruitt wrote:
That's what I would call a "temporary totem" or an animal messenger, which is an animal that serves the role of delivering a message, rather than being an "omen". When an animal, dead or living, catches your attention in some way it often holds meaning for the person who saw the creature. Dogs deal with loyalty, faithfulness, service, friendship, and other descriptives. I would take a guess that there's an area of your girlfriends life where she either has, or needs to, allow some aspect of herself to "die" out. Perhaps she's too loyal to a crappy job and needs to move on. Maybe it's time to end a damaging friendship or she is about to be blind sided by a big change in a relationship (if the dog seemed to have been hit by a car). Compare the aspects of the experience against what it might mean within her life. Dogs get hit all the time; why did THIS dog stand out in her mind??? Her subconscious will know, but may just need a kick to get things moving in the direction of right action.
I have a similar question , I was called by a friend of mine & asked to help get her dog from underneath a low back deck.
Went over dog had been under there about 4to5hours when I finally found it, I was beside myself as it was my birthday ... Is there any omen to this? Thank you ,James Leibrecht

“Proud to be a Wiccan Priest”

Since: Jul 09

Jonesboro AR

#108 Feb 15, 2014
I would say you spent the day doing a good deed.
Al Green

Goodman, MO

#109 Feb 22, 2014
kaowulf wrote:
My girlfriend wanted to know what omen would come from seeing a dead dog on the side of the road may mean. Is there anyone who might know of any? if so please reply. thanx Kaowulf
There is no omen that comes from a dead dog, just remember to spray and neuter your dogs and cats and they will not have to die.
Al Green

Goodman, MO

#110 Feb 22, 2014
hey kathwynn xxx
I_M_ Spence-Lewis_M_D _

Decatur, GA

#111 Mar 13, 2014
CShine wrote:
Opussums are pretty popular animals around human areas. They are even prolific in the towns and cities where I live- anywhere they might find food. They are not just woodland/rural creatures by a long shot, so to find two dead in two locations does not seem unusual at all.
Remember folks, we are part of the natural world and many times we've intruded on their homes. Even cities are host to birds, insects, rodents, wild cats, dogs, opossums and racoons, reptiles and amphibians and more depending on where you are. They are under, between, above, and all around us even though our busy urban/surbaban lives take our focus away from that and keep us indoors alot where we don't think about them. So when a dead common whatever comes up, it is more than likely only an omen to wake up and smell the roses more- outside. Nature is a part of our urban areas, too.
Your comment,'Nature is a part of our urban areas, too.' is a very important observation. However small the creature it is all included in the plan of nature.The key is finding a balance that will preserve the dignity of all creatures and prevent animal infections from being transmitted to humans in urban areas. It must be noted that in the course of finding territory to meet needs animals often cause disease globally. Examples are: rodents, mice, dogs, opossums, racoons and wolves. The animals leave urine and fecal matter which are the source of letospirosis and other pathogens.
Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
I.M. Spence-Lewis M.D.

Dumont, NJ

#112 Jun 14, 2015
Hi. What was the symbolism regarding finding a dead possum? I just found one in my yard at 4:00 pm on s bright day. There was no foul play or anything mysterious, the poor thing was just dead. I made sure and then I disposed of him. But it's a very odd thing and I am wondering if there are any active theories that I should be aware of. Thank you for your insight.

Los Angeles, CA

#113 Jul 24, 2015
I was walking and seen a dead big cat grayish what ddoes this mean is that bad luck

Cape Town, South Africa

#114 Sep 21, 2015
Hi. Found your thread and was looking for insight. So I came to my car this afternoon and a dead weaver bird was on the roof of my car with blood running down the door. It looks like the bird just dropped out of the sky. Any thoughts on that?

“Proud to be a Wiccan Priest”

Since: Jul 09

Jonesboro AR

#115 Sep 27, 2015
Yep, Bury it. It's a dead bird...
Molly Rose

North Fort Myers, FL

#116 Oct 13, 2015
There was a dead rat in our driveway. We don't have rats in our neighborhood and not many cats. Would someone put it there if they wanted to prove a point?
Jakes mom

Plainfield, NJ

#117 Jun 15, 2016
My friend found a dead full grown dead bird in her yard with no eyes
Also day before a dead chipmunk with no eyes

Mount Pleasant, TX

#118 Oct 6, 2016
Someone left a dead rotting squirrel on my Mom's & daughter's front porch, what does that mean???

Sudbury, Canada

#119 Nov 23, 2016
This morning I saw a dead raccoon on my way to work and then again in the afternoon on my way to a Dr. S apmt. I've been praying a lot to have a child. Any advice on this?

Santa Rosa, CA

#120 Nov 25, 2016
The Real Lori wrote:
A question regarding dead birds and children...and I am serious and do want some advice. Two finches died in the care of a young girl, aged between 10 and 13. They died at separate times, and not at all through neglect or illness. These birds had been nestmates, reared together, and died two years apart.
Finches are tiny, nervous and highly reactive birds. They could have died because of a bad heart, a sudden fright, chemicals from an air freshener or from over heating a non-stick pan. Which caused the death of a $350 parrot of a friend. There is a reason they used to keep canaries in coal mines ya know!

Omens, like celebrity deaths, come in threes. If my pet bird passed, then I found 2 more deceased birds in the next few days, I would pay attention! But the passing of these 2 finches so far a part means....nothing.

Whitehall, PA

#121 Feb 3, 2017
Ok, so in the past 2-3 weeks I have now come across 3 dead animals.
I was walking along a trail with my husband, I took the lead and we went off trail, I climbed over a fallen tree and when I got to the other side there was a dead dear, with it's insides that had been ravaged and turned black. Last week I was showing a vacant house to a couple of buyers and as we reached the back of the house, just next to a bush was a dead fox (it was pretty fresh as it hadn't frozen from the elements yet). And two days ago my daughter's pet rex rabbit died. I can't ignore this, it's too much. Any clarity would be helpful. Thanks.
Nicole Orsak

Oklahoma City, OK

#122 Feb 22, 2017
What does it mean if you have a dead rabbit that was purposely put it in front of your of your door or window

United States

#124 May 10, 2017
really wrote:
i saw a dead mouse under table at restaurant, next day dead horse, while on bike ride, it's leg coming up from ground straight up..... creepy
I saw a dead horse table a table at a restaurant..... It was big table
Tete Rouge

Ville Platte, LA

#125 May 26, 2017
My neighbor's want to buy my house that is not for sale. I found a dead rat or rabbit purposely put in my garden. Also a few dead birds. They have also poisoned many plants. What is the meaning of dead animals?

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