Need Help - Shadow Person Protector o...

Need Help - Shadow Person Protector or Harmful?

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#1 May 29, 2009
I am clueless regarding this matter, but I found this forum and thought I'd try to find someone who knows something about this. Several months back I was walking up the stairs in my house. The stairs were dark (it was night time), but the light was on in my bedroom which sits at the top of the stairs. I saw a shadow figure move across the room. I actually thought it was my husband at first, thought I was catching a glimpse of his shadow as he perhaps walked into our bathroom. But he wasn't in the bathroom, he was in another part of the house all together. I have had some experiences with paranormal things in my life, but never had seen a shadow person such as this. I didn't think much of it honestly - not until recently. It's usually when I'm lying in bed trying to sleep that I sense something there. There's a spot in my floor that even makes a popping noise when you walk by the dresser. I hear this most nights when I'm trying to go to sleep. I've thought that I've woke up to see a fleeting glimpse of this shadow person near the bed, but tried to chalk it up as a dream. Recently my husband and I have been arguing quite a bit. Things have been tense in our house and I've struggled some with anxiety - while he's struggled some with depression. I've also been dealing with some health issues and my energy has been very low. Maybe all this is just coincidence, but I don't know. My mother remembered me mentioning the shadow figure from months back (She's open-minded when it comes to these sorts of things.) She said she didn't want to worry me before but that she thinks it's likely a dark entity and that I need to sage my house or do something to clear the space. We have a small son and I certainly want to take precautions if I need to. Like I said, I've had some experiences in my life, but this is new to me. I'm seeking some guidance and direction if anyone can offer it. I would really appreciate the help. Thank you in advance.

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#2 May 29, 2009
It can be very difficult to come to terms with, you have to try and think of it as a child would with an imaginary friend.
It is merely a companion that might come and go or simply go, meanwhile your pre-programmed fear of evil mechanism has come into play, it is that you have to overcome and learn to live with, the figure itself cannot in anyway harm you and despite what you may have heard or read no living being can be physically harmed by it.
It is also possible that your sensitivity to seeing the figure has been triggered or hightened lately and may subside in time.
Fear not! accept it and learn the most comforting ways to deal with it (some people for instance talk to them) i would also mention it to my doctor if i were you.

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#3 May 31, 2009
Hey KSB.

My previous home was built in the early 70's and was occupied by something similar to what you describe. I didn't believe at all in anything remotely paranormal until that sad house came into my life. I will skip the story and just describe it.

I could sometimes see this shadow out of the corner of my eye, but I never got to see more than a flash of movement. Day time did not ward it away, but it did go away most of the day. A strange thing to note - In complete darkness it often appeared next to my mom's bed as well, similar to your case. For me, it would physically interact with the room if I was alone, but its not really consequential. Once, it did flick the bathroom fan on and off furiously while my mom was with me. She and I exchanged knowing looks.

After awhile, it got so bad, we actually bought motion detectors for the stairs and downstairs hallway.. this did nothing for us, because the alarms just buzzed for 2-3 hours at night.

It was violent on 2 occasions, once with our bird cage (bird lived) and once against the backboard of my bed late one morning (10:00ish). The mashed carpet where my bed was sitting prior, shows that the bed moved a good 3 inches from its prior resting spot.

Do you have a dog? Try this - let it in at night and watch it very close. My dog would watch it moving as if she were seeing a fast baseball glide around. Sometimes she would go berserk at seemingly nothing, spit flying.(It could appear without shadow or form.)

Of everything that went on back then, it never touched us - just shook us up bad. I really dont think it was a ghost because it was very reactive and seemingly intelligent.

We lived next to big power lines and a power grid station. There were pretty big quartz crystals that would wash out of the ground around the house as well. I started learning all I could about metaphysics, paranormal aspects, even some religion. I was as intrigued as I was scared at times. I came up with a theory that the power lines were storing a great deal of energy around the house, and it somehow drew or maybe even held the shadow captive to the house.

Sometimes I would feel sick if I stayed away from the house too long, sort of like withdrawal symptoms. I just think there was real bad energy in that place - paranormal, power line or both. Are there lines near your house?

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#4 May 31, 2009
One other thing I didn't mention - At night and rarely in the day, it would announce its presence by causing a loud pop sound on the ceiling, followed by a second lesser crack sound somewhere distant from the first sound within the room.

Which is kind of similar to the spot in your floor that pops.

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#5 May 31, 2009
If I may be so bold, I believe the entity you are encountering is known as a Shadow Person (original name, no?).

The common theme held to them is that they try to avoid being seen directly, mostly only staying in one's peripheral vision. They appear to be made entirely out of darkness (some accounts giving them red eyes, others not). They also have the ability to move very quickly, and to travel through solid objects.

In the vast majority of cases reported, people report feeling dread and fear whenever they saw the creatures, and a few report that after they saw the creature, something bad happened. As such, they have a terrible reputation.

To provide a counter-point to this, I am on friendly terms with quite a few Shadow People. They have followed me around since I was a small child, appearing wherever I lived, and quite often. At first I feared them, but then I stopped, and started to just wonder what they were. One in particular followed me no matter where I lived and watched over me, acting as a spiritual guardian.

These spirits are drawn to despair, and sites where bad things have happened / will happen because they can easily thrive in the strong emotions present. I'd wager you'd find Shadow People in places where emotions of happiness are equally strong. Since it is easier to feel intense negative emotions, though, that is where most are drawn to.


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#6 May 31, 2009

I've never had one attempt any harm on me ever. A few have played the trickster role and tried to startle me, but never harm. Nor have I ever gotten any ill will from one. That is just my personal experience though.


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#7 May 31, 2009
Hey Lillian,

I know you were speaking to KSB, but if I may interject - That is interesting that you say they are attracted to strong emotions or bad events. KSB said she is having arguments with her husband, which may be causing it to show for her. Or a possible event in the past/future for that place.

There was some intense moments and drawn out anger/resentment between my parents while we lived at our old place (hence sad house). Maybe the shadow man was absorbing the mood of the atmosphere and acting in kind to it.

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#8 May 31, 2009
Dear Mei,

It is entirely possible that those could cause shadow people to appear. I can't say for certain though, as shadow people hold many secrets. While a very prominent spirit that is sited, they do little conversing, even with those that speak easily with spirits.

Shadow spirits are often found in old buildings (abandoned houses, old schools, churches) simply because of the large amount of emotion focused into small areas.

However, people themselves can attract Shadow People, as in my case. If her house was filled with various strong emotions, it could attract one, and if she was personally putting off strong emotions, it could be attracted to her.

Either way, I'd still be interested in hearing how these spirits interact in everyone else's situations.


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#9 Jul 9, 2014
I see them to they are what is refered to as the council they mean no harm they are protectors they are the to guide u and watch over u reason being is u are gifted tht is why u see or hear them and as well as paranormal things u have a strong reason to live and something good to do that will be destiny

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