Classification of religions. Gift to God

Classification of religions. Gift to God

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#1 Aug 29, 2012
Classification of Religions:
Man lost immortality and entrance to Heaven. Jesus brought them back.
John 3:3
3:3 Jesus answered him, "Most assuredly, I tell you, unless one is born anew,{The word translated "anew" here and in John 3:7 (anothen) also means "again" and "from above".} he can't see the Kingdom of God."
3:4 Nicodemus said to him, "How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb, and be born?"
3:5 Jesus answered, "Most assuredly I tell you, unless one is born of water and spirit, he can't enter into the Kingdom of God!
John 3:3 John 3:5 may mean no baptism no heaven. Here I mention that thief on the cross was neither baptized neither Christian anyhow was first man in heaven. Gospel of Nicodemus shows he was baptized by Jesus after his death.
3.1.1.So we have Eastern Orthodox Christian Church and Christian denominations that offer baptism to give entrance to heaven.
3.1.2 We have all religions and denominations not offering baptism
Basically all children of Adam and Eve were denied entrance to heaven. Now baptism means dying as child of Adam and Eve and being reborn from spirit as child of God. Christians are not called to name God master
we call God as Father. See our Father prayer for Christians. Now dying as children of Adam and Eve we die for and to interdiction for
entrance to heaven and as children of God we can enter heaven. Jeremiah 31:31 speaks about the new convenant brought by Word of God
so first convenant was not eternal and not unchangeable.

John 6:53 John 6:54 No Holy Communion no life probably no eternal life
Apostles wrote Holy liturgies centered on giving Holy Communion for eternal life. Apostle James the leader of Early Church wrote Holy liturgy of Apostle James in year 60 . Today, year 2012, the Eastern orthodox Church of Jerusalem celebrates same Liturgy as Early Church. We also have Holy Liturgies of Apostles James, Apostle and Evangelist Mark, Apostles Peter, Thomas and others.God comes in every Sunday in Eastern orthodox Churches to transform bread and wine into Holy Communion for eternal life and there are pictures showing light coming into altar where God is coming. Another blessing of water done since Early Church calls on God for blessing of water and water starts resisting for years and molecular movement changes from brownian movement to something else after God is expected to come and bless the water and the changes show that God did come and did bless the water.
3.2.1.So we have Holy Eastern orthodox Church that gives Holy Communion as in Early Church with leavened bread.
3.2.2 Church that allows also unleavened bread and sometime does not give wine
3.2.3.Churches that renounced Holy Liturgies even if all Churches before 1500 celebrated Holy liturgies. Without Holy liturgy, Holy
Communion was replaced by symbols (no symbol word in john 6:53), words
3.2.4.Religions and denomination with no Holy Communion for immortality
Angel takes orthodox soul to heaven:
YEARLY Miracles:
-YEARLY : On Orthodox Easter day a light comes in Jerusalem on the Church build on place of crucifixion on the date of Orthodox Easter
-YEARLY : On Orthodox celebration of Baptism Jordan river moves backward
Video miracles:

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#2 Jan 29, 2013
All religions are not the same.

To understand this, we will study the phenomenon called Near death Experience. There are scientific books and articles written about this.

What happens is that some people are dying and then, because of medical equipment ,they come back to life.
Now when they come back they don't say that their understanding in the time they have passed to after life has disappeared, no they say that they were in the after life and that they were conscious.

Stories of near death can be found on youtube and on internet.

Several conclusions:
1.When people ask for God in after life Jesus comes to them
or here and presents himself as being God. Buddha does not come . Guru does not come.
2.I am not aware of unbaptized people coming unbaptized from death and saying I was in Heaven
3.People of religions not knowing God and of that basically many are sorcery tell about having to endure torture in after life. One example is what hindus tell here: Many people are not aware that Hinduism or Buddhism or other Eastern religions are sorcery even if this is not hidden for example Hindu sacred books having black magic that is an elevated form of sorcery and for example mantrik = magician a kind of sorcerer and what mantra can be?

Why sorcery is bad and why attracting young people that are religion illiterate to sorcery can be bad bad?

1.For once because they may get in after life to these experiences
2.Second because they may miss eternal life available to them in Eastern Orthodox Church
3.Because of this. Imagine a house full of tigers, panthers, lions roaming free. Imagine somebody living there and entering and exiting through the window . This is not good anyhow it can be worse. Imagine a house full of sick angels coming to hunt one giving him a lot of trouble like sickness, and many problems like addictions of alcohol or others threatening the life of a person. Sick angels because are sick may want to do harm to people and doing sorcery may be just inviting them them. How can one convince these sick angels to leave. So doing in school yoga spirals and inviting these angels on unsuspecting young children is horrendous. Also affirmations that sorcery religions are help for humanity when billions of people suffer in after life, for a religious literate person looks horrendous too.

Eastern orthodox Soul being taken to Heaven:

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#3 Jan 29, 2013
Great religious books:
1. The way of a pilgrim: A pilgrim wanders through Russia in search of a powerful prayer
2. The guru the young man and elder Paisios This book is very easy to read, probably will not be let down until read and is about religion mistery being unmasked. What is beyond the veil of mistery.

A way to Heaven from this life: This is discussed inj The way of a pilgrim anyhow for practical means other book presented in article above is recommended.

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#4 Jan 29, 2013
To be continued possibly with Romanian Orthodox traditions ....

1.When one goes to a meeting where there is verbal contradictions and people not understanding each other, he can call an angel of peace at that meeting at least one hour before the meeting. This can be done in classroom to for a peaceful lesson:

Dear God, please send angels of peace, defenders of both bodies and souls for as much as possible to all the participants to the meeting in place .... at hour .... Please do the same to as many people as possible. Amen.

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#5 Jan 29, 2013
Story, don't miss the one in front of zero's

Eternal life

Man:My child is a good learner.
The wise man put 0 on a paper, 0.
Man:My child is smart.
The wise man put another 0 on a paper 00.
Man:My child is a good child and listens to me.
The wise man put another 0 on the paper, 000.
And this continued for a while with many zero's on the paper.
Man:My child is Eastern orthodox Christian.
Then the wise man put a 1 in front of all zeros , 1000....000 saying: Without life, all the characteristics you have told about are zeros including being smart and listening. What is the use of being smart and without life? As an Eastern Orthodox Christian, having eternal life through Holy Communion, all the other characteristics become important.
Wise man: You see , doctor can give you maybe 120 years to live. Going to Eastern orthodox Church you can get immortality or eternal life John 6:53-54.

John 6:53: Jesus therefore said to them, "Most assuredly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you don't have life in yourselves.
6:54: He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.

In my understanding , what John 6:53-54 may say is that Holy Communion given at Eastern orthodox Church restores humanity at immortality.

So, by not going to Eastern Orthodox Church, one may miss something important, the one in front of zeros.

At the beginning of the Christianity, Apostles had wrote Holy Liturgies centered on giving Holy Communion for eternal life. We have Holy Liturgy of Apostle and Evangelist Matthew, Holy Liturgy of Apostle Thomas, Peter and James, the first leader of the first Church in Jerusalem.

Hundreds of years have passed and people forgot about eternal life and some denominations renounced to Holy Liturgy giving symbols or nothing instead of Holy Communion.

Before 1500, all the Churches that I know gave people Holy Communion for eternal life.


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#6 Jan 29, 2013
Best religion

Wise man:One Emperor put a box and asked his people to guess what is in the box. If the answer was right they would go to a great place, if the answer was bad, they can go to a bad place and some people are returned after guessing even if they had a good or bad answer. What would you do then?
Man:I would try to guess what is in the box?
Wise man:Could you guess?
Man:There would be very hard.
Wise man:Why would you not ask the people that went before you and returned or why would you not ask the emperor?
Man:Can I do that?
Wise man:Yes.
Man:If I can do that then would be easy? How is this in life?
Wise man:Right now you have to choose a religion. Religions and denominations are different and choosing one or another may make a great difference. One may find the truth at the end of life, unfortunately then may be late. The people that come from death speak that the God that comes to them in death is Jesus
and this speaks about best religion. Probably that would be the one in which Jesus is recognized as God since to people in comma or people asking for God or for people returning from death, Jesus appears to them as God . One of my for my coworkers had a car accident with more than 75 miles/hr and died , met Jesus, spoke with him and was sent back to life. For best denomination , when people of other religiond and denominations asked , in my understanding they arrived at Eastern Orthodox Church. In one story, a small Romanian army won a war and wanted to raise a Church, Romanians wanted orthodox and others wanted other denomination. They decided to ask God for a miracle and the Church was orthodox.
You know best religion and denomination in the World, God knows better so ask God about best religion and denomination in his eyes.

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#7 Jan 29, 2013
After life stories from a non christian religion:

1.Religion of Old Testament
"She'ol (pron.:/ˈʃi ːoʊl/ shee-ohl or /ˈʃi&#72 0;əl/ shee-əl; Hebrew שְ&#14 73;או& #1465;ל Šʾôl), translated as "grave", "pit", or "abode of the dead", is the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible's underworld, a place of darkness to which all the dead go, both the righteous and the unrighteous, regardless of the moral choices made in life, a place of stillness and darkness cut off from God.[1]
The inhabitants of Sheol were the "shades" (rephaim), entities without personality or strength"

This religion without baptism, publicly in Wikipedia, believes that her people, good or bad, go to pit , darkness where people become shades without strength or personality.
I won't comment about the truth of what they believe. It is scary. So many religions that appear so great at the surface, not having baptism hurt so many people.

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#8 Jan 29, 2013
Lions in the house

Wise man:There was a man that had decided to put tigers, lions and pumas in his house and let these roam free. Was this a great decision?

Man:Of course not. What life is this to enter and exist the house through a window, to sleep in the bathroom and others like these? It is scary. Even if these animals look nice they can attack at any time. One man had a puma and once while he hurt himself , smelling blood the puma changed the look. The man was quicker and the gun was close to him.

Wise man:well, it can be worst.

Man: Can it be worst in reality?

Wise man:Sure it can. And this situation happens in reality.

Man:How so?

Wise man:If a lion or a puma attacks only the body, and can be disposed relatively easy of, this may not be the case with a sick angel. If a sick angel comes, he can do much harm because it is sick and can harm both soul and body. Instead of having a house with tigers and lions is worse to have a house with sick angels.

Man:How can something like this happen?

Wise man:To escape several problems some people use sorcery or put others to do sorcery for them not understanding that by doing these they can acquire a sick angel that may be able to hunt him. Also by doing Eastern religions like Hinduism, Buddhism based on sorcery may make people acquire sick angels and behave strangely open to addictions or misfortune. Why mystery? Is there a sick angel hidden somewhere? Why phrases in foreign languages? It is something wrong with English or with the message? A great book is this: and here a young man goes East for finding the truth in an Eastern religion and comes back with a sick angel.

Man:Poor him.

Wise man: Yes. By doing sorcery , the sick angels can get power over the body and in time to get the control over the body. In this case the imaginary friend, mental diseases can appear. A survey done in a mental hospital showed that 70% of people there had done Spiritism giving e=mental energy to sick angels that took control over the body. Some were hurting themself.

Man:Well, escaping a small problem and acquiring a big one is not great. Well there are spiritual means of escaping sick angels like reading Psalm 26 every day 3 times. Whomever does this, can not be harm by sorcery being like in a armored car against sorcery and sorcerers. Praying to the relics of Saint Cyprian for help (Bucharest Zlatari Church) helps dearly too. sanctifying the house can help too, Holy water does put sick angels on run.Asking a priest, monk/nun to pray for you helps greatly.
If you need something ask God for it that has infinite power and does not harm you after wards. Don't go to sick angel that can harm one dearly and that can get power over you. Stay away of Eastern religions that are based on sorcery, Hinduism for example having black magic in their Holy Books. Good is yoga teachers would become normal Physical Education teachers .
if sick angels are good, what are the horror stories, people of Eastern Religions say about after returning from death? Being abused? Of course reincarnation is a lie. Nobody in hinduism coming from death say he was reincarnated. One God of Eastern religions turn out to be sick angel in the after life. In my understanding a psalm says the Gods of pagans are sick angels.
If you did something like this, if you come back to Christianity you will be spared. Confession to an Eastern Orthodox priest erases sins.

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#9 Feb 1, 2013
Orthodoxy 101

Wise man:Think that you need to play football with World dream team and you have to win.

Man:And who is in my team?

Wise man:Whomever you want including your neighbors.

Man:Well, maybe I will lose.

Wise Man:What about if you would need to play against a team that is 1 billion times more powerful than the World Dream Team? A team of angels. What if when you lose, you can lose the quality of your life.

Man:How can I win against angels? What kind of contest is this?Is it real?

Wise Man:Well , you may be right now in such a contest for your salvation. Against you may be the sick angels.

Man:Well, if I lose the quality of after life can degrade quickly.

Wise man:Well, what if not all the rules of the contest are known or understood right?

Man:Hard contest is this, how can one win?

Wise man:The solution is to ask God with infinite power to be on your side. You can do this through prayer: Dear God, please force me and as many people as possible to salvation. Give to me and to as many people as possible the knowing of all religions and denominations the way you know them and please send me and as many people as possible to the best religion and denomination in your eyes. Please give to me and to as many people as possible what you know we need for all eternities. Amen.

So, if you can win with a world dream team or with a team of angels, put your strength and hope not in your power, however in infinite power of God. One of the most important thing in the life is salvation so put your hope in God not in you while going to salvation so pray: Dear God please force me to salvation either if I want or not. Also if you are in a situation you believe is impossible remember that for God nothing is impossible so you can pray: Dear God please take me out of this situation that I can not manage anymore...describe situation... Please ask for a solution within next 5 minutes (if time is a concern).Amen.

How to resolve things:

Put on a piece of paper what you want to happen next 5 years and salvation then pray for this to happen 100 times a night at 12 am when 1 prayer is like 100 day time prayers. Do this for several days so in total you have at least 300 prayers. Then I think that things will start moving.

For example:
1.Dear God please save me and all people of my house together with as many people as possible.Please force all my family members , all my predecessors and successors to salvation, either if they want or nor together with as many people as possible.
2.Dear God please help to have a great job, to be at peace with all my colleagues and for children to like me.
3.Dear God please defend my children, grandchildren and successors and my belongings for as much as possible.
4.Dear God please give me and to my family what you know that we need in all this life and in all the after life
5.Dear God please help my children do well in school, job, marriage,life

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#10 Feb 2, 2013
It may not be uncommon to go in life and be unaware about the possibility of getting back immortality and entrance to Heaven or what is the goal of life.
This is a message giving the gift of knowing where eternal life and entrance to heaven can be acquired.

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#12 Feb 13, 2013

Hollywood, FL

#13 Feb 16, 2013
Orthodox miracles
&li st=PL581B6B34BF34AE03&feat ure=mh_lolz
orthodox catholic church

Athens, Greece

#14 Feb 16, 2013
To all Orthodox Christians in Australia and USA – Canada. Urgent need for Orthodox Christian Mission in Sierra Leone and Uganda.

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