I just read Dickson's article in "The Lutheran" called "Forfeiting Opportunity", pg 49, Aug '12.

Honestly, I struggle with this as I personally am a very private person. I don't like 'surprise' visits from people, so my personal assumption is others don't.(I know this isn't true for everybody. But it's MY predisposition.)

So what I really want to know is how does this pastor actually, REALLY make these calls? I'm a pastor, and make a fair amount of calls, but I'm finding more and more people are giving the "no need to stop by" line.

So WHEN & HOW is he making these calls? Most of my parishoners work, so during the day is out. Most don't want to be bothered so dinner time is out. That leaves weekends. A joke.

Plus, I have no problem stating, I have a family with kids, and their time is extremely valuable too. I have already lost more vacations than I care to recount, and more evenings/bedtime with the kids than is OK.

Does he seriously "just show up on the doorstep?"

Do others have problems with this?

How do pastors with families do this? Seriously.

How close do you come to the visitation model in the article?

Does a phone call 'count'?

Thanks in advance to any and all discussion!