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Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses Annual Meeting Report 2012

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Tucson, AZ

#1 Feb 13, 2013
What "faithful and discreet slave" "new light" really indicates; "Man of lawlessness" "lifting himself over everyone" in a PUBLIC finale of blasphemy "sitting down" IN "the temple of the God"; (2Thess2:3-4)

Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses Annual Meeting Report 2012


This development is an ominous prerequisite prophetic event that is supposed to be a signal of things to follow this development;


(2 Thessalonians 2:3-4) Let no one seduce you in any manner (like the GB MOL), because it (Temple Judgment precursor) will not come unless the apostasy comes first (UN NGO) and the man of lawlessness (Zech3:1-3) gets revealed, the son of destruction.(As is happening NOW);

4 He is set in opposition (Dan8:12b) and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down IN THE TEMPLE of The God, PUBLICLY showing himself to be a god.


The blasphemy is comparing (and self-approving) an actual spiritual prophetic entity "faithful and discreet slave" to a non-biblical and non-prophetic secular corporate "board of directors" not actually found in the bible; [1]

This "body" has been implied by the the "Governing Body" themselves to Acts 15:1-33 as if this "Supreme Council" overrides the 12 apostles and the anointed body;

Man of Lawlessness Permitted By God

God allowed this development so that the signal prerequisite progressive lawlessness (UN NGO, etc [3]) would be a signal to Jehovah's Witnesses actually paying attention to the bible, rather than to the GB actors in self-idolization and purposeful further blasphemy prior to their removal and the activation of the final sequence of all Biblical Temple and Kingdom prophecy repeating to finale and Armageddon;


(2 Thessalonians 2:6-9) And so now you know the thing that acts as a restraint,(responsible actual anointed leadership in Jehovah's witnesses like Fred Franz;) with a view to his being revealed in his own due time.

7 True, the mystery of this lawlessness is already at work; (In final fulfillment since the 1976 GB coup) but only till he who is right now acting as a restraint (such as Fred Franz) gets to be out of the way.

8 Then, indeed, the lawless one will be revealed,(and he is self-revealing as well; It is public now in fulfillment of this prophecy [2]) whom the Lord Jesus will do away with by the spirit of his mouth and bring to nothing by the manifestation of his presence.

9 But the lawless one’s presence is according to the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and portents...(Zech3:1-3)


JW Temple Judgment Cannot Be Reversed

Jehovah's witnesses need to be prepared for a temple judgment and a clean out as Revelation 8-11 begins to activate to final fulfillment for Jehovah's Witnesses eventual recovery after desolations of a timed period of prophecy (Dan8:11-14 is Zech3); [4]


Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#3 Feb 13, 2013


#4 Feb 16, 2013
How could fred Franz act as a restraint when he was responsible for the failed expectations of 1975? He turned out to be yet another JW fslse prophet as both Russell and Rutherford had previously been.
Simply logic

United States

#5 Feb 16, 2013
miken wrote:
How could fred Franz act as a restraint when he was responsible for the failed expectations of 1975? He turned out to be yet another JW fslse prophet as both Russell and Rutherford had previously been.
But he apalogized and he was not the one to push that date like the other people he worked with.

Woodbridge, VA

#6 Feb 16, 2013
Simply logic wrote:
<quoted text>
But he apalogized and he was not the one to push that date like the other people he worked with.
you make a good point
he set the fire and others poured on the GAS
demostrating that the whole WT team is neither Faithful or Discreet -
NO MAN Knows the Day or Hour
The Boys at the WT said, well we can TRY TO FIGURE OUT THE YEAR THEN

Woodbridge, VA

#7 Feb 16, 2013
Simply logic wrote:
<quoted text>
But he apalogized and he was not the one to push that date like the other people he worked with.
Would you be so kind as to show all the readers where Franz apoligized?

Upon examination of the WT published works-- one finds that the wt blamed "NOT FRANZ"--- but the rank and file jw like yourself

"In its issue of July 15, 1976, The Watchtower, commenting on the inadvisability of setting our sights on a certain date, stated:

“If anyone has been disappointed through not following this line of thought, he should now concentrate on adjusting his viewpoint, seeing that it was not the word of God that failed or deceived him and brought disappointment, but that his own understanding was based on wrong premises.”

"but that his own understanding was based on wrong premises.”

Would you be so kind as to tell all the readers who came up with THE PREMISE??

WAS IT THE RANK and file who came up with Chronology premise or the WT Leadership?

Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#8 Feb 16, 2013
miken wrote:
How could fred Franz act as a restraint when he was responsible for the failed expectations of 1975? He turned out to be yet another JW fslse prophet as both Russell and Rutherford had previously been.

Because Fred Franz opposed the GB coup of centralized authority, that allowed undercover factional developments to manifest more fully since 1976, while introducing policies that are now the top 4 web stumblers of all time;

Then within 15 years, the GB was on hands and knees to the UN NGO Baal system, as Bethel is the "Nineveh" United Nations annex "city" of rebellion and pollution;

Had Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz been respected as organizational God given genius, and interpretive harmonizers that they were as a team, with no need to "GB" troublemakers in the "man of lawlessness" weed seed form that they obviously, in hindsight, became - then none of this UN worship and promotional agency for UN Department of Public Information could have happened;

But it is prophecy, it had to happen, so that when Fred Franz was silenced as to the meaning of the KingNorth having to be "successful" from Daniel 11:30-45 as a specific EXPLICIT criteria for fulfillment of Daniel 11:36, meaning the USSR is not present in detail in Daniel 11:32-43 - THAT silencing of Fred allowed the GB UN operatives to hi-jack prophecy;

Then they co-promoted the UN 3rd placement as factional traitors of Daniel 11:30-31, in Aake! 9/8/1991 as UN NGO DPI co-agency;

Then they merely continued the USSR illusion, that that failure (Dan11:27), actually still fulfills Daniel 11:32-43, but in fact Daniel 11:36 stipulates that the actual KingNorth MUST be "successful until the denunciation completes" at Daniel 11:45 - so that is the UN 8th King power system, NOT the USSR;

Now they just hoodwink JWs into a GT hoax, that will be the world war 4 drive of Daniel 8:23-25 as 11:44-45 develops after that war is resolved for?

The FOURTH UN world placement of all time;

WHILE the GB currently ignores the 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:30-31, while they aided it at Bethel as UN NGO, while they cover it all up as per Daniel 8:12b;

They are the temple transgressors of Daniel 8:11-14 that will fulfill as Revelation 8:2-5 replicates in the neat future, and that BEGINS the final temple/kingdom prophecy sequence to 6 trumpets, 6 bowls, to 1260 days final warning, to 7th bowl and 7th trumpet, to Temple and Kingdom completion;

Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#9 Feb 16, 2013

All that is to come, but JWs think GT is next, but instead 7 to 14 years of final fulfillment Revelation 8-11 parallel to Revelation 16 is what is coming our way;

The GB is trying to aid a coup-de-grace!!!

And Fred Franz being squelched, silenced and killed is what allowed these GB UN undercover hooligans to hi-jack Bethel, and the whole worldwide ministry of JWs, to spread Daniel 11:30-45 errors concerning the USSR, which will leave JWs and the world lost, as the 8th King actual KingNorth System drives to and through WW4 to final UN NWO placement of Daniel 8:25, to the final surprise attack on the world system of Daniel 11:44-45 at Eze38 (BTG done) period of Rev19:19-21, which must occur AFTER a final world war 4;

That is the actual final "peace and security" of the "freedom from care" as Daniel 8:25 leads into parallel with 1Thess5:1-3;

THAT ALL developed after Fred Franz and other actual anointed Christians were overrun by UN Governing Body actors, that has been positioning for this hi-jack sinc 1976 and before - and that is why Nathan Knor and Fred Franz BOTH cursed the "lift up" of the "governing body" as a BAD developmental error;

And it was; And it is; And THAT is what is cleaned out of JWs at Zech3:1-7; 2Thess2:3-4 is the "wormwood" developers of Rev8:10-12, the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses is a hi-jack, an act, and non-anointed globalist operatives still fulfillng Daniel 11:32-35;

THAT is why the temple needs a cleansing and it is also the final signal judgment cycle that transpires over Dan8:11-14 timing (2300 units), 6 trumpets and bowls, to the 1260 day final warning, and "man of lawlessness" is the signal prerequisite we have been waiting for IN "the temple of God" as the fake governing body MOL operations of lawlessness, skillfully introduced as if they are anointed true Christians in 2Cor11:13-15 mode of deception; (Zech3:1-3);

Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#10 Feb 16, 2013
Short Reports:

Jehovahs-Witnesses-UN-NGO-Temp le-Prophecy-Final-Fulfillment_ short

Jehovahs-Witnesses-UN-NGO-Temp le-Prophecy-Man-of-Lawlessness

Jehovahs-Witnesses-UN-NGO-Temp le-Prophecy-Revelation-11-TwoW itnesses

Jehovahs-Witnesses-UN-NGO-Temp le-Prophecy-Revelation-8-Repli cation

Jehovahs-Witnesses-UN-NGO-Temp le-Prophecy-Basic-Daniel-8-and -11

Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#11 Feb 16, 2013
Jehovah's Witnesses and the United Nations (UN NGO) Fulfills Prophecy

Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#12 Feb 16, 2013

Then within 15 years, the GB was on hands and knees to the UN NGO Baal system, as Bethel is the "Nineveh" United Nations annex "city" of rebellion and pollution; (Nahum 3; Hosea4)

The ENTIRE books of Hosea and Nahum are all modern parallels to the Bethel UN Annex of today prior to judgment, being warned of impending temple purifications of Daniel 8:13-14 that kick off the "end of the world", but over years of known prophecy outlining globalist 8th King developments in detail - detail the GB is hoodwinking the meaning of and "throwing truth to the earth"; Dan8:12b;

Divine Prophetic Maps to Armageddon

Prophetic Modes That Repeat Prophecies to Progressive Finale

Bible Time Map of the End

4 Stands of the “Disgusting Thing”


JWs need to know a temple judgment of Rev8:2-5 leads to Rev9 recovery over a number of years as per Dan8:14;

JWs need to be set straight to announce God's own Sovereign world developments and to give Rev10-11 Christ Kingdom Sovereign Ultimatum to all mankind AFTER the rogue agents are toasted from the Zech3:2 "log" at Zech3:4-7 actual temple purification fulfillment that MOL GB is signalling is very soon; (2Thess2:3-4)

JWs will be recovered, the GB will be removed from authority as Fred Franz long ago recommended;

Zech3:6 is the new spearhead to be delivered by angelic aid to see the final ministry to Rev11:1-19 completion after a number of known prophetic develoipments make all this known to every JW on planet earth that can be approved for final deployment and commission to come as per Zech3:7 as this develops;
TaO itness

United States

#13 Feb 16, 2013
a more ominous change is that they moved up the date of the inspection of the slaves and the brother announcing they were looking forward to being inspected by Christ which was supposed to have happened in 1918! Maybe it was a Balaam experience or they snuck it in seeing if anyone would notice,by admitting this the harvest is moved up along with the ID of the evil slave! How arrogant beleiving they are not worthy of any punishment or discipline! How many people have been disfellowshipped for noting the same thing! They moved up the seperation of the sheep and goats to the trib a decade ago and lovers of truth ,logic and Yahweh saw that this moved up the arrival of Christ to the future! They make it that christ has TRHREE arrivals-1914,the trib ,then armageddon and twist the scriptures to fit that arrival. Its just part of their illogical exegis of prophecy they use to fit their own preconceived notions and hold on to their positions! YEAH,I CANT WAIT FOR THEIR INSPECTION EITHER! Maybe the leveging their doing to roll the dice with the bandits of the earth will bankrupt this corrrupt corp with their tax exept status and free lagor to build their realestate empire they ,Im sure the envy of their hedge fund buddies! When youre in a room with a bunch of crooks,you better watch your back when they covet youre wallet!

Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#14 Mar 5, 2013
TaO itness wrote:
a more ominous change is that they moved up the date of the inspection of the slaves...YEAH,I CANT WAIT FOR THEIR INSPECTION EITHER!
Financial intrigues will just be part of the story...


On the Governing Body as a Signal Pyre of the Man of Lawlessness UN NGO Sovereign Associates

Well the reaction you have is the one the "man of sin" wants people to have; He is "in the temple of the God" in order to stumble even the anointed who are actually in the holy covenant "if possible"; (2Thess2:3-4; Matt24:24)

The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses are OBVIOUSLY UN affiliated agency actors, not anointed of God, and are not in the holy covenant; They are the ones who "leave the holy covenant" in order for Daniel 11:30-31 to fulfill in 1990 when they became a UN member as the governmental body of Jehovah's Witnesses, thusly more than a "non-governmental organization";

They made Jehovah's Witnesses, a spiritual nation, a United Nations member organization;

(They also cover up (Dan8:12b) the meaning of the UN as the King North reality, for the USSR error that cannot fulfill Daniel 11:36 in success to Armageddon at Dan11:45; So, we have an infiltration as per Dab8:11-12; Dan11:30; 11:41)

Plain and simple, the GB are not who they claim to be, and that began budding in 1976 in their first "lifting" of themselves above everyone; Hint, hint....

So that UN NGO affair is serious business, and that is why the seriousness of this purposeful transgression parallels Daniel 11:30-31 in 1990 IN TIME, as the "transgression causing desolation" of Daniel 8:11-14, because the "desolation" is the initial desolation (on Bethel; 1Pet4:17; Hos1:4-7) of the "disgusting that causes desolation" which the UN NGO is evidence of; And that parallels Dan11:30-31 and Daniel 8:11-14 IN PRINCIPLE;

And that activates as cleansing (Isa6:5-6) desolation (Eze10) in the near future as Rev8:2-5 "altar fire", Zech3:2 "log in fire", Dan8:13-14 (temple purification) for the Zech3:4-7 temple priesthood in covenant, to be cleansed;


((That will put the JW army into the Rev9:1-2 abyss for that first 6 trumpet sequence in time, and complete Dan8:11-14 army and "established place" preliminary trampling; (Hos1:4-7), that God terminates when the proper degree of punishment and cleansing occurs (Isa12; Jer30:11)- it is not a total destruction, it is a purification and a wake up call for JWs that will extend to the world))


That means that the inspection of Mal3:1-2 is NOW, and is what results in Zech3:1-3 befouled reality being seen by God and Christ NOW, and that IDs the Governing Body as the tip of the "1/3" profanations of Rev8:6-12 to be judged as the "man of lawlessness" IN "the temple of the God" NOW, in the near future with a big event cycle that keeps going as per prophecy; (2Thess2:3-4; Rev8 proceeds through Rev11 over time)

And they reveal this by also self-revelation beyond the UN NGO, such as this "faithful and discreet slave" blasphemy which merely undermines the whole 1914-1918 REALITY;

They do this with reactionary planning that JWs do not see or ignore, but the world sees it, and some contemplate what such teachings actually imply;

It undermines everything, because this is "man of sin" up at Bethel, this is not ignorance or accidental, random and innocent, this is purposeful evil in the Governing Body in 2Cor11:13-15 mode of transormation;

We have all been warned by prophecy that thjngs are not always as they appear, and Satan is capable of getting into fallible men who lift themselves up as an infallible neo-papacy, just like the Christendom version, of the temple foundation cycle, initial "man of lawlessness";

Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#15 Mar 5, 2013

The clergy system was League of Nations aligned and rejected by God in 1918-1922, and the Governing Body and Watchtower SOCIETY, is also United Nations aligned, and about to be rejected by God with a vengeance, and the foretold signal cleansing of Zech3:1-7, Mal3:1-5, Rev8:2-5 timed for Dan8:13-14 temple purification signal prophecy;

The "lawless one" GB are here to undermine the foundation of the truth and the temple, but they cannot do that completely (Rev8:10-12), they instead serve to mark the actual "temple of the God", because the "man of perdition" MUST be IN that temple at final inspection; And 2Thess2:3-12 shows God permits this for this reason, because the "man of perdition" being revealed signals a prerequisite development of prophecy necessary BEFORE the temple judgment begins the whole terminal cycle of Adamic human history; 1Peter4:17 leads to Rev11:15-19;

But we also now know Jehovah's Witnesses ARE the "temple of the God" and the "courtyard" and "those worshipping in it" (Rev11:1-3);

And that will be made very clear for those paying attention, ironically, by a temple "established place" desolation of Hosea proportions in the whole book of Hosea fulfilling on Bethel of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and the anointed "earth" system of all JWs of Rev8:2-5;

Get ready! It is coming, and JWs are just the beginning, it will in time suck the whole world into what is an 8th King drive for world government that must go to and through "the tribulation of those days" and the deepest part of the great tribulation AFTER the final world war; (Dan8:25 is 1Thess5:1-3);

Like Peter said at 1Peter 4:17, if JWs are not being spared punishment and are difficult to save, where does the rest of the world stand as the 6 bowls of God's plagues on the world begin to be poured out as the context of Rev8:2-12????

Well, God intends to wake people up (Hag2:7), by rocking the all the nations for real; THAT is what those 6 bowls are, some will repent, not many, but enough to being to complete the prospective "great crowd" of Revelation 7:9-17;


Think Non-Linear


The Man of Sin wants everyone judging the whole JW temple as corrupted, but Zech3:1-9 shows that only the Rev 8 "1/3" has been undermined by man of sin, and JWs will get the Rev8:2-5 temple cleansing of Isa66:6 which is timed as 1150 days minimum of Daniel 8:14;

Jehovah's witnesses are thus being cleansed, for a more important reasons;

1. It leads to the first four trumpets activating heralding news of what this judgment means upon Jehovah's witnesses as the "1/3" is cleansed out as weeds and lawless ones, and errors of UN 3rd placement cover up in 1990 (Dan11:30-31);

2. It thus signals to JWs awake and being awakened hard, that Rev8:2-5 led to Rev8:6-12, and that desolation puts JWs in Rev9:1-2 abyss; This is a signal the trumpets will parallel the plagues/bowls of Revelation 16 on the world as the globalist 8th King, aided by the GB temporarily, is doing this during a globalist world event series intended to waltz to and through a final world war to again, the fourth time, place the "disgusting thing" and the "scarlet wildbeast" full world government AFTER that world war, just like WW1 placed the League of Nations, WW2 placed the United Nations, and WW3 (Cold War) placed the UN in New World Order initiative in 1990, 1991 at Bethel (Awake! 9/8/1991)

3. And that means Jehovah's witnesses will then be cleansed to "eat" the full "little scroll" and complete meaning and understanding before the final 1260 days of the second witnessing of the "two witnesses" for 1260 days prior to the Kingdom completion in maturity;

Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#16 Mar 5, 2013

Which of course reiterates the Kingdom birth truth of 1914-1918, which is now a mature universal power after the 1260 days (Rev11:2-3; Dan7:25-26; Dan12:7) completes the 2520 day total (1914-1918 plus future fulfillment repeated) "seven times" decree of the "appointed times of the nations" IN 2520 DAYS;

These events makes this officially known, and ushers in God's Kingdom by King Jesus Christ for real, forever, end of story, Armageddon time, with full warning, brought in by cleaned Jehovah's witnesses;

Therefore, before all the world, fulfilling all temple purification prophecy as a world signal in the process as all this repeats the [initial minor] 1914-1918 general cycle and principle of Sovereign Kingdom conquest of God by Christ Messianic Kingdom reality finalizing in the face of the enemy system as the end of the 1260 days (Rev11:2-7) is "after the tribulation of those days" as Matt24:29-31 is Rev6:12-17; as Rev11:8-14 is Rev16:17-18 and Daniel 7:26 (Christ full court)- the end (Matt24:14), with a known progression on prophecy, world events and in full warning that will take a number of years to complete, upon an assured initial pattern;

Reiterating Kingdom Sovereignty in the process as Rev11:2-7 is THE FINAL WARNING from God;

So do not make the mistake of thinking the JW truth is all corrupt; Just "1/3" is shown to be needing a purge (Rev8:6-12), and in that purge is the FINAL world signal series of God and Christ, the ultimate "two witnesses" BEGINNING with Jehovah's Witnesses (1Pet4:17);

That marks the truth;

If people doubt the first cycle of 1914-1918, maybe they will believe it the second time it fulfills as Rev11:2-3 repeats in front of our faces, and waltzes their over 6 trumpets and bowls, so we will not mistake where it is all leading; And God is providing a map for a trip, that takes a number of years at Dan8:14 temple cleanse judgment, to the 6 trumpets/bowls, over and into the 1260 days of Rev11:2-3, on to Kingdom and Temple completion and Armageddon, with final court (Dan7:26 is Matt25:31-46), and plenty of warning, and final deliverance (Rev14:14-20) of those surrendered to the Kingdom of God and Christ Jesus; (2Thess1:6-10);

THAT is why the "man of lawlessness" is foretold and permitted to develop in Jehovah's Witnesses, he is a signal pyre of God's cleansing fires to come; (Isa66:6; Mal3:1-5; Zech3:1-7) The "man of sin" is used by God to expose the whole world globalist developments prior to their extinction by Christ at Rev19:11-21 "sword mode" (close range), which is a second arrival when compared to Rev6:1-17 Christ "bow and arrow (long range) mode of 1914-1918;

The second fulfillment of the 1914-1918 1260 day pattern will affirm this is true; Again; Rev11;

Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#17 Mar 5, 2013

Temple Basics

Seven Times Must Complete

Temple Elements That Must Repeat

Basic Overview of the JW Problem
The Basic Prophetic Timeline of Temple Completion Being Covered Up by the 

Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses Since 1990

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Governing Body Deceptions and Treason

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Temple Judgment Signal to Full Temple Prophetic Replication Final Fulfillment

Why Final Cycle of Temple Prophecy is Important

Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#18 Mar 5, 2013

Revelation 8-11 – The Last Temple Sequence

1914 Main Patterns that Repeat in the Future

Final Temple Cycle as Simple as Possible

Great Temple 144000 Completion Phase and Finality: World Conquest

Final Temple Judgment Prophetic Sequence Timeline

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Revelation 8:1-5 is a Temple Cleansing Precursor Event Parallel to Zechariah 3:4

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Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#19 Mar 5, 2013

Fred Franz Files: Why The NWO Replaces the USSR in Daniel 11

UN/NWO Swaps in as USSR Drops Out

Daniel 11 Foretells JW Org Infiltration

Why Fred Franz?

What If Fred Franz Would Have Lived?

Fred Franz Dies With “New Light” in JW Org

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Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#20 Mar 5, 2013

Two Witnesses Sovereign Ultimatum

Two Witnesses… Again

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The Ultimate Final Fulfillment Loop to Revelation 8-11; 14-16 in Finale, from Zechariah3; Malachi 3:1-4; 2Thessalonians "Man of Lawlessness" Kick-Off By God Almighty as Per Guaranteed Prophecy.

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JW Full Infiltration Reverse Engineered

Since: Feb 11

Tucson, AZ

#21 Mar 5, 2013

The Ultimate Final Fulfillment Loop to Revelation 8-11; 14-16 in Finale, from Zechariah3; Malachi 3:1-4; 2Thessalonians "Man of Lawlessness" Kick-Off By God Almighty as Per Guaranteed Prophecy.

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Protocols of the Learned Governing Body Infiltrators of Brooklyn

Man of Lawlessness

Governing Body Reveals Public Worldwide Man of Lawlessness

Governing Body Man of Lawlessness?– Three Degrees of Separation in 1990

Prophetic Diversion of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1990

Bethel Open Letter – Acts 15 and the Illusion of the Governing Board of Directors

GB Cover Up: United Nations Third World Placement 1990 (Dan11:31)

GB “Man of Lawlessness” Reverse Engineered

The “GB” Grand Illusion

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