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“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#1 May 22, 2012
BEGINNING TODAY! Tuesday, May 22, 2012...

As you probably know by now, the month of Iyar ends at sundown. That means that I can no longer use the "Iyar" thread. Gotta keep on moving, now that we're entering the month of Sivan.

To those who are wondering "Will Douglas EVER stop working and fighting FOR Jehovah?!", now that his efforts to wake up the Watchtower members kinda fizzled as they approached the battle area, let me ASSURE you...


Now you're probably thinking...

"HMMMM..."Sivan " kinda sounds like "serving", in a kinda lisping kinda way! Will Douglas come up with a clever MONTH LONG campaign to link the month of Sivan and serving ALMIGHTY GOD Jehovah in some ULTRA-CREATIVE way?!"


But the other night, I had the most creative "2 birds with 1 stone" thought. If, as I pointed out over in the last Iyar thread comment, NOBODY is actually WORSHIPING or serving Jehovah, and so...


You're probably thinking "If Jehovah COULD get headaches, he'd be crawling off his HEAVENLY THRONE and heading to the first-aid station for an ice pack, right about now!"

But it ain't like that! OK, maybe some it is, but let me go into this a little deeper, then you can make any assumptions you feel are needed.

I know that my assignment was/is to "FREE THE CAPTIVES!", and that once assigned a particular project, it's not our job to go beyond what we're told. An example of that would be the king that thought it would be OK to pour the incense on the alter, even though he wasn't of the Levite tribe. Yes, the act WAS meant for Jehovah, but there were strict orders as to WHO had the right to do so. And we know what happened to him, don't we?!

But my next MONTH LONG Siv...OOPS, I mean OUR next MONTH LONG SERVICE to ALMIGHTY GOD Jehovah will deal with SERVICE, which is a FORM OF WORSHIP!


Now you're probably thinking "Douglas just wants to be first in the "WORSHIPING Jehovah THROUGH DAILY SIV...OOPS, I mean the "WORSHIPING Jehovah THROUGH DAILY SERVICE" line, so that the wonderful blessing that are in store for whoever steps up FOR Jehovah can be all his! How selfish!"

But you'd be wrong! As I learned the other night, Jehovah has UNLIMITED BLESSINGS, UNLIMITED JOB OPENINGS and UNLIMITED LOVE. You just need to be where is...

OUTSIDE THE Watchtower!

Any REAL LOVER of Jehovah will be able to read the next month's work, and see that the feelings stirred in them are different from what they get from their current organization.

The first order of business is to announce the upcoming, spine chilling and thrilling symposium:

"Worshiping Jehovah...A Way Of "Life", NOT Religion!"

I'll give you a minute to collect yourself before going into the contents!


Good. Now try these topics:

"Worshiping Jehovah...Following the ULTIMATE EXAMPLE!"

"Worshiping Jehovah Alone...In More Ways Than One!"

And that's just the beginning!

So, if you're ready to Siv...OOPS, I mean, if you're ready to begin SERVING ALMIGHTY GOD, let's ask him to guide and protect us, because we know that his enemy will put as many roadblocks in our way as he needs to, just to keep the number of TRUE WORSHIPERS at it's current level...


And with that in mind, let's say the words that our "ULTIMATE EXAMPLE" taught us, when his "WAY of LIFE" brought him down to our earthly level. And though he was "ALONE" in reaching this perfect form of devotion, his making himself OUR ETERNAL LORD and SAVIOR gives us the ONLY ESCAPE ROUTE out of our current situations. His words...

"Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil."

Say "AMEN!"

...have now OFFICIALLY DEDICATED this thread to his HEAVENLY FATHER!



“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#3 May 23, 2012
Wednesday, May 23, 2012...The "Update"

The first thing we need to make PERFECTLY CLEAR, is that I WILL NOT be a "WORSHIP LEADER". That privilege goes to those who COME OUT of the Watchtower, and still have Jehovah's spirit upon them.

That group DOES NOT include me. You'll understand better in a few minutes.

But since there are, as we have learned, UNLIMITED JOB OPENINGS, whatever position you get in Jehovah's service is a privilege.

That being said, on to today's quick "UPDATE"...

Worship That Is Acceptable To God

Jehovah God accepts only the worship of those who comport themselves in harmony with his will.(Matthew 15:9 "It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach commands of men as doctrines.’” and Mark 7:7 "It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach as doctrines commands of men.")

To a Samaritan woman, Christ Jesus said:“The hour is coming when neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem will YOU people worship the Father. YOU worship what YOU do not know; we worship what we know...Nevertheless, the hour is coming, and it is now, when the true worshipers will worship the Father with spirit and truth, for, indeed, the Father is looking for suchlike ones to worship him. God is a Spirit, and those worshiping him must worship with spirit and truth.”(John 4:21-24)

The words of Jesus clearly showed that true worship would not depend upon the presence or use of visible things and geographical locations. Rather than relying on sight or touch, the true worshiper exercises faith and, regardless of the place or things about him, maintains a worshipful attitude. Thus he worships, not with the aid of something that he can see or touch, but with spirit. Since he has the truth as revealed by God, his worship is in agreement with the truth. Having become acquainted with God through the Bible and the evidence of the operation of God's spirit in his life, the one who worships in spirit and truth definitely "knows what he is worshiping".


Does that sound familiar?

It should! I took it WORD FOR WORD from the Watchtower's own "Aid To Bible Understanding", on Page 1675, under the topic "Worship". That is the exact sub-heading.

So, was the Watchtower LYING when it said that Jesus pointed to a time when there would be NO VISIBLE ORGANIZATION needed? Or was Jesus LYING about "THE HOUR IS COMING, AND IT IS NOW"?

Jehovah's COMMAND for those who KNOW HIM is to "GET OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE!". That "HER" has been identified as being the very Watchtower Society that you now cling to with all your might.

But Jehovah has not changed his message. Just as he ABANDONED the "CHOSEN ONES" at the mountain, and in Jerusalem, HE HAS ABANDONED THE Watchtower!

The time to get out is NOW! You can not worship in spirit and truth, when the first thing that got tossed from your suit of spiritual battle armor was your "Belt of Truth", which allowed your "Sword of the Spirit" to fall off.

How can you worship needing what you don't have? You can't! And just as Jehovah allowed those who turned away from true worship to suffer the consequences in times past, those who remain INSIDE the Watchtower will see AND be the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy.

We'll get back to this topic. But I beg of all who were stirred by reading THE TRUTH of Jehovah, through the actual words of his FIRSTBORN SON, our ETERNAL LORD and SAVIOR, Jesus Christ, to...


There is no more time for delay, as we will learn.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#4 May 24, 2012
Thursday, May 24, 2012...The "UPDATE"

I noticed that the forum's population dropped dramatically yesterday after dinner.

I hope that it wasn't because folks were disturbed by the words "GET OUT...NOW!" that I used. If it was, then your time here on this thread should be shorter today, because today's "UPDATE"...

"Opposing The Devil...Evidently It's YOUR Job!"

...will be aimed at showing how the Watchtower members with the wrong attitudes are a danger to themselves AND others. Especially the Watchtower elders! Those who were aware of the effort that was made to expose the Nisan 13 DISRESPECT, but PROUDLY stood side by side with Satan, shouldn't be here on this thread to begin with. Yet, this isn't an attempt to "talk behind their back". I talked to them as straight forward as possible, and you see where it got the "flock".

I will have to do this in the e-mail first, because I don't know if I can finish before I have to switch locations. I have a family function today, and still have planning and gathering to finish. But I will get this "first things first" work done. THEN WE PARTY!

So give me a little time to complete the work. Then come back later and be prepared to ask...

"Why did Jehovah choose him as messenger, and not me?"

...when you see the UNDENIABLE PROOF that the "wait on Jehovah to act" mentality is just an excuse that is being used to keep the "captives" captive.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#5 May 24, 2012
Thursday, May 24, 2012...The "UPDATE"

OPPOSING The Devil...Evidently It's YOUR Job!

We are all familiar with the "famous" scripture that tells us how to make the Devil flee from us. It goes something like this:

"Wait on God, and the Devil will..."

NO! That ain't it. I'm sorry, but I got that wrong. I KNOW! It says:

"HO-HUM!, and the Devil will..."

NO! That ain't it either. How come I'm getting it wrong. I KNOW! It says:

"The BIG GAME is on, and the Devil will..."

NO! And that's enough of that, I just keep making the same mistake over and over and over again.

Let's see what the Bible says, in it's own words. In the NWT, at James 4:7, those "famous" words say: "Subject yourselves, therefore, to God; but oppose the Devil, and he will flee from YOU.".

WAIT ONE MINUTE! It says OPPOSE! Who's idea is this?! Well, I'll leave that question for you to answer. I'll just skip past that, and straight into the meat of today's subject...

At , the word OPPOSE is defined as follows: "to act against or provide resistance to; combat." AND MORE...

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#6 May 24, 2012
So that implies that some sort of action MUST be taken. If your BIG TEAM, in the BIG GAME went out there and put up no opposition, how long would they be YOUR favorite BIG TEAM? If your BIG TEAM went out and put on a "HO-HUM" performance, just how much would you look at, before you "VOICED YOUR OPINION"? And I ain't even gonna equate your BIG TEAM with Jehovah, because he ain't in the mood for it, and neither am I.

I've been thinking about this subject for only a few hours. I thought about it yesterday evening, as I was heading home. I thought about how many Watchtower members, Watchtower elders in particular, that told me that they would just "WAIT ON Jehovah" to act on the knowledge of their organization being infested with IMPOSTORS. And they felt very comfortable in saying it.

Sure, there's the scriptures that tell us to "wait", just as there are scriptures that tell us to "trust", have "confidence", "hope" and a whole lot more.


The Devil is right there, in your buildings, and he's the one feeling comfortable. Right there in your buildings, he knows that he is getting NO OPPOSITION, so he has NO INTENTION of fleeing. The Watchtower has it's members believing that they are "above reproach" in the area of any and all things spiritual, and if you even try to broach the subject, they whip you back into shape with Satanic FEAR tactics. And so far, it's worked like a magic charm. Elders would rather cut off their right arm than raise it in defense of Jehovah or the flock. The Watchtower elders are some of the most infamous "WAIT" staff in history.

But let's go back and see, not what James said, but WHY he was inspired to say "OPPOSE the Devil", and what "action" a TRUE LOVER of Jehovah needs to take IMMEDIATELY to get off of this course of ETERNAL DESTRUCTION that Satan has them duped into believing they're immune from. We've discussed several times how the congregation at Ephesus put on the COMPLETE SUIT of SPIRITUAL ARMOR, and went out and exposed the FALSE APOSTLES of their day. We even tried getting that same COMPLETE SUIT on, and preparing for a SPIRITUAL BATTLE to break free from the Satanic grip that holds the "CHOSEN ONES". Only problem with that turned out to be the fact that the suits were being tried on, and fitted INSIDE the Watchtower! I slapped my forehead when Jehovah figured that one out for me. I racked my brain trying to figure out why it was SO EASY for that suit to come off and thrown to the floor. It was all being done INSIDE Satan's boutique! No wonder you looked in that mirror and saw how disgusting you looked! It was HIS MIRROR, giving you a distorted view of yourself. Just like those mirrors they have at amusement parks, that you stand in front of, and see a tall, short, fat, skinny or everything else kind of view, Satan's mirrors were guaranteed to make you disgusted at ANYTHING "Jehovah" in nature. And it worked like a charm. That time...

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#7 May 24, 2012
So YOU need to take "further action" on this matter. The ONLY way to OPPOSE the Devil in this is to...


There is no other recourse! If there was, Jehovah would be telling you what it is. But there is ONLY ONE MESSAGE from Jehovah, for the "CHOSEN ONES" that are Watchtower members, and that's the message to "GET OUT OF HER...MY PEOPLE!". In the scripture that gives that warning, Revelation 18:4, the reason behind it is so that you DON'T commit her sins, and therefore WON'T receive part of her plagues. Once Satan gained entry into the Watchtower, he moved his entire force in with him. He has transformed himself into this angel of light, and has the watchtower members defending HIM with every fiber of their being. He has slipped in silently, just as a snake does, and has swallowed up unsuspecting member after member. WITH NO ONE TO OPPOSE HIM! If what was waiting for "HER" was worth anything, you know that they would be making sure you couldn't get close enough to it to get a share. But since "misery loves company" and the miserable one in this case has an ETERNITY OF DAMNATION ahead, pulling you down with him is his final goal. The verse doesn't say "plague", it says "plagues", meaning a lot of stuff about to hit "HER". So, to repeat our top story...


You're tired, you just finished a hard double shift at work and finally you go home for some much needed rest. You're about to pass out on your feet from exhaustion, and that bed looks so good there, waiting for you. You pull the covers back, and there's a snake in the middle of the bed! Not just any snake, NO, this is a venomous killer who hasn't eaten in a while, and is looking at you like his menu options just widened. But you're tired. And besides, this is the same bed that you've been in for years, so this is your safe spot. See where I'm going with this?

It doesn't make any sense to sit and ponder WHEN the snake got inside the house and inside the room and inside the bed and under the covers.

It doesn't make any sense to sit and ponder WHO the snake is, that got inside the house and inside the room and inside the bed and under the covers.

It doesn't make any sense to sit and ponder WHY the snake got inside the house and inside the room and inside the bed and under the covers.

You know WHAT a snake is, and you know WHERE that snake is.

And being tired shouldn't make you ignore the fact that "HEY! There's a snake in my bed, where I've felt safe all these years!" and keep moving in to curl up under those covers, now should it? NO! You get away as quick as you can, after throwing anything you can between you and the snake, beginning with those covers in your hand! You ain't thinking about sleeping in another room, because you don't know how many rooms he can get in. YOU LEAVE! After you leave, you call for "PROFESSIONAL HELP" from a phone across the street, if not from across town.

But for some reason, the Watchtower members still feel as if the hungry, venomous snake in their building, in their room and and in their bed is harmless. They're under the mistaken impression that "GOD'LL FIX IT!" as long as they just stay curled up under those covers and "WAIT ON Jehovah". No action is needed on their part. They don't have to OPPOSE the snake, because as long as they have faith...

OH NO! YOU DROPPED THAT Shield of Faith, remember?! Now what?!

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#8 May 24, 2012
The only way left to OPPOSE the Devil, is to GET OUT OF THE Watchtower. Get out of the "house" that Jehovah ABANDONED, and has been infested by the snake of Genesis 3:1, that is still crafty at what he does, and that's twisting minds AWAY FROM Jehovah. Every day you waste, pondering your fate against that hungry snake, is a step closer to sealing your fate that he gets. He has his literature filled with smiling faces that "just couldn't be from anywhere else but Jehovah" so that HIS WORKERS can do double shifts passing it out to the public, making them so tired at the end of a day, that they are actually honored to curl up in the bed that they've been in for years. Ain't that one of the main reasons given for not abandoning "the organization", because it's been theirs for so long, "and your parents" brought you up to know Jehovah is in there, and whatever else he has to say to keep within striking distance, where he can sink his venomous fangs deep in you. Doesn't matter if he get's you in the front as you carelessly approach, or in the back if you leave too slowly. He got you, and that's all there is to it.

LEAVING THE Watchtower IMMEDIATELY is the first step in OPPOSING the Devil. THEN you can get the SPIRITUAL ARMOR back on. Don't worry, Jehovah has enough outfits that the one you tore off and threw to the floor can be replaced. He knew that we might, just like little children playing in the dirt in our "Sunday best", need another new set, and another and another. When our ETERNAL LORD and SAVIOR purchased us, he also took our measurements. He also knew that what he purchased would fall down, fall short and fall in the mud of this SPIRITUAL BATTLE. And then needing to be picked up, fixed up, cleaned up and eventually carried over the finish line of this SPIRITUAL RACE.

So this weekend, what are YOU going to be doing?!

Curling up with the snake INSIDE the Watchtower?! The snake that has his venom filled fangs exposed and ready to strike? He will appreciate the company. He has enough of that smiling face literature ready for you to do a double shift. He'll tell you how pleased Jehovah is with your Siv...OOPS, I mean with your Service. He'll assure you that blessing are in store for you in the near future. But if you're smart, you'll begin to heed Jehovah's warnings, and ABANDON the Watchtower...IMMEDIATELY! The blessings you're counting on, are really plagues that are to be heaped on those who don't heed the warning to "GET OUT...NOW!"

Only then will Jehovah act. You see that he hasn't lifted a finger to make changes yet, and if you say that he has, you're the BIGGEST FOOL out here. He hasn't, and since he CAN NOT LIE, he will continue to sit there until YOU OPPOSE the enemy by GETTING OUT OF HER. He said he won't help the PROUD and HAUGHTY who treat the PRECIOUS BLOOD of HIS FIRSTBORN SON WITH CONTEMPT. If that sounds familiar, it should...

The Watchtower just PROUDLY and FAITHFULLY completed that assignment for their "owner"...WITHOUT HESITATION!

To sum it all up for today...

The Watchtower Society HAS BECOME THE HOME OF Satanic WORSHIP!

We know the "WHO", "WHAT", "WHERE" and "WHY" of the problem. "WHEN" and "HOW" don't matter.

It's called reality. And those who are foolishly clinging to the fantasy of the friendly snake that loves you to death, well, he does love you to death, IF YOU JUST KEEP LETTING HIM!

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#9 May 25, 2012
Friday, May 25, 2012...The "UPDATE"

Well, I survived! And you just have to know how Jehovah moved events in their proper place, to ensure that maximum "Clarkness" broke loose! I was IMPRESSED! And I'm the "Clark" who put the "ness" in them. But as I've pointed out before, it only gets better when I'm in charge of "production" and making sure that the "manufacturing" process is handled by ONLY THE BEST.

As soon as I check my e-mail, I'll have some pictures to show from the event. I would do it now, but I still feel like I was fighting all last night. That's how you know it was a "Dougie" event. It ain't that you don't remember the events from last night. That would only be counterproductive. It's how long it takes you to recover from the events of last night! Leave your inhibitions (and your reputation) at the door...


But I courageously dragged myself out the house to come here for today's "UPDATE". I said yesterday that it was a "first things first" situation, and that includes the aftermath, whatever the "other things" that got added to it involved. To top that off, I left the house without my "Starbucks" coffee! I was halfway down the hill when I remembered. I was going to go back, but figured I would be able to get some (YUK!) regular coffee somewhere. Now here it is, almost evening, and I still ain't had no coffee. The place I thought would have some didn't. There's no vending machines at this library. It's hard being Doug. I will survive this also. I won't keep complaining about it, because evidently Jehovah ain't all that concerned with my coffee needings, because he sure ain't sent none down like manna. I could keep complaining, but there comes a point where you wake up and see that you ain't being listened to...

WAKE UP! Just what I'm trying to do.

Honest? I hate coffee! But it's the caffeine that I drink it for. I'd much rather have a Mt. Dew! And I shouldn't have wrote that, because now, I got Mt. Dew on my mind! That ice cold refreshment, pouring down in big gulps, with it's citrusy kick building up to a mind crushing crescendo that makes your entire body want to curl up and...

But like I said, Jehovah evidently ain't all that concerned with my Mt. Dew needages, because he sure ain't provided any. Maybe that's because I'm across the street from a store, and if I needages it that bad, I could get off my lazy behind and crawl over there and get one. The way I feel right now, I don't see it happening.

I'll keep you posted...

Let's get down to business, before I totally lose it, and you see the words...


...and wonder who that "SPECIAL" message was meant for.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#10 May 25, 2012

It's official!

It ain't happenin' today!

As soon as I posted, instead of going straight to work, I looked to see if any of the pictures from last night were on anyone's social pages yet. Even though I didn't see any, I saw this one picture on my daughter's page.

I don't think you can link to a facebook page, so I tried to put it up as my profile pic, but it was too big to fit. In doing so, I removed the picture I had, of my mother's cat in her usual "TAKING ANOTHER MUCH NEEDED NAP" position, without saving it on the computer first. So now it's gone, and I know I have it in one of my sites, but I'll have to find it.

This is her dog. I had him on my sixwhitney e-mail, so I went and got him. But that's all I did. That quick, I forgot to look for some of the pictures from last night.

So I give up for today. I'm heading to get

I did put the picture up in the Pittsburgh Photo section. If it passes inspection, it'll be posted there. I would post it on a webpage, but the only one that's "active" is the "librarycoverup" site, and that isn't for public viewing yet.

If you do go over there and look, it's the one that asks about the sick birds. It ain't the joke, it's the after line that had me laughing like I ain't got no sense. No added comments...

I tried to link to a google search. If it works, here it is... !&um=1&hl=en&biw=1 366&bih=622&tbm=isch &tbnid=f3HZUZXPuqyIQM: &imgrefurl=http://weknowme ve-sick-birds/&docid=G7t93 iLEaMMtYM&imgurl=http://we ds/2012/05/what-do-you-give-si ck-birds.jpg&w=500&h=1 078&ei=h8a_T6P9LYWe8QTah53 DCw&zoom=1&iact=hc &vpx=111&vpy=82&du r=2572&hovh=330&hovw=1 53&tx=103&ty=156&s ig=100713976993565552507&p age=1&tbnh=140&tbnw=65 &start=0&ndsp=22&v ed=1t:429,r:0,s:0,i:71

But I'm headed to get me a Mt. Dew!

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#11 May 25, 2012

It turned out to be "Starbucks"!

But I wasted the entire day. Oh well, I'll finish this on Saturday. I wanted to discuss how I suddenly came up with the "OPPOSE" topic, since it was "WORSHIP" that wes being highlighted.

But it all kinda melted together with several events that happened on Tuesday.

It was like it was the world was telling me to "bend over and grip them ankles".

Make no mistake about it...I AIN'T THE ONE!

This is a holiday weekend. I know the Watchtower has no problem trying to use the "Jehovah's SERVICE" line, to get folks to peddle their "smiling faces" literature. But somewhere along the line, you're either going to WAKE UP and see that Jehovah has ABANDONED the Watchtower, and that, according to the "Aid To Bible Understanding" book, under the topic "Worship", ANY worship that isn't acceptable to Jehovah is directed to Satan.

Go out door to door this weekend...IT'S FOR Satan!
Go to a Watchtower meeting...IT'S FOR Satan!
Distribute ANY Watchtower literature...IT'S FOR Satan!

But how can I say that, yet I still use and research from the "Aid" book?! The "Aid" book is one of only two pieces of Watchtower literature that i have allowed to remain in my house. The other being the "All Scriptures Inspired" book.

Both belonged to my father, and both came from an era BEFORE Satan gained control of the organization. THAT'S HOW!

I know that the "Aid" book was "replaced" with the "Insight On The Scriptures" volumes. There's a part of me that wondered if the same wording was used under "Worship That Is Acceptable To God" that I used in comment #3, to prove that Jesus said that there would be a day coming when "organizations wouldn't be used".

Any current literature from the Watchtower is tainted by Satan. The fact that there are so many smiling faces in it comes under the "angel of light" catagory.

My personal hope is that you'll spend this weekend with Jehovah. That means that you're AWAY from the Watchtower, in every possible way.

You're either going to ABANDON it now, or when Jehovah collapses it. One way or the other, you're time in there is limited...


I need to get over to the North Side, then Downtown for the dinner under the bridge. It's not our group feeding tonight, but I'll go's dinner!(DUH!)

Please stay away from ANY Watchtower activities!
Self Righteous

Houston, TX

#12 May 25, 2012
Douglas, you need more face to face interaction with real people rather than black type on a contrasting background.

I mean really dude, your either crazy or a genius...

I am sure you will claim both and take it as a compliment.


Noone reads your long ramblings.....

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#13 May 25, 2012
Self Righteous wrote:
Douglas, you need more face to face interaction with real people rather than black type on a contrasting background.
I mean really dude, your either crazy or a genius...
I am sure you will claim both and take it as a compliment.
Noone reads your long ramblings.....
But somehow you did!
Self Righteous

Houston, TX

#14 May 25, 2012
I read about the first two lines of the first post, skimmed a bit to see if there was anything interesting or if it was just a ploy to get attention.

I am sure you are able to conclude what I concluded...

Since: Sep 11

Brantford, Canada

#15 May 25, 2012
Self Righteous wrote:
I read about the first two lines of the first post, skimmed a bit to see if there was anything interesting or if it was just a ploy to get attention.
I am sure you are able to conclude what I concluded...
I read what Dougie has to say. Don't agree with any of it, but I will admit that he handles himself better than any jw on this forum. I hold a certain respect for that, even if I give him the gears sometimes. Deep down, he knows I'm only kidding around.

Douglas has some pretty deep convictions, which I can respect, even if I don't believe them. But one thing he never does is spam endless topics with insults to other posters. In fact, I don't recall if I've ever seen him attack someone, especially on their thread. He's made a couple of wrong calls, but never with a vicious intent. Can you say the same thing?

P.S. Douglas. I'm only posting this because the library is closed. Cheers dude.

Pittsburgh, PA

#16 May 26, 2012
Self Righteous wrote:
I read about the first two lines of the first post, skimmed a bit to see if there was anything interesting or if it was just a ploy to get attention.
I am sure you are able to conclude what I concluded...
First off, we know that you're LYING because NOBODY can just "skim" my work. The entire Satanic crew stops to read my work. I consider it an honor that I present to Jehovah.

A "ploy to get attention"...

You gotta be kidding! Satan himself bites his fingernails, praying to himself that his Watchtower secret stays hidden for just one more day, but fully aware that I'm not stopping until they are ALL spiritual "history".


I need to go back to your comment from yesterday. It was meaningless!

But your ID, "Self Righteous", identified you as being of Satanic origin. As we learned over in the Iyar thread, ONLY Jehovah was RIGHTEOUS! His FIRSTBORN SON, our ETERNAL LORD and SAVIOR, Jesus Christ, attained his righteous standing by "giving his all" to Jehovah, FOR US!

So your claim of being SELF righteous shows that you use the only other entity in the universe to try and claim HIMSELF as righteous...

That example that you emulate is your "boss" Satan!


I tested "genius" back in Jr. High School. So I'm way past that now. It's just because Armageddon was always scheduled sometime in the next two weeks or so, that I was held away from the top levels of worldly "education", since it wouldn't be needed.


Did you know that I was recruited to go to Carnegie Mellon University?

So, UH, what have you been up to lately?

And for someone to actually enjoy being called crazy is an idea that members of the Satanic crew can identify with. Not me.

Last but not least...

I don't want you to break out in a sweaty pool of worry, but your "PSSST" has been diagnosed as being a small leak. Better run and get that checked...IMMEDIATELY!

Getting a "flat", on the road to "HELL" can be a MUTHA!

Just sayin'...

Pittsburgh, PA

#17 May 26, 2012
The previous poster wasn't worthy of me logging in.

But I wasted so much energy and time on that reply that schedule is now all twisted out of shape.

I was referring to the topic "The Breastplate of Righteousness...Home Is Where YOUR Heart Is!", when I pointed out that ONLY Jehovah was RIGHTEOUS, until Jesus attained that lofty position by his remaining true to his mission of being our ETERNAL LORD and SAVIOR.

When I got here today, the forum's population was at 66. I know that there is a solid push for "real witnesses" to go out in field service, now that they know that the boulders are beginning to crash down around them. The "DEEEEEAR BROTHERS" line that they use on the unsuspecting is as brilliant in it's deviousness as they could have ever imagined.

But the fact remains, that the Watchtower is under the control of Satan. When we get into the "WORSHIP" symposium, it will be explained, using the material found in the 1969/1971 edition of the "Aid To Bible Understanding" book, with a little something extra thrown in from the 1963 edition of the "All Scriptures Inspired..." book.

A "little something extra" when your talking about Jehovah, is like having an extra overflowing bank account.

Know what I mean?

So it's a holiday weekend. I only have tomorrow for the library, since they're closed on Monday.

And with tomorrow being the "INDY 500"...

Pittsburgh, PA

#18 May 26, 2012
Before I leave, did any Watchtower members catch the VENDETTA program that your organization is in the midsts of engaging?!

I caught it the other day, when I was looking for something. But I had to laugh when I saw how goofy their attempt was.

Remember that the WARNING to "GET OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE", found at Revelation 18:4, is...

"if YOU do not want to share with her in her sins, and if YOU do not want to receive part of her plagues."

"Share with her in her sins".

Right now, as you sit at your computer, how many people do you know that are living "double" lives?

It doesn't make a difference if they are in your District, in your circuit, in your congregation, in your book study, in your family OR you yourself. How many have accepted their "fair share" of what "SHE WANTS YOU TO SHARE IN WITH HER", but are still welcomed as members, in "good standing" and with leadership roles that are supposed to be looked up to AND respected?

Under the leadership of Satan, the Watchtower members that do the worst are protected the "best".

You KNOW that's true.

Because Satan has your eternal future in mind. Your eternal destructed future!

You KNOW that's true.

But a group that has no problem DISRESPECTING Jehovah, and treating the "PRECIOUS BLOOD of Christ WITH CONTEMPT", wouldn't have much of a problem with trying to hold a grudge against someone.
And trying to look "righteous" in doing it! That's NERVE!

The time to get out of the Watchtower is NOW!

Because the second part of that WARNING is about to commence where "HER PLAGUES" befall her. Those are Jehovah's GUARANTEED words.

The saddest part will be seeing anyone who had the time to heed the warning, looking around KNOWING that the lost their last chance to escape. Anyone who delights in seeing another fall, will be the one that falls.

I keep praying for my family to wake up and see that an organization that uses the vendetta system is a waste of Jehovah's time.

The fact that they weren't given a direct memo about the vendetta doesn't matter. It's the job of the individual to OPPOSE the Devil...

so that he'll flee.

You KNOW that too!

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#19 May 26, 2012
I do KNOW one thing...

For someone that didn't feel it was necessary to sign in, because I didn't have much to say, I sure wound up saying a lot!

I even ran out of time at the main library, and had to come over on the North Side, just to get some more.

Now I'm here, but it's almost closing time.

I'm working on a prediction for "INDY's 500", which is being started...TOMORROW! I'll be at the library at noon.

I already got "Monte" coming in first, followed by "Geno", then "Barbie" and "John-John" in a 3rd place tie, but that just covers the first 4.


And I'm just waiting to TAP IN the reserves!

But "first things first" is we have to get her safely AWAY from where she currently is, because the longer she stays there, the more danger my "Clark" crew is in, and INTO the REAL SAFETY that ONLY Jehovah provides.


You KNOW that!

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#20 May 27, 2012

Honest, I wasn't going to do any posting here today, but when I found out the REAL IDENTITY of the "Self Righteous" individual that had the nerve to actually think he could lie about "skimming" through my posts...

Just call me "Kitten" because this ball of "yarn" is about to get swatted!

The nerve of this overblown lack of manhood having the nerve to even speak to me...

The gall of this sad sack of leaky monkey split, who evidently just PAID his way out from under the legal system's "DON'T BEE HITTIN' DA HONEY", for thinking that I'll be his online punching bag...

The very audacity of a cretin like that, actually thinking that we will share ANY time bantering about ANY subjects...

First off, I find that so-called men who attack females are spineless. It's one thing to have a moment, but to let it get to the point that there are criminal measures taken, NAW DUDE, you're too sorry to have anything to ever say to me ever again.

And I logged in to make it official.

Remember that you were the one that tried to have the nasty spanking the monkey pic added to your ID. If for some reason you don't recall, like your memory being damaged by your cell mate banging the top of your head off the cell walls, during your romance filled time inside, AND HIS TIME "INSIDE", when it was YOU that was giving new meanings to the term "BATTERING RAMS", I went back and found the thread for you to "IN-JOY" once more...

...and may that be a small example of what will be in store for you, if you ever say another internet word to me.

"Skimmed a bit"?!

Locked up, you might have "skimmed", but you got you sorry butt kicked if you "bit", and the only "ploy" that you used to get attention was screaming for the guards, who probably are right now, selling your cell block exploits as their own BIG MONEY making COMEDY sex tape.

You sorry, disgusting fool, don't you ever come back to any of my threads. Go find your monkey and play with it, or whatever else you want to do until bedtime.


“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#21 May 27, 2012
As you know, the library is closed tomorrow for the holiday.

If an "EMERGENCY" arises, I'm always on duty.

But, as one that leaves all protective devices to Jehovah, I'll just let the words of Psalms 46 lead the "worry-free" charge!

No weapon, OR VENDETTA will ever succeed, as long as the one who returns favors BIG TIME is LIVING.

But for those who need reassurance, let's end this with the words our ETERNAL LORD and SAVIOR, Jesus Christ, taught us to DEPEND on, when we needed results in our lives...

"Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil."

Say "AMEN!"

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