Various Denominations Sex Abuse...

Various Denominations Sex Abuse...

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Seattle, WA

#1 Jun 25, 2010
1988: Vicar Trevor Ward jailed for 7 years for using pornographic books to corrupt boys as young as eleven. Ward arranged sex 'threesomes'. Ward admitted offences of indecent assault, gross indecency and buggery over an 8 year period.

1988: Rev. Joseph Got jailed for indecently assaulting a 10 year old boy and taking obscene photographs of him. Glos. Crown Court.

1988: R.A.F. Roman Catholic Priest fined for gross indecency after picking up a man at public toilets and committing sex act in a supermarket car-park.

1988: Mormon preacher from Manchester shoots two women neighbours and then fires random shots from a magnum .35 revolver (for which he had a firearms certificate) before killing himself and his pet Alsation.

1988: Fugitive Italian priest Rev Lorenzo Zorza goes on run accused of organising a pipeline for swapping American cocaine for sicilian heroin.

1988: A 'God Fearing' 38 yr old Foster Parent sentenced to 4 years for indecently assaulting three girls aged 8 at Bodmin Crown Court.

1989 A 'devout Christian; and a Sunday School teacher, Scott Williams, 29, admitted to raping a 13 year old girl and strangling and beating her to death.

1989: Christian Evangelist Darlene Jackson, 33, starved her 4 year old daughter to death to exorcise her of evil spirits. She was sentenced to 7 years.

1989:'Church-affiliated psychologists and attorneys concede that, in the past 10 years, hundreds of priests have molested thousands of children in the U.S. More than 600 paedohpiliac priests have been counselled at a New Mexico facility in that time' Aberdeen Press & Journal 7.12.89.

1989: Bartley Dobben, a member Member of a Christian evangelical fellowship killed his sons, aged 2 and 15 months, as a sacrifice to God by putting them into a red-hot foundry ladle because "God had dictated through the bible" that he should do so.

1989: Minister Bernard Ponder 46, already on probation for the sexual abuse of boys now accused of sexually abusing a deaf boy.

1989: Salvation Army member sexually abuses 14 year old girl whom he met at Sunday School. Jailed at York Crown Court.

1989: Chapel child care volunteer charged with 50 counts of of child molestation, kidnapping, child abuse and other offences at Spring Valley church. A former youth minister was convicted of molesting teenagers at the church in the early


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#2 Jun 25, 2010
1989: Baptist Christian fundamentalist found guilty of starting

19 fires at bookstores and sex shops causing 90,000.00 worth of damage and injuring two firemen.

1989: Rev William Thompson 45, Headmaster at an Episcopal church pleaded guilty to charges of child ponrography and molesting 7 boys aged 11 to 16.

1989: A devout British Moslem ritually killed his daughter by saying Bismilla and then slitting her throat and allowing her to bleed to death because she had declared that she was to convert to Christianity after she had been enticed into a gospel meeting by Jehovah's Witnesses.

1989: Robert Messersmith, 46, a catechism instructor found guilty of coercing boys (12 to 15 years) to perform sex acts by showing them pornography.

1989: Christian Evangelist Tony Leyva sentenced to 2 years for running a child prostitution ring.

1989: Baptist minister Henry Waters, convicted of sexually abusing young boys whose souls he claimed would be 'saved' through his 'sex instruction'.

1989: Salvation Army Captain Jack Holcomb, 50, pleaded guilty to unlawful intercourse with a 14 year old girl Salvation Army member.

1989: Vicar quits his job after allegations of sexual indecency with girl.

1989: London Vicar and church school Governer exposed, along with the deputy headmaster of the school for 11 year olds, for hosting perverted homosexual parties where drugs are smoked and hard core porno films are screened before group sex orgies commence.

1989: Rev Robert Halverstadt, 61, jailed after admitting to using games, coercion and drugs to sexually molest 3 girls in his congregation. One girl said he gave her something to drink that made her fall asleep.

1989: Bible School teacher Stanley Cummings sentenced to more than 2,000 years in prison after conviction on 60 counts of child molestation and sexual exploitation of minors. Cummings molested, sodomised, photographed and tape recorded beating his victims whom he met through his church.

1989: Foster parent Reverend Robert Schultz, 52, who had been honoured for his voluntary services to the community was sentenced to 30 years after confessing to acts described as 'horribly perverse' on foster children in his care.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#3 Jun 25, 2010
1989: Baptist minister William Hendricks, 50, pleaded guilty to sexual assault on his 7 year old girl victim whom he molested on consecrated ground.

1989: Pentecostal evangelist Antonio S Martinez 'married' a 12 year old girl whose grandmother forced her into the arrangement. He first assaulted her when she was 11. He was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault after taking her to a doctor to ask why she wasn't pregnant.

1989: Catholic priest George Bredemann, 47 convicted of molesting boys sent to him for counselling for previous sexual abuse, later admitted 15 similar assaults.

1989: Rev. Thomas Welsch 39, and his wife accomplice were sentenced to 30 years in prison for a string of abuses on twin sisters (13) and a 17 year old girl, both members of his congregation.

1989: Bible fanatic Jehovah's Witness Robin Baker who attended church three times a week beat up a mother of three who disagreed with his beliefs. Baker knocked her down, dragged her by the hair and punched and kicked her. The year previously Baker had assaulted a disabled woman. He was sentenced to a year's imprisonment.

1989: Christian Childcare worker Heath Turner, employed by First United Methodist Church convicted of sexually abusing a child in his care with toy boat, finger, and ice.

1989: Six girls abused by Rev Francis Haight, Baptist leader, sentenced to 20 years.

1990:'Praying Rapist' murders 68 year old woman after raping her. Man repeats Church periapts whilst committing his horrible sex attacks on aged women in South East London.

1990: British & American Catholic church officials shuttle around a priest accused of child sexual abuse who is evading arrest. Priest eventually extradited and sentenced to 6 years for sexually abusing 4 boys.

1990: Christian Evangelists rioted with police when they tried to question a member of the congregation in Kensington. A police van was set upon, a sergeant was dragged out and punched in the face and another officer was spat on whilst the mob tried to turn the van over.

1990: Bishop tries to hush-up Goat in Churchyard sex scandal of divorcee and Vicar by persuading her to destroy erotic love letters. Vicar had seduced the divorcee after calling on her to give advice on treating an ache in her shoulder.

1990: Slough Christian Social Worker sentenced to jail at Old Bailey for taking indecent photographs of a mentally retarded 8 year old boy. His job was to look after handicaped children to give parents a break.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#4 Jun 25, 2010
1990: A Bradford man described in mitigation by his church leader as a 'devoted practising Christian' made menacing telephone calls to young mothers threatening to throw acid in their children's faces, stab and burn them.

1990: Vicar's wife runs off with 14 year old choirboy. Vicar claims the lad is a "son of satan" . "This unholy union is the work of the devil"

1990: Cathedral Sidesman jailed for life for murdering his mistress and her new lover. Clive Crawshaw, well connected with leading clergymen in Exeter, poured petrol over his victims and set them alight.

1990: Pentecostal Minister D Stenhouse from Solihull sent to jail after admitting five charges of indecently assaulting boys aged 12 to 15.

1990: Priest Domenico Bernard, 65 arrested for molesting women who came to his home for distressed females.

1990: Priest James Morrow found guilty of attacking pregnant woman at abortion clinic. Morrow had appeared in court four times in the previous year for similar protests.

1990: Archbishop Penney resigns following report of him having ignored or denied reports of child sex abuse by Catholic Priests. Sinc

1988 TWENTY of his priests have been convicted of sexually abusing boys.

1990: Catholic Priest Anton Mowat 45, pleaded guilty to sexually molesting four altar boys between ages 12 and 14. Sentenced to 6 years imprisonment in May for 2 charges of child molestation , two of cruelty to children, two of enticing boys for indecent purposes and four charges of battery.

1990: Priest Kenneth Arkley, pleaded guilty at Old Bailey to soliciting homeless young 'runaways' for sex at railway stations and repetitive homosexual acts with underage youth in his love nest.

1990: Rev Gordon Haggarty, TV vicar and celebrity jailed for lewd and libidinous practices at Edinburgh Crown Court. He bound, blindfolded and gagged girls in his care aged from 8 to 12 years, then took photographs of them.

1990: Nineteen members of Roman Catholic lay order charged with 149 counts of physical and sexual abuse at a boys training school (now closed down)

1990: Jehovah's Witness Thomas Rosserr, 38, pleaded guilty to two sexual intercourse with a 13 year old girl at Bible Classes and was sentenced to 21 months at Teeside Crown Court.

1990: Prison Chaplain replies to sexual contact mag advert and is blackmailed after writing pornographic letters about his erotic fantasies.

1990: Priests of a wealthy Roman Catholic break-away sect are given emergency hospital treatment after self-castration. Followers of the Christian sect are also reported to insert rings through their genitals as penitence or to prevent sexual temptation.

1990: Rev Stephen Horkin pays rent-boy to sadistically abuse him whilst dressing up as the devil.

1990: Methodist Reverend Paul Flowers, vice--chairman of Rochdale social services committee which had control over the Rochdale Satanic Abuse Cases is discovered to have a conviction for indecency during the height of the allegations. Flowers was caught in a public lavatory with another man.

1991: Lord Justice Butler-Sloss (author of the definitive Cleveland report on child abuse) cautioned a Christian 'religious fanatic' who had appealed to see his two children who feared him because of his obsession with Christianity. He had tried to force his strict beliefs on the children and they were frightened of him when he questioned their own beliefs. The judge said "Don't push your beliefs too far or you may lose them forever."

1991: Priest allows filming and broadcast of the 'exorcism' of 16 year old girl who is tied down and traumatised with spitting, screaming and retching.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#5 Jun 25, 2010
1991: Rev Elias Sark convicted of rape and gross sexual imposition on a female parishioner.

1991: A Christian religious fanatic whose father had died after drinking strychnine during a service was killed during another church service where attendees were encouraged to handle Snakes.

1991: Church Choir tenor and dole fraud investigator Ian MacKenzie, 35, was jailed for four years for sexually assaulting boys aged between 12 and 14. MacKenzie forced them into felatio after making them shackle him with chains and rope and then thrashing him with a horsewhip.

1991: Rev. John Stockwell found guilty of kerb-crawling and soliciting prostitutes.

1991: Fallen priest Roy Yanke robbed 14 banks and stole 24,000. Yanke admitted spending the money on his obsession with prostitutes.

1991: Church Organist Vincent Smith jailed at Leeds Crown Court for repetitive sexual abuse of a 9 year old boy which extended over a six year period.

1991: Priest Norbert LaCosse, sentenced to 15 years for molesting his 12 year old Altar boy, admitted to repeatedly abusing him.

1991: Rev G Snow, 38 jailed for sexually assaulting a 10 year old boy. Police found two suitcases filled with indecent photographs of boys and men in Snow's vicarage.

1991: 52 yr old Priest pleaded guilty to sexually abusing children aged 13 to 15 in dormitories whilst they slept. He was the second priest to be convicted in the scandal.

1991: Evangelist preacher Alan Bradley of Skipton convicted of indecent behaviour. Caught by police after revealing himself to young girls wearing a rubber penis and false breasts.

1991: Catholic Priest tape recorded soliciting sex from policewoman. Priest Dominic Candappa (official exorcist) entrapped and arrested between church services on Good Friday.

1991: Baptist Minister Ashby Breneman gets 18 yrs for molesting six boys at a Christian Youth Camp he ran.

1991: 62 yr old Sunday School teacher sentenced to 10 years for sexually assaulting numerous children who attended Sunday School classes.

1991: Baptist Minister Rev. Robert Burton charged after admitting long-term serious sexual abuse of his six and eight year old stepsons.

1991: Pentecostal Religious teacher who already had convictions for indecency against chldren was allowed to teach bible classes at a Cornwall church and used his position to sexually assault an 8 year old boy who attended his classes.

1991: Minister Alfred Gatehouse 62, sentenced to 10 years for sodomy and soliciting paid sex with teenage girls.

1991: Baptist Minister Larry Bernard 45, sentenced to 7 years for molesting a boy of 14.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#6 Jun 25, 2010
1991 Reverend S Pusateria 40, sentenced to 6 years for criminal sexual assault. He molested his victim repeatedly for over a year.

1991: Priest sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for repeatedly sexually assaulting a 13 year old boy.

1991: 51yr old Minister's Wife convicted of inducing a minor in her foster care to engage in sexual intercourse./care to engage in sexual intercourse.

NOTES: This list finalised July

1991. Every case has been thoroughly researched and can be fully supported with documented evidence of dates, places, court records, sources, times and names. It is highly abbreviated here for practical purposes but we can say that the details of the abuses are exceedingly horrible and many exhibit virtually identical abuses to those alleged to take place in so-called Satanic Ritualised Abuse. We invite further correspondence and offer free research facilities on all our data to any serious enquirer.


The S.A.F.F. only began collecting, collating and analysing Sexual Abuse linked with ecclesiastics during

1989 hence the sample of cases grew as our scope and ability to source them increased. The early years are therefore sparse but this reflects the lack of attention so far applied to them. Since

1978 we have logged over ONE HUNDRED convictions of Christian Ritualised Abuse. Compare these DEFINITE cases with the six uncorroborated cases promoters of Satanic Ritualised Abuse have unearthed over the same period and the true nature of both is immediately apparent. The average yearly level of abuse going by our

1989/90 & 91 figures can be considered representational at two dozen cases per year, a shocking figure. We did not collate cases prior to

1989 and we must remember that not all cases are detected and brought to court but applying the average from the firm statistics we do have we come up with the terrible result that whilst Time Tate and his pro-SRAMists have been occupying the nation with sensationalism about six cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse, more than TWO HUNDRED cases of Christian Ritual Abuse are likely to have occurred. The tragedy of the suffering of innocent children in this situation is too miserable to contemplate.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#7 Jun 25, 2010
It is ENDLESS in CHURCHianity!
More a comin', churchoids!


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#8 Jun 25, 2010
Seattle Post-Intelligencer 3/23/88
The notorious Community Chapel & Bible Training Center, a sect based in Burien, Wash. near suburban Seattle, not only mentally abused children with doctrines of demonology and stunted education in their backward and repressive classrooms, but involved children in sexual abuse, according to reporter Mary Rothchild. The Center, besieged by civil suites by ex-members claiming abuse, including women charging sexual exploitation, recently deposed it founder Rev. Donald Lee Barnett on charges of promiscuous adultery.

In 1986, after followers complained, Child Protective Services met with Burien officials, spelling out guidelines, for example, that the church policy condoning French kissing of children was unacceptable. Three counselors were convicted of failing to report child sexual abuse in 1987.

Florida Times-Union 5/13/88
Rev. Joe Marino, host of Christian talkshow "Inner Visions" in Jacksonville, Fla., and youth minister/counselor at Beaches Chapel in Neptune Beach, plead no contest to custodial sexual battery and soliciting sex from a 16 year old member of his church. Other charges were dropped. The abuse was disclosed after a victim from the church had attempted suicide.A second Duval county minister, Rev. Roy Lynn Gaskins of Edgewood Heights Baptist Church, was accused of forcing a 13 year old boy at gunpoint to have sex.

New York Times 5/23/88
Rev. Thomas Streitferdt, 59, a white Pastor in charge of the mostly black 700-member True Church of God in Harlem, was charged with rape and sodomy of two young sisters (ages 14 and 16) in his congregation. Law enforcement officials charge that Streitferdt told females worshippers that they could end up in hell if they refused his sexual advances, and raped at least one woman during premarital counseling.... Members were told that if they were not buried under church auspices at an additional fee in the church cemetery that "they would not go to heaven."

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 5/28/88
Rev. Tony ("Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm") Levya, a southern revivalists investigated by the FBI for heading a 3-man ring prostituting young boys, has used Christian radio station WEAM in Columbus, Ga. to raise funds for his defense. Rev. Levya asks his followers to "sacrifice $100,$500,$1,000,$8,000 , even more, if God speaks to you" for his defense.

Federal authorities allege that his crusades gave him and fellow abusers Rias E. Morris, organist, and Rev. Freddie M. Herring opportunity to sexually abuse numerous boys in Virginia, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Ohio and Indiana. He faces up to 65 years in prison and $550,000 in fines.

[Rome] Daily Sentinel 5/28/88
Rev. Leon Dupree, 47, pastor of Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ in Rochester, NY, is charged with first degree sexual assault and first degree burglary of a 26 year old woman. She said he was armed with a hammer and struck her with a screwdriver. Dupree was convicted of second degree manslaughter in a 1978 drunken driving fatality and served time in state prison.

Tampa Tribune 5/31/88
Rev. Cleveland "Rapper" Mack, 24, of Tampa. Fla., was charged with sexually abusing 2 young boys during "Bible lessons", including a charge of sexual battery which carries a possible death sentence. He struck a boy in the face when he tried to flee.

New York Times 6/10/88
Former Mormon missionary Arthur Gary Bishop, 36, was executed on June 10th in Utah for killing 5 boys (ages 4-13) for sexual gratification, saying he was "misled by Satan."


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Seattle, WA

#9 Jun 25, 2010
Little Rock Arkansas Gazette 6/10/88
Rev. J.D. Henderson, 51, of Russellville, Ark., was convicted of molesting twin 6 year old girls, and sentenced to 4 years in prison. Henderson is an ordained Free will Baptist minister.

San Gabriel Valley Tribune 6/18/88
Rev. Randall Wayne Brewer, a youth minister of Faith Community Church in West Covina, Calif., is charged with 3 counts of oral copulation with a Redlands teenager who said he was bribed and molested after being befriended at home Bible studies in 1985. The youth, now 17, testified that Brewer gave him $200 from a church checking account for running naked across an empty church hallway in a game called chicken. "I was told to tell everyone that I got the money for doing work at the church."

Philadelphia Inquirer 6/27/88
Richard J. Wagner, 26, a volunteer youth leader at the Warminister Hts. Community Church in Philadelphia, was charged with assaulting a 14 year old boy and 3 others between the ages of 7 and 15 years of age, all part of the church youth program.

Scrantonian Tribune 6/29/88
Rev. Ronald Terry Litz, 50, of Riverside, Penn., sentenced to 2-5 years in jail for morals offences in Luzerne, Co., was sentenced in June to 6-23 months in the Northumberland Co. Prison on similar charges. He pleaded guilty Feb. 4 to 3 counts of corrupting the morals of minors. Litz, former pastor of the Danville Apostolic Church, molested 2 boys at a church camp. His sentences are concurrent.

Dallas Times Herald 6/29/88
Although Rev. Gregory Charles Goben, a 28 year old Southern Baptist minister, often sat in front of his house and read the Bible, he is, according to physical evidence obtained by police, the "Village Rapist" terrorizing Dallas.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune 6/30/88
Rev. John Paul Marlow, pastor of Gospel Tabernacle, Inc. of Bradenton, Florida is accused of assaulting, battering and raping a member of his congregation. Pamela and John R. McLean charged Marlow with assaulting her when she sought psychological and religious counseling. They seek damages of $5,000 plus medical costs and lost wages.

Hamilton Spectator 6/30/88
Rev. Russel Nicolle, 50, an Anglican minister from Elliot Lake, Ontario, received 8 months in jail for "repulsive, disgusting and degraded" sexual abuse of a 12 year old and 16 year old boy. Judge M.C. DiSalle said he "seriously breached" his position of trust as rector of St. Peter the Apostle Anglican Church.

Phoenix Gazette 7/1/88
Rev. James Anthony Colyn, 39, former pastor of the Glendale (Az.) Bible Baptist Church, received a sentence of seven and a half years in prison. Colyn was described by police as a "sexual predator" who molested a teenage girl who asked him for counseling because she was being abused by her stepfather.

Los Angles Times 7/2/88
Gilbert Crowell, 27, commander of the Salvation Army in Burbank and an ordained minister with a wife and 3 children, was convicted on July 1 of molesting 3 girls inside the Army's office. He was convicted of 4 misdemeanor counts of child molestation and two counts of battery but was acquitted by a jury of 7 related charges.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#10 Jun 25, 2010
Scranton Times 7/14/88
Rev. Thomas J. Hunt, former pastor of East Benton United Methodist Church, of Scranton, New York, was arrested for molesting a young boy. Rev. Hunt already faces trial for sex crimes against a young girl.

Atlanta Journal 2/18/89
Baptist minister Henry Bazil Waters, 49, was convicted of fondling 3 young boys and untold others at the Grace Baptist Temple Church in Statesboro, Ga., and in his home and car. Waters' testimony that he " saved" youth through " sex instruction " matched testimony of the victims. Waters admitted fondling boys in Latin America, saying " I have no idea " how many children he had abused. Waters was given permission to attend church while free on bond.

Ocala Star-Banner 2/18/89
Paul Slater, 64, a traveling evangelist, was charged with 4 counts of sexual battery after 8 and 12 year old sisters reported being molested and raped by him. Slater, a " trusted neighbor," befriended their family. An investigator said, " We encourage people to listen to what their children have to say. Many of these cases go on for months and years. "

Orange Co. Register 2/28/89
Radio preacher Rev. Fred Kenton Beshore, 63, of Newport Beach, Calif., was charged with influencing the testimony of a witness, a felony. He is accused of phoning the father of a girl reportedly molested by neurosurgeon Dr. Francis Williams, offering him $1,500 a month for 2 years if he would stop his daughter's testimony. Police taped offers. Charges against the neurosurgeon for molesting preteen and adult patients were dropped, but could be reopened. Beshore runs Bible Institute of the Air, buying bibles to smuggle into communist countries.

Intelligencer-Record 3/10/89
A federal sting operation to find child pornographers/molesters yielded 6 arrests in Philadelphia, including Presbyterian minister John McVay, 53. He allegedly solicited sex with 2 girls ages 9 and 12. He was charged with criminal solicitation to commit involuntary deviant sexual intercourse. He also sent a 15 year old girl obscene material and a letter soliciting sex.

“Mystical Atheism for everyone!”

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El Cerrito California

#11 Jun 25, 2010
I agree with you Mad, the problem is not restricted to any one organization.

It appears to be widespread throughout all of the various 38000 or so patriarchal hierarchical religions that base their religion on the false Roman model of Christianity.

The imbalance created by the patriarchal arrangement appears to be the culprit!

But we should not minimize the problem in any religious organization! It needs to be addressed and dealt with! The problem of sexual predators is serious for all of humanity!


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#12 Jun 25, 2010
Sacramento Union 3/18/89
Delaware TV preacher William J. Keichline, 52, known for homeless work, is charged with 3 years of rape, bondage and homemade pornography involving a girl, now aged 10. As her landlord, he threatened to evict her family if she said anything. He was charged with multiple counts by New Castle Co. police. Mission of Care, the 2-state ministry he founded in 1979 -- including a TV show, " camp for needy children," and outreach center -- ousted him following the charges. The group, long affiliated with PTL Club, was honored by the state legislature in 1983 for opening a shelter for 17 homeless people during record cold; however the shelter closed after 4 days for code violations. Keichline is married with 3 grown sons.

New York Times 3/29/89
Evangelist Tony Leyva received a 20 year prison sentence on March 28 for running a child prostitution ring. Federal Dist. Judge James Turk called him and his 2 partners " bad to the core." Leyva was previously sentenced to 2.5 years for sexually abusing 2 boys in Virginia. His religious accomplices Rias Edward Morris 27, got 15 years, and Freddie H. Herring, 50, got 12 years. All were fined $5,000. Agents located at least 30 boys, some as young as 8, molested by Leyva in the past 20 years; some put the total at 800 victims.

Florida Times-Union 4/4/89
James Clifton Nalley, a volunteer at Bible Baptist Church in Fernandina Beach, Fla., was charged with fondling 2 church girls, ages 9 and 11. Church members phoned police after a child reported the abuse.

Scranton Times 4/4
Rev. Thomas Hunt was convicted by a jury of sexually abusing a 5 year old girl and her 7 year old brother during visits in the rectory. He was children's choir director at the United Methodist Church in East Benton. The girl had nightmares before visits and asked her mother to make the minister " stop rubbing" Vaseline on her " privates." The boy added, " Believe her, mommy, he did it to me too."


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#13 Jun 25, 2010
Carmel News- Tribune 4/5/89
Indianapolis music minister Rev. Clayton Duane Heil, 42, employed by Lighthouse Tabernacle, is being sued by a 14 year old choir girl for rape over a 3 month period in 1985. The suit also names Revs. William W. and David Totman. Said a church official, " they're not just fighting us, they're fighting God."

San Antonio Light 4/6/89
Shawn Charles "Brother Dusty" Williams, 50, got 10 years in jail after pleading guilty to showing pornography and fondling 2 young boys. The preacher-plumber worked as a volunteer bus driver for the New Covenant Fellowship Church of San Antonio, picking up stray kids to take them to church. He blamed the " devil" for his crimes.

The Maryland Sun, 4/8/89
Rev. William Edward Thompson, Jr., 45, charged with 21 counts of child sexual abuse, pleaded guilty in a plea bargain. The married father of 4 sons was headmaster at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in Catonsville. He was charged with child pornography and molesting 7 boys, ages 11 to 16, in his home and on church property. A social worker reported him.

Star Tribune 6/89
Lawsuits were filed against Rev. Albert C. Magnuson, pastor, Redeemer Covenant Church, Brooklyn Park, MN, for molesting 3 brothers, their sister, seminary student nearly 20 years ago when they went to him for counseling. Church, church's Northwest Conference likewise sued for negligence.

Times-Picayune 7/19/89
A boy's father is suing Methodist Home of New Orleans, charging that his son, 12, was molested by a counselor during a field trip. Rev. Dale Haggard pleaded guilty in Jan. 1989, and was sentenced to 4 years' probation, 500 hours community service, and therapy. Haggard, Louisiana Methodist Conference was also named. The suit alleges that [the Methodist Home] knew Haggard " had a propensity to engage in sexual acts with young boys."


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#14 Jun 25, 2010
Six girls who were sexually abused by Rev, Francis G. Haight, head of ex-Baptist Christian Academy, Monroe, WI, were awarded a total of $57,440 in court settlements. Haight is serving a 20 year term for molesting children; He is eligible for parole in 4 years.

Quad-City Times 9/7/89
$450,000 jury award against United Methodist Church of Illinois upheld by Judge Stuart Shiffman involving Rev. William Fyfee, who molested 3 brothers in Macon, 1982. The church was held responsible because it knew Fyffe had molested boys at Taylor Ridge parish, 1975, but still ordained him, expunged records of counseling for molestation, and transferred him into a community unaware of the episodes. Fyffe served nearly 3 years of prison after pleading guilty to the Macon molestings.

Florida Times-Union 9/19/89
Rev. William Murray Hendricks, Jr., 50, pastor of Clay Hill Baptist Church, pleaded guilty to 2 counts of lewd & lascivious assault on a minor. The victim: a girl, 7, molested at the church, parish house in 1988 where he pastored for 15 years. As a plea bargain he agreed not to perform pastoral duties until his probation ended.

Atlanta Constitution 9/22/89
Rev. L. G. Gilstrap, 54, an Assemblies of God minister, was convicted by a jury on 3 counts of child molestation and sentenced to 33 years in prison for a string of fondling incidents in 1988 involving brothers aged 10 and 13. The older boy said Gilstrap once tried to have sex with him in the shower. Eight men testified during the trial that they too were molested by the minister when they were boys. Three said they were also abused by the Sunday school teacher, who was not tried. Gilstrap denied the charges but corroborated their accusations against the teacher. The prosecutor called Gilstrap the " Pied Piper of pedophilia." Gilstrap, defrocked, started a new church, New Hope Ministries. Married, he was a former clerk for the Georgia House of Representatives.

Corpus-Christi Caller Times, 9/27
It took a jury only 28 minutes to find Antonio S. Martinez, 59, a Pentecostal evangelist from Mathis, FL, guilty of aggravated sexual assault of a girl, 12. He claimed they had a common-law marriage. He first assaulted her when she was 11 and in 5th grade. Her grandmother forced her into the arrangement. A doctor turned Martinez in after Martinez asked him why she didn't become pregnant.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#15 Jun 25, 2010
Reno Gazette Journal 10/28/89
Rev. David Swope, minister at Sparks United Methodist Church, NV, was sentenced to 1 year in county jail, suspended to 3 years' probation, and psychological counseling. Swope pleaded no contest to a plea bargain of open & gross lewdness. He molested a girl, age 10, after choir practice, telling her she was one of his favorites and it meant nothing sexual. He was accused of taking indecent liberties with another girl 8 years ago.

AP/Clinton Herald 10/30/89
Rev. Robert Duane Schultz, 52, of Washington, Iowa, was sentenced to 30 years in prison after confessing to acts described as " horribly perverse" on boys under age 12, involving 1 count of sexual abuse and 3 others of lascivious acts. Officials are giving him polygraph tests and blood tests in an effort to identify other victims. The married minister was a foster parent honored in 1989 by Gov. Terry Branstad for volunteer service. Victims included foster children; five were removed from his home upon his arrest. The prosecution said a law preventing prosecution for sex assaults occurring more than 4 years ago should be changed, and would have resulted in more charges against Schultz. Rev. John Bennett told Schultz' congregation at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), " Bob has fallen...into a deep pit of despair. But Bob has not fallen from the grace of God." Church policy requires that he be defrocked for committing a felony.

Wisconsin State Journal 11/1/89
George Degoyler, 42, pastor of Verona Christian Fellowship, WI, was sentenced to 30 days in jail, 5 years' probation after pleading no contest to 1st degree sexual assault of an 8 year old girl visiting his home. He carried the girl upstairs, pulled down her pants and molested her. He was ordered to have no unsupervised conduct with minors except his children. The DA agreed to ask the court to amend the charge to 4th degree if he does not violate probation.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#16 Jun 25, 2010
Huntsville Times 11/9/89
Rev. Jim "Papa" Cater, 50 founder and head of Living World Church in Dickson Co., TN was indicted on 6 new counts of child sexual abuse, for a total of 56 charges. The crimes reportedly occurred at the church compound during April, May and June 1989. The state raided the church in June, taking 11 children into protective custody, ordering him to close his illegally operating residential child-care facility. Cater became a minister after converting while serving time in Florida for strong-armed robbery and forgery. His ministry specialized in helping recovering alcoholics & addicts. Following the arrests, he was injured in the county jail after inmates attacked him, calling him " baby raper."

Worcester Telegram 11/10/89
Rev. Walter Stone, pastor of Rollstone Congregational Church in Fitchburg, MA, was sentenced to 7-15 years in prison after being convicted by a jury of 8 counts of molesting 2 boys. Two victims, now 18 and 21, testified Stone befriended them during church counseling and activities. Stone, 56, is married with 4 children, an Air Force veteran, with a doctorate in theology from Boston University. Several friends and colleagues wrote letters of commendation for him.

LA Times 12/8/89
Walter Heroldo Solis, 54, charged with molesting 3 girls at Glendale Spanish 7th-day Adventist Church in Glendale, was killed Nov. 29 after stepping into a traffic lane in what police believe was a suicide.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#17 Jun 25, 2010
Washington Post 12/10/89
Rev. Thomas Welsch, 39, and his wife Jean, 40, were sentenced to 30 years in prison with all but 6 years suspended, after pleading guilty to 5 counts each of child sexual abuse. Originally they were charged with 571 counts involving 3 victims. Welsch and his wife abused twin sisters, 13, and a 17 year old girl. He was pastor at Immanuel United Church of Christ in Cambridge, MD for 10 years. The state's attorney praised all 3 victims for showing " a lot of courage " in testifying against their popular pastor.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 12/13/89
Rev. Robert A. Kulzer, 65, was convicted of molesting 2 boys at Faith Temple Church, in Brighton. He was sentenced to 1 to 3 years in prison but it was stayed pending appeal, meaning if he can make $10,000 cash bail he will not serve time yet. The married grandfather was convicted of 3 counts of sodomy and 1 count each of promoting prostitution, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child involving boys aged 12 to 16. Abuse included oral sex with a 16 year old boy, putting a condom on a 12 year old boy during a discussion about " the facts of life," and arranging for a boy to have sex with a 62 year old woman in the parsonage. Defense involved Kulzer's " good deeds," including being a missionary in Africa.

Chieftain 12/15/89
Rev. Robert G. Halverstadt, 61, of Victory Center Church, Pueblo, CO, was sentenced to a year in jail, after admitting he used games, coercion and drugs to sexually molest 3 girls in his congregation. Charges involving 4 other victims were dropped when he pleaded guilty to reduced counts. He was given credit for 135 days already spent in jail, plus 4 years' probation. Halverstadt assaulted a girl, 9, who volunteered to help him clean his church. Another girl said he gave her something to drink that made her fall asleep. She woke up naked with pain in her groin area.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#18 Jun 25, 2010
AP/Wisconsin State Journal 12/22/89
James Kennedy, a Salvation Army pastor from LaCrosse, WI, was sentenced to 6 years in prison plus 10 years' probation for 1st degree sexual assault of a girl, 10. He was ordered to pay for counseling. She was sexually abused at his home 4 times in 1985. Supporters have rallied to his cause. The day after his sentencing, he was released on $15,000 bond posted by a relative, pending appeal.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#19 Jun 25, 2010
San Jose Mercury News 1/5/90
Gary Hambright, a Southern Baptist minister accused of molesting dozens of children at the Presidio daycare in San Francisco, died of AIDS Nov. 8. Between 60-102 tots were suspected victims of child sexual abuse by Hambright and others, but 2 investigations led to dismissal of charges. Five children had contracted chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease. The Army daycare was closed. Parents have filed more than $60 million in claims against the Army alleging negligence led to sexual abuse of kids. The claims haven't been heard. Hambright died maintaining his innocence, leaving an obituary rife with references to " my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." A Presidio spokesperson said none of the children have shown signs of AIDS.


Since: Oct 07

Seattle, WA

#20 Jun 25, 2010
News & Observer 1/15/92
A family in Dare County, North Carouna is suing Methodist minister Carl M. Eller for abusing their daughter, 11, as well as the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, a bishop and a reverend for knowing of his history of sexual misconduct but doing nothing about it. The family says she was molested when her father, a carpenter, was installing cabinets in the parsonage. Eller pleaded no contest to a charge of criminal assault on a female. However, the family said that in 1987 Eller had molested or made lewd comments to 4 women at his church, and forcibly kissed and touched 2 girls age 13. Three women had lodged formal complaints with the church, but the only action was to transfer him from Aurora to Hamlet.

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