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#38 Sep 20, 2012
who="WARRIOR HATES ALLAH"]<quoted text>
Does your Allah love the non-believer?



Allah loves those who not boast.WARRIOR HATES ALLAH" sounds as an ants claim to trample Mountain by his feet.
Rabbeen Al Jihad

Salt Lake City, UT

#41 Oct 1, 2012
Salaamz! "ALLAH will not show mercy to him that does not show mercy to others also. The Believer is not one who eats his fill while his neighbor beside him is hungry.All Creatures are Gods(creations),and those dearest to Him are those who treat His(Creations) Kindly". Thus sayeth the Holy Messenger Muhammad.(pbuh). Cheerz


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#42 Oct 1, 2012
Prophet Muhammad is the Model of best human ever and best prophet!

We love you muhammad!!!! our life is for Islam

Oaxaca De Juárez, Mexico

#44 Oct 1, 2012
Egyptian_lad wrote:
Prophet Muhammad is the Model of best human ever and best prophet!
We love you muhammad!!!! our life is for Islam
Only one thing better than a wasted muslim life. A short lived wasted muslim life!

Montréal, Canada

#45 Oct 1, 2012
Salaamz and salutations, misguided Christian. Our most holy prophet Mohammed allows the beating of our wives and daughters, but not our sons. You bible belt Americans believe in the most holy justice of strapping your kids with the belt, saying it is love, but you got it wrong. It is the womans you must oppress, not your kids.

Also, next time you beat your kids with your leather belt, Warrior, make sure you leave no mark on their body, their face, joints, and other sensible parts, so that they keep their beauty. And maximum 10 beatings in a lifetime! After that, you should consider giving them into adoption.


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#46 Oct 1, 2012
Daddy wrote:
<quoted text> Only one thing better than a wasted muslim life. A short lived wasted muslim life!
You ugly mexican beaner!
Rabbeen Al Jihad

Salt Lake City, UT

#47 Oct 1, 2012
Max wrote:
Salaamz and salutations, misguided Christian. Our most holy prophet Mohammed allows the beating of our wives and daughters, but not our sons. You bible belt Americans believe in the most holy justice of strapping your kids with the belt, saying it is love, but you got it wrong. It is the womans you must oppress, not your kids.
Also, next time you beat your kids with your leather belt, Warrior, make sure you leave no mark on their body, their face, joints, and other sensible parts, so that they keep their beauty. And maximum 10 beatings in a lifetime! After that, you should consider giving them into adoption.
Salaamz MX. Consider this...Do unto others as you would have them do to you. As opposed to Do unto others before they do unto you,then split the scene as fast as you can! LOL! Cheerz
Rabbeen Al Jihad

Salt Lake City, UT

#48 Oct 2, 2012
Salaamz! "By Him in whose hand is my soul,a man is not a true believer until he loves for his brother all that he loves for himself." " You see believers in their mutual piety,love,and affection like one body.When one member has a complaint,the rest of the body is united with it in its wakefulness,or its fever." Thus sayeth the holy messenger of Allah, Muhammad.(Pbuh)
Rabbeen Al Jihad

Salt Lake City, UT

#49 Oct 3, 2012
Salaamz. "A muslim, is another muslims brother. He does not wrong him,or abandon him.If any muslim cares for his brothers need,Allah cares for His need.If any muslim removes his brothers anxieties,Allah will remove one of his own anxieties.Be a muslim brother" Thus sayeth the holy messenger Muhammad (pbuh).

“Tell it as it is.”

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#50 Oct 4, 2012
Rabbeen Al Jihad wrote:
<quoted text> Salaamz MX. Consider this...Do unto others as you would have them do to you. As opposed to Do unto others before they do unto you,then split the scene as fast as you can! LOL! Cheerz
Agree with you on this one.
Pity you only apply it to other muslims though.
Rabbeen Al Jihad

Salt Lake City, UT

#51 Oct 4, 2012
Old Pom wrote:
<quoted text>
Agree with you on this one.
Pity you only apply it to other muslims though.
Salaamz O P Im glad you saw the need to agree.Its a weighty/comical statement.I feel no need to apply it ,I just state it,leave it out there for anyone,and they choose if it applies to them or not.It makes good sense for anyone with a brain and a belief in something greater than themselves. Cheerz.
Rabbeen Al Jihad

Salt Lake City, UT

#52 Oct 4, 2012
Salaamz! " The seeking of knowledge is the responsibility and duty of every muslim. Man,woman,or child.A most important characteristic.For without it,the muslims Islaam is likely to be weak,and mere immitation,causing the muslim to lack the ability to manage the affairs of society,family,or the world in a appropriate and correct manner." Thus sayeth the Holy Messenger Muhammad(pbuh).

Apo, AE

#56 Oct 4, 2012
Allah - the Pagan god:

Islam, teaches that Jews and Christians both have earned the wrath of Allah by failing to follow Islam, and that they have also lost the way by following the teachings of the Torah for the Jews, or the Bible for Christians. Additionally, This god Allah (with a little g) lies about Jesus. Islam says that Jesus not only is not the Son of God, but that He did not even die on a cross in Jerusalem... Allah is therefore proven to be a false pagan god... Jews also do not believe this about Jesus (Yeshua). Who will believe it? The greatest of kings. Born in the humblest of places.... God, born in the flesh! The Apostle Paul tells us that Jews have been supernaturally blinded to this by God. Yet Christians and Jews worship the same God (Yahweh) and share the same Bible. Learn more. See movies "The Nativity Story" and "Jesus", here.

About 578 years before Islam came along, Christians were warned against Islam by both Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Jesus warned us about the many false prophets who would follow Him (Matthew 16:11-12). Paul warned us when he wrote:

“But even if we (or an angel from heaven) should preach a Gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be condemned to hell!”(Galatians 1:8).

Since Islam’s message differs fundamentally from the Gospel, it is clear what Paul taught regarding the fate of Muhammad and those who propagate Islam. Islam bypasses the sacrificial mediating work Jesus did for believers on the cross, thus negating the forgiveness of sins. This condemns non-believers to die in their sins. Jesus said; "I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins." John 8:24

Jesus also predicted the current dilemma of Muslim intolerance and fanaticism. He warned that the day was likewise coming when religious zealots will kill Christians and think they are offering a service to God (John 16:2-4).

Dear Christians and Muslims. Jesus is committed to winning the spiritual Holy War. He wants nobody to suffer an eternity without God, confined to a godless place. Know this, that God Himself is calling out those Muslims with good hearts! Jesus (Isa) Himself is appearing to many. A few years ago, Al-Jazeera reported that roughly six million Muslims are leaving Islam and becoming followers of Jesus every year in Africa. In 2005, roughly 250,000 Muslims converted to Christianity in Iran. Between 2003-2005, roughly 1 million Muslims converted to Christianity in Arab countries. Muslims are coming to Christ in North America, too, although not to the same extent as in Muslim countries. Tens of millions are embracing Jesus every few years in India and in China. Chinese missionaries are now gearing up to bring the Gospel of Jesus to dark Muslim places.

Apo, AE

#57 Oct 4, 2012
The Muslim Qur'an (Koran) and Muslim Hadith are unique among all the sacred writings in the entire world -- because they alone counsel its followers to make war on unbelievers. Any thoughtful reader will be forced to admit that evil literally "drips" from their pages. One in every 55 verses in the Muslim Qur'an consists of this fake god Allah insisting that Muslims make war on unbelievers.

As you will see below, the Qur'an is a made up book of gibberish, of evil verses abrogating (superseding) peaceful verses.
The Qur'an cannot be trusted because it contains numerous "divinely inspired" contradictions. If God has a history of abrogating (changing) his own revelations as is done in the Qur'an, then how can we be certain he will not abrogate it again in the future? If Allah can abrogate his eternal speech, how can you trust him with your eternal soul?

Comparing the Bible with the Qur'an "has likewise brought the firm realization that the contrast is stark and astounding. The superiority of the Bible is so transparently evident that one is flabbergasted and dumbfounded that so many human beings have embraced Islam in the last 1,400 years"... "The Quran lacks this heavenly manifestation of inspiration". The Quran Unveiled, page 254

Apo, AE

#58 Oct 4, 2012
Jesus Christ:

To the Muslim, Jesus Christ is merely one of the many prophets of Allah (Sura: 4:171; 5:74). According to Islam, the prophet Muhammad supersedes Jesus Christ. Islam says Jesus Christ is not the Son of God or part of any Trinity (Surah 5:17; 5:116; 19:35). We are told by Islam that Jesus was the Messiah (Surah 3:45; 4:157; 171), but nothing but a slave on whom God showed favor (Surah 43:59); yet elsewhere in the Qur'an we are told the Messiah is not a slave (Surah 4:172). The Qur'an tells us that Jesus Christ did not atone for anyone's sins, although he was himself sinless (Surah 3:46) and is one of those who are near to God (Surah 3:45). Positively, the Qur'an says that Jesus Christ performed miracles (Surah 3:49; 5:110) and was the Messiah. The Qur'an says Jesus did not die on a cross. Various Muslim traditions say that Jesus either miraculously substituted Judas Iscariot for himself on the cross, or that God miraculously delivered Him from the hands of the Romans and Jews before He could be crucified. Most Muslims believe that Jesus Christ was taken bodily into heaven without having died (Surah 4:157). However, Surah 19:33 says Jesus died and would be resurrected. Muhammad on the other hand died in his wife Aisha's home, not long after he was poisoned by a slave girl. Muhammad's body was lowered into a hole in Medina, and his dead body was covered by dirt and brickwork.
It is interesting to compare Jesus and Muhammad according to the Qur'an. Jesus did miracles (Surah 3:49; 5:110), but Muhammad did not (Surah 13:8: "thou art a warner [of coming divine judgment] only"; also 6:37; 6:109; 17:59 and 17:90-93).

Jesus was sinless (Surah 3:46), but Muhammad sinned and needed forgiveness (Surah 40:55: "Ask forgiveness of thy sin"; 42:5: "Ask forgiveness for those on the Earth"; 47:19: "Ask forgiveness for thy sin" ; 48:2: "that Allah may forgive thee of thy sin").

Jesus was called "the Messiah" by Allah in the Qur'an. And Jesus was even born of a virgin (Surah 3:45-57)! Yet Muhammad who had 12 wives, 2 concubines, and participated in many attacks on innocent caravans and villages, and insisted on 20% of all the booty from these raids -- is supposed to be the greatest of the prophets.

Both Muslim holy books (Qur'an/Koran and Hadith) contain commands for Muslims to subjugate the world, militarily. Muhammad commanded Muslims to spread Islam through Offensive Jihad; or conquest of non-Muslim lands. Muslims are also commanded to take back any land that was formerly Muslim, such as Israel.

Radical Muslims believe that they are Mujahideen, or "holy warriors of Allah". Their goal, like Islam's goal is to establish the entire world as a pure Islamic state (a Khalifah), which conforms to Islamic laws.

An example of what Muslim children are taught in Muslim schools is this statement, found in a Jordanian/Palestinian school book in 1998:

Apo, AE

#60 Oct 4, 2012
The Qur'an itself calls the Gospel of Jesus "Guidance and Light"

The biggest threat to Islam is without a doubt the teachings of the true "Prophet of Peace" Jesus Christ. Islamic leaders go to extraordinary means to hide the Gospel of Jesus from Muslims.

The fact that Muslims do not read and study the New Testament / the Gospel of Jesus is yet another contradiction in Islam. Question the "dark side" - the Islamic Fear of Christianity. Just as Satan wails at a crucifix at an exorcism - the Islamic cult member normally wails at the sight of the Christian Bible. A false prophet can always be recognized, because he attacks the true prophet. A false Bible can be recognized, because it contradicts the true Bible.

Islam goes one step further. First Islam tries to gain acceptance by attesting to the truth and validity of both the Christian and Jewish holy books. But, it then clearly steps out of the light, exposing itself to its diabolical agenda, by contradicting and falsifying the facts and teachings in both these books. Also, question the "dark side" of a Religion such as Islam that requires you to only recite salah and prayers like the Namaz, in a language (Arabic) you do not understand. All Muslims, Arab and non-Arab alike, are obliged to pray in Arabic. Even if you do not understand a single word. Muslims are also required to read the Qur'an in Arabic, in order to attain any graces at all from Allah. It is not necessary that the person can understand even a word of what he is reading. This is what the warning means that Jesus left us with, when he said; "insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." Most Muslims do repetitive prayers in a language (Arabic) which they do not understand. The mandatory recital - The Shahadah: Ash hadu ala ilah ha ilahlah wa ash hadu anna Muhammadah Rasullulah. Translated, it says; "I testify that there is no god but allah and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah."

You cannot recite only “ I testify that there is no god but Allah “ and not include “Muhammad is the prophet of Allah “. That is forbidden or ‘haram’. You must recite “ Muhammad is the prophet of Allah “.

Ibn Tymiyyah a very well respected ancient Islamic thinker says; "The Arabic language itself is part of Islam, and knowing Arabic is an obligatory duty.
See a graphic example of the Christian idea of Jesus as our mediator and one with the Father (same light and substance) in this true Near Death Experience here

Islam claims that Allah is the same God who was revealed in the Bible.... then if the Bible and the Qur'an have differing views of God, then Islam's claim is false. Don't forget that Muhammad claimed in Suras 2:87, 29:46, 32:23, 5:44, 6:154, 6:155 that Allah confirmed the Torah (Taurat) and Christian Gospel (Injeel)(Surah 2:87, 5:46, 5:68, 29:46 and 43:63). So, if the Torah and Gospel are correct, all the errors in the Qur'an shown below make the Qur'an false.

Richie T

Since: Aug 12

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#61 Oct 4, 2012
Your ONLY hope of eternal life! ...

Apo, AE

#62 Oct 4, 2012
Islam and Christianity are forever diametrically opposed:
A tenet of Islam is that both Mohammed and Jesus of Nazareth were both Muslims. Islam says both were prophets sent by Allah. If this were true, then it is mandatory that these two great prophets must coincide exactly in all points and never contradict each other. Did not the same Allah send both of them? Then, aren't even the smallest of contradictions between the two, very big red flags? And there are a great many, which you will see below. Christianity and Islam are necessarily forever diametrically opposed to one another, just as evil and good are. Oral confession of the deity of Jesus Christ is prerequisite to becoming a Christian (Romans 10:9-10). To a Muslim, this is blasphemy. To a Christian it is blasphemy to not attribute divinity to Jesus the Christ. The New Testament could not be clearer on this subject. The heart, core and soul of Christianity is allegiance to Jesus Christ as God, Lord, and Savior! Were Jesus Christ who the Muslim Qur'an who it makes him out to be, then Christianity would be blasphemous and baseless.

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.(Romans 10:9-10)

Surah 5:68 - Say: "O People of the Book! ye have no ground to stand upon unless ye stand fast by the Law (Torah), the Gospel (Injeel), and all the revelation that has come to you from your Lord."

Surah 29:46 Muslims are told by Allah, not to question the authority of the scriptures of the Christians, saying, "And dispute ye not with the People of the Book, but say, "We believe in the revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; Our Allah and your Allah is one;
Islam says that Jesus did not die. So, again --Islam has proven to be false; because Muhammad claimed the Gospel is true, and all 4 Gospels (Injil) testify that Jesus died and rose from the dead. God does have a begotten Son (not made, but one with the Father), which Islam denies. The Jewish Torah / Taurat (Tawrat) clearly indicated this over 1000 years before Muhammad and Islam. In addition their are collateral 1st century sources that testify that Jesus was put to death. In the "Annals" written by Roman historian Tacitus, in Book XV, Chapter 44 we read "Christus, the founder of the name, was put to death by Pontius Pilate, procurator of Judea in the reign of Tiberius." Roman historian Josephus also wrote about the death and Resurrection of Jesus. Even Satan says that Jesus died on the cross. Also, the Roman Historian Seutonius wrote in his work "Life of the Emperor Claudius" the following about Christians: "and deny the gods of Greece, and worship the crucified sage, and live after his laws." The Roman historian Pliny wrote about Jesus' death in Book X of his Epistles. Julius Africanus, quoting Thallus another Roman historian, who wrote in about 52 A.D. about the miraculas happenings the day the Son of God was killed. He wrote: "On the whole world there pressed a most fearful darkness; and the rocks were rent by an earthquake, and many places in Judea and other districts were thrown down". Like Muhammad, Satan also cringes in fear at the sight of the cross. Read this true Exorcism here

Proverbs 30:4 (700 B.C.): "Who hath ascended up into heaven or descended? Who hath gathered the wind in His fists? Who hath bound the waters in a garment? Who hath established all the ends of the Earth? What is His name, and what is His son's name, if thou canst tell?"

(Psalm 2:11-12) Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

Apo, AE

#63 Oct 4, 2012
Even after Allah confirmed the Torah and Gospel, Islamic Mullahs and Imams have tried to sell the lie that the Christian Gospels and Jewish Torah have been corrupted.

This a complete lie! This lie is perpetuated by Islam, because of all the historic, scientific, and simple mathematical errors in the Koran/Qur'an - as you'll see below... The Qur'an just doesn't add up.

"They" could not have changed the Christian Gospels after Muhammad, since there are 5,735 (Welte, 2003) manuscripts of the whole or part of the Greek text of the New Testament (Injil) pre-dating Muhammad still in existence. Worldwide, there are 24,800 copies of these original manuscripts. These include the Codex Vaticanus (325-350 AD) located in the Vatican library and the Codex Siniaticus (350 AD) located in the British Museum. There are also 80,000 quotations in the works of early Christian writers which are so extensive that the New Testament could virtually be reconstructed from them without the actual New Testament documents. Then there is the obvious fact that the Christian Gospels were so widely distributed both before and after Muhammad, that any attempt to change (add/subtract) something in the Christian Gospels would have resulted in immediate discovery and condemnation. Additionally, the New Testament was handed down from apostolic times and its genuineness was guarded by Christian churches, and it was zealously watched by enemies of Christianity. A very wide protest would have resulted from both sides were it tampered with. Likewise, the Septuagint edition of the Old Testament was always in the hands of both Christians and Jews, both rivals in religion. Any attempts to change this by either side would have been vigorously attacked.

There are four more "safeguards" for the integrity of the Bible.(1) Jesus Himself read from Isaiah scroll in a Synagogue in Nazareth and declared it as Scripture (inspired from God), Luke 4:16-21; (2) The Dead Sea scrolls, found in 1947, verified the Jewish Torah back to 100 AD to 200 BC, when they were copied. Prior to this discovery, the oldest Torah dated to the 9th century AD. The Dead Sea scroll of Isaiah verified almost exactly the Isaiah scroll copied in the 9th century; (3) Early Church Fathers like Ignatius, Clement of Rome, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Irenaeus, who wrote from between 90-160 AD all cited in their writings Christian Gospel accounts (Guthrie, 1990, page 24); (4) We know that the writings of Moses were preserved as far back as 621 BC. 2 Kings 22 speaks of this at the time of the Israeli King Josiah. Ezra 7:14, Nehemiah 8:1-18, and Jeremiah 36 also speaks of the Jews maintaining Scripture.

Some versions of the Bible from 1881 differ in a few words here and there. However, the essential theological points remain the same and are complete. Bibles we recommend, that have not changed are:

Protestants original Authorized King James (1611)
Catholics Catholic Douay Reims - older versions

Apo, AE

#64 Oct 4, 2012
The Christian Bible predates Muhammad and Islam by more than 575 years. The Jewish Torah predates Muhammad and Islam by 1,000 - 3,000 years. Muhammad said for Muslims to read the Bible for "Guidance and Light." For Islam to say they are corrupted, then is to call Muhammad a liar for recommending it.

The same Bible Muhammad would have seen (if he ever did) is in both (1) The Vatican (Codex Vaticanus) and (2) British Museum (Codex Sinaticus). It is all there, including Jesus dying on the cross as atonement for our sins. And, His resurrection, and ascension into heaven - in front of many witnesses. The New Testament is preserved in almost perfect condition in these two Greek texts which both predate Muhammad and Islam by over 200 years.

Everything in the Christian/Jewish Bible is being authenticated by archeology. Consider the Babylonian cylinder inscription of Nabonidus (thought to be the last king of Babylon) which commemorates the reconstruction of a ziggurat at Ur by Nabonidus and records a prayer to Belshazzar (Daniel 5) his son 'the firstborn son, the offspring of my heart'. Not only does this prove that Belshazzar was indeed a member of the Babylonian royal family, which had long been disputed, but it also explains why Daniel is told he could be the third ruler (with Nabonidus and Belshazzar more or less acting as co-regents). Also, consider the 'chariot wheels' divers found in the Red Sea, proving the Hebrew Exodus from Egypy was real; and that the Egyptian army chasing the Jews was drowned by God (Yahweh), just as was recorded in the Jewish Bible.

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