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#125 Nov 20, 2008
Tariq Mahmood wrote:
<quoted text>
This has got to be the funniest thing I have read.
First off not all Western Woman are filth, but many Western Men and Woman are.
I am obviously against pre material relations, I am a Muslim, however I can distinguish between those who are swingers and those are serial Monogamists, I would marry neither but I respect the latter.
As for it being better to marry a non virgin, they will know what to do, that is funny.
So are you saying that unless a woman has had sex with two men in her life she will never learn how to have sex?
Sex should be doing what makes you feel good, exploring with your spouse what makes them feel good, I really don't see how it is necessary to have had sex with another person in life to figure that out.
LOL that is the stupidest logic I have ever seen.
Both you and the man you where replying to are idiots
Mate you got no idea about me, nor my life, nor my husband so get off that one.

If you have no idea about women or what they are like .. dont bother to say a thing.

As I said .. if you want a stunned mullet who has no idea about sex or how to please a man ... and would just lay there .. got right ahead and enjoy...

Its called learning and enjoying the experience ... but guess you wouldnt have a clue .. so need for me to explain any further.

Also dont appreciate what you called me .. but I turn the other cheek and just get on with my fantastic free life ... and I live it to the max.

Tromsø, Norway

#126 Nov 20, 2008
A man who is circumsized have lost the most sencitive skin part on his penis!!
This will be denied by many, but how do you know when it is gone?
The experience of cruelty of being circunzised causes wounds in the young mind.
Another problem is that young girls and boys are cept separate, not permitted to have a naturaly develloped communication.
These un natural situations creates enourmous feelings of frustration among young men.
It is a key to understanding the uncontrolled rage we sometimes can see among them.


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#127 Nov 21, 2008
Why can't muslim men satisfy a woman sexually?


It Is Probably A Sin,

For A Woman To Have Sex With A Man.

Hmmmm...Probably In The Quran Or Hadith, Somewhere.

Tromsø, Norway

#128 Nov 22, 2008
It is a crying shame that so many men in this world are circumcised!

A lot of people will disagree, because this has been a long tradition, not only among Muslims, but also among Jews and men in USA.

It is painful to admit that this in reality is a great loss for those who are the victims.

The way we are created is the way evolution made us, the very best solution for us!
But then some silly ideas are created by religions and some other traditions.

Stop this tragic tradition!

It is a cruel action to the infants!
It takes away the most sensitive part of the skin, the part that most of all creates good feelings.
The glans is very sensitive too, but we must admit it, more as a source of causing pain!
The foreskin is protection and it produces protective secretion and smells that a woman will secretly and instinctively adore!

Islamabad, Pakistan

#129 Nov 24, 2008
I am an openminded Muslim and i dont think i have ever not satisfied my woman.I try to please her even i have to do orals, i do.In fact, most Muslim men think it dirty to touch the vigina of their women or think it illegal what they adore in fact.The lady Victoria might have had bad experience with a Muslim cleric.Islam allows Muslim men to enter their women from front or from the rear side but it doesnt mean in the ass.Similarly if oral activities are done in the territory of marriage and with agreement to please one another is better than not to satisfy your woman.Resultantly, woman remains unsatisfied and she either performs masterbation or turns to other men that is worse than licking your wife's clitoris.

Scotch Plains, NJ

#130 Nov 30, 2008
First off none of this makes any sense. If they are muslim men then they would not have sex unless they were married. By them having sex, well then they arent practicing the religion they claim to be.

Secondly the Prophet that you guys speak of married an older woman who was divorced or something, and at that time MAN disrespected women; it was very uncommon for a woman to have her own business and be successful. He was very much in love with her. Now I dont agree with any religion, so dont pin that on me.

However, I have issues with people just saying trivial things and then going on with that. As for the comment that Muslim ppl must agree since they are silent, could it be that they did not read this?

Finally if someone claims to be a muslim and they can't f*** out of a wet bag, then don't go for them. And anyway have you slept with every supposed muslim? I dislike when people make assertations based on some past experiences. And here is the catch 22. If you say you have slept with over 100 muslims, that won't make you look too good either.

United States

#131 Dec 10, 2008
Muslim men are actually pretty good in bed! ;)
Any woman that sleeps with one will know what I mean. Why not just convert to Islam to get hot sex with a sexy muslim guy? Arabs and Indian muslim men are where it's at. Just make sure that you do not get a Muslim guy that is a closet gay. Also.. virgin muslim men are hot in bed. Try between 18-33 years if you sleep with one.

United States

#132 Dec 10, 2008
PS: Assad... have any unmarried brothers intrested in an American girl? Or maybe you want a second wife? ;) you sound hot!

Puchong, Malaysia

#133 Dec 27, 2008
Muslim men cannot sexually satisfy a woman? This feller must be talking shit. How did this p…s hungry woman know that Muslim men can’t satisfy her? In the first place, a Muslim would not have any sexual relationship with her unless she is married to one. Can she give a medical explanation for her theory?

Lest you ignorants out there have forgotten, God had a covenant with Prophet Ibrahim (or Abraham, if you prefer). Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and the males in his household must undergo circumcision. For the benefit of you ignorants, circumcision is removal of the foreskin of the male sexual organ. From the medical point of view, it makes the male sexual organ truly clean. Uncircumcised p…s are dirty (I can’t imagine how the kafir women enjoy sucking the bloody dirty uncircumcised p…s!!). When the p…s is erect, the skin of the p…s is fully stretched, resulting in full satisfaction for the wife. And because the skin is fully stretched, ejaculation for the male takes a longer time.

The above covenant applies to all the male descendants of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) through his sons Ismail (Ishmael) and Ishak (Isaac). That is why Muslim and Jewish males are circumcised. But the Christians, through the teachings of Paul (whose real name was actually Saul) abrogated this. Please check with the OT, what was God’s penalty for going against this covenant?

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#134 Dec 27, 2008
I suggest that this question be forwarded to the Human Sexuality Forum. This is a forum on religion, not sex...so I do not see the relevance of this question or remarks thereof on this forum.


#135 Jan 6, 2009
Thank God I am a liberated American Woman!I truly feel pain for these Muslim women who deserve to be loved and respected by their husbands.It seems to me the only people who benefit in the Muslim religion are the men. Woman are regarded as unclean,they have no equality with men, they are mistreated and humiliated in the name of their so- called -god, who I think is a loser by the way, because The True and Only God teaches a man to love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself(sacrifically) for it.
Muslim men are to be pitied too, they can't help the way they are. They are taught all this garbage all their lives in this false religion, and like a cancer it is passed on to more poor ignorant souls.Anyone who is Muslim is to be pitied, really.


#136 Jan 6, 2009
Mohommad the so called prophet is DEAD, Jesus Christ lives! Turn from your dead god, to the TRUE LIVING GOD,Jehovah, and be SAVED!
zainor zainy

Putrajaya, Malaysia

#138 Jan 6, 2009
Halle wrote:
Western women are not dirty as you call it, we are liberated to be the creatures God called us to be.Not to live in bondage to the principals of a dead so called prophet!Most Western women are loved and respected by their husbands, men and women are equal. Women are not to be doormats. Sure every man loves a virgin, that is how it is suppose to be, because having sex is a covenant between a man, his wife and God.For a Muslim man to constantly see his wife as virginal is ridiculus, because you are only a virgin once, no wonder Muslim men have the problems they do, what a double standard for the woman! " I am to be virginal, yet I have sex with my husband, and have 9 children!" Shheesh! Get over it! Western men also like their women to be beautiful,and not cover up their beauty and individuality that God gave us to hide it under a black table cloth!
It is why the Western men have designed clothes for women that show their breasts and their legs.

But, it is very strange why the western men design complete covered suit for them. Why don't they show their chest and their legs?

Better to be under a black cloth than to be cheated by your men.

Stoke-on-trent, UK

#139 Feb 1, 2009
well said brother tariq i agree 100%
george whyte

Manchester, UK

#140 Feb 1, 2009
zainor zainy, tell us about muttah

Southampton, UK

#141 Feb 2, 2009

Hindu extremists burn one nun alive, rape another
Hindu orphan raped, murdered in Orissa
5 Oct 2008, 0114 hrs IST, Sandeep Mishra, TNN
BHUBANESWAR: The brutal rape and murder of a Hindu orphan by Hindu fanatics, who thought she was Christian because she was being sheltered by them,has added to the Orissa government's embarrassment. It is already under fire for failing to contain the saffron mob's rampage in the state.
george whyte

Bathgate, UK

#142 Feb 2, 2009
UKAlex123, tell us about muttah
zainor zainy

Putrajaya, Malaysia

#143 Feb 3, 2009
george whyte wrote:
zainor zainy, tell us about muttah
Mutaah is a wedding package. It shows how creative Islam is compare with other religions.

Islam has introduced it a long time ago and the West does not have the guts to follow it.

“"As HY weer kom,...."”

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#144 Feb 3, 2009
zainor zainy wrote:
<quoted text>
Mutaah is a wedding package. It shows how creative Islam is compare with other religions.
Islam has introduced it a long time ago and the West does not have the guts to follow it.
a wedding package containing what exactly?
zainor zainy

Putrajaya, Malaysia

#145 Feb 4, 2009
inthenameoflove wrote:
<quoted text>
a wedding package containing what exactly?
A contract, that is blessed by God, and accepted by both would-be husband and wife.

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