muhammad a rapist
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george whyte

London, UK

#24 Jul 24, 2012
cant allah see into the future..
Hindu george the pedo

Pittsfield, MA

#25 Jul 24, 2012
george whyte

Brigg, UK

#26 Jul 26, 2012
more off topic troll trash from tommy w fontaine...

Since: Dec 07

Location hidden

#27 Jul 26, 2012
Hindu george the pedo wrote:
You go read your own drivel.

“Twoof, a true act of ignorance”

Since: Jun 09

Didsbury, Canada

#28 Jul 26, 2012
-thighed a 6 year old

-had sex with a 9 year old

What does 1+1= again?

New York, NY

#29 Jul 26, 2012
4 witnesses waiting for goon fckface mohammad finishing his azl with muslimmomma is not rape at all. by all the muslimmomma.
Sudam Hussein

Natchez, MS

#30 Sep 25, 2012
Y'all are a bunch of retarded idiots. Chill out. Smoke some Arab harsh. My god you people make me sick. This is why I'm an atheist. People like you twist all religions into arguments.

Guelph, Canada

#31 Sep 25, 2012
FTW wrote:
<quoted text>Look Islam is the future of the world and shria law is coming and there is nothing you can do about it so just come to peace with it.
...Dream on pig head!Mulims are dreaming it from the days of their Islam that they are going to rule the world very soon. It is just like a pipe dream of a beggar,who dreamt about becoming a king and kicking a slave-but in reality,he kicked and spilled the pot of porridge,that he got begging all day!
true fact

Mumbai, India

#33 Dec 7, 2012
mohammed is the messanger of god.He married aiysha by having the only motto to spread islam among those people. He spent his full life to spread the islam and save the people from the fire of hell. He is such kind of a most respectable person.

Calgary, Canada

#34 Feb 19, 2013
First of all, a little-nine year old girl is not of sufficient age for sexual activity, given her physiology. You CANNOT marry a 9-year old girl. Anyone who did so was a sick S-O-B. It is RAPE, and nothing less! If your Mohammed indeed took young slaves for his sexual needs, he was a sick bastard!
Rabbeen Al Jihad

Salt Lake City, UT

#35 Feb 20, 2013
SalaamZ! The Pious and Humble servant of ALLAH whos clarion revelations of the Holy-Qur'An and Al-Sunnah,would N E V E R do such a thing! Your own frailties have led you to such a diluted thinking.Humble yourselves lest ALLAH blight your minds for eternity. CheerZ

Calgary, Canada

#36 Feb 28, 2013
Actually, Sharia law will NEVER take over! Not in a million years! Not while there are good men and women alive on this earth--and we are MANY! So, take your Sharia law and your nasty Islam and disappear! You are pure evil!

Calgary, Canada

#37 Feb 28, 2013
Your Muhammad was a sick rapist, pedophile, and murderer! He raped a 9 year old girl, Aisha, then a beautiful Shafiyah, after slaughtering her husband, her father, and her brother. And you idiots follow him! SHAME ON YOU!!

Calgary, Canada

#38 Feb 28, 2013
Read your own Quran, fool! Many passages condone the oppression of women, the rape of sex slave children, etc. It's a sick, twisted, book of rules to continue the oppression and rape of women and children! Read the biography of your nasty rapist prophet, Muhammad to get the truth!!

Quetta, Pakistan

#39 Feb 28, 2013

Glory be to Allah, the most Merciful and gracious. Praise for Mohammed {SAW} the Messenger of Allah the Almighty God..

Who Mengal
"LO; Man has jumped all bounds, By bringing false frivolous and invented, Lied material against His Messenger Mohammed {SAW} the most praise worthy person on face of earth”.

Glory to Allah the creator of universe And Certainly the Lord fully acquaint of such type of His men and appointed their destination or place well- before in His final Book, the Holy Quran revealed to His Messenger and Servant Mohammed {SAW}. The Quran says, S. xx1-Verse-6

But there are, among men
Those who purchase idle
Without Knowledge
To misled [men] from Path
Of Allah and throw ridicule
{On the path}; for such
There will be a humiliating

Infallible is saying of Holy Quran that man is created by Allah Almighty in good and beautiful manner, but later on he thrown himself lower stage. Factually.

I have noticed my life that a miser used to blame a generous person as miser, While a liar always I have noticed claim himself truthful but blames other for lying. A sorcery used to say others magicians, this proverb is correct that in our age the name of honesty known as dishonesty and dishonest person treated and assumed most honest one, a poet of east also has noticed this phenomena saying the name of Intellect known as insane while people used to call insane the intelligent one. Thus today atheist and corrupt people from west is doing same thing. The worlds most honest person on earth was Prophet Mohammed (saw). Admittedly he among his enemies became famous for his honest y and truthfulness. People instead of his name used to call him, as the honest one and the truthful..He brought a religion in which a rapist is punished for death. His mission was to eradicate the fornication, rape dishonesty, fraud, lying and every kind of evil. He promoted honesty, generosity. Help to poor, giving alms and all kind of virtues in his teachings. He even 1400years after his death observed by his opponents the worlds most affected and high person. While, admittedly worlds most corrupt, dishonest, persons like the above, proverb blaming most honest prophet. Admittedly prophets marriage was predestined by almighty Allah like the original sin of Adam, because through this marriage the lord has to give teachings for woman folk to protect them from slander of dishonest persons, if marriage of Aisha would not happen than definitely Quran which claims himself as complete code would be empty from any law for any slanderer. Though it has fully established that Aisha’s marriage happened in age if 17 or18 or seventeen /eighteen as same is evident from these facts.

Quetta, Pakistan

#40 Feb 28, 2013
According to Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani:
"She [Asma (ra)] lived a hundred years and died in 73 or 74 AH." (REF: Taqribu'l-tehzib, Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani, Pg 654, Arabic, Bab fi'l-nisa', al-harfu'l-alif, Lucknow) According to almost all the historians Asma (ra), the elder sister of Ayesha (ra) was ten years older than Ayesha (ra). If Asma was 100 years old in 73 AH, she should have been 27 or 28 years old at the time of hijra { Asma’s age MINUS 73 hijrah EQUALS the age of Asma at the time of Hijrah( 100 – 73 or 74 = 27 or 28)}.

If Asma (ra) was 27 or 28 years old at the time of Hijrah, Ayesha (ra), being younger by 10 years, should have been 17 or 18 years old {Asma’s age at the time of Hijarah MINUS the age difference between Asma and Ayesha EQUALS the age of Ayesha at the time of Hijarh (27 or 28 –10 = 17 or 18 yrs)}. Thus, Ayesha (ra), being 17 or 18 years of at the time of Hijra It was perhaps the reason that we do not see in Hadith or History to any one to question this mirage of prophet. But about fourteen hundred (1400) years back accuser are repeatedly pointing out finger to messenger of Almighty God whose marriage were only for propagation of Islam I wonder why sky does not cleft a sunder for such type of slander to a prophet who spent his whole life for guidance of human. His mission was nothing, but to show the man kind the real truth and take him from darkness to light and make him to admit in paradise.

Quetta, Pakistan

#41 Feb 28, 2013
Even otherwise Dear accuser that girls in warm areas become in womanhood of their eight and nine years, Let read the own words of Aisha(ra)s

Narrated by Aisha when the girl reaches nine years of age, she is a woman.(Sunan al-Tirmidhi, Kitab: al-Nikah, Bab: Maa Jaa'a fee Ikraah Al Yateemah 'alaa al tazweejs).

Fourther, a western scholar C.(Colin) Turner writes that Arabs in the seventh century tended to reach adulthood at an earlier age than Westerners today
C.(Colin) Turner, Islam: The Basics, Routledge Press, p.34-35 .

Now I am sending you this
The Cambridge World History of Food says:

Albrecht von Haller (1775), for example, claimed that girls in the southerly regions of Asia, where the climate is warm, are marriageable in their eighth year and gave birth in their ninth or tenth year; conversely, women in Arctic regions did not menstruate until age 23 or 24. This view was shared by other eighteenth-century writers, most notably J.F. Freind (1738), Herman Boerhaave (1744), and Montesquieu (1751).(The Cambridge World History of Food, p.1455, Source)

As such Prophet Marriage with Aiasha already had been settled and indicated by Gabriel by showing the Picture or Photo of Aiasha to marry her.

This Hadith also gets support form Holy Quran. Which one billion Muslim from one corner of the World to the other accepts as the word of Almighty God the Allah? The Holy Quran is preserved tablet in heaven and sand down by the Almighty Allah to Mohammad (SAW) as a Last Message, in stages extending on a period of twenty three (23) years which evident from the following verse of Holy Quran.

1. LXXXV-21 to 22

21. Nay this is
A Glorious Quran
22.(Inscribed) in
A Tablet Preserved

2. XXV-32

32. Those who Reject Faith
Say : " Why is not the Quran
Revealed to him all at once?
Thus (Is it revealed) That We
May strengthen thy heart
Thereby, and we have
Rehearsed it to thee in slow,
Will- arranged stages, gradually –

These verses will indicating that Quran was preserved tablet and sent down in stages to Mohammad (SAW) in which indicating of IFK (slander or lie). The marriage of Aiasha with Prophet is well before present in the scheme of Almighty Allah the God. Thus being above if marriage of Aiasha would not have been happened with Prophet then the incident of slander or lie would not happened and than relevant prescribed law detailed in Sura Noor Chapter 24 verse 1 to 34 would not be sent down or would not have been part of the Quran and by this way a great part of Law to protect the innocent women from unnecessary allegations would not be find in Quran. However the relevant verse in respect of present post I do mention here in below

Sura Noor Chapter 24 Verse 4 – 5

4. And those who launch
A charge against chaste women,
And Produce not four witnesses,
(To support there allegation)-
Flog them with eighty stripes,
And reject their evidence
Ever after: for such man
Are wicked transgressors:-

5. Unless thy repent thereafter
And mend (their conduct)
For Allah is Oft-Forgiving
Most Merciful.

Quetta, Pakistan

#42 Feb 28, 2013
Dear Accuser! How easily? Without knowing facts accusation are made. Do you know at the advent of Prophets Mission a delegation of elders, chiefs of Mecca offered prophet Mohammad (SAW) that if he would abandoned or leave off preaching of Islam they would make him there king. and if he desire to marry a girl of his own choice. He only point out to her they give her hand to him but do you know what was the reply of Mohammad (SAW). "O! People of Mecca! If you put sun in my one hand and in the other hand, the moon. By Allah! Even, than I do not leave off my mission.

Look prophet first marriage was solemnized with a widow namely Khadija when age of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was twenty five years (25) while age of Khadija was 40 years. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) spent 25 year with her without looking or desiring to marry any other women until when she died. On demise of Khadeja prophet was in age of 50 years during above period despite of fact the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was in his extreme youth never gave attention towards any women and spent almost his whole life with an aged widow of age of 65 years. On death of Khadeja lo see prophet Mohammad (SAW) married another widow women age more than 50 years namely Soda daughter of Zumra.

Now dear accuser show me in human history or human nature or psychology, any person who being age of 25 years marry a widow of age of 40 years and spent his 25 years faithfully with her than on her demise again this person instead of marrying any young virgin girl again would marry a widow more than age of 50 years. All the marriage show that cause behind these marriages was propagation of Islam and protection of widow’s orphans who had no other means just to give them shelter. Admittedly almost majority of wives of Prophet were widows and aged women as life of Prophet Shows that out of these wives many of them due to there old age even requested prophet to not visit their house.

Thus, ignorant are those who raise finger to prophet Mohammad (SAW) and about his marriage with Aisha They do not think that Prophets all marriage were for cause of propagation of Islam and there was no any desire of lust behind those marriages. Admittedly this apostle (Mohammad SAW) in his own life almost conquer whole of Arabia where today more than five (05) independent countries are located. But he despite of achieving a status of king or emperor lived like a poor saint. King of Kings an emperor his bed was a hard single mat made of palm tree. He never sleep full stomach in his life when he left there was no significant thing present in his house accept some utensils of daily use.
moss lands are violet

San Jose, CA

#44 Feb 28, 2013
Dear Josef Mengal it may be acceptable to you to have sex with children but I am sure almost everyone or atleast most non-muslims in this forum will find it unacceptable to have sex with children no matter what justification is there.

Quetta, Pakistan

#45 Feb 28, 2013
who="moss lands are violet"]Dear Josef Mengal it may be acceptable to you to have sex with children but I am sure almost everyone or atleast most non-muslims in this forum will find it unacceptable to have sex with children no matter what justification is there.


Dear moss lands are violet"

it is absolutely unjust when you are told that Mohammad(saw) marriage with Aeiah(ru) in age of 17/18 than this is nothing but slander ,Man of just never slander to others.

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