I am a Muslim girl in love with a Hin...

Mechanicsburg, PA

#323 Dec 22, 2011
Same here girl I understand how you feel. I know that it is haram to marry a non-muslim. It depends on the situation. Are you still going to be able to afford what you want and need for yourself and not rely too much on him. Like college or your own car things like that. Realize this also may fade away, your love for him. I understand how your father feels even though it pains me. I'm not sure leavign though is still the right answer. This could lead to all your familt being dissapointed and cutting you off. Talk with a close Muslim female who won't judge you. I pray for you and good luck. Love can be a tricky thing.

Mississauga, Canada

#324 Dec 22, 2011
irfan1 wrote:
One is free to step out of Islam
Irfan- 92% of the word's honour killings are done by Muslims,and they base it on the Koranic comand.Don't point your finger on 'customs'.

Does Islam proscribe the death penalty for Muslims who wish to embrace another religion?

Summary Answer:
Those who turn their back on Islam are to be executed. This is confirmed by the words and deeds of Muhammad. The only freedom of belief in Islam is the freedom to become Muslim.

The Qur'an:
Qur'an (4:89)- "They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them"

Qur'an (9:11-12)- "But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then are they your brethren in religion. We detail Our revelations for a people who have knowledge. And if they break their pledges after their treaty (hath been made with you) and assail your religion, then fight the heads of disbelief - Lo! they have no binding oaths - in order that they may desist."
true words

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#325 Feb 10, 2012
first of all i want to thanks to all guys who put their valuable views here to guide all the guys who love each other and understand each other batter than any other person in the world. that is fine that In ISLAM is not allowed to be marry with other religion person by Allah. But Tell me one thing first in Islam this is also defined by Allah that all the persons of the world is my son and daughter. He says All are equal for me. he says that follow me as you want but be true and honest to your words. i will judge you by your words what you say and what you do, by your work by your heart by your ideas. If every guy of this world has the same root in form of Allah than what is the matter of conflict of religion. when the Islam was introduced only few guys were the part of it and remains guys follow other because the other religion also the follows to Allah or god or Ishwar and so on.... the prophet Muhammad also knew it well. he married to other religion ladies if he did so being the musilm than why not others.I believe it is mentioned in Quran that unless your heart agrees to marry a person, that marraige is not considered valid. There might be different reasons to it such as forced marriages by parents or loving someone else with whom the marriage is not allowed in Islam (a Hindu). Or does it become valid only by SAYING yes three times? I have few question that is there any way by which hindu jat can marry to muslim Girl as jats are also the follower of Islam. and your पै&#23 27;म्& #2348;र हज&#23 52;त मु&#23 61;म्& #2350;द सा&#23 61;ब ने कह&#23 66; - ये बह&#23 66;दु& #2352; जा&#23 35; हव&#23 66; का रु&#23 26; दे&#23 26; लड&#23 64;ाई का रु&#23 26; पल&#23 35; दे&#23 40;े है&#23 06; । (सल&#2 350;ान से&#23 44;ाप& #2340;िय ों ने भी इन&#23 25;ी खू&#23 48; प्&#23 52;ति& #2359;्ठ ा की इस&#23 25;ा वर&#23 81;णन मु&#23 60;लम& #2366;नो ं की धर&#23 81;मप& #2369;स् तक हद&#23 68;स मे&#23 06; भी है ) jat is the part of islam since it's birth than . Please tell me Is there any way and by following that way we can join each other in true sense of Islam and as Human being. I don't want that is leave Islam I want her as she is i Want her as muslim as the part of Islam as the part of my life. Please guide us as Allah always with us in all situations. remember that god is 1

Kolkata, India

#326 Feb 13, 2012
i love a muslim girl and she even loves me but we know tat her parents wont accept it. i am ready to take muslim as my religion from my heart and not for the sake of marrying her. how to convince her parents and the procedure to convert my religion??? please help me

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#327 Feb 15, 2012
you marrry that hindu boy and enjoy with him.. hindu boys better than muslim boys for enjoyment

Los Angeles, CA

#328 Feb 19, 2012
Pahle to main yeh bata doon k pyar karna bahot achchi baat hai pyar karo lekin apne mazhab ko mat bhoolo k tum ek muslim ho agar woh tumhe hindu banata hai to woh ladka thik nahi kyunki kal ho na ho tumhe kuch aur bana de tum samajh sakti ho main kya bolna chahta hoon
Indian dude

United States

#329 Mar 16, 2012
muslim brother wrote:
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,
Allah subhaanahu wa taala created us and made us in the best manner. This world is a test for the believers and whosover passes, the reward is jannah(paradise).
29:2 Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that they will not be tested?
So, true succes lies in following the commandments of Allah.
Firstly, it is haram(forbidden) for a muslim, male or female, to engage in a pre marital relationship with anyone of opposite sex regardless of religion.
So, you should stop your association with him. Looks does not matter and is a deceiving thing.
Also, a muslimah, female muslim, cannot marry a non muslim and such a marriage would be unlawful in islam.
May Allah guide you to truth. You can look for other islamic forum . Feel free to ask again and also there are other islamic forums where people might be more of help
its ridiculous bro i mean its 21st century

“Facts, not fiction”

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#330 Mar 17, 2012
Indian dude wrote:
<quoted text>
its ridiculous bro i mean its 21st century
Not according to the muslims...remember, for them it is the year 1433 AH. In other words, they're still in the 15th century...


#331 Mar 18, 2012
No disrespect hindu dicks are the smallest in the world
mausim khan

Indore, India

#332 Apr 14, 2012
bhai kabhi apne allah ko dekaha hai jo ap ye sb faltu ki baate kah rahe hai.we all r one.just religion represents the people from diffrent community.ap sb aisa kyu socte hai.jb muslim boy hindu girl se shadi kar le to kya apko koi problm nai.u r jst posting selfish post. ap apne allah ko badnam kar rahe ho.allah is equal to god and god never say wht u mean.plz change ur thought.

Trichy, India

#333 Apr 14, 2012
listen evry broters and sisters love is the only thing that mattrs not the religion im olso in love with a muslim girl i dont fynd any problem our family finds it bt we doo really give fuck to it coz ol that matters tto me is she and to her is me sooo theres no harm we love each other so much and have fully fledge physicl reation we find no prblem after marriage will folow both relegion lz dont post any ting pesimistic whic chnge the mind of our sisters who are in love with other religion guys coz once its broken its very painfull more dan if u say the punishment which u get after death i dont care abot the punishment?i am gnna love her to the ful xtent will gve her each and evry happiness she wants_____if allah is such a god who doesnt wants so then i will say there is noo such called god listenn u cant reach god and what he wants u cnt gve a proof so plz dont write shits which gonna hurt us i respect each and evr religion muslims are my brothers and sisters as well as i respect them lyk i respect my father mother and my religion_
be optimistic brothers and sisters listen to ur hearth nt to these stupd unnatural followers________!!best of luck have a haapy love life.........

Trichy, India

#334 Apr 14, 2012
mausim khan bhai i support yyou a lot_____!!
Nazeera Banu sh


#335 Apr 15, 2012
im a muslim girl but im in love with a hindu boy.......
i dnt know what to do now........
will islam accept me ah........

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#336 Apr 15, 2012
Nazeera Banu sh wrote:
im a muslim girl but im in love with a hindu boy.......
i dnt know what to do now........
will islam accept me ah........
just go with it make sure he does not try to convert u..


#339 May 27, 2012
Asia Khanam wrote:
Hi dear,
If you really love a hindu guy,and he true heartedly Loved you then, pls think for a while,Allah had given the solution for every problem,he had give the cure for every disease,like way ur problem is also having a solution that is aks ur beloved to convert into muslim,show him the truth and faith of Allah,and marry him,so that you can teach the Islamic teachings,Quran to him and as well to ur children,try to make him fully understand about the Day of Judgeent,
Thank you,
I too love a Hindu guy,but i ask him to convert into muslim if he really wants to marry me, he agreed it and planned a date on Bakrid to get convertedI.i.e.28-11-2009,on which his birthday also,unfortunately he met with an accident,and no more now,but still i pray Allah to forgive him,and i think as that date passed away and now he wil be a MUSLIM INSHAALLAH,as ALLAH better knows and having the knowledge of Hearts,
I think ur bf is not dead but he is alive he just lie because u asked him to convert.If u loved him true u would hav married him as who he is....shame on u...u not good lover but ur killer.
Hindu Boy

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#340 Jun 4, 2012
You know one interesting thing guys, There is one rule. That muslim guy can marry with non muslim girl but muslim girl cant do like this... hahaha
happy muslim girl

Kolkata, India

#341 Jun 5, 2012
be brave not worry do as u like dont leave ur real love nothing will happen look at me am happy wd my husband shiv wd 2 childs

Amroha, India

#343 Jun 8, 2012
i'm a hindu and my girlfriend she is muslim, and she can do any thing for me.. but i'll never force her to become hindu. Her love is more than anything to me.

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#344 Jun 8, 2012
varun wrote:
i'm a hindu and my girlfriend she is muslim, and she can do any thing for me.. but i'll never force her to become hindu. Her love is more than anything to me.
good man

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#345 Jul 11, 2012
pahele apna dharm change kr baad me jah =chudwana hai chudwa

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