I am a Muslim girl in love with a Hin...
Prophet MoHam Head

Grass Valley, CA

#256 Jun 3, 2011
Love Guru wrote:
Love has no religion ... and religion unites people and doesn't separate them ....
Actually Islam unites no one. Islam is alll about death and conquering ,enslaving others. Not a religion that has come to grips with the 21st century..... Honor killings and stonings of women occur in Pakistan. So be careful since a Muslim could easily attack or hurt you physically. Freaky.





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Lucknow, India

#257 Jun 4, 2011
depressedmuslim girl ..

.dnt be depressed marry him god is wit u ..
everything is fair in love n war...
love dnt have any caste or religion ...

Lucknow, India

#258 Jun 4, 2011
hey depressed ..u hve right to do whatever u want

Lucknow, India

#261 Jun 4, 2011
Brother,i totally respect your feeling and your views about islam.....i too have a great respect toward islam and in same time respect towards other community,but it will be really wrong to say that a muslim girl geting married to a hindu boy would be harem or non islamic......if allah really wanted a muslim girl shdnt get married to hindu boy...he would have never let a muslim girl fall in love with a hindu boy!!!!! At the end of the day we all are sons and daughters of that same god, living under the same roof of sun.....we are no different!! God has created all of us in same way,he has not discriminated between, any of us..then why should we human do that!!!! just think about this from your heart!!!

Lucknow, India

#262 Jun 4, 2011
I am really sorry wael,i cant accept this view because according to me all humans are one,and if we dividing our self saying that you are from different community,thats really unfair...let it be any individual every one needs love to live in this planet...if two individual are in love n they can understand each other very well,we shdnt divide them saying that you dont belong here so pls walk away....instead we should welcome him with a open heart.....according to me there is only one god who has created us,but the only thing we pray him with different names....n neither god wdnt want us humans to get divided!!! he has given us such a beautiful earth to live,n never told humans that this part is yours n that part is of other humans.....its only because of man selfish ness we have created boundaries,saying that you are different from us, so pls dont enter our house!!!! wael all of us have same human heart which beats 72times a min the only thing is our living style is different!!!! so its request from every one pls stop dividing ppl on the basis of religion!!!! god has given us a beautiful house to live(universe) with blue sky,stars,sun etc dont divide our house or break our house because of our own selfishness by creating boundaries!!! remember we all are one.
md shahid

Mumbai, India

#263 Jun 11, 2011
no one has right to do change in islam and its the best religion choosen by creator(Allah-the only one to who we worship as we know that sun is only source to enlight the earth in a day time, like Allah also creat us and made rules for us which is not to be changed for any purpose of our own sake. I hope every one can know these all common things. we must choose the things in between the boundry of our religion not beyond that. thanx

Mumbai, India

#264 Jun 11, 2011
hi i m also an muslim girl, in love with a hindu guy from last 5 years first i also was worried about this situation but latter i thought its only god who created us from birth no one is muslim or hindu then y so much of hatred. me and my patner have decided will follow both religion after religion. love never happens by seeing religion na.................


#265 Jun 17, 2011
in islam u r not allowed to go out wid a guy even if he is a muslim or not. Life is to short here yr having fun an wen we all die an go to allah wat about dat punishment, allah g please give all girls an my own sisters sharam and haaya to keep der family respect ameen


#266 Jun 18, 2011
u needn't 2 bcum "HINDU" ...for life long commitment, jst lve him/her the way u do..
even after if nothing works with thn give away ur thoughts and becum "AGNOSTIC"...try to get in some secular place like USA,INDIA...EUROPE etc...
A human being

Mumbai, India

#268 Jul 2, 2011
A person has only one life and true love occurs only once in life, to leave it just bcoz of a religion would be the biggest mistake one could ever make.
The choice of a life partner should be made based on character and not the belief.we are humans and every single on this planet knows that we are created the same ,by the same creator,why cant we jus see this fact which is soo obvious

Ahmedabad, India

#269 Jul 3, 2011
I want to ask you all that is there any muslim girl who get married to a other religious boy and leaving there lives happily and peacefully .please comment on the bases of live examples if its really available with you .
true love

Ranchi, India

#270 Jul 5, 2011
i m very happy for u swthrt. i m a girl. jst go for it. bhagwan har jagah hote h.... bas unke roop alag h.... mai v ek hindu ladke se pyar krti hu.... ladka hindu ho ya muslim chehre pe mat jao.... uska dil dekho........ i m muslim...... al d bst....... wish me luck tooo

Hyderabad, India

#271 Jul 9, 2011
I want to tell one thing to all boys n girls please respect ur family n religion n respect humanity,if u r making intercommunal relationships which no religion accepts den why boys n girls they r going for these things withought telling to their parents n community. this is not only illegal in islam but in all religions n its not acceptable,n frnds god never liked these things. see god have sent all humans for a test dat what right he is doing in d world n after death he will tell the humans about what they did in d world wether they followed his right orders or not, n doing intercommunal love n marriages are against the orders of allah (god),he has mentioned it in holy quran (plz read the quran).This is not only for muslim girls but also muslim boys dont marry with other than muslim, for ur parents n for allah and for the respect in the society.

Since: Jul 11

Sheffield, UK

#272 Jul 9, 2011
depressedmuslimgirl wrote:
I love this boy, he is very handsome, but my father is angry about it. Should I leave my family to be with him?
Well of course you are in a religion where you have no rights ! The Antichrist religion will not honour womens rights.

Since: Jul 11

Sheffield, UK

#273 Jul 9, 2011
muslim brother wrote:
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

Allah subhaanahu wa taala created us and made us in the best manner. This world is a test for the believers and whosover passes, the reward is jannah(paradise).

29:2 Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that they will not be tested?

So, true succes lies in following the commandments of Allah.

Firstly, it is haram(forbidden) for a muslim, male or female, to engage in a pre marital relationship with anyone of opposite sex regardless of religion.

So, you should stop your association with him. Looks does not matter and is a deceiving thing.

Also, a muslimah, female muslim, cannot marry a non muslim and such a marriage would be unlawful in islam.

May Allah guide you to truth. You can look for other islamic forum . Feel free to ask again and also there are other islamic forums where people might be more of help

Total rubbish honestly Allah is definitely not the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob !

God put enmity between Satan and the woman !( Satan will always dishonour womens rights )

Why are Muslim men allowed to marry Christian and Jewish boys ? And yet Muslim women are oppressed in veil ( their beauty God has blessed them with covered head to toe ) Islam is indeed an evil ideology and ur al Mahdi and ISA are the anti Christ and false prophet of the Bible !

Hyderabad, India

#274 Jul 14, 2011
hey brother, can u tell me plz that it is clearly mentioned in holy book QURAN that a hindu boy can not marry a muslim girl, even if he love her, and i think that not a single holy book deny to love with others. please i will be very thank full if u explain it.

Hyderabad, India

#275 Jul 14, 2011
best of luck dear, can u clarify me that is that mentioned in quran that a hindu boy can not marry a muslim girl

Sri Lanka

#277 Jul 15, 2011
in islam a non muslim cant marry a muslim whether is a boy or girl.if u love him seriously and if u are meant to him more u lead him to convert as muslim and say him to practise islam for one year or until he becomes good follower of allah. If the intention of marrying u is over he may change again to hinduism. f he marry u being as hindu that wedding is not accepted.but please u dont convert.that will be great sin. I advise u that for a wedding the prayers of our parents is must.
syed shoeb

Mumbai, India

#278 Jul 15, 2011

i want to say to all muslims that our prophet muhammed(saws)has not told to love but if u in love wit any one u only can b wit muslim bcoz if u love the other religion person the only way for a girl is to convert but if u convert then at the time of judgement day u vil b the one unlucky person who will be directly kicked into the jahanam so plz for ur temporary life dont spoil ur aqhirat

assalamualaikum plzz take correct decision bfore doing it


#279 Jul 19, 2011
Go for it dear.....love is everything in life.....love is the name of allah......marry with ur lover.....

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