Why do Europeans hate Muslims so much?

Muscat, Oman

#131 May 21, 2012
say what ever you want . Islam is save . we feel happy so many people convert to Islam to peace friendship brotherhood
we don't want to fight any one we want to leave in peace
shaaaaat ap

Houghton Le Spring, UK

#132 Jul 20, 2012
Humza, you are absolutly right ....
it is the Christians who brought, and still bring, war to Muslims. Muslmis prefer all Christina to leave the Muslims alone and let us establish our own great nation, but the europeans and Americans, rats, just won't allow it...
In Muslim land peace, respect for one another is everywhere, in europe and America its the opposite but yet they still insist their way of living is the right one so hystericaly they want to apply it to every nation, so they choose war as their option to create their vision in Muslim nations...
Muslims have suffered for farrr too long, they are bombarded in palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and else where to smitherines...and when we lightly fight back, we are called terroris, ENOUGH!!!
Europeans and Americans have suffered nothing at all compared to the millions of muslims who have died in this war created by the west.... We will fight back and when we do you will then realise the mistakes you have made and wish to be shoved back up your mothers pussy..because on that day you daggers will see true war which Muslims have been living in for Dar to long....you'll see...

“Fly low, fly fast.”

Since: Apr 07

East Midlands, UK

#133 Jul 20, 2012
More comfortable Muslims living in the west. You know where the exit is shaaat ap! Go to your idealic Muslim hell hole and live there if we are that bad, we won't miss you.

“The remedy to jihad”

Since: Mar 08

Rio de Janeiro

#136 Aug 11, 2012
Why do Europeans hate Muslims so much?
Just a muslim, or one of their allies, feminists, homosexuals, anarchists, marxists or liberals to come up with such a question...
The question to be asked is: Why the WHOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLE fuck*ng World HATE the fuck*ng muslim garbage and their left wing allies?

Maroubra, Australia

#137 Aug 21, 2012
I'm Muslim and im proud . First read the history of mohmad than swear at him he tried haredly with everyone to not fight he just have the massgg of Islam he not supposed to fight but there was people who believe in some staff that I don't know what is the name of it anyway they tried hardly to fight with him so he doesn't have any choose he just fight them back..... And about the Muslim people who change there religion from muslim to Jews or to any other religion hhhhh Allah doesn't cear about them and every single muslim don't cear about them if they change from Muslim to Jews so they will change it again and again so no one should be proud that they have the same type of these people.....Islam religion takes about love , give, take, taker of your selve and the other people around u love your country love everyone jwes ,, black , white or what ever they were we have to be good and love Allah who ever say No you are wrong we fight always to get the dirty eroupen from the Arabic Muslim country u don't let us leave in peace u don't say that Eroupean hates us because we hates Eurpean kkkkk My English is bad in wish u understand my massage but anyway no one of u understand any thing coz ever english person have something in there mid

“Fly low, fly fast.”

Since: Apr 07

East Midlands, UK

#138 Aug 21, 2012
Asil, you are funny.
I know a bit about Mohammed and he isn't the peaceful, fun loving man you think he is.

Plano, TX

#140 Oct 16, 2012
Many atrocities were committed by Muslims and Christians alike in the past. However, what is important is what is happening in the present. Who is committing genocide in the present? Another thing to consider is the religions themselves, not what so-called believers do. I have often heard it said that one should not judge Jesus Christ by the actions of those who claim to be believers in him. Jesus taught love and compassion and practiced what he preached. What did Mohammed teach? What did he do? That is the difference that matters.
Sabir Abdus-Samee

Washington, DC

#141 Nov 13, 2012
Cohen wrote:
Muslims inflicted GENOCIDE in Europe. Take for example the Ottoman Empire. They forced once wealthy nations like the Bulgarians, Greeks, Hungarians into 3rd world slaves.
People were burnt alive, tortured sadistically if they refused to cenvert to Islam. You can still see the bones of brutally murdered women and children in Christian churches in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia. Muslims have only inflicted pain in Europe. They are subhuman monsters. Remember the genocide of 1,000,000 Armenians by barbarian Muslims in Turkey? You are still in denial.
Muslims have NOTHING to do with Europe and should be kept out!!!Forever.
Bulgarians WILL NEVER FORGET the monstrous pain and suffering the Ottoman Empire inflicted on their country and the Christians for 500 dark years!And I will teach my kids to NEVER forget either and to remember all the heroes that fought the Muslim oppression!!!
Everyone hate Muslims because they are intimidating to the rest of us. I am Jewish and people act really funny because I am not religious. Anyway, America hate Muslims more than Europe, it's just not publicized here as much. Europeans are more open with their feelings and thoughts.I guess
For your information, this planet belongs to God, not to you or white America. You white Europeans have no point of origin anywhere! You have no right to exist!

Washington, DC

#142 Nov 13, 2012
Tania wrote:
<quoted text>
Islam is for barbarians. Muslims worship a slave trader, rapist and murderer.
Muslims only fight when they are attacked.
Are you denying our right to self-defense?

Answer my question. My e-mail address is sabir_abdulsamee@yahoo.com

“Fly low, fly fast.”

Since: Apr 07

East Midlands, UK

#143 Nov 13, 2012
Sabir Abdus-Samee wrote:
<quoted text>
My e-mail address is sabir_abdulsamee@yahoo.com
A silly move putting your e-mail on an open forum.

And I thought Muslims were intelligent!

You forget that Islam shouldn't exist. The Bible warns of cheap immitations several hundred years before Islam began, and by thunder the good book is right.
The Truth

Scarborough, UK

#144 Nov 22, 2012
It is because of the fear of muslims that the media has put into people, we want to agree with our country which is run by our (sort of) government which doesnt give a toss about us. Muslims have defeated the Roman empire which is why they are mainly hated by the governments (which is passed down to their people and followers,basically us), This war was at the start of Islam and the muslims only had 1000 soldiers compared to 100,000 + Roman soldiers and the romans got defeated. A lot of the maths and the science the world knows now wouldnt of been possible without the muslims. The west only got its power over 100 years ago, before that they were very nice to the muslims haha, They divided all the muslim lands as the west as a whole didnt have a chance against all the muslims (and still hasnt) so they split them up (divide and conquer). They also fear the bravery of muslims that arent scared to die if it is in a good cause, They are also scared of the muslims as the majority muslim countries are mainly warrior races like the Arabs,Persians,Berbers,Pashtun s,Pakistanis (pakistanis arent really a race, their a country which is made up of several races (mainly persian,arab,scythian,greek and pashtun). ITS ALL ABOUT FEAR! our government doesnt give a shit about us so why are we supporting them in THEIR wars, NO MUSLIMS WERE A THREAT TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY OF ANY WESTERN COUNTRY!!! but they attacked them for their natural resources, 911 WAS PLANNED, why are we sticking up for our government,the rich and bankers which are getting young lads from your countries (sons,brothers,fathers,uncles) killed over oil!!! i dont understand us,our government and bankers (who are basically together) should be OUR worst enemy but nor its the muslims. WE are slaves of our goverment, we get paid just say £20,000 a year (around average wage) 20% tax straight away,£16,000 left (the average morgage in england is £4000 a year! every £1 your borrow of the bank you pay back around £2.60!! thats just daylight robbery! so youv got £12000 left now, easily £3000 on tax on everyday items (it builds up)£9000 left. Bills about £2000 a year,£7000 left, council tax about a £1000,£6000,about £2000 on fuel,£4000 left, see what i mean, were working for SHIT! i'll rather start hunting like the old days and build my own house and live as a free-man rather then get caught up in their shit! they treat us like animals and yet we blame the muslims, Western countries needed muslims for labour shortages, they left everything behind (their families,friends,homes) to help grow the economy in our countries, they helped us fight our wars, but now we turn on them, I'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND THIS, makes me sick being english, just because of the way we treated them here, the skinheads (black and white) used to beat them up in gangs but now blacks are being all nice with them! the muslims taught the skinheads a good lesson, that it eradicated the skinhead culture for good (sort of) because then came the NF who got their ass kicked and went, and then the BNP (which i dont hear of much now) the EDL (nazi-scums) who are getting handled by pakistani youths. the more we oppress these people the more they are going to backlash at us, it is better if we live peacefully, as we cant live peacefully for long so we like fighting with the pakistanis but what we need to understand they will always fight back, i know how their like, atleast they arent like us all talk no action, they wont talk too much (some do) but when it comes to action it comes without fail and iv witnessed that first hand in bradford. WE SHOULD ALL LIVE PEACEFULLY, OUR CULTURE ISNT GOING TO DIE OUT BECAUSE OF THE MUSLIMS IN OUR COUNTRIES, COMPLETE BULLSHIT THE MEDIA IS FEEDING US, we should rather stand together as people against our masters (the government) WE ARE ALL HUMANS,WE SHOULD ALL LIVE PEACEFULLY AND RESPECTFULLY AMONGST EACH OTHER! thank you for reading!

Munich, Germany

#145 Dec 3, 2012
Amazing! Just Amazing! I really appreciate the world media today. Because the world media has managed to create all these Islam haters. It's amazing how the Jews forgot what Muslims did to them. They would have been vanished long ago in only Muslims killed them like the way Christians did. What example do you have that you can prove Muslims did any massacre, don't just say words, come up with absolute facts and dates and with proven documents. These lies that you say will eat you up one day. Keep on lying for no matter what you do true Islam will rise and save humanity like it did when Mohammad(Peace be upon him) arrived and saved the world from the killings of Roman and the Persian empires.

Yangon, Myanmar

#148 Dec 13, 2012
Sabir Abdus-Samee wrote:
<quoted text>
For your information, this planet belongs to God, not to you or white America. You white Europeans have no point of origin anywhere! You have no right to exist!
I agree that this planet belongs to God,but we Whites don't have the right to exist???who the fuck do u think u r??we whites invented everything,if there were no whites,u backward Muslims will be living in caves,and won't even be able to use computers and internees,FYI we Whites invented everything,while u Muslims just invent swords and sticks to kill non Muslims and beat women.

New Zealand

#149 Dec 24, 2012
islam is the root of the vast majority of the western worlds problems taking from their host countries and giving nothing back in return and to my uneducated freind learn your history please all these places you mentioned were all christian lands far before they were muslim, were then taken converted by muslims. yes they killed a vast majority of jerusalems population but thats only because the only thing that islam will listen to has to be delivered on the point of a sword.

muslims go home your like the stray dog that we can all live without. Catholic all the way
Ahmed Mohammed

Saudi Arabia

#150 Dec 27, 2012
Thanks for God as we are Muslims. Islam will cover all the world, look at your European countries,& american countries, everyday many men & women of all ages go into Islam, look carefully you will see, but on the other side NO Muslim leaves Islam for any other religion. I believe that Europeans have this bad idea about Islam because their authors, books & governments put this bad idea into their minds from childhood, so that they can not think. We are the Muslims believe in Jesus & do not hate him he is a prophet, our religion taught us that, to believe in all prophets. Victory for Islam forever.

“Fly low, fly fast.”

Since: Apr 07

East Midlands, UK

#151 Dec 27, 2012
Yeah Ahmed, if you say so.

Guelph, Canada

#153 Dec 27, 2012
Thousands of Bangladeshi, North African, Kashmiri, Indian Muslims, Central Asian Muslims Leave Islam and Embrace Christ.
Some 35,000 Turks converted from Islam to Christianity last year
Kyrgyzstan : 100,000 Muslims have converted to Christianity in 3 Years !
Omurzak Mamayusupov, the director of Kyrgyzstan's religious affairs committee, "The percentage of Muslims declined from 84 percent of the total population in 2001 to 79.3 percent in 2004. In terms of figures, he added, some 100,000 Muslims, of the country's five million population, have converted to Christianity."
"According to A.T. Willis and others between 2 or 3 million Muslims converted to Christianity after the massacres of the communists in Indonesia, in 1965"
"Catholic officials stated that approximately 10,000 Muslims convert to Catholicism each year. "

Solna, Sweden

#154 Dec 28, 2012
Cohen you must be trolling. People could have any religion they wanted under the ottoman empire. When ottoman empire first took over constantinople people thougt they must now be muslims. but they could have whatever religion they wanted. And being tortured and burned...... really? and slaves....? you think this is America with your black peole eating KFC all the day?. no, well it may was hard for them because they did not have no land but trust me, they didnt got hurt. and yea some muslims are really bad but not all

Solna, Sweden

#155 Dec 28, 2012
And chris4life. im not a Arab. but Arabs invented alot of things like Algebra and other stuff
Amp man

Savage, MN

#156 Dec 29, 2012
Anonymous wrote:
And chris4life. im not a Arab. but Arabs invented alot of things like Algebra and other stuff
How many Islamic nations have a space program? ZERO,a number the muzzie beasts say they made up.Muzzies are backward savages
who think they are still living in the 7th Century.islam
is a evil cult of murder,rape,oppression and theft.I HATE islam!

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