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khalid mahmood


#49 Aug 4, 2007
Jahil people like Mr Qardi are trying to put people off from listening to Molana Tariq jamil. He is a great scholar and he is not one of them HALWY KHANY WALY MOLVIS.
Tabligh is a duty of every muslim given by ALLAH (sw). which one of bralvi's doing it right now.
any names MR QADRI ??
ibrar ullah

Islamabad, Pakistan

#50 Aug 6, 2007
tariq jameel is the gift of God plz lissen hem every day

Oldham, UK

#51 Aug 9, 2007
Assalam o alaikum..

I read these comments and in some comments people are talking about Wahabi I like Wahabi do my elder brother is Wahabi but still I love moulana tariq jamil my brother is strict on wahabism but his mobile is full of moulan tariq jamil beyans
Please dont talk like that we are only muslims and moulan only talk about nimaz touba.
Because of moulana tariq jameel I dont listen songs I have a beard now after listening to him every body has its own point of view but please before making these type of comment please adeal listen to moulana tariq jameel.
He will nevar say that say namaz in this way or different he is only requesting muslims to go for nimaz and quran.
I hope you will understand my point and you will listen to Moulan tariq jameel.
Thanking you in advance dear brother

Bangalore, India

#52 Aug 9, 2007
Assalam Alaikum All..
Qadri saab...Beshak Allah knows who belief is true and whose is right.
Be careful before U make comments on some1's belief..
Swear on the name of Allah..U will be questioned for this.
We dont know the "I" of Islam and we have started commenting on the Ulama's.
May Allah protect these Ulama's and teach us how to respect them.

Karachi, Pakistan

#53 Aug 13, 2007


Karachi, Pakistan

#54 Aug 13, 2007


Karachi, Pakistan

#56 Aug 25, 2007
Allah ham sab ko seedhi raah dikhaye

New Delhi, India

#57 Sep 1, 2007
allah ka shukr ki allah ib gayeguzrey or fitno ke daur mein ek mehnat chalaye jis se hum apne ieman aur aamal ki hifazat kar saktey hein aur yahi woh rasta hein jis se hum duniya aur aakhirat ki kamyaabi pa saktey bus zara cool mind se sochney ki zaroorat hein aur sahih ielam haasil karney ki zaroorat hein
ALLAH hafiz


#58 Sep 2, 2007
Assalam walikum!

Tariq jameel is one of the most great scholar in the world and he is waliullah and now he is coming in london(4 SEPTEMBER 2007) our place and all the london younster are waiting for him and those people whose saying he is not well I think there is misunderstanding with them so please dont say any thing about him because Allah is watching you and he is spreading the Islam so please listen the bayaan(speeches)of Maulana Tariq Jameel May Allah give us Hidaayat to actupon these things Salam..

Since: Aug 07


#59 Sep 2, 2007
from sunniforum:

Confirmed Ahl as Sunna list

Abdul Hakim Murad
Abu Yusuf Riyad ul Haq
Ebrahim Bham
Hakeem Akhter
Hamza Yusuf
Hussain Abdus Sattar
Makki al Hijazi
Mohammad Sindhi
Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzayi
Nawal ur Rehman
Peer Syed Irfan Hussain Shah Mashadi
Suhaib Webb
Suleiman Moola
Tahirul Qadri
Taqi Usmani
Tariq Jameel <----- AVOID
Zaid Shakir
Zulfiqar Ahmed

Confirmed Salafi or Ahle Hadith List

Abdur Raheem Green
Allama Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer
Allama Bin Baz
Bilal Philips
Farhat Hashmi
Jamal ud Din Zarabozo
Saif ur Rehman Mubarak Puri
Saleh El Saleh

Others to Avoid Generally

Israr Ahmed
Zakir Naik
Jamal Badawi

Since: Aug 07


#60 Sep 2, 2007
If you still think this tariq jameel guy is ok then read this: http://www.geocities.com/kkhaan/aqeedah.html


#62 Sep 4, 2007
Salaam ...everyone ......Bhai tariq Jameel in any of his lectures asks that a person makes effort on his / her Imaan to get it to the level that ALLAH asks & the way the HOLY PROPHET (peace be upon him ) showed us ..........if that is not on the right path ..then what is ...please tell me adeel bhai ..........
I agree in the unity but please tell me if u have 1 muslim who is living their life against the will of ALLAH & the other is obeying ALLAH , how do u unite the 2 ? The person obeying cannot come down ...so we must lift the other muslim & tell him / her of the great mercy of ALLAH & what ALLAH requires of us as ummatis

Santa Clara, CA

#63 Sep 10, 2007
Bro Qadri, after ur discussion, since that time i am doing research and research and i would like to present this truth that there is no obligation in tariq jameel's discussions, if there is any i would like to debate with any of ur good scholar who really knows, i still do not understand ur narrow minded nature,
Let me share very important information with u, ur leader Maulana Ilyas Qadri has spend 4 months with jamat and he understand the whole story very well and he has put the same pattern which is in jamat like to go for tableeg (Madni Qaflay), Zikr Azkar, Thursday night bayan, namaz and read the books on Seerat-e-Tayyeba etc. etc., caz all this is the right practice and exactly the way of Holy Prophet (PBUH), but from where and how it started, try to research it and dont finger on any one caz three fingers r on ur self.
I would like do more and more debate on this topic, but u dont do it, get me any scholar i shall talk to him very well Inshallah.
That is why we can not unite, Same one Allah, Same Prophet (PBUH), Same Book of God, same every thing the only difference comes of point of view, hence all four Imams r right, still we can not unite why ?
Asad Ullah


#64 Sep 11, 2007
Assalam-o-Alaikum ! Bhai mujhey zayda english nahi aty so, bhai Adeel Qadri sahab ap aise hi meri bat sumajh lo. ok Adeel sahab.. dekho hawa mein goli marney se shikar nahi kiya jata ok . ager ap Molana ko ghalat sumajhtey ho ya kehtey ho tu koi proof bhi lao. awain hawa mein goli mat chalao. ap ne ager koi aitraz kya hai tu koi daleel bhi lao apney dawey ki warna apna dawa apney pas rakho .. we r not blind ok . ALLAH ney hamein Aqal sha-oor diya hai.. dekh suktey hain sumajh suktey hian keh kon ghalat hai kon sahi. or jab tak yad rakhna wo loog zinda hain jo logon ko ALLAH ki baat sunatey hain ... tab tak qayamat nahi aye gi .. jis din aise loog uth gaye.. qayamat qaim ker di jaye gi. ap se aik sawal hai Adeel sahab... koi aisi bat batao jis per ap ko aitraz ho jo Molana k mounh se ap ney suni ho ? or jo Shari-at k khilaf ho ...ager koi baat ap ko miley tu zaroor batana... mein jawab laon ga us ka ok. ager khud mein sumajh kam ho tu is ka mutlab ye nahi keh samney wala kam aqal hai :) sumajh gaye pyarey bhai. take care ALLAH hafiz

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

#66 Sep 14, 2007
adeel qadri wrote:
<quoted text>
Assalam o alaikum..
I fully agree with your statement that we should unite.But for this these deviant sects must
repair their beliefs because religious unity does not mean to just get together by saying that inspite of correct and wrong beliefs, we all are muslims.What religious unity means is that we should be united in our beliefs and it is obvious that someone with corrupt belief has to repair his belief in order to become united.Another thing is that there is no
compromising in beliefs.If someone think that there is compromising then he is an enemy of Allah
(azza wajalla) and his prophet(sallallahu alaiyhi wa aalehi wasallam).
Dear Adeel,
I respect your thoughts. But dear, you can't judge any one on your own opinion. If you want to know what he (Maulana Tariq Jameel) says and/or about what it is, then you should be brave enough to get up and spend 4 months like he says. And you shell know the truth. I know you can't understand now cuz sitting in the comfort of home on a computer will not make you understand what Prophet of Allah and Allah him self wants. Spend time like they do and you will know that, among the 73 sects you mentioned earlier, this is the only one most loved by Allah. Simply because this is what every Prophet did, and every Sahabah did and that is what we are destined to do.

Please don't mind my comments. Because dear Adeel, you must have listened the lectures or might have attended few gatherings and with your limited knowledge you judged him and his effort. That can’t be helpful for you. If you really want to understand then sacrifice 4 month for Allah and search for truth with a jamaat that starts from Raiwind and who’s intention is only to save all the human from fire of hell.
Good luck.


Karachi, Pakistan

#68 Sep 18, 2007
Brother Qadri,

It would be much mroe helpful if you elaborate your statement by adding justifications for not listening to this great Muballigh-e-Haq. Most of his bayaans are islaahi, never political or criticism to any other religion, much less other sects of our great religion. Throughout the conversation, I have not seen any comment from you which shows signs of your specific belief which contradicts with maulana Tariq Jameel.
Irfan ullah

Guangzhou, China

#69 Sep 18, 2007
Assalam o alaikum
Dear Qadri Do somethings if u can instead of passing comments of others.
Yousaf Youhana changed to Muhammad Yousaf , Junaid Jamshaid Left singing and many others like saeed anwar changed their lived because of effort of Maulana Tariq Jameel and and you say he is from deviated sect. Is ur right sect has changed any prominent non muslim to muslim.
and this is very stupid to say that to unite by like me. Everyone should hear , understand what others say and than decide by himself.
Mubashir Yousuf

Los Angeles, CA

#70 Sep 18, 2007
Great Post

Since: Sep 07


#71 Sep 23, 2007
Assalam o alaikum to all muslims..
who r u adeel qadri,,,u can not say Moulana Tariq Jameel sahab is right or wrong.He is an "MUFTI".U know the mean of "MUFTI".If Moulana Tariq Jameel sahab showing the wrong ways or spreading wrong speaches to any one then the God will punished him.U & we can only pray "ALLAH HAMEN HAQ AUR SACHE RAASTE PER CHALA , HAMEN GUNAHON K RAASTE SE BACHA" but dont do these things.INSHA ALLAH "KAAFIR" can accept ISLAM,after listening his bayans.So,if u r doing this things then it is not good for u also.""ALLAH HAMARE GUNAHON KO MAAF FARMA"".(S.AAMIN)
ulusyar khan


#72 Sep 23, 2007
i thnk ur bralvi ufff toba toba u guys r 2 muc hmr adeel qadri kuien khuda aur rasool ko judaa ker rhay hoo plz muslman banoo okz

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