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Bangalore, India

#256 Jun 17, 2008
Brother adeel
what makes you think you are the only true one and on that straight path that will be different from 72 other sects. It is quite possible that you are the ones who will be tasting dozaq.
You people are actually gud for nothing. You only know to blame others but yourself as gud as nothing.
We all are muslims and are ordered to be united with atleast the thought that we follow our Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) and together bow down to Allah. We are ordered to do dawaah as every prophet did in their time. He does not belong to any different sect. The only different thing he does from you is that he does tabligh and call others to Islam. Allah says in quran that among you there will be people who will call people to enjoining gud and forbidding evil. They will be the best among the lot. So i guess instead of blaming others we must start following Islam and recognize the evil which is spread by the kaafirs to take us away from our imaan.
Abrar Kashmiri

Islamabad, Pakistan

#259 Jun 24, 2008
Dear Qadrii
Allah bless you. i have gone through the emails above and surprised to see your comments. believe me Tariq jamil,s (bayan) are chaging lives. believe me he is simply perfect. i will sugest you to listen him atleast one time
please .

Chico, CA

#260 Jun 24, 2008
Are you all giving each other coded messages?Planning anything with your evil religion? Why dont you all just leave people alone and let them live their own lives. Why bully women and muscle in on other people on how they choose to live their lives? No one really wants to be a misserable muslim if they have a choice to do something happy and cherrful. Leave people alone

Dallas, TX

#261 Jun 24, 2008
Frequently Asked Questions on Ramadan - General
Q: What is Ramadan?
A: Ramadan is the name of the nineth Islamic lunar month. It is the month Allah (The one God), ordered the Muslims to fast since it was the month He revelaed the Qur'an (the Muslims' holy scripture) to Muhammad (the final Prophet of Allah). Muslims abstain from eating, drinking and intimate relations with their spouse during the daylight hours of the blessed month. It is a time for Muslims to contemplate on their belief and increase their faith by actively increasing in worship, prayer and receiting the Qur'an. It is an opportunity for spiritual as well as physical purification.
Q: Do Muslims not eat and drink for a whole month?
A: No. Muslims are ordered to abstain from food, drink and sensual pleasures from the break of dawn until sunset throughout the whole month. That means, that after sunset until the break of dawn of the following day, Muslims may eat and drink as they please. Many Muslims take this opportunity to invite friends and family over to share in the spirit of Ramadan
Q: What do Muslims do during Ramadan?
A: Muslims usually wake before dawn to take a small meal called "suhoor". They abstain from eating, drinking and sensual pleasures during the daylight hours of the blessed month. Muslims exert more effort in worship, praying, contemplating, helping others, giving charity, reciting the Quran (the holy book of the Muslims); many Muslims endeavour to complete the Qur'an's recitation at least once during the month. At sunset, Muslims break their fast, usually with a big meal with family and friends. Many Muslims also attend the mosque at night, to engage in special night prayers called "taraweeh".
Q: Is Ramadan a Prophet of Islam?
A: No, Ramadan is not a Prophet of Islam. Ramadan is simply the name of the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calender. It happens to be the month that Allah (the One God) revealed the Qur'an, to Muhammad (the final Prophet of Allah). Islam believes and honours all the Prophets of the past as servants and Messengers of Allah, including Noah (Nooh), Abraham (Ibrahim), Moses (Musa) and Jesus ('Isa) May Allah send His peace upon them all. Muslims believe that Muhammad is the final Messenger of Allah, that the previous Messengers prophesised about. He preached the same message as those before him: "Worship Allah (the one God) alone, you have no god besides Him".
Q: Do children, sick and old people need to fast?
A: Fasting is only obligated on Muslims who have reached puberty, are sane and are healthy. So children who have not reached puberty are exempt, but are encouraged to fast some days, or a portion of a day, to train them for when they are obliged to fast. The temporarily sick who have a sickness that may extend a few days, where fasting may serverly affect them or prolong their recovery are not obliged to fast but must make up the days after Ramadan. The chronically ill and elderly, for example those with diabetes, are not obliged to fast, but should feed a needy or poor person for each day they miss.
Q: How did the fast during Ramadan become obligatory for Muslims?
A: The revelations from God to the Prophet Muhammad that would eventually be compiled as the Quran began during Ramadan in the year 610, but the fast of Ramadan did not become a religious obligation for Muslims until the year 624. The obligation to fast is explained in the second chapter of the Quran: "O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint... Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Quran, as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong). So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting..." (Chapter 2, verses 183 and 185

Birmingham, UK

#262 Jun 25, 2008
hi after reading this discussion i am higly disapointed in our muslim people who are we to judge who rigt or wrong, jannat is allah, who ever he wish he can give.
i have read quran and hadith this person does deffiently not talk about anything else except quran and hadith.who ever deny this fact can certenly answer for him self on day of qiyamah that he denyied the quran and hadith.
my thought is dont look at the person. hear what his saying. if anyone talk against quran and hadith allah will afflict punishmenr who are we to judge.
no am not a tabilgh brother or belive in any sectors i belive allah is pure islam is pure. let purify our iman become one
ma salam
rizwan shah

Tokyo, Japan

#263 Jun 25, 2008
keep it up ..
good work

Letchworth, UK

#264 Jun 28, 2008
Quran has the supreme & ultimate authority for guidance i used to b like u( bilal qadri )Aqidha Aqidh wise .But after reading quran Allah has guided me 2 right path .Brelvism is totally based on Shirk & Bidt.Islam was reaveled 14 century ago .Your Aqidha is entirely contradicting with Quran&Hadith.Bilal Qadri type of people are found only in subcontinent .When British empire was there .Please dont mind n ask Allah for true guidence .investigate urself that Islam n Hanfi school of thought was this before 2 century.or the brelvi people r doing whether it was existing 2 century r not .islam is not somone property it is a way of life revealed by Alaah on His beloved prophet.U have changed its real image.But Alhumdulillah it is still crystal clear that it will not b imitated r modified .c this is the way of Azaan of Prophets time as u call Kalmiah after namaz Khatam Shareef many more things which r not approved from quran hadith.If u need refrences from Quran i can give u many more ur own molvi says (peer karam shah sahib acknowledged that Hazrat Brelvi Sahib made mistakes in quran translation.if u need refrences i can give u .

Dallas, TX

#265 Jun 28, 2008
Shirk Means Setting up partners in worship with Allah, swt which is Unforgivable sin

Verily, Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with him in worship, but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He pleases, and whoever sets up partners with Allah in worship, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin [Al-QUR'aN Surah:4:48]

And Allah judges with truth, while those to whom they invoke besides Him, cannot judge anything. Certainly, Allah! He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer.[Al-QUR'aN Surah Ghafir (40) Ayah 20]

Hadith - Qudsi 5: I am so self-sufficient that I am in no need of having an associate. Thus he who does an action for someone else's sake as well as Mine will have that action renounced by Me to him whom he associated with Me.


Sant Cugat Del Vallès, Spain

#266 Jun 30, 2008

Sant Cugat Del Vallès, Spain

#267 Jun 30, 2008
Mulims United

Kidderminster, UK

#268 Jul 1, 2008
Maulan tariq jamil is indeed a gift from allha, please brother and sisters, download his lectuers from www.tariqjamil.org and listen to them any time your free. please i am a shia mulism, and my massege is to all muslims is, to learn to love one another and not to heat each other may allha bring the mahdi and peace with him.
Thahir Raza Qadri Razavi

Sri Lanka

#271 Jul 2, 2008
Muhammad Yousuf wrote:
Adeel Qadri sb. m khud bravili muslak sy tauluq rujhta hon.
ap ko khwab aaty hn kh molana sb correct aqeeda nahn rukhty? Ya ap chty hn kH ummat m firqa wariat ki aag lugee rhy.
Ap n ghar m fatwa khana khola huwa hy.
Yeh bat ap un logoon sy khain jo Molana sb ki wajah sy din m dakhil huwy ya kalmah parah. Yaqeen manian wo ap hath paon toor kr ap k ghar parsel kr dain gy kh waqt k bhut bary aalim ki

gustakhi krty ho. m dhumki nahin dy app ko

haqiqat buta rha hom.
kHUDA K LIAYE AISEE BATAIN KRNY SY PARHAIZ KRAIN. Kabhee ap n molana sb ko dikha hy ya milain hn. un ki batain sunee hn.
Nabi Karim(S.A.W) n farmaya kh:
Munafiq ki nishani hy kh baat ko baghair tahqeeq k aagy bian kr deta hy
hum ko pata hai aap ka kaam kijiye ga us nacheez ki takreer e sunn ke barbad mat ho na


#272 Jul 2, 2008
kuffar — Twits, Dimwits, Unwits, Nitwits...

How can you describe a kuffar in 4 little words?
Twits, Dimwits, Unwits, Nitwits...


Plymouth, UK

#273 Jul 9, 2008
I read the above discussion about Tariq Jameel.
I listened and sat with him (once) and i really impressed with his knowledge and the way he explain the meaning of Islam. i am more near to SHIA,s theology. But honestly specking i am really impressed and truly and deeply respect him because of his knowledge. Because i saw that this man really tried to implement at least in his own life what he preaches
Khawaja Fareed Uddin


#275 Jul 10, 2008
Assalam o Alaikum,
Qadri Brother,hope doing good by grace of Allah, request you not to mislead people who r listening to moulana tariq jameel and i advise you brotherly to listen to him and follow right path he is god gift to all muslims.
zaib un nissa

Lahore, Pakistan

#277 Jul 12, 2008
plz difine it.what is true faith & blind faith?
Thahir Raza Qadri Razavi

Sri Lanka

#278 Jul 18, 2008
Khawaja Fareed Uddin wrote:
Assalam o Alaikum,
Qadri Brother,hope doing good by grace of Allah, request you not to mislead people who r listening to moulana tariq jameel and i advise you brotherly to listen to him and follow right path he is god gift to all muslims.
he is not''''he starts of very politely but when u go further he starts doin his work;corrupts ppls faith,,,if u stil don believe ask him some questions on aqida,,he wil never ever answer u properly...he wil cut of the talk from a simple ans n for other questions on belief etc he wil go on doin a lecture.......
May ALLAH keep ul wit the righteous n ul follow the correct path
Mohammad Usman Tallat

Lahore, Pakistan

#279 Jul 21, 2008
Asalam o alaikum to all of you. mere pyarae bhayo dosto ore bazurgo hum aik shoo-bae mein reh ker dosrae ko ghalat na kahein. hamein yae mallooom nae hae k hum bhi jannat mein jaein gae k nae. bus mere bhae kya pata jiss ko hum bol rahae hein kya wo hum sae pehlae jannat mein chala jae. abb pochooo kyooo. coz Allah tou gafoorr raheeim hae or wo chahae tou kya nahi ker sakta. tou bhae Allah nae tou touba k derwazae bhi khool rakhae hein. insan jab touba kerta hae tou Allah kabool kerta hae. i will prove u it if any one do ask me. okies. i was a simple boddie like u all. but when i completed my studies i do went with jammaat for 4 months and i do give off all my bad habits and now i can realize about further

Kansas City, MO

#280 Jul 21, 2008
ALLAH akhbar


#281 Jul 25, 2008
i dont know anything but nothing can change my views about maulana tariq jameel that he is the most precious and wonderful person on this earth MAY ALLAH BLESS HIM

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