Wake up people ALL religions are FAKE
not blind

Delhi, India

#106 Jan 22, 2013
well..i think the power that created this world and driving our lifes..is the energy...it has both positive and negtv form..when we do somthng good we feel powerfull..surrounded by some positive energy..when we do bad we feel powerless...with negative energy .ths may be the answer for all the questions we look for..when it comes to existence of god...and all these religions are just social practices,created by people for the people who are confused and want a escape from reality...
A Human

Mumbai, India

#107 Feb 4, 2013
A well stated fact. Majority of the people choose (According to 'free will' that so many of the fanatics claim) to believe that one God exists, in their respective religion, of course. Yet, there is no substantial proof other than the word of scriptures (E.g. Bible, Quran, Gita etc.) and self prophesized prophets (E.g. Jesus, Prop Mohammed, etc). Scriptures of different religions have gone through so many edits over centuries, so as to ensure, like sheep, we follow where they want us to follow, and by they, people who had a plan, a simple plan, to have control and power. Back then, rather than it being termed the word 'Politics', it was just Religion that was dominating, and the one with highest no. wins. If not, torture and plunder in the name of the unseen, and claim over the innocent. What has changed? Nothing! It is still ongoing, as there are plenty of scapegoats (Followers) either dying in its name, or killing in its name.
The following is bound to happen as a reaction of reading this:
1. ACTUAL literate and sensible people will read and applaud the obvious, and live their life to the full potential available.
2. The highly IGNORANT yet Over smart people dickheads of different religions will claim to be super religious, while deep down, without a doubt, they are the most worst kind of Hypocrites there is.
Few comments regarding the many i read:
To he/she who claims it's the right of whoever to kill as the Quran says so, since there isn't any Hell, all i can hope is that one day something happens to leave you in a paraplegic state of mind, and you will live many such years to contemplate such words of Bullshit.
To the ones who claim that life is just one of many phases of life, get Real. This is the real deal, and we are all living it. Suffering in the name of Religion isn't part of it, Survival is. Go outside your comfort zone and help those who need help, rather than fucking and torturing in the name of Religion. Be a Human, not an Animal.
The biggest corrupt are all the religious leaders. Whoever gave them the blessed right to lead? Has it been mentioned to the mass people? Or as a way of life, it just happened, and like sheep, rather than question, it's easier to just follow. Why stand out, when it's easier to blend in.


#108 Feb 11, 2013
There is absolutely no need to demonise any religion. If you study the various religious texts of different faiths there is a lot of wisdom which will definitely be useful. Its true that none of the religions r God sent but an attempt by various people to understand the reality of creaation. Since it is a matter of faith its needless to subject it to sceintific scrutiny.

London, UK

#109 Feb 13, 2013
TheAwakened wrote:
Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mormanism......they are ALL phony.
They all came from Judaism which itself is just came about do to the gradual merging and then codification of various ancient polytheist religions and ovber time developed in monotheistic.
Seriously folks, most of you are adult i assume..... a magical garden where a chick was created from the rib of a dude, then this dumb chick was tricked by a talking snake into eating an evil apple that got them kicked out of the garden.....
....REALLY ????! lol
As they are phoney then they should be treated as political parties which makes Islam a racist neo nazi party.

Fremont, CA

#110 Feb 16, 2013
1000000000000000000000s of religion...
All but Batman is Real.
All others are Fake

South Africa

#112 Mar 5, 2013
Religion is a bunch of crap , although I do belive in a god , I think that religion(christianity, Muslim etc) was created by mankind just to keep people from doing the wrong things

New York, NY

#113 Mar 5, 2013
If youre going to believe that some guy parted a sea,

Or that some other guy was born to a virgin and then rose from the dead,

Or that some other guy flew up to heaven on a winged horse....

then why not believe in flying spaghetti monster?

Hoax Hoax Hoax

Fremont, CA

#114 May 29, 2013
Real gods




harry potter

star war

star trek

lord of the rings...
Miki n bin

Pompano Beach, FL

#115 Aug 22, 2013
I need to read my marvel comics now,,,,, now that is some real stuff .
Miki n bin

Pompano Beach, FL

#116 Aug 22, 2013
I love Mickey Mouse stories better ,at least I can go and see them at Disney world .
Hoax Hoax Hoax

Fremont, CA

#118 Oct 14, 2013
Real gods: superman... spiderman. batman and iron man.
the only real gods are found in comics books.
All religion is Free free free inventions of man....
Human made the gods...
10000000000000000000000000000s of gods.
Free free free to invent new gods. Invent one today. Free free free to invent new gods....

Dublin, Ireland

#119 Oct 17, 2013
TheAwakened wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually, those with no faith are considerably LESS likely to believe the nonsense conspiracy theories without evidence.
It is those of you who believe others claims of divine revelation that are prone to all manner of silly ideas.
Oh and btw, "god" has never revealed himself to anyone, so your silly claim of "when god reveals himself" only shows how deleusional and gulliable you arfe
Wrong, but if someone told you that they had seen Jesus, you would just say they were on drugs or drink or deluded!

People who have God's Holy Spirit do not murder. People of Faith have a calmness of character because God's Peace is with them! In regards to the few murders carried out by people who profess Christian Faith, such as people who believe that Abortion Doctors are Murderers of unborn children, and that society will not stop slaughtering their unborn, so they must stop it, God does not approve of murdering. So judgement from God would be that the Doctors are Murderers and the people who murder the Doctors are Murderers!

When people are involved in executing the Murderers such as agents of the state, then even they become Murderers! Gifts given unto SATAN, he just keeps being worshipped!
Hoax Hoax Hoax Hox

Fremont, CA

#120 Oct 19, 2013
In the beginning, spiderman created the heavens and earth...

spiderman is one real god.. love spiderman...
Freewheeling Franklin

Kansas City, MO

#121 Oct 21, 2013
We the Freak Brothers are the undisputed Upper Gods!

Me, Fat Freddy and Phineas are!

We call the shots!

And Fat Freddy's cat, of course!
Hunter for The Prophet

Chesapeake, OH

#122 Oct 21, 2013
Citylimits wrote:
If youre going to believe that some guy parted a sea,
Or that some other guy was born to a virgin and then rose from the dead,
Or that some other guy flew up to heaven on a winged horse....
then why not believe in flying spaghetti monster?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =vL7FcvEydqgXX
ashkarlovesALLAH wrote:
Disasters in the Muslim countries is not destructive like yours
it is also happens in yemen but Very light and rare
Egypt live injustice and corruption
Muslim Brotherhood Wronged And tortured so much lived their lives in prisons because the government
See them a threat to the government rule
As long as injustice and corruption exists in Muslim countries disasters will continue
may ALLAH Destroys who spread corruption
they made our life like hell
People with information on any past or planned act of international terrorism against the United States anywhere in the world are urged to contact the the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. military, or Rewards for Justice. Rewards for Justice can be contacted directly via any one of the following avenues:
1-800-877-3927 (works from some overseas locations)
kunal puri

Mumbai, India

#123 Jan 1, 2014
Rabia Kashmiri wrote:
<quoted text>U r not OK with your religion but ALHAMDULLILAH I m.i have experienced GOD through my religion and trust me it's very true.i have really experienced.but the point is how good u r with HIS creatures.spread goodness but you r from serbia who killed innocent muslims,killing muslims was very very very religious act.
Rabia you have felt god because of your good deeds not because of religion brother. You can say that alah,god,bhagwan all are one religions are created by human. Hi rankers person of their society start writing religious books just to control masses that's why every person even every religious scholars have different saying towards their respective religion because it took long time to write religious books in past whether it is quran or bible or gita all took long time because all are massive texts they are writen by different prophets(in case of muslims) and differnt dev or rishis(in case of hindus) all wrote according to need of that time or to suite their on purpose of controlling masses so it is not allah,god,bhagwan who created religion all religion are fake ultimate truth is allah,god or bhagwan what ever you say and only way to reach them is truth,good deeds,and serving humanity. Because allah is every where in every part of this nature so allah resides inside every human being so you have felt allah because you must have served humanity irrespective of religion.:) allah bless you:) I am a hindu but I belive in all whether allah,bhagwan ,god all are one
kunal puri

Mumbai, India

#124 Jan 1, 2014
ya heba wrote:
<quoted text>
why do we need Isa(AS)? we need Allah the Almighty. you Christians worship the creation instead of the Creator. Christianity is blasphemous to the Creator the same with Judaism.
What's wrong in worshiping creation of god?? If you respect creation you will never destroy it. If god(allah in your case) created all and you keep on destroying everything that will be huge sin as you didn't respect allah's creation. That's why some religion lay more stress on worshiping creation of creator so that there is no violence. But its perfctly ok if you worship creator. But think my points rationally. You will feel more near to allah if you respect his creation(means every human, animal every thng) that's why in some religious books it is written that god resides in every human some got aware of that some not , if every person think like that then there will be no violence at all think my points
kunal puri

Mumbai, India

#125 Jan 1, 2014
Baba ji ka thullu to all religions
Jesus Is

Baulkham Hills, Australia

#126 Jan 4, 2014
ya heba wrote:
<quoted text>
why do we need Isa(AS)? we need Allah the Almighty. you Christians worship the creation instead of the Creator. Christianity is blasphemous to the Creator the same with Judaism.
Christians worship their creator who sent us a human/divine mediator, so we could understand and be closer to Him.
He loves humans enough and wants to be with them for eternity enough to do that for us.
Jesus Is

Baulkham Hills, Australia

#127 Jan 4, 2014
not blind wrote:
<quoted text>well..i think the power that created this world and driving our lifes..is the energy...it has both positive and negtv form
And we all know that energy created itself from nothing before it existed and has no source

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