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#185 Sep 18, 2012
Trisha wrote:
<quoted text>
So much for joining a religion you are informed about.
Talk about stupid!!!
Well that's what they do. Covert the people first...THEN tell them about the apostasy rule, and strick life inprisoning rules they will be forced to live by after.

How many do you think would willingly convert if they learnt the rules of the game first?

“You can call me Mrs. K.”

Since: Jul 10

Somewhere over the rainbow

#186 Sep 18, 2012
Imscared wrote:
Look I'm asking for advice not for you people to come and judge something I asked you nothing about..
How on earth could you marry a guy and know nothing about what he believes and willingly join a religon blindly that you didn't even study or investigate before hand?

Here's your adivse. Renounce islam, walk away and live a free life. Or, stay in islam, and be forced into your religious prison and good luck. You'll need it.
mogamat nazeem

South Africa

#187 Sep 19, 2012
Wat if u make a promise to Allah not to zina and u actually do it again. Does Allah fogive u again. If it is just cudnt control yourself
azzak mahrus

Lagos, Nigeria

#188 Sep 19, 2012
i bliv Allah forgive ol sins so kip praying, fasting, gvn cherity and promise not to repeat it..... May Allah forgive us cox we are ol sinner.......AAMMMMeeen

Sri Lanka

#189 Sep 26, 2012
I jua lost mu virginity to a prostitite im really feel guilty what shal i fo please help me ?

Fawkner, Australia

#190 Oct 14, 2012
Daniel Stone wrote:
<quoted text>
For starters, i wouldn't tell your husband. He'd probably Kill you.
If you honestly feel remorse and are sorry for what you've done, and you've prayed "For forgiveness" and its still eating you up inside, then perhaps your praying to the wrong God.
the reason why it is still eating her up inside is because she did not forgive herself.

United States

#192 Oct 14, 2012
Allah loves people who do zina. Allah wants everyone to be happy so if it makes you happy doing zina then allah also loves you this is what imam farkakt said in Maj I'd alababa

United States

#193 Oct 14, 2012
I always do Zina. I have a very abusive husband, and I would go off my mind if I don't do zina , zina for me is like a rush of fresh air

Mississauga, Canada

#194 Oct 18, 2012
Muslim wrote:
sadia* Ameen ya rab lets make dua to curse this ex muslim munaiq

lets make dua that he/she is guided back

Cape Town, South Africa

#195 Oct 19, 2012
Why all the worry about Zina - after all Islam says that you just strayed off the path. Come back on the path and Islam says you'll be ok.

But, if your conscience worries you then Islam has no help except maybe to become a suicide bomber and then hope for clemency from Allah on the Last Day's Judgement.

However, Isa says that He forgives Zina if you are truly sorry for firstly making Allah's heart sad, and secondly from sinning against your loved ones.

Just pray to Isa and ask Him to come into your heart, to forgive you and give you the inner strength to no longer lust for Zina and other sinful things.

You'll see,He will give you the inner peace you desire.

United States

#196 Oct 21, 2012
I do zina all the time, all the gilrs I do zina are hijab girls, they have no problem doing zina. Zina is something that is a fake made up story in your own mind. Just think that your having an affair with a lovely girl and it is a pleasure to enjoy , sex is good don't think zina

Brampton, Canada

#197 Oct 28, 2012
I have read all the comments and it seems like someone is doing an amazing job fabricating things to make Islam look bad. I will advise you to stop playing with fire, Allah knows who you are so get your act together and repent if you are a Muslim and if you are a non Muslim then come to the light before the Angel of death comes to you and it's too late. It's on the Quran, every soul will taste death. Majority of the comments and questions posted on this are done by one person with different names. Stop this now! You might think and feel comfortable sitting in your room thinking you can do and say whatever you like, but death doesn't not knock on the door and ask for permission. Repent before its too late and for non-Muslims the message is very clear and you either accept and get rewarded or deny and face the consequences.
With regards to committing Zina, there are many consequences, there are chances you might get HIV/AIDS or easily get STDs. Repenting sincerely definitely helps but talking about your sins with others does not help the cause because this is between Allah and you; therefore, no one has the right to know. Talking about sins with pride will get you no where but hellfire. All you people need to stop bad mouthing one another and get to the TRUTH before the angel of death comes to you and take the precious life from you and puts a full stop to your online activities and your life as a whole.
george whyte

London, UK

#198 Oct 28, 2012
islam seems to be a religion of fear reading your post

Brampton, Canada

#199 Oct 28, 2012
You say and do all the things to rebel against the laws of Allah yet you fear death? death is the brutal reality of life that we must all face and only death uncovers the truth and clarifies doubts but unfortunately for some it's too late because they rebelled against Allah
Mohammad Ashraf Kamal

Muscat, Oman

#200 Nov 22, 2012
kisi se khane ki jarurat nahi hian , Allah se dua karo Allah maaf kar dega ,namaj padko pabandi se 5 waqt ka ,or raat ke tanhayi main dil se dua karo , or fir gunha na karne ki socho ,in saa Allah ,Allah jarur maaf kare ga

Allah farmate hia . 4 Sure Nisa Aayat Number 48
&#2340;&#2352;&#23 81;&#2332;&#2369;& #2350;&#2366; :- Tarjuma
besak Allah usko nahi bakasta jo us ka sarik tahrate hai ,or uske siva jisko chahe bakas de, or jis ne Allah ka sarik tahraya bas usne bada gunha buhtaan badha

&#2348;&#2375;&#23 58;&#2325; &#2309;&#2354;&#23 81;&#2354;&#2366;& #2361; &#2313;&#2360;&#23 25;&#2379; &#2344;&#2361;&#23 68;&#2306; &#2348;&#2326;&#23 81;&#2358;&#2340;& #2366; &#2332;&#2379; &#2313;&#2360; &#2325;&#2366; &#2358;&#2352;&#23 68;&#2325;
&#2336;&#2361;&#23 52;&#2366;&#2319; , &#2324;&#2352; &#2313;&#2360;&#23 25;&#2375; &#2360;&#2367;&#23 48;&#2366; &#2332;&#2367;&#23 60;&#2325;&#2379; &#2330;&#2366;&#23 61;&#2375; &#2348;&#2325;&#23 81;&#2358; &#2342;&#2375; , &#2324;&#2352; &#2332;&#2367;&#23 60; &#2344;&#2375;
&#2309;&#2354;&#23 81;&#2354;&#2366;& #2361; &#2325;&#2366; &#2358;&#2352;&#23 68;&#2325; &#2336;&#2361;&#23 52;&#2366;&#2351;& #2366;, &#2346;&#2360; &#2313;&#2360; &#2344;&#2375; &#2348;&#2337;&#23 64;&#2366; &#2327;&#2369;&#23 44;&#2366;&#2361; &#2348;&#2369;&#23 61;&#2381;&#2340;& #2366;&#2344; &#2348;&#2366;&#23 05;&#2343;&#2366;

United States

#201 Nov 22, 2012
Punjab wrote:
If you do zina you have to wipe your penis with wine and she has to wash her vagina with alcohol then allah will forgive you, prophet muhamad did the same and allah forgave him. Next time uses a condom when doing zina, a condom is like a wall so its ok when doing zina
I am a married women and I did zina today with a married man. Its my choice and I don't regret it. I enjoyed it I loved it , every second was a tremendous satisfaction and I got even with my bastard muslim husband and I will do zina again and again. And again
umema khan

Mumbai, India

#202 Nov 23, 2012
assala mu alaikum,
i committed zina multiple times and every time i did zina i ask forgiveness to Allah and again did zina after that i live with a guy 7 years without nikah now i commit nikah with him and many time i saw porn videos,plz let me know how i get for giveness for Allah. plz plz plz help me out plz give me some dua for this . my email id is umemakhan123@ g mail
A loner

Karachi, Pakistan

#203 Dec 28, 2012
I have a serious issue... I have been involved in illegal sex with prostitutes since jan 2011 and till now i have committed sex with prostitutes approx 45 times...avg after every 20 days.. i watch porn movies a lot..and i cant control myself for doing zina...i always wear condom during sex...what is my problem solution

London, UK

#204 Dec 31, 2012
Insha'Allah Allah listens to everyone's prayers and dua's if asked sincerely from the heart and crying. Recite Surah Ya'seen, Ayatul Kursi, the 4 Quls and do alot of Zikr such as Astugfirullah (preferably 100 times) Allah swt is so Merciful and loves those who repent and remember him. Feeling guilty is a good quality as you are regretting it and repenting and acknowledging your mistakes which shows you understand and won't commit it again and follow the footsteps of Shatan. Zinna and any other sins a person regardless of being or Muslim or not should not tell their husband or wife as the sin should be between them and Allah as if others know they will be a witness of the Day of Judgement (Akirah). Bad sins should not be boasted about it should be hidden and always remember no one is perfect we all make mistakes some learn from it and regret. Insha'Allah all our prayers are respected and everyone's reprentance is accepted Ameen. Also, respect everyones religion and there are many similarities and differences but then again Allah guides who He will.

London, UK

#205 Dec 31, 2012
To A loner- best advice i can give is avoid temptation i know its hard but Allah made us weak and regardless of wearing 'a condom' it is still wrong. Pray 5 times a day, and anything you are addicted to (seems like you are addicted) is bad for you and i advise you to go to Hajj if you can afford it and ask for forgiveness sincerely and you will feel pure again Insha'Allah stay away from girls and fast as well because then your soul gets purified and always keep wudu on you it will protect you from committing sin Ameen hope i helped.

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