Why i hate islam?
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Dharma bhai

Delhi, India

#1 Nov 20, 2011
Hi,i am Dharma bhai from india and i wanna share some of my views with my muslim brothers and sisters ,Why i hate islam?

Since i was a childhood ,i had no knowledge about islam,muhammad and quaran but still i used to hate muslims because of following reasons:

1. I used to hate muslims because they were smelly and extremely dirty.

2.When i was a child , i used to go to temple and listen to kirtan(wonderful hindu prayers) but then i hear dumb muslim prayers of in Masjid ,it really made me sick 5 times a day.

3.Muslims used to behave cruel and slaughter animals in horrible way they call HALAL in Eid.

4.Muslim parents never sent their daughters into school ,but all the muslims in my class were boys ,not a single muslim girl.

5.Muslim people in Muslim colony used to keep pakistani(India's enemy) flag in their houses and colony gate,Muslims used to party when india lose against pakistan in sports like hockey,cricket or kabaddi(Indian muslims are traitor)

6.Muslim boys in our town are most illitrate,poor,untolerent,aggr essive,dirty,smelly and at the same time they are religious which seems even more ugly.
Normally Hindu non religious people are of such kind .
I am not religious but all my religious Hindu relatives including my mom are calm,tolerent,peaceful,forgive r and helpful kinda persons but Muslims are total opposite to this.

7.When i was a small kid, i used to go to temple and touch the feet of Sadhu baba for some toffies.
But when i used to see Muslim Molwi with long beards and no moustache ,my inocent child mind used to see molwi as Willian .My parents never said that Muslims or Molwis are bad but its what my child mind thought.
Dharma bhai

Delhi, India

#2 Nov 20, 2011
then i grow up and hear the stories about Muslims killing hindu people,ethnic cleansing hindus from india,etc etc things.then i start to number how many Hindus were killed by Muslims in indian subcontinent,i made the calculation that MUSLIMS KILLED 600 MILLION HINDUS in Indian SUBCONTINENT.

According to my calculation Muslims killed over 600 million people.
I can substantiate these numbers with facts.
For example, Aurangzeb killed 5 million in 20 years.
Bahmani Sultans had an agend to kill 100000 every year for 250 years only is South India. that itself makes 25 millions.
And murdering civilians was going on throught the country simultaneously.
Bahamni Sultans were only tip of the iceberg.

Babur killed 1 million in 3 years.

Even emperor Akbar killed 2 millions during initial decades of his rule, though he softened a bit later.

Timur Lang [Tamerlane] killed 1 million in 1 month. Qasim killed 2 million people.

Ghazni Mohammed and Gauri Mohammed together killed nearly 30 million during their added total of 30 invasions.

Tipu Sultan in south killed 10 million. In Bengal Muslims killed nearly 30 millions.

Regular incursions from the Arabs,turks,tatars, Iranians, etc killed nearly 50 millions.

Nadir Shah killed 100000 civilians in one day in Delhi.

The list is endless..........

Muslim rascals kept on killing people.

But people are very strongly bound to their original religion,Hinduism, so could not completely annihilate them.

Muslim beasts started coming here nearly 1200 years back.

Divide 600 millions by 1200 or 1/2 millions per year.

That means Muslim killed 500,000 people per year. It is a reasonable estimate.

If you want recent proof: In Bangladesh, Pakistan's Muslim-soldiers killed 3 million Hindus in one year in 1971.

The total Bangladesh population in 1971 was 60 millions [50 million Muslims and 10 million Hindus.]

Out of 10 million Hindus, Muslims killed 3 million. This is done in the recent times in spite of so much of media exposure, international observation, and monitoring.

Then you can easily understand how many millions of Hindus, Muslims would have killed between 800 and 1800 AD.

In 1947, Muslims were 9% in India,
Hindus were 12% in Pakistan and 28% in Bangladesh.
But in 2008, Muslims are 18% in India,
Hindus are 1% in Pakistan and 10% in Bangladesh.


[CALCULATION: Muslim invaders appeared in India in the 8th century. Killing, raping, looting, kidnapping, etc were the common habits of Muslims although their rule.
They devastated and brutalized India for 1200 long years. Assume they killed half a million people every year or 500,000 people a year. Then multiply that number by 1200. It becomes 600 millions. Muslims killing 500,000 people a year is quite a reasonable estimate [the real figure can be even higher]].

Still we indians let these rascals muslims to live in india.

“19 year old from England”

Since: Oct 11

Preston, UK

#3 Nov 20, 2011
Your emotional speech is enlightening, hindus and buddhism was the religion of the sub-continent but you yourself and I truely know the rate of conversion for hindu's even in todays times in India among hindu's with the climate of India if you know what I mean, please don't make fanciful claims.
Dharma bhai

Delhi, India

#4 Nov 20, 2011
I not only hates muslims but i also hates two bastards who's responsible for muslim terrorism in india.
He was that dickhead MAHATMA GANDHI and JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU ,these two bastard stop the immigration of muslims from india to pakistani portion of india when millions of hindus were getting killed,womens were getting raped in pakistan.
Mahatma gandhi said," Muslims are also humans" ,Hindus and Muslims can live together in india.
But this madarfucker did'nt realise that Muslims are not humans but subhuman devils who will destroy india one day.
i hate my grandfather for saving muslims in our town and near by villages.
Muslims lives in india, eats indian food, wear indian clothes but praises the Arabs and abuses the indians.
These bastards Muslims are not Humans and donot deserve to live in india.
Muslims donot belong to india,neither they belong to pakistan and bangladesh.
these Muslims are so dam selfish that they forget about their masters and now praise the pakistan ,once they used to hide in temples to save their life but now they are trying to suicide bomb the temples.
these resons are not enough to describe why i hate islam, Muhammad and the Muslims.
Dharma bhai

Delhi, India

#5 Nov 20, 2011
Biography of Muhammad , Hate messages in Quaran towards the infidels and the madarshah's terrorist camps are another things , there are already millions of reasons to hate Islam.

Muslims are responsible for killing millions of peoples throughout the globe in countries like ISRAEL,PALESTINE,IRAQ,AFGHANIS TAN,PAKISTAN,SUDAN,

GERMANY AND CANADA are facing islamic threats.

Muslims living in west are free to give speech against any religion like ZAKIR NAIK(INDIA),ANJAM CHAUDHARY (UK) AND many of them in western country but many of the people are killed in islamic countries for speaking against islam or Muhammad.

still i am not complete why i hate islam?
Dharma bhai

Delhi, India

#6 Nov 20, 2011
abdul12345 wrote:
Your emotional speech is enlightening, hindus and buddhism was the religion of the sub-continent but you yourself and I truely know the rate of conversion for hindu's even in todays times in India among hindu's with the climate of India if you know what I mean, please don't make fanciful claims.
In todays times ,in Indian subcontinent ,excluding pakistan and bangladesh ,few hindus have been converted to islam in india mostly my muslim guys marrying hindu poor girls then divorce them after convert,in the states of kerala,maharashtra,west bengal,assam ,uttar pradesh and madhya pradesh.

Other then poor hindu ,sikh,christian girls converting to islam ,other converts are in muslim majority places in india like jammu kashmir,west bengal ,assam and kerala.

Most of the kashmiri are converted to islam but many still lives in kashmir and practice islam but consider themselves hindu ,i have seen many of them who are trying to save their precious lands in muslim majority.

but no other hindu would ever convert to islam in india , except for few hundred out of 1 billion of the population of india which constitute 0.000000000001 % of indian population .

Reason why population of indian muslims increasing is because of breeding like coakroaches and migration of more poor muslims from bangladesh.
Dharma bhai

Delhi, India

#7 Nov 20, 2011
What Indian muslim parents teach their kids?

I wonder what's the future of indian muslims will be cos its not seems to be bright to me .
I lives in Hindu majority country but sometimes i feels that its really hindu majority .

many of the people have been migrated to my town both hindu and muslims from other places ,many of them do shokeepers jobs and many are child labourers .

I used to go to a hair dresser salon in my town ,the hair dresser was a muslim ,about 14 years old.

Bomb blast took place in Mumbai killing 100s of hindus and the attackers were muslims.barber used to think i was a muslim cos i used to wish him Salam when i go to his shop and no other hindu go to muslim barber but i used to go to him.

I read the newspaper ,feel sorry for the dead peoples , tat hair dresser child muslim was taking it as the achievement of islam .

Saying ISLAM WILL OVERTAKE INDIA BY 2030 and such things to other muslim boys . Child was just 14 years old and about 4'2''tall and skinny.

i thought about giving him a kick but i stop myself cos i thought MUSLIMS ARE ALSO HUMANS"

which is untrue ,muslims ain't humans .

We (HINDUS) are soft hearted that why Mslims took advantage of us for 1200 years and will take advantage of us in future.

come on hindus ..........wake up .

your 1 billion ,come on my hindus from India,nepal,canada,uk,us and africa.. you must be more then 1 billion .

Muslims are spoiling my India . Get unite ,and fight the evil of islam ,jai hind.
Dharma bhai

Delhi, India

#8 Nov 20, 2011
Still indian govt. paid millions of USD for the indian muslim HAJJ visiters cos they are not rich enough to visit the Mecca fro HAJJ.
But the Saudi Arabian govt.(true islamic) thinks Hindus are kafir and law have been made for ban the entry of Hindus from Saudi Arabia.

No Hindu can enter the state of Saudi Arabia but Muslims can live in India and blast the indian cities.
No jew,christian is allowed to enter the mecca but no hindu is allowed to Enter the entire Arab kingdom shows that how much Muslims hates the true dharmic religion.
My Muslim roommate told me about this fact , he said law has been made for hindus , he used to be my roomate and we used to live together like brothers.

My Muslim roommate was not a true muslim and he never do namaj prayers but he was better then 99% of all muslims and almost everyone was his friend except the muslim.

Muslims used to hate him cos he was my roommate and he did'nt fast for Ramjaan and not go to mosque on Eid.
Still he was my best friend and i think he was thinking about leaving islam ,ofcouse he was not true muslim.
Dharma bhai

Delhi, India

#9 Nov 20, 2011
How to fight the religion of terror,islam:

1.Stop treating Muslims as special , in many places muslims are treated like special citizens while hindus are treated like second class citizens in pakistan .

2.Stop helping the muslims in haj and stop the pakistanis to enter india and dargah's in india.

3.Ban the islamic tv channels insulting hindus like Zakir naik's channel.

4.Ban the Zakir naik to speak freely and arrest him for insulting hinduism.

5.Ban the muslim painters for insulting the hindus.

6.Ban the slaughter of Cow's in India.

7.Ban the education of Urdu ,arabian in india.

8.Ban all the madarshah's and stop the black money to create madarshah's.

9.Stop the further construction of Mosques in India and destroy the Mosques like pakistan destroying temples in india to search the oil beneath the temples ground.

10. Stop the bangladeshis to enter indian and deport bangladeshis to bangladesh.

11.Stop the Loud speaker prayers in the mosque 5 times a day . ban the loud speakers.

12.Make it compulsary for every Muslim to have 2 childrens or pay charge for having more then two childrens like China.

or kill the muslims who are having more then 2 childrens only to increase muslim population.

13. Perform the Sterilization on all the muslim young boys from the young age.

Edison, NJ

#11 Feb 19, 2012
tell this bastard dharma to b polite

Since: Oct 06

Location hidden

#12 Feb 20, 2012
Nice to see this bumped up.

Good work Dharma!

Pittsfield, MA

#13 Feb 20, 2012
No hate here huh. Heading speaks for itself and those that post here.
Isreality is gay

United States

#14 Feb 21, 2012
and a crybaby

Farmington, MI

#15 Mar 19, 2012
I read all of these anti-Muslim postings with a grain of salt, because, i observe,Dharma's English seems to have rapidly improved--makes me wonder about her "pedigree"--and makes me be distrustful about her 'facts".........
Rabbeen Al Jihad

Salt Lake City, UT

#16 Mar 21, 2012
Isreality wrote:
No hate here huh. Heading speaks for itself and those that post here.
SalaamZ & salutationZ IZZY! I can simpathize a bit with Darmy. He obviously had a really bad experience with naughty muslims.Kind of like my own experience with NaZi-MorMonZ,who,Had they had more spine,would have fire-bombed us in our homes. So I can understand his brand of Hate. SO! isnt it about time Darmy has a G O O D experience with NICE muslims? Or should I say Civilized Muslims with higene! Let us show Dear Darmy that the paradigm "All-men-Are-Created-Equa l" is a bold faced LIE. All good muslims should bid Him a fine As-Salaamu-Alaikum wa Darmy,and a fine how-do-ya-do! LOL! CheerZ.

United States

#19 Apr 28, 2012
Madarchod islam :p inki ammi ki chuT ME SUWAR KA LAND :P
im musliem and im proud

Richmond, Australia

#21 May 10, 2012
you all have to understand that many of the musliems people doesnt do the right things and read Quran and understand what i mean allah will distroy every husband that kick his wife and doesnt look after his life and his fanmily the same with wife blease do not hurt islam with ur words,,,,,,,,,,not ,,,,,,,,,,all,,,,,,,,,,musliam s ,,,,,,,,,, read ,,,,,,Qran ,,,,,,,,,,and not all of them right

New Baltimore, MI

#22 May 10, 2012
Pamela wrote:
I read all of these anti-Muslim postings with a grain of salt, because, i observe,Dharma's English seems to have rapidly improved--makes me wonder about her "pedigree"--and makes me be distrustful about her 'facts".........
Seeing that you are from Dearborn makes me wonder about your "pedigree"--and makes me be distrustful of your 'facts"........Is your name really "Pamela"....or is it "Amal"?
Uzair Khan

Vadodara, India

#23 May 22, 2012
Well guys, 1 thing to be noted is that every1 needs a peaceful life (only if u think so) and MUSLIMS are not an exception..........not every individual from ISLAM is a NUTHEAD (read DICKHEAD).....i agree sm of the bastards are to happy to downgarade the friendly hand that we wanna extend to all.........but remember hate doesnt provide ne outcome rather than the same.......I HIT U HIT I HIT AGAIN U HIT ONCE MORE and it never ends....so if there is a GOOD TRUCE upcoming y dont we welcome it rather than criticising it ???????

and in the best of polite ways if u dont agree to this....i must admit a new terror is arising YOU :(
and i dont want ne of my brothers to become 1
Gaurav sharma


#24 May 24, 2012
Dharma bhai, Muslim harami hote hai mana, but its incorrect that saudi arab has restrictions for Hindus. I have been there in saudi arabia and tat was my biggest mistake. these people trying all the time tome to convert in their religion. they used every trick in their Holy quran book. but bhagwan ki wajah se mein aaj bhi indu ho aur zinda hoo..my suggestion to you never go to saudi arabia

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