Hefajat "Long March" in Dhaka: A sing...

Hefajat "Long March" in Dhaka: A single event that changed Awami Government's Calculations

There are 90 comments on the CNN story from Apr 6, 2013, titled Hefajat "Long March" in Dhaka: A single event that changed Awami Government's Calculations. In it, CNN reports that:

Since last night till this evening, Bangladesh underwent a new history of people's upsurge centering round the heart of Dhaka City and also disseminating to some other remoter cities outside her capital; an upsurge, reportedly a biggest one, ever seen in the history of her independent entity.

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#27 Apr 8, 2013
Oh by the way Hifazat is a faction of the jamaats, look into their history,This is todays News

Women working during Hifazat strike

Women were seen reaching their workplaces despite a daylong nationwide shutdown of the Hifazat-e-Islam on Monday.

The Hifazat have asked for curbs on women rights and opposed free mixing of sexes in public places .

Readymade garment workers
Office-going women
Women Doctors and Teachers from the fair sex were seen on streets since morning.
Mothers were also seen taking their children to school.

A women scribe said that the ‘barbarism’ of Hifazat-e-Islam was reflected in their demands and their opposition to freedom of women was immoral.

“That is why I am rejecting their inconsiderate demand and going to office.

I have obtained higher education and have earned qualities to work for the country… It is not possible for them (Hifazat) to earn these qualities.

I need to work for the development and progress of this nation and society.”

On Saturday, Hifazat-e-Islam organised a rally in Dhaka’s Motijheel area, where they raised demands for curbs on women rights.

Their (Hifazat-e-Islam) other demands include removing the current ‘anti-Islam women’s acts’, the ‘godless education system’, prohibiting unrestrained public mixing of men and women, and banning attempts to set up monuments and building of statues across the country.

No women were allowed into their rally.

A woman scribe from ETV was assaulted when trying to cover the rally .

Many other woman journalists were stopped.

The thing is you are only in support of the JP government because a MAN is the leader of the JP, the other two Parties which is BNP and the AL, both their leaders are WOMEN!!! Khaleda and Hassina!

If you think like this go to Fukistan!

They will love you there!

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#28 Apr 8, 2013
Hifazat demands fundamentalism: German Ambassador



Huzurs won’t feed us, say women workers



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#29 Apr 9, 2013

Hanif told a protest rally by the Jatiya Sromik League during Tuesday’s nationwide strike by the BNP,“More than Tk 800 million changed hands for the Hifazat’s programme. Hifazat-e Islam took Tk 450 million. The transaction took place in Daily Amar Desh’s office (PROPAGANDIST MACHINE FOR BNP also smeared the Name of the Blogger Rajib as an Atheist,with fake evidence). Its Acting Editor Mahmudur Rahman himself took Tk 40 million.”

Also the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister claimed the BNP and the Jamaat-e-Islami were making plots ahead of the Hifazat-e Islam’s rally saying,“The intention was to remove the government with the long march.”

Full Article on above link.

Since: Jun 12

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#30 Apr 9, 2013
Editor Mahmudur Rahman (himself took Tk 40 million) was also a special adviser to Khaleda during her rule., he was also in the her government.

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#31 Apr 10, 2013
Shawkat Ali blasts move to 'enchain' women
Staff Correspondent, bdnews24.com
A stronger democracy will play an important role against attempts to confine women at home, Acting Speaker Shawkat Ali has said.

“Institutionalisation of democracy will resist recent attempts to curb women’s rights,” he said during a discussion on Wednesday.

Radical group Hifazat-e Islam in its 13-point charter of demands has demanded that women be confined at home and also the removal of what they termed as the ‘anti-Islamic’, National Women’s Development Policy 2011.

The Chittagong-based group also went as far as to demand immediate prohibition of public mixing of men and women, which attracted a lot of flak from political groups, organisations and gender activists.

Shawkat Ali claimed during the programme at the Parliament Members’ Club that a particular faction is planning to “make democracy non-functional and establish dictatorial rule”.

“We must save democracy, despite all its shortcomings.”

Shawkat Ali emphasised on securing the rights of women, men and children.

The programme was for the release of a book titled ‘Bangladesh: Rashtro-Rajniti, Sarkar o Shongbidhan’ by author MP Mohammad Israfil Alam.

Since: Jun 12

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#32 Apr 10, 2013
@Bengal Tiger



He seems a bit more wiser I suppose.

please look at the link, if he keeps this up and try's not to befriend Fukistan again then his definatley got my vote.

Ershad asks Hasina, Khaleda to end crisis

Jatiya Party Chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad has urged Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Leader of the Opposition Khaleda Zia to sit together and find a way out of the current political unrest.

He on Monday sent two letters to the leaders of the Awami League and BNP, whose joint movement had ousted him from power nearly two decades ago.

The press was informed about the letters on Wednesday.

Ershad wrote:“I have reached the end of my days. At this point of my life, I urge you both – come forward and discuss to find a way to end the crisis now with a mindset of sacrifice, not grudge or stubbornness. Ensure your place in history by taking initiative towards peace.”

Claiming the country was going through a ‘transition’, he also urged the Prime Minister to sit with all political leaders to overcome the situation.

He reminded Hasina of her duties as the Prime Minister.“You can take the peace initiatives right now from your position.”

“Call the opposition chief, call me, call the leaders of all parties who have representatives in Parliament and also call the eminent and leading personalities of the country. Sit for a discussion.”

The former military ruler, now a member of the Awami League-led Grand Alliance, said everyone will respond if the Prime Minister calls them to a dialogue.

“If anybody does not come, that person will be detached from the people,” he said.
In the letter to BNP Chairperson, Ershad said,“The bewildered nation wants the two leaders of the two major parties to sit together. I will also be with you [Hasina and Khaleda].”

“Whatever the reason, a disaster has descended upon the country. We can forget the faults and lapses for now.”

“Let us sit altogether and find a way to overcome the situation only considering the people’s peace and security, the country’s economy and the future of democracy,” he said.

The Jatiya Party chief sent the letter when the fear of a devastating political crisis is rising with the conflicting stance of Awami League and BNP over the nature of a government to oversee the next parliamentary elections.

Jatiya Party is the third strongest party in Parliament.

Ershad has already announced that he will leave the Grand Alliance at the ‘right time’. He has also been saying that his party will contest the next elections on its own.

In the letter to Prime Minister, Ershad said he respected Hasina not only because she was the Prime Minister, but also because she was the daughter of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and was a ‘devout Muslim’.

“I find your love for the country and the people unquestionable.”

He also told Khaleda,“I find you patriotism unquestionable too. You have run the country and if Allah wants you will do so again in the future.”

He stressed that Bangladesh did not face a political crisis this big after independence.

“I can feel how much you are moved by the current situation in the country and the possible disaster in waiting. I am just making some humble statement to you during this transition the country is going through.”

“Let us forget all the bitterness of the past and find a way to overcome the ongoing crisis.”

He also urged Hasina and Khaleda to stay away from the ‘stubbornness’ to return to power and cling to power.

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#33 Apr 10, 2013
‘Opposition is using Hifazat’
Foreign Minister Dipu Moni has told foreign diplomats the opposition parties used the platform of Hifazat-e Islam last Saturday and that they were trying to take advantage of Hifazat’s so-called non-political’ banner to covertly advance their political agenda.

“im a sex lover boy.”

Since: May 12

gulshan. dhaka

#34 Apr 10, 2013
Awamai league should b banned in Bangladesh.

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#36 Apr 11, 2013
On Wednesday, foreign minister Dipu Moni, while briefing foreign diplomats, warned that some media groups were clearly crossing the limits of media freedom and were involved in inciting violence.

Mahmudur Rahman was energy edvisor to former Prime Minister Khaleda during the 2001-06 BNP regime.

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#37 Apr 11, 2013
The controversy that forced Justice Nizamul Huq of the war crimes tribunal to resign has been compared, in tenor if not in scale, with Britain’s phone-hacking scandal involving the Rupert Murdoch-owned ‘News of the World’ that ultimately folded up 168 years after it was first printed.

Secular groups have alleged that Mahmudur Rahman has been the driving force in the campaign against the Shahbagh’s Ganajagaran Mancha that seeks capital punishment for convicted war criminals. They allege he whipped up religious passions, portraying the Mancha as a ‘bunch of atheist bloggers’ and demanded his arrest.

Since: Mar 13

Freiburg, Germany

#38 Apr 11, 2013
Alain Leveque is a paki

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#39 Apr 11, 2013
‘US, UK banks not banking with Islami Bank’


Banks in the United Kingdom and the United States are not accepting transactions made through the Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, President of the BGMEA said on Thursday.

In the backdrop of the unprecedented problem, apparel sector’s apex body has requested Bangladesh Bank Governor Atiur Rahman to resolve the issue, saying many of its members were facing troubles.

The matter came to light when a team of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) led by its President Atiqul Islam met the central bank Governor.

“We find that banks in the United Kingdom and the United States are not accepting export bills and documents through the Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. So, those who are transacting through the bank are in trouble. We have requested the Bangladesh Bank to take immediate measures,” the BGMEA President said.

The customers of the bank, especially those related to export-import of readymade garment products, are facing problems, amid allegations that the bank is tied to the Jamaat-e-Islami.

The troubles for the bank compounded in the recent months after the Ganajagaran Mancha in Shahbagh called for boycott of the bank, blaming it for financing religious extremism.

On Feb 20, the leaders of three major organisations of the RMG sector -- BGMEA, BKMEA and BTMA – had met the central bank Governor and submitted a plea in writing for a resolution of the issue.

The Islami Bank has been under international pressure for a few years after allegations surfaced about its alleged funding of militant groups across the globe.

HSBC Bank USA, Citi Bank NA and Bank of America have stopped transactions with Islami Bank following the accusations.

The Bangladesh Bank has been monitoring the Islami Bank for quite some time. It appointed an ‘Observer’ to the institution in 2010. General Manager of Forex Reserve and Treasury Management Department Kazi Saidur Rahman is currently the Observer for the bank.

A report on alleged money laundering and terrorist funding by the Islami Bank has been placed before a Senate committee in the United States.

The bank posted a clarification on its website and denied the charges.



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#40 Apr 11, 2013
BNP unresponsive to dialogue call: Ashraf

The BNP is not responding to the call for a dialogue despite the government’s sincerity, Ashraf said.

Analysts fear that a devastating political crisis is on the horizon with the conflicting stance of the Awami League and BNP over the nature of a government to oversee the next parliamentary elections.

Syed Ashraf earlier had called the opposition to sit for discussion. BNP had asked for an official invitation first, but recently its Chairperson Khaleda Zia had rebutted the possibility of any discussion with the government and called for tougher agitation to bring it down.

Ashraf on Thursday claimed the BNP was looking for an ‘unconstitutional’ way to return to power and the long march of Hifazat-e Islam from Chittagong to Dhaka was a part of it.

Awami League leader Mohammad Nasim had also said that a ‘plot’ was designed centring the Hifazat long-march to overthrow the Awami League-led government.

“The Awami League had started the process for the dialogue, but that move went in vain because of the opposition leader’s stance last week,” Ashraf, the LGRD Minister, told the discussion at the National Press Club.

“We said we are ready for discussion, unofficial talks are going on. The talks start slowly.”

“We were on the verge of having the main discussion. It was supposed to be held last week, but the BNP did not sit across the table (by conspiring over the Hifazat long march),” he said.

He also rejected the main opposition’s statement that the Awami League ‘does not’ want dialogue.

Ashraf said,“We think a resolution in line with the Constitution might be reached if we sit for talks.”

But there were still no ways to do anything by violating the court order which annulled the caretaker government system two years ago, he reminded the opposition.

“But the court’s verdict still left ways for reaching an agreement through discussion,” he added, urging the BNP to ’take the straight path’ instead of the ‘twisted one’.

The BNP and the Awami League will find a solution to the situation just like they did in the past through discussions, he hoped.

He said involving court in the political matters would not be right and added that the answer to the crisis was with the politicians.“Hifazat has no place in it.”

“Nothing can be gained through vandalism. Attempts to strike fear through the Hifazat will not work.”

Syed Ashr claimed,“The opposition was plotting to overthrow the government in four days by making Hifazat-e Islam to stay in Dhaka.”

“The BNP does not talk about caretaker system anymore. The BNP has taken their demand to Hifazat. The caretaker is not there.”

He said the main opposition spent millions of taka to finance the Hifazat programme.“Activists of BNP and Jamaat had gathered under the banner of Hifazat.”

Ashraf continued,“The country is passing a very important time. At least the next six months are extremely important for the country.”

“We are frightened, but not defeated. We have ideals, organisation. We are organised and have a leadership.”

He said Awami League was capable of tackling any kind of hostility.“But overconfidence is not good.”

Prime Minister Sjeikh Hasina was dealing with the situation very efficiently, he stressed.“We are 100 percent confident that the Awami League will be able to tackle anything just like it has done in the past.”

The LGRD Minister said,“The trials of the war criminals will be completed. Nothing will be able to stop this.”

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#41 Apr 11, 2013
Mahmudur hurt Muslims: Tuku

“Since Jamaat is no longer useful in establishing the propaganda, millions of taka are being spent on Hifazat-e Islam to deploy these fundamentalists”

Two senior leaders of the BNP appeared in Hifazat’s rally in the capital on Apr 6 to show solidarity on behalf of Khaleda.

The junior Home Minister urged the opposition to stay away from calling shutdowns, vandalising vehicles and torching them.

“Avoid the path of chaos. Join the next Parliament session,” he said.

Following a BNP-sponsored 36-hour nationwide shutdown from Tuesday, Islami Chhatra Shibir enforced a countrywide general strike on Thursday.

The ruling party’s affiliate Krishak League organised the rally in front of the Awami League head office protesting the shutdown of the Jamaat-e-Islami’s student wing.

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#42 Apr 13, 2013

Hasina bats for secular Bangladesh

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has reiterated her government’s determination to make Bangladesh a secular country, free of war criminals, Razakars and all those opposed to the values of the Liberation War.

“Bangladesh will be a non-communal democratic country free of Razakars, Al Badr and war criminals,” she said interacting with Awami League activists from Pabna at her official residence Ganabhaban on Saturday.

She vowed to build a Bangladesh where people of all faiths could practice their religions peacefully and without fear.

“Our country will be run in keeping with the spirit of the Madinah Charter of our beloved Prophet Muhammad and the speech of his last Hajj,” Hasina said suggesting there is no contradiction between Islam and tolerance towards other faiths.

Prophet Muhammad drafted the Madinah Charter shortly after his Hijra in 622 AD.

It constituted a formal agreement between the Prophet and all significant tribes and families of Madinah to ensure that people of all faiths had equal religious rights and no one interfered with others’ practices.

The Prime Minister’s statement comes at a time when demonstrators at Shahbagh are demanding maximum penalty for convicted war criminals and a ban on the Jamaat-e-Islami(Fukistani Collaborators), while the radical Hifazat-e Islam is demanding punishment to the Shahbagh demonstrators, describing them as 'atheist bloggers'.

Little-known Hifazat has alleged the government was ‘aiding atheist bloggers’, while the demonstrators at Shahbagh alleged the government had reached an understanding with the Chittagong-based group, widely believed to be backed by the Jamaat.

Earlier in this month, the Hifazat took out a long march from the port city and held a rally in Dhaka to press for a number of its demands. A minister had held talks with the group over their programme.

Organisers of the Shahbagh movement see the government’s discussion as ‘attempts to compromise with fundamentalists’.

The government has detained several blog activists for allegedly hurting religious sentiments after the Hifazat demanded punishment to the bloggers. The Ganajagaran Mancha has criticised the move.

Acting Editor of BNP-leaning Bengali-language daily ‘Amar Desh’ Mahmudur Rahman has been detained for whipping up communal passion. The Shahbagh demonstrators had demanded his arrest, but the Hifazat protested it.

“We (the government) will not tolerate any defamatory remarks against any religion,” the Prime Minister said.

“If anyone makes a derogatory remark on Prophet Muhammad, we’ll certainly take steps.”

Hasina greeted everyone on Pahela Boishakh, the first day of Bengali New Year commencing Sunday.

The government had accused the opposition of hatching an oust-government conspiracy in the guise of Hifazat’s Apr 6 rally. The Awami League chief said opposition leader Khaleda Zia was ‘unhappy’ as it did not happen.

She said the Hifazat had observed its programme and placed its various demands, but the government would meet only those which were logical.

One of the demands of the radical organisation is banning mixing of sexes in public, a demand which drew flak from all quarters.

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#43 Apr 13, 2013
Addressing the rally, DU History teacher Mesbah Kamal warned the government saying, "Don't sail in two boats simultaneously. Fundamentalists never voted for you and will never do so. So, stop trying to please the fundamentalists by arresting the bloggers."

He urged the Prime Minister to free the bloggers. "Freethinkers like Subrata Adhikari Shuvo will stand by your side. So, take their side."

DU Bangla Department teacher Rafiq Ullah Khan said, "The freethinker bloggers did not hurt Islam, but it was those who used Islam for political gains did."

Since: Jun 12

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#45 Apr 13, 2013

The Jamaats are very good at spreading rumours arn't they which lead to killing of two people, they are very good at whipping up propagandaa on pious muslims in bangladesh to incite hatred to his/her own brothers and sisters on the soil of BD, what kind of characteristic's dose this remind you of Fukistani propoganda.

Since: Jun 12

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#46 Apr 14, 2013

There were some other artefacts such as symbolic rickshaws, crocodiles and horses to highlight the Bengali culture, tradition and history.

While East Asians considers the dragon a symbol of good fortune and authority, in South Asia it is often seen as the evil.

Manabendra Ghosh said the dragon here was to signify all those who had opposed the nation’s birth.“They are not of this land. The wild looks best in the forest and the Razakars look best in Pakistan. Those who do not love this country can’t live here.”

Since: Jun 12

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#47 Apr 19, 2013
Leave politics, form terrorist group: Hanif to BNP

“Murder, attack, terrorist activities cannot be an act of politics. You [BNP] should leave politics and form a terrorist organisation. People do not want to see you all as politicians.”

Addressing the opposition, the Awami League leader said that enforcing strikes is a democratic right, but not observing strikes is also a right.

He claimed that a ‘plot’ was hatched centring the long march of the little-known Chittagong-based radical organisation Hifazat-e Islam earlier this month.“A huge amount of money has changed hands. A vested quarter wanted to use Hifazat-e Islam for its own interest. But the senior Hifazat leaders did not walk into the trap.”

Hanif advised Hifazat to not get involved in politics.“Many questions have already been raised about you. I urge you to stay with religion. Don’t step into the trap of Jamaat and Shibir.”

He told the BNP, which has been demanding reinstatement of the caretaker government system since it was annulled in June 2011, to have a look at the election process of the neighbouring Malaysia and India.

“The general elections in Malaysia will be held on May 5. Please go and have a look at how the election is held by their Election Commission. The situation is also the same in India.”

He also asked the opposition to leave the path of conflict and return to constitutional politics.

Hanif was speaking at a discussion organised by the Bangabandhu Sangskritik Jote in remembrance of late President Md Zillur Rahman.

Full Article on above link.

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#48 Apr 19, 2013
‘Don’t abuse religion for political gains: FM

Foreign Minister Dipu Moni has urged the opposition not to try to exploit the religious sentiments for political gains.

“Bangladesh is a democratic country. Its people don’t want to move away from democracy,” she said addressing an awards ceremony at Chandpur Government Women College on Friday.

“So don’t try to get political mileage by misusing religion,” she said.

Radical Islamist group Hifazat-e Islam which is against the Shahbagh 'Ganajagaran Mancha' held a rally at Motijheel on Apr 6, aiming to push for its 13-point demand, including ‘a stop to infiltration of all alien culture, including shamelessness in the name of freedom of expression, ant-social activities, adultery, free mixing of man and woman and candle lighting’.

It also sought mandatory Islamic education, cancellation of the 'anti-Islamic' women policy and 'anti-religion' education policy — an agenda critics say would amount to the "Talibanisation" of Bangladesh.

Dipu Moni said,“We will stand against them who want to keep women in the corner of houses by religious edict. You all have to be alert as a vested quarter has arisen against freedom of women.”

The programme was addressed, among others, by Deputy Commissioner Ismail Hossain, Police Superintendent of Police Amir Zafar and Principal of the college Sadequr Rahman.

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