Turkey's Chief Justice: If that is Is...

Turkey's Chief Justice: If that is Islam, I'm no Muslim

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Wolverhampton, UK

#1 Dec 2, 2013
Turkey's Chief Justice: If that is Islam, I'm no Muslim


Quetta, Pakistan

#2 Dec 3, 2013
Turkey,s Chief Justice;If that is Islam, I am no Muslim.
There is no need for chief justice to become non Muslim,
But we require and request him to be good Muslim as,
=No Muslim is Muslim whose hands and tong other Muslims are not safe.=

=Not a wronger nor allowed to be wronged.=

Chief justice if one do injustice and claim that this is justice so do you claim that if this is justice then he never do justice, please say these tyrants wrong doers paid persons hypocrites and agents of big powers that they are not humans including those who finance them that they are not believer of Islam while Islam means peace and submission of his well before creator, so your means that as they are tyrants do not love peace you too not love peace. Peace be upon you and all those who read this post.

Quetta, Pakistan

#3 Dec 3, 2013

Islam means Peace acquired by submitting his will before the creator The Allah [God] Almighty. The meaning of Muslim means He who bow before will of Almighty Allah and also give support the cause of Islam.

The first Muslim was Adam who surrendered his will before Almighty Allah and where after in obedience of Allah spent his life. After that a chain of prophets and Messengers sent every age and every period by God Almighty Allah to call the people to Islam to submit their will before Allah, The God and His commandments. SO being The Islam is the oldest religion on earth; beginning with teachings of Adam than Noah; where after Abraham; Moses and Jesus. This concept that Arabs are only Muslims or Mohammed [SAW] has come with new religion is totally wrong and incorrect. The Mohammed [SAW] was Messenger of God like Adam Abraham; Moses and Jesus [peace is upon all of them] All prophets called people towards Allah and show them light and truth. To warned those to save them from evil and do good and righteous deeds for which Almighty Allah has promised to give them reward hereafter or the Day of Judgment. This message never changed from very beginning till Mohammad (SAW) as Holy Quran says.
33- 62
That was the way of Allah in the case of those who passed away of old: and you will not find any change in the way of Allah

According to the Holly Quran man has been created by Lord Almighty Allah only for His worship. Almighty Allah also has raised his position high above sprits and made him His vicegerent. All other creatures, even earth has made to facilitate the man or human being.

Where as all men one day finally have to be gathered before Almighty Allah and will be accountable for their deeds which they did in this life according to commandments of Allah which messengers of Allah conveyed to man kind.

The Mohammad (SAW) being last Messenger of Allah came with final message or Book called Holy Quran.

According to Quran Ch: 21 Verse 107

"And we have sent you (O Mohammad SAW) not but as a Mercy for the all human and all that exists in this World"

In the Sight of Allah the only religion which is acceptable is Islam

Quran Says

"On this day I have perfected your religion for you and completed my favors upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.”

Quetta, Pakistan

#4 Dec 3, 2013

There is no concept of grand Mufti All Muslims are suppose to know Quran and sunah, every Muslim is well aware of teachings of Islam That who ever according to Quran or teachings of Islam save an innocent person, whether, it be a Muslim or non- Muslim, the reward of the same in sight of Allah is as he saved the Whole humanity.

According to Islam all Human beings are brother to each other. As such killing of an innocent person is Harram Prohibited at all cost.
1.- The very teaching of Islam or Holy Quran (book of Islam) gives following directions

“O People or mankind indeed we have created you from single man and women. Than we made you (different) nations and caste, so you identify to each other. Actually in the sight of Allah the most respectable or Hon'ble of you are that who is God cautious or fearing. Indeed Allah is all knowing and acquainted all things”.

Look this teaching of Islam or Quran, declares all mankind as brother who are progeny of single father and mother i.e. Adam and Eve.

Quetta, Pakistan

#5 Dec 3, 2013

The very teaching of Islam or Holy Quran (book of Islam) gives with following directions

“O; People or mankind indeed we have created you from single man and women. Than we made you(different) nation and caste so that you identify to each other. Actually in the sight of Allah the most respectable or Hon'ble of you are that who is God cautious or fearing. Indeed Allah is all knowing and acquainted all things”.

Look this teaching of Islam or Quran, where do give place terrorism? these teaching i.e. teachings of Islam declares all mankind as brother who are progeny of single father and mother i.e. Adam and Eve.

Quetta, Pakistan

#6 Dec 3, 2013

The bird of terrorism almost was alien for Pakistani people. This beautiful bird seems is migratory and its features does not match the local birds. Which presently, seems permanently has made his nest in Pakistan, after Pakistan's joining hand to America and its allies. This bird despite of our full efforts does not leave his nest.

Admittedly Pakistanis are not against Islam and so as it is own country, at present the Wardat or acts of terrorism which regularly committed by northern people of Pakistan (FATA) fully indicates that a considerable group is involve in these activities by support of foreigners. Heavy ammunition in the hands of these people clearly indicates the powers sitting out side of our borders. This is the reason now people of country have started thinking that perhaps our allies of anti terrorist are behind the beautiful bird to make excess and take over the Nuclear weaponry of Pakistan.

Quetta, Pakistan

#7 Dec 3, 2013

The Laws of sharia, basically related to solve the problems of man to man or individual to individual. So as disputes between the society. But Islam having an other aspect it has special relation to man and his creator there are other various field of human conduct to live on this earth and carry their personal matters as such these or not obligatory, however Islam gives for them guidance and for good Muslim one expects to follow the same. However for them there is no punishment or penal law. No doubt Islam also keeps of his own.

Political system or ideology and in this regard there are certain guidance which are given below.

First- A Muslim must know that real authority is with creator the Almighty Allah and he is only His vicegerent on earth to spend his life according to the dictums of creator.

Second one has to know that he is not only accountable before his fellow human beings but at the same time he is accountable before the creator.
Third one should know that he is not independent but bound to hear his fellow beings and run the affairs of state with consultation to other fellow beings. For the betterment of society.

Fourth, his all effort must be to serve his fellow beings and fulfill their needs give them justice in all circumstances.

Fifth he must strive for peace and enter in to pacts with his own neighbors to earn peace for state and further try to live with among them amicably.

Quetta, Pakistan

#8 Dec 3, 2013

Radical Islam actually searching its roots which west has destroyed after breaking the caliphate of Muslims in Turkey? Since than there exists no any Islamic political system, which guide the Muslim Omah as a whole nor there is a any Madresa, where Islamic political system be taught as a subject, in result the Islamic students and radicals on basis of little knowledge about penal and civil laws trying to correct the society which is not possible, and further more interference of west in Muslim countries has deteriorated the Islamic world. Again the Flowing of money through N.G.O,s further has aggravated the situation which is altogether not acceptable to these students and clerks as such same has snatched the peace of Muslim world including the West, It would be better that Islamic world should be left to regulate their own affairs through their legal system and west should avoid to interfere and try to implement of their own system, than one can expect the peace and harmony in west and Islamic world.

Quetta, Pakistan

#9 Dec 3, 2013

Any human who claims learning science or knowledge and looks towards the existence of universe and as well as himself then, naturally he does not remained indifferent from this creation. Many questions disturb him, who has created this universe, from where this primary mass or Nebula came? Whether its existence is an accidental incident? Where does this world or universe go? What is our own relation with this existed world? What he has to do and how he lives or spent his life on this earth?

There is group of people who believe that this mass, chemical and matter is an accidental incident or chance which in result of big bang took shape. The planets, stars, animal and in last human being came on earth in a result of evolution and revolution. So like all other animals herbs and shrubs human too on his completion of his life would disappear. So, on this ground this group is denying any power to exist to control the universe to be named as God.

Although at first glance and study this view point seems is to much weighty, however the working of universe and presence of intelligences proper order or organization of universe objects and their running under controlled laws fully indicating that this universe is not running randomly or without presence of any power. All things whether it is animal kingdom or universe objects such as galaxies including sun, moon and stars all these running under a proper order or control.

Amazingly if you even look or observe life of an ant, this indicates presence of a power, this little creature even having a system of communication, it has market places. It buries his dead, Question than arises from where this intelligence and order came in each and every creation? Which, prima-facie flowing a lifeless deed unintelligent matter.

Therefore, rightly Ion stain says

"The universe is ruled by mind and whether it be the mind of Mathematician or of an artist or a poet, or all of them. It is the one reality which gives meaning to our existence, Enriches our daily fast encourage our hope, energies us with faith wherever knowledge fails."

So as Lord Kleven during examination of water properties exclaimed

"It is impossible to conceive either the beginning or the continuance of life with an over ruling creative power over powering strong proofs of benevolent and intelligent design or to be found around us, teaching that all living things depend of one everlasting creative and ruler."

Thus on account of above one can not follow the baseless point of view of atheist, they indeed or on wrong path.

Quetta, Pakistan

#10 Dec 3, 2013
Who Francis Do you guys really think that god is real? I being 16 am still trying to find out…………….
Dear Francis, The God is not only real but at the same time appearing from His own Creation, Do You ever think about your self, why every thing of you is in perfect and good shape or order? Do you see any thing which is UN necessary attached with you. Which you do not require, from where such brain came in your little skull? Due to which you have subdued or subjected every thing. Why everything has been made for your satisfaction to fulfill only your needs? Why every thing of this world is only and only for you, And you are not for any other creature, So in such position If any claim from outer world, Which you do not perceive Comes your knowledge, through Your own humans that they had been sent or Commissioned as Messengers telling you that one omnipotent Authority Lying behind this creation.; Who is Called God The Almighty Allah, And He is your creator, Than why you doubt this ,And gives no attention towards this information, Simply, because you do not perceive this Authority and do not see this Authority, But this your denial it self against your own created things, First you take a cassette or real of V.C.R. in your hand in which a film or beautiful songs would have been recorded And if you show this real to a man of one thousand year back, saying him that in this real or strip there are beautiful persons dancing and singing and laughing, If he would not believe and you could not show him this without playing this, than would it means that you were telling lie, or that person is wrong, Because factually these thing are present in that cassette or real of V.C..R.
Dear, Francis, I am not a Scholar, But one thing is clear from appearances of this world, and its intelligence and our own role that, there is a God or Authority who has created us and definitely He would not have created us without any cause or purpose, When every thing of this world is created for our service than it is acceptable or plausible that we also must serve that creator.
However You think that being Muslim I also just other Muslims Plead my own Version, But honestly after studying all major religions I am convince that Mohammed {SAW} is final Messenger of God and Quran is last book for humanity to guide him towards real goal, Who ever miss it on account of any bias hate or any other consideration without honest analyses he really would be in utter loss a loss which never be compensated.

Quetta, Pakistan

#11 Dec 3, 2013
I fear that Any more debate about presence of God further will make you away from God; I know your and my knowledge could only compass or Comprehend whatever comes in our feelings i.e. What we see observe or think or perceive. We both are from this existing world, and we only could perceive what ever is part of this world, how we can perceive any thing which is not part of this world; world has seen him in existence by His ordain, whether this vast world its perfect rules, and order does not convince you for existence of any controlling Power, Why this dead mass or Primary Nebula, which Was inexistence but in one and same period appeared in result of big Bang. Again existing in many shapes, why when material is same than Some are appearing in shape of sun some are stars; some are existing in shape of air some appear as water; some are animals some are trees, why atmosphere, is same and is not effected from evolution or revolution? Why air is existed only on our earth? Why air is taking clouds to different parts? And why it not runs or blow one side of earth and why it not take clouds only one side of world and other side should not be deprived. Why this deed things are in order Though I am an ordinary student of Islam but one thing easily observe that a Power from very beginning has gave every creature some characteristics which are not of his own achievement, look the kid of a goat, an infant of goat on his born soon after falling on ground hardly stands but take his mouth toward up to nipples of her mother, kindly say who has taught this little infant of goat to took his mouth and feed, if this infant instead of raising his mouth towards up side to down earth, than kindly tell me what, help could her mother provide her in jungle, surely that infant or kid would lost his or her life; or who is this Power who taught every creature of his way of living, professing, and spending life an Atheist in my view, living of a human just like an animal, you could not differentiate with an Atheist and animal. Animal live on earth just to fell his stomach and if this need of an animal satisfied, than, it has no need for other thinking, it would be utter absurdity to include these chaps in category of human I do not believe that any atheist would be any sympathy to any person or human, this chap definitely live on face of earth only to fulfills his needs and do every thing which suited his own interest, he never sacrifice his life for any person, charity, or help to other persons or doing good things on cost of his peace or tranquility all these are meaningless for this person, if you see any person doing any good thing, than understand that he is going to do this just as hobby to satisfy himself, like those who involve to collect tickets but once they failed to get happiness from it than they leave that hobby, They only fear from the law of country, Which did not allow them to kill; to loot or to commit fraud. They always live in miserable condition, if failed to achieve worldly, prosperous or gain, on contrary a poor believer lives a happy life. He after doing a little service for humanity becomes happy with hope that God Almighty Allah on the day of Judgment will give him Reward of it in shape of Eternal paradise or Garden for ever, Again in my view their Denial their creator is un forgivable crime,
3- Than naturally come religion in picture, though in my view teaching of almost all religions flow from one and same source the creator of the world. Who guided the man through his prophets and his Messengers? As according to Islamic teachings Almighty Allah (The God) has sent about, 124,000 (One Lac Twenty Four Thousand) Prophets and messengers to guide the humanity and point out the real goal. Thus if any one carefully study the original book of every religion he naturally find the concept of presence of one true God. But latter on the followers instead of worship of One God made with hip partners and started worshiping so many deities.

Quetta, Pakistan

#12 Dec 3, 2013
Dear fellow brothers, as you all know and perceive that life of this world is transitory and one day each of us has to left this world, and than face to a situation for which almost we all having different views, ideas or concepts. It is also a fact that out of us every one has clung to his own ideology, concept or religion. Every one of us claims to himself on right path. Question is not that who, out of us is on right path, but question is this that some of the religions claim that whoever rejects its teaching he surely misses the goal for ever and his abode to next life would be Hell fire for ever. I have taken in to consideration almost all concepts vis- a- vis Religions and in this regard having a conclusive or definite opinion, however, if, I do suggest or advise you being fellow brother than your decision surely would be re-active or would be negative, so in this way I would be responsible to make you further away from truth, light and salvation. There fore a Eight (8) point clue as a food thought, I do give below being your well-wisher to see your success to find the light, truth and be entitle for salvation.
1-Admittedly truth satisfies the conscience and mind, while false and evil leads to perplexity and uneasiness, As such follow the way which gives you satisfaction and leave the way which throw you in doubt and perplex.
2-Analyse his own belief, dogma and notion in contrast of his fellow creatures, resolve the doubt and do not compromise with suspicions.
3-Do not be an Atheist, If tomorrow you really faced a situation for which a group of people, Messengers pointed out or gave information than you surely would be in utter loss a loss which could not be compensated. Thus try to find protection in a lap of any religion after analyzing its teachings.
4-Do not deceive your self and take the following questions seriously when you make any decision.
a- Is there a Deity or creator to whom human being is accountable?.
b- If, there does exist any such Deity or Power than whether He requires us to follow Him in particular way or otherwise?.
C-From where this intelligence and variety came and to whom pointing out?, Why a new born kid of goat despite of not attaining maturity and understanding took her mouth at the very moment after her born above to the nipples of her mother, and so as why a mouse on his first look at cat does not miss to treat her his enemy and without any loss of chance jumps away while does not fear to a goat or donkey on his first meeting?.
5-Give a critical attention to his own belief, whether there does appear any bulk reversion or conversion in it, If so than meet to these fellow religions’ question them about their conversion or reversion just to find the real cause or truth ..

Quetta, Pakistan

#13 Dec 3, 2013
6-Do not forget his own mortality, examine honestly and impartially the teachings of Major religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism than do not miss to make a right decision in his own benefit..
7-Try to think properly and with correct notion, as there is thin line between right and wrong thinking, for example take a class of students and ask each of them what co lour he likes for his class room, The answer of each student definitely would be different. One would say green, one would say red answer of one would be blue and so on and every student in his choice would not compromise and think him not in correct, however an expert surely would suggest a co lour like white or similar to it on the ground that students requires proper light and dark color would not suited for a class room but to an x-ray room..
8- Do not think as asset your present success, where no any your fellow human lived for ever, try to know the real truth and object and get it, from where it comes, in your hand, as it is not sure that same lies in your own religion or concept.

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