Mis-understanding Islam?
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#820 Jan 10, 2013

First part,
6. Now I am turning towards first part which I want to bring to your knowledge.
All Makkan, the relatives of Muhammad (SAW) are witness to this fact that Muhammad (SAW) in his life’s forty years, before the first revelation of Cave Hira, in any gathering has not indicated towards existence of any entity or Allah. Muhammad (SAW) never has given any speech or talk; in which any one would have perceive that he having any extra edge, qualities or knowledge, which all his other relatives could not have.
7. The Human experience and observation is witness of this fact that whoever having knowledge like an Ocean, he could not be remained silent for forty years and also could not spend his life like deaf and dumb. He who if keeps such quality he then surely in any meeting or gathering would have disclose his ability and knowledge. We all know very well that it is human instinct that men always try to show his superiority over other his fellow-beings and in any case show his specific quality which his other fellows could not have. It is a daily observable phenomenon that if anyone speaks good English he frequently or repeatedly takes the support of that quality to impress his other fellows.
8. But the Makkans and that time is the witness of this fact that Muhammad (SAW) in his forty years life never talk or pointed any existence of ‘the God’ such as, Qur’an like discussion. Muhammad (SAW) entered in his youth in presence of all Makkans, and spent his youth in presence of all Makkans. No one ever at any time, could not able to say that Muhammad (SAW) before the first revelation on attaining forty years age, ever has indicated towards ‘Allah’ or presented any arguments or entered into any debate which showing that he had any extra quality perhaps this is why Qur’an says
“O, Muhammad (SAW) before revelation of Qur’an thou not able to read or write, if that would be, then these non-believers could have changed”,
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#821 Jan 10, 2013
If at the presence of such declaration Muhammad (SAW) would have had such capacity, then Makkans, the rejecters, definitely would have pointed out or could have said.
9. So in that circumstances let consider or ponder over Qur’an. The Book which challenges the whole world to bring like it any book, indeed it is not possible that any unmatchable work could come through an unlettered person and Qur’an narrates this situation as follow;
“These pagans tell that Prophet has invented Qur’an from his own tells to them, so bring, any book like this, call anyone besides Allah for your help, if you are truthful.”
In this regard, an Islamic scholar beautifully has commented to his life,“Seera-tu-Nabi 527” by Syed Sulaiman Nadvi.
“Think about an unlettered person brought up among the illiterate people and when touch his youth, he did not find anything except darkness everywhere.

A city in which there was no any school or literate person, there was no scholar present in Makka or near to that city. Everyone was almost illiterate in Makka except one or two persons, who only having capability to read or write. Prophet never heard or had ability to know anything of past generations or teachings. Prophet never had a chance to go any school for a day, even there was no school or institution far or near at Makka. In all this darkness at sudden he comes with a teaching which reveals the secrets of Heaven on Earth and even further knew to life of hereafter. All this was mentioning by an unlettered person it never be possible.
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#822 Jan 10, 2013
will continue
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#824 Jan 11, 2013

10. How it is possible that one person who never had a chance to go for any learning institute for a one day and he in his life has not learn a word or he had never chance to hear any sermon or Ahadith, and has never come across to learn history or any kind of such other facility. It sudden come with a knowledge of teachings of all big religions and their personalities and teaching. For knowing these teaching one should have three capability or characteristics.
i. He himself would have been present at the time of incident, or
ii. He read all these teachings or past stories in the book, or
iii. He hear all these talks from any other person.
The history of Arab is evident of this fact that Muhammad (SAW) was not aware of all these facilities, and then Qur’an is that how he came to know about all those facts.
11. These all facts or incidents if were a few than one would guess that it may possible that he would have heard them from anyone, but these facts are spreading upon series of Prophets, such as, Adam, Noah, Jacob, Yousuf, Moses, Uzair, Haroon, David, Khezar, Zakria, Sohaib, Sheath, Hud, Ibrahim, Ismail, Isaac, Louth, Yahya, Sulaiman, Jonah, Jesses and many other Prophets. These Prophets not only have been mentioned in Qur’an, but their time period, the believing of that people, their beliefs also have been mentioned. History of these nations, living standard and their achievements and disappearance, all has been mentioned such as Faroah, Qaroon and Ham an.
12. All we know from the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that he spend his whole life between the unlettered pagans who had no access to any revealed book or any other lecture, which could raised their outlook above to that which their forefathers were doing. In such circumstances, it would be utter denial of truth and fact that Muhammad (SAW) himself and any his colleague would come with high teachings.
Qadir mengal

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#825 Jan 11, 2013
This book i.e. Qur’an is the World’s Unique Book which has effected all aspects of human life, whether it would be a character of human or philosophical thought including social, political and economical thoughts or values. This book Qur’an has discussed every field of science including justice system. In this regard, Moulana Moudodi beautifully comments that:
The vast science or knowledge which presents this Book was not available in anywhere of that world including Room, Cyprus or Arab World. Today even one study in any field of science, such as, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Economics and after spending his whole of life in any field getting proper answer of any problem, if he would look to Qur’an, he would find that answer of that problem is already present in Qur’an.
How one can believe that fourteen thousand (14000) years back an unlettered person of Arabian Desert having so high outlook that he had ponder to every field of science and gave his correct knowledge (Tafheem Page 179)
Moulana Moudodi continues that this book Qur’an was not written at Makka and present to world. It began to amend people with a few Versus and then twenty three years this revolution faced and crossed many stages and difficulties and oppositions, but the convyer of this revelation gave many times short and many time long addresses to people and his all those addresses, talks, sermons on completion of his mission presented in shape of Book, Qur’an. The Leader of revolution himself says that all those addresses, talks and sermons were not of him, but these are revealed to him by the Creator of the World. Thus, if any person says that these addresses were of his own then say to this person to present any human who had given such addresses or talks short and long in years and years, as a Reformer, as a Ruler, as a General, as a Judicial, and the Executive Authority and collection of all these talks and addresses every word of those twenty three years would be become so consonance like a woven fabric and beads in a thread. The leader or convener of those addresses seems had had knowledge of his first word and all between incidents happening or difficulties lead to end of his 23 years struggle period. He had so perfect knowledge of his that 23 years struggle or reforms, that he in any stage of his that 23 years did not change any of his word that he had ever in that 23 years has said in anywhere in any situation or gathering. If any person of this caliber wherever is observed, then same to be pointed out.
13. keeping aside all that which I have stated herein before there are many facts and material in Holy Qur’an which are witness of this fact that Qur’an is not of Muhammad (SAW) own creation or work, but facts or teachings indicates that Qur’an is revealed book of any superpower. So let us now in the light of these incidents mentioned in Qur’an, we examine and ponder Whether Qur’an is Muhammad (SAW) own work or same is a revealed book of any superpower, whom Muhammad (SAW) presents as a creator and owner of the book or Qur’an?
Qadir mengal

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#826 Jan 11, 2013
Those who interested in life of Mohammad as a prophet or other wise come and visit the thread” Qadir mengal Miss understanding islam”An important series about the life of Mohammad(saw) is being started, from page 34 of topix this series will go number wise just as 1 (2) 3 … along with mentioning the thread number where the series is located.So as Qadir mengal also (insha Allah) will give you the answers about your questions and Queries about islam.

Note-Post no, 1,2,3,4,5,6,of this series have come on page 34 of Miss understanding islam, while post number 7 has appeared or come on page no, 35of this thread i,e miss understanding islam so please follow a head.
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#827 Jan 11, 2013


14. When Prophet of Islam migrated from Makka along with Hazrat Abu Bakar and resided temporarily in a hut or tent, where a small band of Muslims who fearing for the life of Muhammad (SAW) which was in danger due to settled population of Jews and Christians of Madina. These Muslims were giving duties as guard on their turnover. Muhammad (SAW) one night following Verse revealed,
(Surah-e-Muhammad, Verse 67).
i. O, Apostle proclaim the (message) which had been sent to thee from thy Lord.
ii. If, thou, didst not thou wouldst not have fulfill.
iii. And proclaim, his mission and Allah will defend thee from men (who mean and mischief).
iv. For Allah guideth not those who reject.
When above Verse revealed at the very moment Prophet came out of his hut and asked the people who were giving duty as a guard that to go and sleep, as from now the Almighty Allah has taken responsibility of his protection, history is evident of this fact that where after or onward Prophet never kept any guard for him and on his house to protect him. This action of Prophet shows fully confidence over his Lord and having no any doubt that any person would harm him in his life. This fact further shows that Qur’an in revealed Book or is word of Allah and not of Muhammad (SAW) own handwork, otherwise, Muhammad (SAW) never would remove the guards from the tent in a new and dangerous place, because there was every likelihood that at any moment, the Jews and Christians could take his life.
Qadir mengal

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#828 Jan 11, 2013

15. Come to an other incident which has been presented in Qur’an, this incident was altogether was such that no one in that period could believe and this incident was enough to revert and make failed to the teachings or message of Muhammad (SAW), but we see or observe that Muhammad (SAW) without any hesitation presents or put it before the same in front of those people.
This incident was so uncommon that even Qur’an says about it.
“We show you the scene it was no more but a test for people. Glory to Allah who did take his servant for a journey by night from the sacred mosque(Masjid) to the farthest mosque, whose precincts we did bless- in order that we might show him some of our signs; For he the one who hearth and seethe (All things)”
This incident is Meraj to ascend, Prophet one morning on waking revealed to his family members that he in to night was taken from sacred Mosque Kaba to Mosque Al-Qudus and from where he was taken to Heavens and then he in the same night was brought again in which no any time was consumed. This incident or story of Meraj (ascend) was so uncommon, even the cousin Omahami (lady) tell Prophet kindly do not narrate this incident as no one believe it and same would damage his own position, but Prophet without hesitation went among the Sahaba The companions and tell the whole story or incident and result was that the unbelievers started mocking and spreading this incident. One of the unbeliever saw Abu Bakar, one of the most ardent follower of Prophet and tell him, you have heard that your friend telling that in one night he went Masjid-al-Qudus, Palestine and prayed in that Masjid, where after went to Heavens after visit came back in the same night. Abu Bakar told the unbeliever that you are not telling truth. Muhammad (SAW) would not have say so, however, if really Muhammad (SAW) has said so, then it is true and I believe it to be true. The idolater unbelievers of Madina publicly started taunting and mockery and even passed words to Abu Bakar and ardent supporter and follower of Prophet that how he illogically without assigning the situation and things support the Muhammad (SAW), when things gone worse, then Abu Bakar suggested the people that you all know that Prophet never in his life visited Palestine or Al-Qudus Mosque and many of you and us have visited the Al-Qudus Mosque of Palestine and know all the surroundings
Qadir mengal

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#829 Jan 11, 2013

so why we make a panel of such people and approach the prophet ask him for their satisfaction to give detail of Mosque which he in the night visited and offered prayer there in Al-Qudus. The unbeliever and other hypocrites accepted this suggestion of Abu Bakar, a plausible satisfactory suggestion, hence these hypocrites and unbelievers went to Prophet with Abu Bakar, where Abu Bakar started to questioning Prophet that O, Prophet you have mentioned that I have visited Al-Qudus Mosque and offered prayer there and from where taken to Heavens and brought back in the same night, as we only for our own satisfaction to know details as many of us visited the Al-Qudus and know about it. The Prophet with a little bit became silent and went in embracing position, However than asked the panel to ask questions about it, then every member asked different questions about the Mosque Al-Qudus and suburban site which Prophet passed to them and finally they became silent after receiving proper and correct information about the mosque and its descriptions. So in this way the mockery stopped or died, later on, Prophet said that when first time Abu Bakar at sudden presented the suggestion he was not remembering anything about Mosque and he felt as the earth slipped under his feet, but soon the Allah presented Mosque and surrounds in his front, as such then what the unbelievers asked the same was presented or could bring it in front of Prophet. Observing position the unbelievers become silent.Today we all know the speed of many things including sun and American vijor having speed of 60 thousand mile per hour and Wich sent messages from eight billion miles which reach to us within four hours. So looking these facts there is no any amazing thing that Muhammad (SAW) visited to Heavens in a single night.

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#831 Jan 12, 2013
Those who interested in life of Mohammad as a prophet or other wise come and visit the thread” Qadir mengal Miss understanding islam”An important series about the life of Mohammad(saw) has started, from page 33 of topix this series will go number wise just as 1 (2) 3 … along with mentioning the thread number where the series is located.So as Qadir mengal also (insha Allah) will give you the answers about your questions and Queries about islam.
Note-Post no, 1,2,3,4,5,6,of this series have come on page 33 of Miss understanding islam, while post number 7,8,9,9-aand others have appeared or come on page no, 34 of this thread i,e miss understanding islam so please follow a head.
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#832 Jan 12, 2013
16. Come to one an other statement of Qur’an which relates about the victory of Romans over Persian Empire. The French well known famous Historian Gibbon after reading about this fact in Qur’an uttered as follows:
“Ttwo big powers of East holding powerful Empires on a stage where Iranians have made sweeping successes over the Romans. The Prophet of Islam prophecy in Qur’an that Roman would defeat the Iranians within few years was at that time hardly acceptable and perceivable.”
And perhaps it was the prayer of that Prophet that at a sudden change appeared in Hercules and then he miraculously arose from dust in, result defeated and destroy the Iranian Empire.
Holy Quran, Sura xxx,1to 7.

1. A.L.M
2. Roman Empire Has been defeated-
3- In a land close by
But they {even} after
{this}defeat of theirs,
Will soon be victorious-
4. Within a few years-
With Allah, is the Decision; In the Past
And in the future; On that Day shall The Believers rejoice with the help of Allah.

5. He helps whom He will; And He is exalted in might, Most Merciful.

6.[It is] The promise of Allah. Never does Allah depart From His promise;
But most men understand not.

7. They know but the outer [Things] in the life of this world; but of the End of things. They are heedless.

This Sura, revealed to Prophet Mohammad (SAW) before Hijra; corresponding year [614-15] of the chasten, in the background when Persians conquest over the Roman Empire.

The Christen Empire of Rome had last Jerusalem to the Persians and Christianity had been humbled in the dust. At the time it seemed out side the sounds of human possibility; looking the inner resources and condition of Persian and Roman Empire and their armies, that the table would be turned and position would reverse with in 8 or 9 years.

The pro, Persian Quriash rejoiced exceedingly and redouble their persecution against the Holy Prophet, whose message was renewal of the message of Christ in Jerusalem. Then this passage of Quran V. 1 – 7 revealed, which clearly foreshadowing the final defeat of Persia as a preload to the destruction of the Persian Empire after defeat of Roman Empire. Many Pagans as a taunt approach the Abu- Bakar saying that Quran has not prescribed a definite period as such the passage of Quran is nothing but a vague talk, just console the Muslims to take out from humiliation. On that it is stated that the Abu- Bakar told the pagans that this passage of Quran indicates defeat of Persians about with in the 5 years. When this conversion came to the knowledge of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) He told to Haszrat Abu- Bakar that this word, bizahun (in the text meaning used from 3 to 9 years) so you should have to tell the pagans that this defeat would happen with in 9 years.

Do you one understanding. The words “this Is The Promise Of Allah And Never Allah Depart From His Promise", If This defeat, would not happened as Mohammed {SAW} or QURAN had said than what happened, You never find any Muslim on face of earth these and hundred like these verses of Quran shows that Mohammed (SAW) is Prophet of Allah and Quran is word of Allah, Please better is to accept Islam and save yourselves from Hell. The fuel of it would be stones iron and arrogant persons who reject the authority of creator

Qadir mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#834 Jan 12, 2013

17- The Qur’an tells the earth is spherical. I do not challenge the atheist and ask them the world we live in what is its shape? He tells me that previously people thought the world was flat and people were afraid to venture too far lest they would fall over. But now we have enough scientific proof to show it is not flat, it is spherical. When did you learn? Yesterday, 100 year back, 200 years back in science? And if he has a good knowledge he replies that the first person who proved that the world was spherical was Sir Francis Drake in 1597. I pose him a question, analyze what the Qur’an in Surah Luqman says:
“See you not (O Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him) that Allah merges the night into the day and merges the day into the night?(31:29)
Merging means a slow and a gradual change. The night slowly and gradually changes into day and the day slowly and gradually changes to night. This phenomenon is not possible if the world is flat. It is only possible if the world is spherical. A similar message is given in Surah Al-Zumar:
“He makes the night to go in the day and makes the day to go in the night.(39:5)
The Arabic word used is ‘Yukawwur’ which denotes as though you coil a turban round the head, coiling, this coiling, this overlapping of the night over the day and the day over the night is only possible if the earth is spherical. It is not possible if the earth is flat. You tell me it was discovered recently. Can you account for who could have mentioned this in the Qur’an 1400 years ago?
Qadir mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#835 Jan 12, 2013

18-. Light of moon is not its own. May be it is a good guess, but it was a guess I do not challenge him, I proceed. The light that obtain from the moon, where does it come from. So he may tell me that previously we thought that the light of the moon was its own light, but today after science has advanced we have come to know that the light of the moon is not its own but it is a reflected light of the sun. I tell him that it is mentioned in this Qur’an in Surah Al-Furqan:
“Blessed be He who has created the constellation in the heaven and has placed therein a great lamp (sun) and a moon giving light (25:61).”
The Arabic word for moon is ‘Qamar’ and the light described there is ‘Munir’ which is borrowed light or ‘Noor’ which s a reflection of light. The Qur’an mentions that the light of the moon is reflected light, you say you discovered it today how come it is mentioned in the Qur’an 1400 years ago? He will pause for a time. He will not reply immediately and then he may say may be, may be it sis a fluke! I do not argue with him just for the sake of discussion I say okay you say it is a guess I do not argue with you. Let us proceed.
Qadir mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#836 Jan 12, 2013

19¬. Science tells today the sun moves; the Qur’an described it 1400 years ago. I tell that when I was in school, I had learnt that the sun was stationary so he asked me does this what the Qur’an says. I say no! this is what I learned in school, is it true? He says,“no, today science is advanced, recently we came t know that the sun besides revolving also rotates. It is not stationary it rotates about its axis and if you have an equipment you can have the image of the sun on a tabletop”.
The sun has got black spots and it takes about 25 days for these back spots to complete one rotation. Does the Qur’an say it is stationary? He starts laughing Ha! Ha! I said no! the Qur’an in Surah Anbiya,
“And He it is (Allah) who has created the night and the day, the sun and the moon, each one in an orbit floating(21:33)”
It revolves and rotates, each one rotating about its own axis. You tell me who could have mentioned this scientific fact in the Qur’an which was discovered recently? He is silent and after a long pause he replies that see the Arabs were very well advanced in the field of astronomy so may be some Arabs told your Prophet and he mentioned this in his book. I do agree, that the Arabs were very well advanced in the field of astronomy but I remind him that his dates are very poor. The Qur’an was revealed centuries before the Arabs became advanced in the field of astronomy. So it is from the Qur’an which the Arabs learned about astronomy. It is not the vice-versa.
Qadir mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#837 Jan 13, 2013

20. Water cycle in Qur’an. The Qur’an mentions about several scientific facts. The Qur’an says regarding the field of Geography regarding water cycle. It says in Surah Zumar:
“See you not that Allah sends down water (rain) from the sky, and causes it to penetrate the earth,(and then makes it to spring up) as water springs, and afterward thereby produces crops of different colours(39:21).”
Qur’an speaks about the water cycle in great detail. It says in several other verses that the water from the ocean rises up, it forms into clouds. The clouds condense, there is lightning and rain falls from the clouds. It is mentioned in several places in the Qur’an, it is mentioned in Surah Muminun, ch. 23, verse 18. it is mentioned in Surah Rum, ch. 30, verse 24, in Surah Nur, 24, verse 43, in Surah Rum, ch. 30, verse 48. In several places the Qur’an describes in detail this water cycle which was discovered by Bernard Palacy in 1580. Only in the year 1580 was this present coherent water cycle discovered. Who could have mentioned in the Qur’an, 1400 years ago?
Qadir mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#838 Jan 13, 2013

23. Geology in Qur’an. In the field of Geology that atheist will tell you that there is a phenomenon known as ‘Folding’. The earth that we live on, the earth’s crust is very thin. The mountain ranges are due to the phenomenon of ‘Folding’ which prevents the earth from shaking. It gives stability to the earth. I tell him that the Qur’an mentions in Surah Naba:
“Have we not made the earth as bed. And the mountains as pegs”
The Qur’an says that the mountains are made as pegs and this is the description which the scientist gave us today that like the tent pegs. The mountains are like tent pegs and the Qur’an gives more information in Surah Al-Anbiya:
“And we have placed on the earth firm mountains lest it should shake with them’(21:31)
Qur’an says that we have made the mountains to prevent the shaking of the earth.
Qadir mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#839 Jan 13, 2013

24. Salt and sweet waters flow unmixed within the sea. The atheist will tell that though the salt water and the sweet water meet they do not mix. They remain separate, I will point out to him the verse in the Qur’an, from Surah Furqan,
“And it is He (Allah) who has let free the two seas (kinds of water). One sweet and palatable and the other salt and bitter; and between them, He has made a barrier and complete partition between them (which is forbidden to be trespassed).”
A similar message is given in Surah Rahmaan,
“He has let loose two seas (fresh and salt) meeting together. Between them is a barrier which is forbidden to be trespassed (55:19, 20)
Today science tells that salt water and sweet water do not mix. There is a partition. He may tell me that may be some Arab, went underwater and he saw the partition and mentioned in the Qur’an. They fail to realize that this is an unseen barrier. The Qur’an says ‘Barzak’ an unseen barrier and this phenomenon is very much evident in Cape Town, that is the southern most tip of Africa. Even in Egypt when the Nile flows into the Mediterranean sea. And the best example is the Gulf Stream which runs for thousands of miles. Both the wters are present but they do not mix.
21. Qur’an tells every thing is made from water. The Qur’an says in Surah Ambiya:
“And we have made from water every living thing.(21:30)
Imagine in the desert of Arabia where there is scarcity of water who would have ever thought that every living creature is made from water. If they had to guess, they would have guessed everything but water and today science tells us that cytoplasm which is the main constitute of the cell contains 80% of water. And every living creature contains 50 to 90 percent water. Who could have mentioned this fact in the Qur’an 1400 years ago? And the atheist is mum, does not give you reply.
Qadir mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#840 Jan 13, 2013

22. Qur’an details the life of ants. The Qur’an says in Surah Naml, that ants talk to one another.(27:17, 18) You may think it a fairy tale book. What! Ants are talking to one another. Today science tells us, the insect or the animal, which has the closest resemblance to the lifestyle of the human beings, is the ant. It buries the dead. It has a very higher system of communication. It has market place etc.
23. Why Qur’an specially mentions the finger tips. Qur’an gives the reply in Surah Qiyamah, chapter 75, Verse 3 to 4, that when the question is posed, how will Allah (SWT) assemble the bones on the Day of Judgment? Allah replies:
“that we will not only be able to assemble your bones We even assemble your very fingertips. Qur’an is saying, Allah (SWT) can also assemble your fingertips. What does it means? In 1880, Sir Golt, described the method of finger printing, which today we use to identify people. No two fingertips even in a million people are identical. Qur’an speaks about finger printing method 1400 years ago. There are several examples of science, if you want to know more details, about the scientific knowledge, which is mentioned in the Qur’an, you can refer to my videocassette ‘Qur’an’ and Modern Science Conflict or Conciliation’ which, is available for sale.
Qadir mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#841 Jan 13, 2013

28. Qur’an discloses the existence of pain receptors in skin. I would like to give one more scientific fact that there was a scientist in Thailand by the name of Professor Thagada Shaun, who did a great deal of research in the field of pain receptors. Previously science thought that only the brain could feel pain. But recently we have discovered, that there are pain receptors present in the skin, which are responsible, Qur’an mentions Surah Nisa. Chapter No.4,
Indirectly Qur’an saying, there is something in the skin, which is responsible for the pain. It is giving an indication about the pain receptor. At first Professor Tagada Shaun could not believe. On verification when he realized that this book contained knowledge about pain receptor 1400 years ago, he embraced Islam in a medical conference at Cario and said ‘La ilaaha illallah Muhammad ur Rasool Allah’. That there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (May peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah.
Qadir mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#842 Jan 13, 2013


This part contrary to part I and II, which almost related to the facts, incidents and statements about Muhammad (SAW)and Qur’an, through which it was shown that Qur’an is Word of Allah (God) and is out of reach of an unlettered person, therefore, it without an examination or doubt could be said that Muhammad (SAW) is only Messenger of Allah.
Now in this part, we have to see the Qur’an with view of people of that time and so as of our time and examine how they think it, whether such Book an unlettered person could present or otherwise. This Book (Qur’an) in every period and every age on account of its characteristics and statement accepted a revealed Book. The claim of Qur’an non of the person either pagans or Jews of that disputed that all the people to come together and try to bring any such Sura like narrated in Qur’an, they would not succeed. Come alongwith me to go back to the period when Qur’an was revealing to Muhammad (SAW) and to observe the observations of people or Arab history persons.
Abu Jehal alongwith other Sardars of Quresh, after meeting how to meet Muhammad (SAW) as he has created a problem for them, one of the elders or Sardar Utba-bin-Rabeeh requested the colleague Sardars, that he may be allowed to meet Muhammad (SAW) to convince him to leave his claim, perhaps instead of taking dangerous way, I may be able to convince him, as Utba was one of the elegant and known figure to convince and reconciliatory, as such, he was allowed and he went to Muhammad (SAW) and addressed Muhammad (SAW) in following words
”O, my brother’s son, you belongs to a respectable cast, you have created problem for all people, due to you all people of tribe are near to fight each other, so please hear me, I have a suggestion from my side and as well as from all other Sardars or Leaders of Makkah, if you accept this, if you wanted to become wealthy, we all rich persons each contribute from their wealth and make you wealthy and rich from all of us. If you want to become Sardar, we all are ready to choose you of our king, if you perceive that there any Majeld has effected you, we all are ready to take expenses to treat you.
Then Utba finished, Muhammad (SAW) addressed Utba and Muhammad (SAW) presented some verse of Qur’an which in those days have revealed to Muhammad (SAW). Hearing the same Utba without any further talk, rose and straightly went to Sardars and said:
“O, my brothers, whatever I had heard from Muhammad (SAW), by God, this a big news, we let this person, if people of Arabia finished him than we could be saved, if this person Muhammad (SAW)succeeds in his message, that would be our success, as Muhammad (SAW) belongs to us.
These like many literary persons of that period hearing Qur’an accepted it the word of Allah and then whole Arabia followed the message. However, if we come to our period, though hundreds of unbelieving Scholars accepted that message of Qur’an is revealed one and is so high that one unlettered person could not present such book. Here is an example, some of views of unbelievers giving to just make you able to Judge the Qur’an and from his message that he is no more, but a messenger of Allah (God)

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