75 Muslims convert to Hinduism in India

Victorville, CA

#328 Nov 15, 2013
We real. Rather. Indians never mix with you migrant rioter workers. Do not call yourself Punjabis just because your families moved into and settled in Punjab. Bayou are the most ignorant. Violent me tap and wild gorilla half humans. Whom
Live in Hinfustan. You systati ally rape and kill Ethnic Pure Ondian beauties and Indian sub state beauties. By our are jeslous ugly women and jealoys ugly men's who
Saw the beauties and faces if Indisn ethi c people's and came out of jungle and rural areas moving into Mumbaiing ago causing problems and targeting Mudlims. Why. You are ugly jealiys and they some beautyif some simple and decent human. You. Ot quite human. You Neanderthal half format on ape mixture with pure wild Forilla attacking superior and innocent mans ans women.

Damn. I luv Punjabis and Muslim Kuris The repeal ones. Go away reject rioters uglies. We reject you no matter how you claim to be Hindus and go against Muslim Indic communities. My Punjabi macho man gonna kick your ugliest rioter families ok. Jai hind!!!!!
Proud Munda

Victorville, CA

#329 Nov 15, 2013

You trying to pass a Hindu. We Brahmins khyashatras Muslims farmers and decent all cares Shudras hates you. You atex destroyers and jealous devils ruining our hindustani nation

Muslims are pure Indo aryan DRAVIDS. You Riotwrs shiv Senss are a combo of autraloid tribals and mixed with lowest Varnas and also
Mixed with idol worshiping Elamite arabs.

Amongst Muslim Indians
Population there maybe 1 percent them whom had of possible small percentage of them whom maybe have some other blood. But they are mixed with noble mankind blood. You are mixed with anti Hindu foreigners. Cuz you desperate to change your faces. you mixed with all the lowlifes of the eorld who invades Hindustan. Firangi scums pagan Arabs in rioters blood elamite blood on shiv sena families. You are filth and mixed with foreign filth.
So you are the lowest in Hindustan no matter what rioting or what shiv sena shit position you have. The world of different ethnicities says wow those Muslim indians and subcontinent India s are so good so beautiful as anything can be and says I know induan have degree jobs positions etc but damn they are stupid violent people making up creating up made up lies to change beautiful Mudlim histories and also all races people always say. The people whom refer to themselves as Hindus. Wow they such uglies. You know I hear this ten times a day from all nationalities. They nice to Hindu on their faces but really sees Hindu as bad and likes Muslims more and more. Then they say oh Muslims c mon you don't needed to tell us that you are good we know that we know Hindus and other races trying to get power and moneys in world are jealous of you people. All they do is try to harm and malign you.

See inexperience this every single day in my life. Now what wili you Riotwrs sena come up with. Keep up with 26/11 attacks done by Cia. And when you blame Muslims the world will
Laugh and hate you more. Inside they call you anti Muslum Indian groups and individuals as " idiot greedy power attention hungry pervert fools"
Punjabi Hindustani

Victorville, CA

#330 Nov 16, 2013
Look wickedcbutt ugly rioters. You thinks we Real punjabis anything like you. We Rajputs pure gujuratis real
Kashmiris and many other same exact groups. You think we looks anything like your modi.
Hell no we punjabis and others pure Indian were the real Indo aryan dravidic people. You arecadiffrent case. Your people mixed with invading firangis preislamic pagan arabs and Burmese shits of barmaan tribes. That why bal thackery face too flat nose too flat like chaptoo burmese facial features. He do not have pure Indo aryan dravid Mongol features. Your Riotwrs shiv send like swaminarayan is shit of Jewish and Anglo ethnic decent he don't looknIndusn. He looks like Hollywood zionist lying Jew actor. He is continuing permanant remnant installed by British empire to continue their divide and rule you. You Ugly stupid violent wild beasts Don't ever try calling yourself punjabi or nethern Indians. We have no relations to you migrants of lower ignorant attention seeking jealous ugly families.
Punjabi Hindustani

Victorville, CA

#331 Nov 16, 2013
Just because your grandparents or your family came in to Punjab or some other state does not make you Punjabi or turn you nor allow you to call yourself what we are. You are not like us. You are most selfish power hungry been jesus for 1000 years lower class people of hi dustpan whom will do Anything to get a position job attentions or some kInd of residency by harming pure Indians and the original inhabitants home you burn down rape their women moll them. You are the biggest scum of the earth and none really really likes you. People have to be nice to shiv sena members to calm these nut jobs sickos from damaging more of hindustan and their pshychopathic killing sprees of real pure ethnic Indians the Muslims and other groups. All
They want is attention taking away illegally what ethnic Indians own for themselves. If you want something try earning it a d be thankful you have some home clothing food water and warm climate. Ok. You in human firm so at least try behaving like rest of us humans get over your crazy jealousy of all other ethnic Indian communities. Since you live satanic acts go to satanic country. Maybe your Zionist white and white middle east supremacist will give you a bone after they have finished using you.
Ali Subhan

Ashburn, VA

#332 Nov 20, 2013
if u want truth so go and read all religion's books.... I am sure u will find truth
jamil waris


#334 Dec 2, 2013
Muslims are convert to hindu,go to hell.i love islam

Kolkata, India

#335 Dec 8, 2013
waqas wrote:
shame on u idiot u must go in hell....

I am indian. U only going to hell. If u continue in Muslim religion means u only shame on that k.

Ahmedabad, India

#336 Dec 17, 2013
convertion and changing name is bloody thing...because god is something imaginary and praying is only for refreshment..one can choose his way to pray for his mental refreshment..sometimes it may through krishna or may through allah or may through jesus...
religion and name is a part of identity.just for praying why should one change one's identity???...
what happens if muslim pray krishna,,,hindus pray alla or jesus,,etc....???
nothing is going to happen!!!!!!!!
converting to another religion is a foolish think....
dr santosh

Mumbai, India

#337 Dec 19, 2013
Jab tak muslim desh me aur duniya me hai..tab tak desh nahi sudhar sakta..islam admi ko jangali banata hai..islam completely shaitani soch hai

Ashburn, VA

#338 Dec 21, 2013
i dnt hv anything 2 say, before you speak remembr this not only in india but in the whole world u guyz r only creating blood shed in name of relijion..if u want 2 belive in ur religion just do that dnt create blood shed in the name of jihadh
Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

Ashburn, VA

#339 Dec 25, 2013
all people in the world were once Hindu. I respect all religion except islam. all muslims are betrayers , impure and harass the weak. Fight against islam. Convert from islam read Geeta and Bible.
Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

Ashburn, VA

#340 Dec 25, 2013
remember all terrorism are caused for islamic jihad
salim yadav

Ashburn, VA

#341 Dec 25, 2013
i'm a former muslim. I am a Hindu now. Plz... all Indians convert back to your mother language
Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

Ashburn, VA

#342 Dec 25, 2013
all other religions have born out of Hinduism
Sahray khan

London, UK

#343 Dec 28, 2013
Though I am a muslim but i love hinduism and I will convert my self in hinduism.

Mumbai, India

#344 Jan 2, 2014
Look the info Khwaja garib nawaz . Then you wil knw ,Islam is not spread by sward in India...
Pinky chatoor

Tirunelveli, India

#345 Jan 9, 2014
i was so madly in love with my childhood friend.. he flirted with me but refused to call it as love and said Definitely not marriage.. I was so upset. Then he proposed me after so long. We were very happy. But he wants me to convert to Islam, else he can't marry. But i was fool enough to agree for Conversion...
But now after all i did, he says its a disgrace to his family to have Hindu In-Laws and he needs Islam girl by birth.. says" Understand me dear".. i feel like shit.. I hate Islam the most, muslims are dumbest people born in the world.. please get them away from this universe

Bangalore, India

#346 Jan 16, 2014
Islam is the best religion and it will dominate the world all will become muslim ome day ....ameen summa ameen
Chaste Hindu

Kolkata, India

#347 Jan 16, 2014
Instead of claiming, prove pisslam "the world's best religion!"
Scholar_of_PISSL AM

Grasonville, MD

#348 Jan 16, 2014
It's too bad that Muslims don't convert their selves into corpses.

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