How many nations(peoples) did Islam g...

How many nations(peoples) did Islam genocide?

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Dharma bhai

United States

#1 Feb 22, 2012
MUSLIMS with their barbaric religion Islam did genocide in hundreds of countries to spread the Meccan cult.Muslims inflicted GENOCIDE in Europe. Take for example the Ottoman Empire. They forced once wealthy nations like the Bulgarians, Greeks,Serbians Hungarians,Armenians into 3rd world slaves.
People were burnt alive, tortured sadistically if they refused to convert to Islam. You can still see the bones of brutally murdered women and children in Christian churches in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia,Armenia and Hungary, Muslims have only inflicted pain in Europe. They are subhuman monsters. Remember the genocide of 1,000,000 Armenians by barbarian Muslims in Turkey? You are still in denial.
Muslims have NOTHING to do with Europe and should be kept out!!!Forever.
Bulgarians WILL NEVER FORGET the monstrous pain and suffering the Ottoman Empire inflicted on their country and the Christians for 500 dark years!And I will teach my kids to NEVER forget either and to remember all the heroes that fought the Muslim oppression!!!
ISLAM destroyed the five richest nations in Europe called Greece,Armenia,Bulgaria,Hungar y and Serbia which lead to sufferings for centuries.
Dharma bhai

United States

#2 Feb 22, 2012
Muslims destroy the nation of India which currently forms the nations of INDIA,PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH. MUSLIMS KILLED 600 MILLIoN HINDUS!!!
According to my calculation Muslims killed over 600 million people. I can substantiate these numbers with facts. For example, Aurangzeb killed 5 million in 20 years. Bahmani Sultans had an agend to kill 100000 every year for 250 years only is South India. that itself makes 25 millions. And murdering civilians was going on throught the country simultaneously. Bahamni Sultans were only tip of the iceberg. Babur killed 1 million in 3 years. Even emperor Akbar killed 2 millions during initial decades of his rule, though he softened a bit later. Timur Lang [Tamerlane] killed 1 million in 1 month. Qasim killed 2 million people. Ghazni Mohammed and Gauri Mohammed together killed nearly 30 million during their added total of 30 invasions. Tipu Sultan in south killed 10 million Hindus.
Dharma bhai

United States

#3 Feb 22, 2012
In Bengal Muslims killed nearly 30 millions. Regular incursions from the Arabs, Iranians, etc killed nearly 50 millions. Nadir Shah killed 100000 civilians in one day.
The list is endless.Muslim kept on killing Hindu civilians people. But people are very strongly bound to their original religion, so could not completely annihilate them. Muslim beasts started coming here nearly 1200 years back in 7th century,Muhammad bin qasim first attacked in 712AD. Divide 600 millions by 1200 or 1/2 millions per year. That means Muslim killed 500,000 people per year. It is a reasonable estimate.Its don't include Hindus killed by muslims in partition in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Dharma bhai

United States

#4 Feb 22, 2012
If you want recent proof: In Bangladesh, Pakistan's Muslim-soldiers killed 3 million Hindus in one year in 1971. The total Bangladesh population in 1971 was 60 millions [50 million Muslims and 10 million Hindus.] Out of 10 million Hindus, Muslims killed 3 million. This is done in the recent times in spite of so much of media exposure, international observation, and monitoring. Then you can easily understand how many millions of Hindus, Muslims would have killed between 700 AD and 1800 AD.
Dharma bhai

United States

#5 Feb 22, 2012
In 1947, Muslims were 9% in India,
Hindus were 15% in Pakistan and 35% in Bangladesh.
But in 2008, Muslims are 18% in India,
Hindus are 1% in Pakistan and 10% in Bangladesh.
[CALCULATION: Muslim invaders appeared in India in the 7th century. Killing, raping, looting, kidnapping, etc were the common habits of Muslims although their rule. They devastated and brutalized India for 1200 long years. Assume they killed half a million people every year or 500,000 people a year. Then multiply that number by 1200. It becomes 600 millions. Muslims killing 500,000 people a year is quite a reasonable estimate [the real figure can be even higher]

Bethlehem, PA

#6 Feb 22, 2012
Why God became Man.
If you don't know learn why.
Dharma bhai

United States

#7 Feb 22, 2012
Everyone knows about the percecution of Zoroashtrians by Islam in Iran,Iraq and Azerbaizan.i wonder nations like Afghanistan, Iraq,Iran,Azerbaizan,Pakistan, India , Bangladesh,Serbia, Hungary, Armenia,Bulgaria and Greece,Egypt etc still allow the Islam after moderm 21th century,hilarious.
Cohen alias Ganesha Ram

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#8 Feb 22, 2012
Zionists PLEASE get out wrote:
As narrated in the Bagwan Gitas:
Narayan, the Sage messenger of the gods, was wont to have the first creature he met fck his arse, when visiting the wordly earth.
So there he came for some errands or other commissioned by this or that god. First creature he met this time around was a stray dog that sniffed at Narayan's butt and turned away in disgust. Narayan was furious! He rushed back to heaven to meet with Shiva. Once in His presence he requested Shiva to utter a curse for all stray dogs! Shiva in all his wisdom advised Narayan to wash his arse now and then.
The moral of the story is that hindus are a filthy bunch that never wash. They stink such that even stray dogs steer clear of them.
pls explain

New Delhi, India

#9 Mar 17, 2013
I know for fact that it was not so many, as their were not that many people in the world as 600 million as you describe. you were more accurate with the Armenians, but wiki stats that around 700 ad in Sindhi, only 500,000 were killed, as they did not kill the entire population. most fled into india just like pakistan, just wanted to clarify. 600 million is too high, more like 80 million in 1000 years and that in also maxim, but I can show references in wiki. I think you should check yous.

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