islam vs christianity vs jews vs hind...
Proude to be Bangladeshi

United States

#108 Feb 23, 2013
god wrote:
obviously its hinduism the best religion.
F*** you god.
Fahim Reza Sakib

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#110 Feb 23, 2013
Muslim is the best .
slim shady

Ashburn, VA

#111 Feb 24, 2013
u can't lick your elbow!!!
slim shady

Ashburn, VA

#112 Feb 24, 2013
but u can't lick ur elbow...
slim shady

Ashburn, VA

#113 Feb 24, 2013
shady man rocks
slim shady

Ashburn, VA

#114 Feb 24, 2013
but eminem is the dude!!!
slim shady

Ashburn, VA

#115 Feb 24, 2013
lil' wayne,dr.dre,eminem respect to y'all...
jesus is

Rowville, Australia

#116 Feb 25, 2013

'1 Timothy 4
1 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 2 Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.'

Monessen, PA

#117 Feb 25, 2013
Questioning a Period

United States

#118 Feb 25, 2013
Hindu wrote:
<quoted text>
Atleast we dont worship a dead body like alla kabar etc...
Muslims has 3rd grade living standerd... Taking Bath on jhuma to jhuma facility may be same as ur alla.... U guys are pathetic and terrorists......
What if i say these things written above to you....(I am not saying this to you just showed you how one can feel when u hurt someojne's emotions).......
But, In our religion we respect all the religions so don't abuse our gods.... we are finest brains in universe.... And, you know our power very welll... Thrashed pakistan thrice in war which was started by pak but, ended by us... Why u guys think jihad is the only thing to die for... We never loved war but, this does'nt mean that we are afraid of anyone...
Think on it... If you love war on blogs here i am always ready for you... Have guts ?---- Bring it on !!!!!!
Regards and warm welcome for thrashing your every point---
Sameer Joshi....
Kaba and Allah are'nt dead body. At least you worship stones.Like a barbie doll.You hindus,jews,christans hurt our emotions.We are fundamentalism in our religion.Cause if anyone say bad about our religion we will be fundamentalism.We love our religion.We don't you live lower than everyone even jews.

Clifton, NJ

#119 Mar 5, 2013
you the one is brainwashed because there is no proof of mohammand tells to hurt the kids and ladies and old man and may be more than 99.99 persontage people don't follow this truth from who ever is your god

Clifton, NJ

#120 Mar 5, 2013
Hinduism is the real religion ...

muslimios they don't know or they don't wanna know or they forget what their god if is there or presents what he wanna teach ..
the muslim terrarists killing the people kids and ladies and old man around the world .
is that their religion teach

Noida, India

#121 Mar 6, 2013
Know ur religion honestly n thn know islam honestly.pros n cons honestly.use ur brain n At last u all wl find Islam is the best.Believe me.I swear to Almighty GOD.
Deepak Singh


#122 Apr 12, 2013
Father always holds a lot of peace than his son due to maturity, same goes to hinduism as father and others as childrens. no matter how strong you shout, you can't change the time any religion was ewver known to the world. 80% of finances in churches located through out india are british funded. changing religion at the cost of bread is called "Humanity". you can always get converted to any religion but hindu is born hindu and there is no method or practice to be converted as hindu.


#123 Apr 18, 2013
I sincerely believe all religions were made by men to maintain the order they wishd in society..almost all holy books are altered..there is only one God if any..just believe in urself..

Islamabad, Pakistan

#124 May 1, 2013
Mind your language

Ashburn, VA

#125 May 9, 2013
All religions are faith based. I opened up hindu text and there were too many god's so I closed it. The Quran I find intruiging, and I appreciate it's directness. I don't see why I should fast for 30 days though. Christianity is really controversial. But you can't escape its psychological benefits. Adam commited sin and blemished humans ever after. Abraham demonstrated how humans lived without the law (mosaic law). When Jesus died, he died as the perfect lamb; to undo all the sin people commited before and after. When you believe this. Sin is no longer seen by God on you because The Blood of Jesus cleanses all sin as long as you believe. The Law was designed to make you a sinner, if you steal a loaf of bread and if you kill someone they both will be counted as sin, for which the punishment is death. If you observe Abrahams life then you'll see they were living under God's grace.

Ashburn, VA

#126 May 9, 2013
I disagree with fasting for 30 days because a week later you would be so much back into the world that you would need to fast again. The fact that Muslims are living by the book in this day and age is a testament of faith more than truth. God sees faith He doesn't see truth because even truth can be an appearence. God revealed science to man and science finds truth but spiritually minded people still believe it's not the truth despite deriving it's benefits daily. God wants us to be at peace. The purpose of man was to take care of the earth and we were only able to start doing that in recent years through comunal effort and through science and the Christian Spirit born in Jesus.

Bangalore, India

#127 May 9, 2013
As long as we do not respect our ancestors and live without finding out the differences Viz, God, Lord,Christ, Allah, Siva,Vishnu Brahma, one almighty, enlighten souls, Mahaprush,Siddars, Munis, devas etc and respect or worship Nature, Air , Earth, Water, fire, etc we live in ignorance and miss understand the scriptures.That is the reason So many religious faiths came and gone without trace or with little and what is left keep fighting eternally .There are many paths and all lead to same destination and teach to live as a good human being.In India, as early as first century Christianity and Islam came to India along with Saivism, vishnuism, Buddhism. Jainism,ETC .It is Indian religion(Hindu) tolerated and even absorbed other faiths and allow every body to search and follow their belief. Research reveals worship with idol and without idol, existed since ages all over the world.Kaaba is also a stone and Mecca is the place where in the world maximum circumbulations is taking pace albiet anti clock wise and Christianity do has hundreds of divisions .So instead of throwing brick bats with each other , discuss the good part of every scriptures and enrich the human life and develop love and tolerance.

Ashburn, VA

#128 May 9, 2013
Jesus is a symbol of unconditional Love. All you need is love. There is no after life or spiritual world. You have a complex nervous system. Once the life force in you leaves you, you will become food for the worms and return to dust. God is the creator of all things and God doesn't need you to impress him because you can't. God only has one true commandment and that is to love.

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