why does sick of it stink so uch?

why does sick of it stink so uch?

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Mesquite, NV

#1 Oct 25, 2012
h's nut wsshing natrurally
sick of it

Adams, NY

#3 Oct 25, 2012
Your creating threads about me only proves my point further: you can't handle the truth. You can't handle the truth so you have to post nonsense. But I am secure in my mind...and here's why:

I don't think someone who screwed a third-grader is 'the perfect man'...but YOU do.

I don't think someone who allowed his men to rape female prisoners was 'the perfect man'...but YOU do.

I don't think someone who killed his critics (or had them killed) was 'the perfect man'...but YOU do.

I don't think someone who killed a woman's husband and brothers and then forced her to marry him was 'the perfect man'...but YOU do.

I don't think someone who ordered the execution of apostates was 'the perfect man'...but YOU do.

I don't think someone who said that hell was mostly full of women was 'the perfect man'...but YOU do.

I don't think someone who denies women their rightful inheritance and legal rights is 'the perfect man'...but YOU do.

I don't think someone who looked at a female infant with lust in his eyes and vowed to marry her someday (like when she graduated from pre-school) is 'the perfect man'...but YOU do.

It's pretty clear that your belief system is totally f*cked up. I'm sure glad I don't believe the ridiculous b*llsh*t that YOU do. No true higher spirit would think these beliefs were good ones, and no true higher spirit would have a douchebag like mohamed as their prophet! And you're too stupid to see it! What an abject loser! It must be totally frustrating for you to be confined within the cage of your tiny little substandard mind. Islam is ridiculous, and you are incapable of truly defending it. I welcome your smears and slander. It just proves to everyone else reading this that you are incapable of real debate...because islam is indefensible. Unlike you, I'm not a thin-skinned puss-puss. So say what you will. they're only words. If you let words have power over your emotions, you're a weak little puppy indeed. This is why ALL muslims, with their 'wounded sensibilities' and 'hurt feelings' are really just weak little puppies! Losers, backing a loser philosophy!

I know a guy whose name is abba
Hey la dee la dee lo
If you're in preschool, he's gonna grab ya
hey la dee la dee lo!
sick of it

United States

#4 Oct 25, 2012
Ha. No reply to this. i thought not, you spineless, a55-f*cking little doucher! You can't run with the big dogs. better stay on the porch, little buddy.


It's a b1tch when these threads don't go the way you want them to, isn't it, fuzzy?
sick of it

Adams, NY

#5 Oct 26, 2012
shouldn't start what you can't finish, abba, you spineless little muzz-turd! You can't refute one single thing I've said about your pedo-cult. And, you're a loser! AND, this thread and all the others on here are testaments to your idiocy!


Mesquite, NV

#6 Oct 26, 2012
hay sickoshit. i didnt start this thred u fool. but if u want 2 see who is right on religin then fine. i will beatup on u murslessly. u have no chance against me fool kafir imbread scum of earth.ill start thed and so u who is boss and corect of religon. u fool little pusspuss girly boy.haha

"The Messenger and those who believe with him, strive hard and fight with their wealth and lives in Allah's Cause."
Ottoman Sultan


#7 Oct 26, 2012
Because only poop comes out of sickofshit's mouth.
Time is Ten


#8 Oct 26, 2012
It's time to trash sickofittt
sick of it

Adams, NY

#9 Oct 26, 2012
abba wrote:
hay sickoshit. i didnt start this thred u fool. but if u want 2 see who is right on religin then fine. i will beatup on u murslessly. u have no chance against me fool kafir imbread scum of earth.ill start thed and so u who is boss and corect of religon. u fool little pusspuss girly boy.haha
"The Messenger and those who believe with him, strive hard and fight with their wealth and lives in Allah's Cause."
Please. You can't even think up your own epithets; you have to steal mine, little puss-puss. I notice you didn't deny ANY of the things I wrote above. So you actually believe all that retarded crap? What a LOSER! Any objective person reading this has already seen that your cult's beliefs are ridiculous and foolish. You've already started ONE thread in which you're going to look like the idiot you are. Do you really need TWO threads in which your pwecious widdle prophet is mocked and humiliated with the truth? If you really need another thread, fine...but this one right here is ok with me. You don't understand who you're dealing with. You're already beginning this little pi55ing match looking ignorant...momentum is NOT on your side, pedo-lover.

Do you deny any of the things in my first post above? I bet you don't have the guts.

You haven't beaten up on me AT ALL so far...but then most of you muslim freeks are delusional. You have lost, are losing, and will continue to LOSE...just like your pedo cult!!!
sick of it

Adams, NY

#10 Oct 26, 2012
Ottoman Sultan wrote:
Because only poop comes out of sickofshit's mouth.
Wow, Otto. I heard better insults in the first grade. Did you like your song? Here it is again, for your convenience:

"I know a guy whose name is Otto
Hey la dee la dee lo
Been f*cked so much, his azz is a grotto
Hey la dee la dee lo!"
sick of it

Adams, NY

#11 Oct 26, 2012
and YOU abba, think your stupid muslim run countries are so much better than the west...well, you're wrong on that also. If you think that your islamically-run hell-holes are better than the US, you could always stop sponging off the US and go live in one of them. Sure wouldn't break MY heart. But I think you'd be disappointed. Islamic countries are just as full of evil people as the West. Even more so, actually. You have this f*cked up image in your head of an islamic paradise that simply DOES NOT EXIST.

Bring it, needle-peenie. I don't think you're in the least bit ready.

PS. I will not be posting on your silly little other thread. Bring it here, or be known for the coward that you obviously are. Pedo-lover.
sick of it

Adams, NY

#12 Oct 26, 2012
Here's a story of a perverted muslim in Saudi Arabia. One of your relatives perhaps? But how could something like this happen in Saudi Arabia, which is under allah's laws and therefore perfect?(hahahahahahhaha!!!) I guess he must have been following mohamed's shining example!

Man molests school boys, films incidents
Published Friday, October 19, 2012

A young man who was a government employee was arrested on charges of sexual abuse and extortion in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

He would lure young students of primary school and sexually abuse them and to make it worse film the horrific incidents. He later blackmailed his victims by threatening to expose them by making those pictures public, reports Sabq.

The incidents came to light when a student approached the authorities in Jeddah and told them that a young man had molested him and filmed the incident. The student also told the officials that the man had threatened to expose him if he did not allow the man to abuse him again or bring in another friend as his own substitute.

A trap was laid for the accused and the student was told to get in touch with the molester and agree to do whatever he was asked to do.

The officials followed the student, raided the apartment where he used to carry out his vile activities and arrested the pedophile red-handed.

The officials found hidden cameras inside the room where the victims used to be abused.

sick of it

Adams, NY

#14 Oct 26, 2012
Here's another muslim, following the shining example of mohamed, your hero. Looks like muslim countries aren't really paradise after all! Pretty hard to talk about the decadence of westerners when your own cult-member brothers are just as sick and evil as any westerner ever thought of being. This guy's probably your cousin!

"Published Monday, October 15, 2012
Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police arrested a local man on charges of raping many little boys while filming them by a secret camera planted in his house.

The unnamed man then used the films to force his victims to either come back again to him or bring other boys to his house in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah.

The trick worked for several months until a school boy raped by the man decided it was time to put an end to such ugly acts by the rapist.

After he was faced with the film and ordered by the rapist to bring his friends to him or he would publicize the film, the boy decided to go straight to the members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the most feared and influential law enforcement group in the Gulf Kingdom.

“They asked the boy to go along with that man and pretend to agree to his demand…the boy then went to the man and told him he wanted to be with him,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Kabar said.

“When the rapist opened the door for the boy, the Commission members jumped in and arrested the man…they found a secret camera in the room, which was equipped and prepared for such dirty acts by the man.”

Doctor of sick of it

Pittsford, NY

#15 Oct 26, 2012
Give it a cut child. You are making an ass of yourself.
sick of it

Adams, NY

#16 Oct 26, 2012
Here's another news report from another islamic paradise, Jordan. Another pedo-cult member playing 'mohamed and aisha' here:

"Man rapes daughter 288 times, impregnates her
Jordanian dad sentenced to death; she was abused since age 11
By Staff

Published Saturday, October 06, 2012

A Jordanian court sentenced a man to death after he was convicted of raping his daughter 288 times over a period of nearly five years, leading to her pregnancy.

The court convicted the 49-year-old man after DNA and semen tests showed he raped his own daughter and that the baby was his.

Newspapers in the capital Amman said the man, who was arrested in 2008, had threatened to kill his daughter in case she reported him.

They said the girl later told her brother after learning she was pregnant from her father, adding that the brother reported his father to the police.

The reports did not make clear if the death sentence would be implemented after Jordan halted executions in 2006.


Wow, yeah, these countries guided by islam are true utopias, aren't they?

sick of it

Adams, NY

#17 Oct 26, 2012
A Turkish imam was arrested after allegedly abusing his former female student, R.K., on the street in the southern province of Kahramanmaras.

Turkey / NationalTurk – The imam kissed and allegedly abusedthe 19-year-old girl on the lips after the girl kissed his hands to show her respect when they encountered each other on the street.

‘ I said hello when I saw him because he taught me the Quran before. I kissed his hands,’ the Quran course girl mentioned.‘ He kissed me on the cheek at first. Then he kissed me on my lips.’
You got to kiss those Quran reading lips : Turkish imam claims

‘ I kissed you on your rose petal lips because you read the holy Quran with your beautiful lips,’ the imam reportedly said when the girl reacted then he allegedly abused the little muslim girl.

The imam later said R.K. was his child and that he could kiss her when a relative of the girl intervened in the incident.
Turkish imam clears the misundertanding with his female student with ice cream

After the girl called local police, the imam reportedly offered to buy ice cream for the girl and her relative to clear up the ‘ misunderstanding.’

Police has taken the kissing imam for perversion, but a Kahramanmara court released the imam pending trial.


Buying ice cream for a girl to clear up the 'misunderstanding' of being molested? Sounds like a muslim to me. He probably read the hadith where mohamed sucks on the little boys' tongues!
sick of it

Adams, NY

#18 Oct 26, 2012
Doctor of sick of it wrote:
Give it a cut child. You are making an ass of yourself.
On the contrary. You are making an ass of yourself by supporting/following this ridiculous false cult of islam. Why don't you stand up for human rights and humanity instead of supporting a false god and his sickening 'prophet'? I notice you couldn't disprove a single thing I said in the second post on this thread. So you believe in all the rubbish also? Blind, deaf, and stupid is no way to go through life, sonny. Abandon the cult now.

Don't like seeing these news stories of all the perverts in islam? Too bad. Abba should have thought of that before he started talking sh*t to me. If you don't like it,'Doc', then perhaps you should choose another thread to read.
sick of it

Adams, NY

#19 Oct 26, 2012
Yet another muslim following mo-the-pedo's shining exaple of perfect manhood:

"Muslim Imam Rapes 10-Year-Old Girl in India

CHINSURAH–The imam of a mosque at Namazgarh in under Hooghly Mogra police station went absconding after a van rickshaw owner complained to police that the cleric had allegedly raped his 10-year-old daughter.

In the complaint, the father Qurban Mollah said his daughter had broken down on Friday evening after suffering Sheikh Sarfuddin’s brutality for days.

“My daughter used to would study Arabic at the mosque along with other children. Of late, she had become quiet and looked terrified when leaving home for lessons. I thought that it was perhaps because she was unable to cope with studies. But on Thursday evening, she broke down, unable to bear the torture any longer. She said the imam Sk Sarfuddin had been physically abusing her for several days,” the father alleged.

Additional inspector in charge of Mogra PS, Ashesh Biswas, said a police team was on the lookout for Mollah, who had fled after learning that the victim’s father was filing a complaint.“We will probe the allegation. The child is being sent for medical examination,” he said."

sick of it

Adams, NY

#20 Oct 26, 2012
"British imam raped boy many times in mosque over three-month period. A prominent imam, who is said to have been regarded as someone very powerful in his local Muslim community of Sheffield, is finally going to trial for raping, attempting to rape, and also for sexual activity with a male child for three months in July to October 2009. 42-year-old Mohammed Hanif Khan is also charged with attempting to rape the young boy’s slightly older, 15-year-old cousin over the same period of time. In an appearance at Nottingham’s Crown Court yesterday, Khan entered not guilty pleas to all eight charges of rape or attempted rape. The rape charges against this imam include lurid details like making the young boy touch his penis and also using lubricant on the 15-year-old’s bottom."
sick of it

United States

#21 Oct 26, 2012
I guess muslims spread perversion everywhere they go, even in guiana!

Imam re-arrested as five more victims come forward
January 25, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under News

The Imam at the centre of a growing sexual molestation scandal was re-arrested yesterday after more boys came forward with allegations against him.
Kaieteur News understands that at least five more boys are claiming that they were molested by the Imam, who had worked at a Turkeyen masjid and at a private city school.
“Yes, he has been re-arrested and the investigation is ongoing,” a senior police official told Kaieteur News. It appears that police are attempting to question as many persons as possible before laying charges in the matter.
Earlier in the week, officials from the Child Protection Agency had revealed that two other boys had alleged that they were sexually molested by the Imam.
Medical examinations revealed that one of the boys was abused. Medical examinations on four other boys appear to confirm their stories.
A source at the Agency said that even if the parents are unwilling to cooperate, Child Protection officials will go ahead with tracking down other alleged victims and have them medically examined, in keeping with the Agency’s mandate to protect children.
The official questioned the delay in laying charges, while stating that nowhere in the new Sexual Offences Act does it state that the police have to send their file to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).
Some of the lads who first implicated the Imam have been taken into protective custody.
The alleged culprit was arrested last week after rape allegations were leveled against him. There were reports that after the intervention of the DPP, the Imam was released on $150,000 station bail.
But DPP Shalimar Hack denied that she had interfered with the investigation, while noting that the police can institute charges without her advice.
The Central Islamic Organization has stated that the Imam has been sent on leave pending the outcome of the investigations.

sick of it

Cleburne, TX

#22 Oct 26, 2012
Man caught on camera molesting child


Published Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Arab man was caught on camera molesting a little Indian boy who sat next to him on a bench in a shopping mall in Kuwait.

The boy’s father, who was at a nearby shop, rushed to inform the mall’s security men after noticing the man’s advances towards his son.

“The father noticed that the man was kissing and caressing his son…when the Arab saw the father running towards the security men, he fled as he knew he was filmed by the mall’s security cameras…police have launched a search campaign to find the molester,”the Arabic language daily Alwatan said."


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